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Light gray smoke

\015 There is a light-gray, odorless smoke coming from my ac unit. It still blows cool air, but it starts blowing smoke within a minute of being turned on.\015\012\015\012I noticed that the smoke stops when the temperature control is low (almost to the point where there is no cooling).\015\012\015\012It has been used rather heavily in the last week, due to a recent heat wave.\015\012\015\012I don't notice any leaking (at least not on the side facing in), nor is it making any odd noises.\015\012\015\012Any suggestions..? ^^;\015\012\015\012Thanks in advance!\015\012Byron\015

Answers :

The "take" guy is right, and I know from first hand experience. I knicked the refrigerant line trying to put extra drain holes in the unit and I saw all the gray odorless gas fill my daughter's room. It stopped shortly. My cousin who fixes AC units for a living told me, there is no way to fix it, and U have to buy a new one.
The smoke is refrigerant or freon which is a nearly odorless gas. This happened to me and after two days of the smoke my airconditioner has no more cold air.
\015\012I dont know if its harmful I am sure the freon people will say no but I think all chemicals are harmful to some degree (thus cancer) so try not to breath it (get it to the shop and dont use your air). If it is a pin hole you could have it for a long time eeking out or it could be on and off. I noticed mine came after I changed from defogger to air high setting, almost like it opened the hole wider by changing settings

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Light gray smoke

The "take" guy is right, and I know from first hand experience. I knicked the refrigerant line trying to put extra drain holes in the unit and I saw all the gray odorless gas fill my daughter's room. It stopped shortly. My cousin who fixes AC units f ... Fedders A&B Chassis A1A07W2B Air Conditioner

I have 2 fans that I do not have a model # for. They both have what I believe to be a a bad capacitor. The part that I need has 2 gray wires on one side and on the other side it has a lavender (light purple), a brown and a red wire. The pasrt is appx. 2" long, 1 1/4" tall and 7/8" wide. On the part is the following info: 4.5uF/350v Gray-6uF/250v......Red Gray-6uF/250v......Brown----Purple -25degree C- 70degree C v35 This part goes inot a Harbor Breeze fan and controls all electrical o

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My Danby Portable AC has a flashing BLUE light Sometimes it displays a message ER04 The unit works fine then randomly the compressor turns off. We recently had a national disater here in California with a lot of smoke from fires in the air. Could this have clogged something in the unit. To take it in is impossible for me as I can not physically lift or move this device other than roll it. I really need a answer aside from the one I got that was basically saying ''take it to a tech.'' with no con

THE ER04 error is for two reasons.one for water bucket full and other is for power supply getting short in between.\015\012------\015\012IF THE WATER BUCKET IS THE FAULT the switch is more likely the cause try removing bucket and pressing ... Danby DPAC120068 Air Conditioner

Should smoke come into the room when lighting the stovax we have taken this over from previous occupants with no instructions its a a7030

A correctly installed stove should emit no smoke into the room, so I'd get the stove inspected and serviced by a HETAS engineer ... Air Conditioners

Gray smoke coming out vents of room air conditioner

... Airtemp B3Q06F2A Air Conditioner

I've had to replace the blower motor on an old GE electric furnace three times in the past year. The first time the motor just stopped working. So I replaced it with an A.O. Smith motor for the summer. It worked just fine during the summer. Winter comes along, switch the thermostat to heat and the house fills up with light smoke with a smell of burning plastic. I replace it again with the same brand and model # along with a new capacitor. It ran fine for about an hour or two, then it began to bl

This is definately not a good thing. This unit is a safety hazard to say the least. Check for recalls by reporting it to the consumer product safety. ... Air Conditioners

My newly installed Valor Petrus HE gas fire keeps going out when I turn it to low heat. When I first light it I have it on high for approx 10 minutes before turning it down(fire has slide control) after a few minutes the fire goes out. My installer tested the chimney with smoke bombs and said it was OK, although he needed to remove the restrictor -I think that's what he said. Hoping you can advise what course of action to take next. Thank you.

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The light fixture needed to be repaired. It never worked when I bought the house. New light bulbs didn't worked. I replaced the two ceramic light switches that had corroded wiring and reconnected blue to black and white to white. I have a dual wall switch that controls the fan and light. Now the light only works when the fan is on. The light on my other identical fan works without the fan on. Is the wiring problem in the fan or switch. The switches are different.

If its a duel switch that controls lights, and the fan seperately. sounds like the power for the lights is going directly to the fan, and therefore making the lights work also. also check out switch, make sure power is only going to the lights, with ... Air Conditioners

I have 2 Hunter State Street 27763 fans with light fixtures that has 4 - 40W light bulbs. I wanted to change the light bulbs from incadescent 40W to "energy efficient" light bulbs 13W. One of the fan does not seem to accept the "energy efficient" light bulbs. I have tried many wattage from 10W to 23W mixed or all the same and I either get blinking, humming and when using CFL bulbs that fixture is causing interference to a radio (for example) in another room when the light is turned on. Why i

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I have an 8 year od York furnace model P1XUC20N09501C 90%. The problem is the ignitor comes on, the left burner lights, but the other burners won't light. I can light the other burners manually with a lighter and the furnace works fine. My furnace repair guy was at my house and told me to remove all the burners and clean the ends of them. I took the first one out next to the one that lights and cleaned it. (What a challenge and time consuming) It still won't light. Obviously after the rema

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The boiler locks out, i reset it the left hand green light is on and the red centre light the temp gauge is showing zero. i run the hot tap and the boiler starts up and the temp goes up then i stop the tap and the central heating starts and keeps going until it locks out again(about 90 deg c) - centre red light on and right green light and lockout light. temp gauge then drops right down again and i have to run hot tap again to start central heating. any ideas?

