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My honeywell hz 2200 wont turn on. I need help

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My honeywell hz 2200 wont turn on. I need help

... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Hoffwel kfr 61 gw/a kfr-66gw wont turn on no power re-set at fuse box no light comming from remote and also wont turn on using the button on the unit need a repair man live in Medowie NSW 2318 help please

... Air Conditioners

We purchased our home two weeks ago and have a problem with the central AC. It will not turn on. When we did get it to turn on it ran for 15 seconds and caused the circuit breaker to turn off. Is there a quick solution or do I need to have someone come in and repair it? This is a Honeywell heating and cooling unit. We changed the batteries in the wall control panel and that did not help. We live in West Milford. What should we do? Thanks, Mary

It sounds like the compressor is pulling high amps causing the tripped breaker. It could be caused by a weak compressor. This can sometimes be handled with a super start capacitor. This can reduce the amount of start up amperage. I suggest that a lic ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Hello and thanks 4 yur help! Have a goodman GMVC9509 furnace that continuously blows the fan, no heat and wont turn off unless unplugged. the light blinks once and the red LED error code is E3 inside the unit. We tried fiddling with the honeywell thermostat....any help would be great!

You have a loose draft inducer fan hose to pressure switch ... Air Conditioners

I need help finding out whats wrong with my centrex ctar35gw/cx splitsystem airconditioning system i have three of these and when i turn them on the screen comes up with E4 and wont work

Hi, the code E-4 = compressor failure do to one of its overloads. High pressure in system due to maybe a dirty coil, you can try and wash, compressors are going off on these overloads do to lack of service. Try cleaning condenser coils. It makes sinc ... Air Conditioners

I have a Coleman Heat Pump, The unit all of a sudden just keeps running, and wont shut off. The only way to shut it off is to turn the breaker off..Will this hurt the unit by running all the time...I need help to figure out whats wrong with it..

Hi,\012Yes, that will hurt it.... the contactor has wleded shut and keeps it running...\012 \012 \012Here is a tip about trouble shooting your ... Coleman Air Conditioners

Our air conditioning was working during the day. when one family member turned the air up from 72 to 75 she saw the screen process what she wanted and walked away. when another family member went to turn it down, the screen was off. i have a honeywell visionPRO thermastat but no air conditioning at the moment. is my air conditioning not working because the honeywell theromastat needs to be trouble shot or is it not working because the machine that produces the air conditioning itself not wor

Open the thermostat and look for batteries, 3 AAhttp://www.heater-home.com/photos/2129-5b.jpghttp://www.heater-home.com/manuals/th8321u1006manual.pdf ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

I have a Procom MN300TPA and I used it all last winter with no problem although it was very noisy. This winter I used it twice and had to turn off the gas and now the pilot wont light. I hold the button down and the pilot stays lit until I turn the knob to on position and it immediately goes out. I changed the thermocouple (guy at LOWES sold me a blue flame thermocouple) , have blown out everything you can with air compressor and it still wont work PLEASE HELP it is getting cold here, only sourc

Hi, make sure the fitting at the gas valve for the thermocouple is tight, and the other end is in the flame good. Also, make sure you have a nice blue flame surrounding the tip of the new thermocouple.You have a small screw on the valve that says pil ... Air Conditioners

Help Needed My heat pump keeps turning its self off and the timer light keeps flashing red and will not turn back on..... it does not blow out air, i have tryed re setting it and cleaning the unit but nothing seems to be working does anyone have any ideas that could help fix my heat pump?

... Fujitsu 18C1 Air Conditioner

A/C need hlep with a carrier model # 40aq030-300bb. just bought a house with this unit inside but outside different unit, think its a Goodman. When turned to heat everything ok, but when turned to cool it still puts out heat. Think reversing valve is bad or switch controlling it may be bad. Not to familiar with the system and wiring diagram is gone. Somebody made a mess of the wires anyway, need some help if you have any. Thanx and... GOD Bless

Orange or O terminal on Tstat energizes valve in colling cycle. Go to outside unit jumper red to orange and see if Reversing valve energizes. If it does . Problem inside possible Tstat. You shoulf here the valve click. Have someone inside switch fro ... Air Conditioners

My 38CKCK24330 Unit stopped running, it will try and turn on every 10 or 15 mins you can here it outside buzz, I looked outside at the unit and the fan is not running. The system has power, the breaker switches are working, the furnace turns on fromt he attic. What do I need to trouble shoot, someone told me to check the switch on the unit by pressing it in to see if the fan will turn on once the button is pressed in. I did this but the fan did not turn on. Any help would be appreciated it, I

Hi angelagaddy,With the fan not running and you are hearing a buzzing noise outside this is more likely that the fan motor needs to be replaced or the capacitor ... Air Conditioners

I have the delonghi retro fan heater. when i plug it in and turn the dial, the red light on top goes on and then sometomes the fan turns maybe for 1 minute then the fan stops. the red light remains on but it won't turn anymore and just stops responding to any movemnt on the dial except when turned to 0 when the red light goes out. I haven't use either of them in about 4 months but they worked perfectly before when i used them. Please help!!

