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Noise when compressor kicks in

\015 When the compressor is called for there is a period of loud chatter, like a motor starter chattering before the coil holds. After that it runs well. \015\012\015\012I have not yet taken this apart. It belongs to my neighbor and Maytag is giving her a bit of a run around, so she has asked me to help. It is still under warranty so I am reluctant to open it. I do have a background in applaince repair and industrial/commercial/residential wiring.\015

Answers :

A leaking starting capacitor could cause this, but you got it, dont do nothing, the waranty could be void by you, claim it ...good luck

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New LG A/C used 3 mos. last year. Model # LWHD1200 FR, This year seems that the compressor not kicking in. Its 79 degrees in my house and still not really blowing cold. Worked beautiful last year. I use to be able to hear the clicking noise when the compressor kicked in.

Have you tried cleaning up the vents?  something may blocked the passageway.  If you can have it opened search for leaks in the pipes and in the condenser.  Try to have it cleaned while your at it and see if it improves.  If it do ... Air Conditioners

I noticed some straining noise coming from my a/c unit today. The fan on top of the condenser runs fine but as soon as the compressor tries to kick on the fan stops for a split second and you get a kind of surging noise from the condenser unit. Then the fans kicks back on, the the process repeats itself every couple of minutes. Meanwhile no cold air is being produced inside the house. Any ideas?

You amy ahave a bvad capacitor on the outside unit. It starts the fan and the compressor. You can change this yourself. Open the outside panel and you will see a silver canister with terminals out the top. Replace this and I think your problem will g ... Goodman CKL24AR24 Air Conditioner

2007 Hyunda Sonata air conditioner is blowing hot air. We checked all of the fuses and it didn't make a difference. Checked refriderant level and it is reading too high. Auto store said if the compressor it not on it will read too high. Compressor will not kick on but there was no noise or anything indicating that the compressor went out. Help!! It is too hot for this!

... Air Conditioners

I have a single room 8000 btu kennmore air conditoner was making loud squealing noise when compressor kicks on and now it makes no noise and does not cool at all please help

Sounds like the compressor may have died on you. the compressor isnt running you might as well trash it sorry for the bad news but it probably isnt worth trying to replace a compressor in a system like that it would drive you crazy and take forever ... Kenmore 8000 BTU Single Room Air Conditioner

My Trane PTAC unit has a problem with the compressor kicking on, fan runs, clicking noise like it is trying to kick on, but takes a good 15 minutes set at a low temp. setting for it to finally engage.

Hi,The compressor start capacitor is bad...it is not giving enough "kick" to get the motor running...at least it is a good idea to change this first because if this does not work then the compressor needs to be changed out...h ... Air Conditioners

Gurrgeling noise after compressor kicks in

The sound that you are hearing is the refrigerant moving through the system. That can be a very normal sound. If you are not experiencing any other issues I think it is ok.I can't believe that just sitting in a box can harm it. If it was ... Haier hwr10xc6 Air Conditioner

Noise when compressor kicks in

A leaking starting capacitor could cause this, but you got it, dont do nothing, the waranty could be void by you, claim it ...good luck ... Maytag M6Y18F7A Air Conditioner

Makes noise when compressor kicks in


I have an Amana PTAC that was just installed two weeks ago. I am starting hear a moderately loud warbling sound when it is in operation but not all the time. It's loud enough to wake me up in the next room. Sounds like an unlevel washing machine. I turned the unit off then back on and it does it again. Other times it goes all day without making this noise. I'm sure it does this when I'm away and I never know. This is only when the heat is on. Could the AC compressor be kicking on? If so, that's

Is is the sound of water being thrown around? Some units actually sling the water from the drain pan back onto the coil. This improves efficiency. It's sort of a gurgling sound. Here's more helpful information is you need it:\015\012 ... Air Conditioners

Unit turns on,compressor kicks on but fan does not turn,motor makes humming noise

Sounds like fan motor has gone bad or the capacitor to fan motor is bad...open up unit ,see if motor is frozen..does it turn freely..if so ,replace capacitor,or fan motor is bad... ... Fedders AED24E7F Wall/Window Air Conditioner

When the compressor kicks in there is a loud buzzing noise. I seems like it's coming from the area of the control pad on the unit

... LG ZW6500R Air Conditioner

A/C runs cold when first turned on. Will run fine for about 1 hour, then the compressor starts to cycle on and off. Will run cold for approximately 2 minutes then compressor kicks off for about 4 or 5 minutes. Compressor then kicks back on for another 2 minutes and then kicks off. This cycle will continue for as long as you leave the unit on.

It sounds like your unit is low on refrigerant. Have it checked and refilled if necessary. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Water cooled packaged system has a psi reading of 75 when the compressor is off. when it kicks on the psi goes to 115. On another unit the reading is 65psi with the compressor off and 105psi when it kicks back on. Does this mean that the unit with 115 psi when compressor kicks on has too much freon in the system? The unit does not cool very well. Everything else seems normal except the 115psi reading. ???? I'm thinking about removing about 10psi to match the good running unit.