Hi,\015\012It would be helpful to us if you had includes the make and model of the boiler that you are talking about...\015\012\015\012Is it gas or fuel oil???\015\012\015\012My impression from what you have said is that ... Air Conditioners

Hi there I have an lg reverse cycle aircon model LWC122RH-2 and the heating seems to work fine on it at however when I try and put the cool mode on it desn't seem to get very cold and the cool light does not come on also the defrost light doesn't come on but the heat light and the fan light and timer lights all work and come on ...please help

... LG Heat cool Window Air Conditioner


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Vulcan 5310011 external ducted heater more often than not wont light, 3 of the 4 burners light but when the 4th one doesn't the unit shuts down. When the 4th one does light there is a small sensor of some description in the flame, one on the left burner and one on the right burner. The one on the right which doesn't light most of the time glows red when it does light and the one on the left doesn't glow red, unsure of what this "sensor" is? I am a plumber by trade but don't do anything with duct

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I have a Rudd Forced air unit in my celler. Model UGPH-10EAMER I have two green lights and a amber light on the inside pannel my furnace was workimg fine and now when I turn it on the two green lights come on then the amber will flicker then go out but one of the green lights flashes. can I find a manual on line and is there a reset button for my furnace? or what do these lights mean?

Click this link directly and go to page number 33 for "TROUBLESHOOTING" there its mentioned.http://www.acdirect.com/xcart/images/produc ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

I have 5 Hampton Bay ceiling fans originally installed in my 2001 home. 3 have light kits and work great. I am trying to install lights on the remaining 2 but get no power. The 2 wires (blue and white) have the proper connections that match the connectors to my light, but no light comes on. I checked with a volt-meter and it gives me zero volts. All of my wall power switches are on and the fans run but no power down to the light connector wires. Can you help me? THANK YOU........Joe

The supply power to the fan from the house should be HOT 24 / 7. The two lines going to the fan normally have wire nuts for connecting the leads on the fan to the house power supply line and the house common line. You want to tie the blue line on the ... Hampton Bay Air Conditioners

I have a Ruud 80 plus furnace.....the pilot light went out. shows the temp on one side, when i put it past that temp for the heater to come on, it clicks, but no pilot light and no heat. how do i reset or light the pilot light?

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My Fujitsu Converter Air conditioner is not working... The Green light is flashing 13 times - the red light flashes continuously very quickly. The fan does not commence at all and therefore no heat or cool air comes from the conditioner at present. Also, once I press the start button on the remote control unit and the light being to flash, I am then unable to stop the unit - even after pushing the start/stop button - the lights continue to flash. Is there something I can do to make the air c

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My remote wont light a fire in my Majestic Fireplace Item #U41A00 (Alternate # listed RFSUV34 RN) I have managed to light the pilot light, however the unit isnt responding to the remote. I would like to know either how to light the unit with out the remote or how to troubleshoot my remote issue. Thanks, J.

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Jeep Grand Cherokee 2001 3.1 turbo diesel. Low coolant level light comes on on dashboard after 10 seconds. I have replaced the sensor and checked coolant level but light still comes on. Vehicle has only done 56000miles but I had light come on about 12 months ago and problem was cylinder head gasket. Had that done and all was well until light came on again about month ago. I've had cylinder head tested and ok. Any clues as to the solution would be appreciated

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I have two indoor condensores, one with both lights on, but not blowing cold air, and the other with only one light flashing, but blowing cold air. History; 5yr system, did blow 100amp breaker during storms, just usually reset and no problems, initial problem one light flashing and no cold air, and other unit with both lights on and blew cold. Any help, thanks Darrick

You need a new pc board. You can buy one from http://paylessminisplit.com ... Mitsubishi MSH09TW Air Conditioner

Have a rheem 90 plus gas furnace, the problem is that when you call for cooling the indoor blower does not come on. on the control board there are 2 green lights and one orange light. the top green ligt is on steady and the second green light flashes on and off , the orange light stays off. any sugestions. thank you

Trunthe fan from the automatic position to the on position, if the blower does not come on then you\015\012might have a relay problem. The relay is built into the\015\012board, you may have to replace the board. ... Air Conditioners

Gas fireplace wont start, pilot light stay's light, soon as I turn it on the light goes out, will not light. This is a cfmharris fireplace, the valve is made by honeywell.

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My ventless gas heater has an uneven flame with orange tips, the flame toward the outer edge is higher than the flame in the middle, and also,when I light the heater, it doesn't just give me a piolot light, it lights the row in back on low, flickers, and has an unstable flame and then you turn it to low, and it goes out until you turn the regulator knob a little higher, for more heat and it goes out completely, all except the piolot light

This sounds like your gas valve is weak. An orange flame has to much gas and not enough air mixture. Have you trie to ajust the air mixture. If it won't ajust then you will need to replace the valve.\015\012\015\012I hope this helps. ... Air Conditioners

Model PE1-09R-30 SoleusAir Portable Air Conditioner: Power Plug in light flashes on and off and clicks when reset. Test button turns light and clicking off. On/off switch on unit does not turn fan off when power is on with plug light flashing and clicking. It does turn display lights and on and off.

Hi,\015\012This is the link to download the service manual for your product. Hope it will be helpful to you. \015\012http://www.managemylife.com ... Soleus Air Conditioners

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