The gauge could be slightly out of calibration. With the compressor off, and both units exposed to nearly the same temperature of air & water, the pressures will be virtually the same, even if the one system has slightly more refrigerant than the ... Air Conditioners

Compressors Won't kick on

Could be tripped on high pressure id clean both . Tom ... Air Conditioners

Heat pump is 10 years old. No vibration sound in A/C mode. Loud 60 cps vibration sound in house near compressor when compressor is on. Compressor is not making a lot of noise when I open up the outdoor unit and put my hand on it. All compressor rubber mounts are tight and not broken. Looked for vibrations in copper tubing in the basement from the outdoor wall to the indoor unit. It is vibrating but seems loudest by the compressor. How can I isolate the source of noise?

Hi,\015\012\015\012\015\012Overcharged ? that's a possibility but also the vibration could be originating inside the heat pump - either at the main contactor or at the reversing valve ,or like I mentioned simply vibrating against the wood where ... Air Conditioners

Compressor noise goodman 3ton 15 seer heatpump model gph3615m41 the compressor is make a continous laboring noise and it's loud.is it a bad valve or the compressor itself, need help

I the compressor is bad it will draw high amps. If the amps are ok then i would look at the valve. ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

I have a Duo Therm 57915.531, turned it on last night and the compressor ran for a minute then kicked off. The fan blows fine, the heat works but the compressor will not kick on and cool? Could my compressor be out or is there something else I can check before completely replacing the unit?

... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

My heater stoped working. The houst has been sitting for 2 years and when I used the AC, I had to put a start cap on it for it to work. Now that its winter, the heater will not work. When I turn it on the compressor comes on and then the line going into the house gets really hot, but then the compressor kicks off. Im assuming the line is not supposed to get that hot, so thats why the compressor is kicking off. Thanks for the help!!

Did the start cap fail again didnt say if condenser fan was running if fan not running compressor will over heat and turn off or if coils of condenser are dirty wont let air pass thru ... Amana Air Conditioners

I have the MR36TQY3f outdoor unit with 2 MW09Y3FM units and 1 MW12Y3FM indoor units! The MW12.. works great and one of the MW9... works great! When I run the 2nd MW9 only (other MW9 & MW12 off)..... the outdoor unit compressor or fan does not come on! If I run all units then ... compressor kicks on runs great, fan runs... lines get cold on the 2 good units ... nothing on 3rd unit... then I turn 2 good units off....and it sounds like the compressor kicks off and the fan will continue to run reall

After looking at the manual for the units, I believe that the system is having trouble with the number of units that you have linked. Here is a portion of the manual about multi system operation>Also link to manual:http://www.fri ... Friedrich MR36TQY3F Split System Air Conditioner

I have an ultra sx90 unit. the compressor kicks on just fine and runs for about 10 seconds then the fan motor goes to kick in and it starts then stops about 3 to 4 times before it finally stas on. then when compressor stops the fan motor continues to run for about 20 sec then kicks off and on 4 or 5 times.

Hi,\015\012That fan is running off of either a pressure or temperature sensor....could be either one...\015\012bottom line is that this switch is going bad and the "deadband" is too small causing the unit to cycle too often...\015\0 ... Air Conditioners

I ha ve a trane xe 1200 hvac the fan runs but when the compressor tries to kick on it hums and kicks right back off it draws 91 amps when trying too kick on could this only be a locked up compressor or something else

Hello Let it cool off,Install a hard start kit on the run capasitor.It is just 2 plug on wires.It just might start it,If not look for LRA amp rating on the name plate if it is 90 it is locked up.Try the kit I have seen it work. ... Air Conditioners

The compressor in my central air unit does not kick on. Sometimes it will sometimes it won't. I really notice when it doesn't because of the scorching heat from outside. Basically when the air is off all night, which I don't run at night because it is to cool, but in the morning when the thermostat is set for it to come back on the compressor won't kick on for a couple of hours after if at all. Please help me figure this out. I'm pretty handy a do it yourself projects.

Sounds like you may be low on charge and going off on internal thermal over load.Just a guess though. ... Air Conditioners

I have GE AJES12DCBM1. Recently after one of the storm, it stopped cooling. Fan motor comes on. Compressor is also kicking on but it kicks off within a minute or two. Is it possible that the capacitor may be a problem or compressor itself?

Check inside and outside coils for cleaning with coil cleaner sprayCheck capacitor(remove and take to appliance parts dealer. They will checkit)If this was helpful please rate me.Leo Ponder Appliance-Tyler,Texas ... GE J AJCS08AZ Air Conditioner

Duo therm roof top camper a/c. fan runs but compressor stopped kicking on all of a sudden. replaced both capacitors; getting 110 to compressor but it still wont kick on

Hi,\012Sounds like the compressor is toast...if the caps have been changed and there is voltage there, you have done all you can...replace the compressor or buy new...\012\012heatman101 ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Carrier model 38TKB had problems with getting compressor to kick on at first usually just had to turn the ac on and off a few times and it would kick in and run fine until it reached the desired room temp or you shut it off. Now the compressor wont shut off unless I turn the breaker off. I figure there is a relay or switch sticking in the "ON" position undder my cover there seems to be a black block with lots of terminals under it and a round coil pack of some type which one needs changed

The Black Box is a contactor.It is stuck in the on position.Replace it. ... Carrier Air Conditioners

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