It indicates fan motor problem .servicing urgently required too. ... DeLonghi Air Conditioners

I have a lin-stat thermostat. Electric baseboard heaters. There are only a set button and up and down arrows. Turned the breakers off in the spring. Turned them on today and the thermostats will not turn on. Screen is blank. Tried holding set button down, no luck. Neither did pushing the up/down arrows Need help to turn them on. Thank you. Bought house 4 years ago and no issues last year. Also no instruction booklets.

... Air Conditioners

I am trying to find information on re-lighting my pilot light on my honeywell day and night furnace. I see switch for blower is off, pilot dial is on "pilot". Blowers not active and pilot light not lit. I think I just need to turn pilot dial to off to reset and leave for 5 minutes and turn back to "pilot" and re-light, before turning everything back on. I'm not sure where the gas is coming out of. Is it right above the dial. I have long matches to use. Please let me know. Thanks for you

Without knowing exactly who the manufacturer is and the model number of the furnace, most of us really don't want to reply to this question, for fear of you blowing yourself up. So, if you can provide that information, I'm sure one us can help you. ... Air Conditioners

I have a Dometic 579 Series Brisk Air AC. The model Number is 57915.531. When I turn the fan on, nothing happens. If I reach up and turn the wheel blower the fan will start up and everything works. I replaced the fan motor and put on a new capacitor part # 3100248.412 was supplied. The fan still will not start on it's own. I still need to turn the wheel blower to get it started. Help!

My sheet shows part # 3100248.420 as fan run capacitor.You may have an updated number. Check voltage outputs labeled on it are same as on old one, and double check wiring is correct, to and from capacitor. Be careful not to mistake compressor start c ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I hv dawlance split ac 1 ton....the problem is that the outdoor unit is nt turning off even at 26 degree it wont turn off..i mean when a normal ac reaches the temperature the outdoor unit turn off automaticaly...bt mine is nt help plz..thx in advance

Sounds like you need to replace the thermostat ... Air Conditioners

I just got a new honeywell thermostat and it when i first hooked it up it wouldnt turn on so i check to find out which connections on the thermostat when open i changed my wire to make it correct now when it turns on it doesnt turn off. i only have 2 wire that were on the old thermostat and the new one shows spots for 3 wire do i need to run a 3rd wire to get the furnace to shut off after it reaches desired temp? right now i have to disconnect the thermostatto shut it off.?

Hello my name is Heath it will be my pleasure to assit you. If you did not turn the power off to the furnace before rerplacing the thermostat then you may have burned out the board in the furnace. But first if there is a RH/Rc terminal in the new the ... Honeywell Air Conditioners


Need more information.... Is this a whole house unit, a window unit or what? Model #?\015\012\015\012The breaker would be in your basement or wherever your breaker box is. If it's a 220 unit, one side could be kicked if whoever hooked it ... Air Conditioners

I have a Honeywell Chronotherm IV Plus a/c unit and I can't get my air condt. to turn on. The room temp. says it's 17 degrees in the house so it won't turn on. I need to know how to reset the room tempt. reading.

Not only are the Chronotherm IV's less than user friendly, they have a terrible failure rate. It sounds like one of the typical failures of the chronotherm IV. I suggest starting with a new thermostat. ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Honeywell thermostat T8400c started flashing, heat/cool was off. Display flashes all icons (heat and cooling icons, temperatures, everything) and on the oppposite flash, the setpoint is displayed. The fan comes on when turned to ''ON'' but heat or cool does not when in ''auto''. The compressor can be turned on outside at the switch, but appears to have no freon. Heating & cooling worked within 2 weeks prior to this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Based on the simplicity of this particular t-stat, I really think that it is bad and needs to be replaced. They do not make this particular model anymore. I have included a link to the operators manual for the stat. Good luck!\015\012\ ... Air Conditioners

Carrier model 38TKB had problems with getting compressor to kick on at first usually just had to turn the ac on and off a few times and it would kick in and run fine until it reached the desired room temp or you shut it off. Now the compressor wont shut off unless I turn the breaker off. I figure there is a relay or switch sticking in the "ON" position undder my cover there seems to be a black block with lots of terminals under it and a round coil pack of some type which one needs changed

The Black Box is a contactor.It is stuck in the on position.Replace it. ... Carrier Air Conditioners

I have a ge model # asw12als1 12000btu room a/c.i think my thermostat is getting hung up. and wont stop running. there is a electronic board on the unit. this room a/c is just a year old. any suggestions on how to fix it? i took the front cover off. cleaned the evaporator and followed the thermostat back to board. very small space to work with. need to know if i need a new thermostat. temp in room going down to 60. even with thermostat set at 86. help please???????

... Air Conditioners

My BMW 2006 325i's air conditioning wont turn on. The lights say the a/c is on ful power but nothing is blowing out. It doesn't sound like like the ac is turning on when I'm outside of the car. I don't know how this happened or how to fix it. Help!

... Air Conditioners

We have a 2000 Winnebago Adventurer with basement air, "true air". Yesterday our AC unit started making a loud buzzing noise about every 90 seconds. Like maybe the second compressor was trying to start up and couldn't. We turned the AC off for awhile, and when we started it up again the noise started immediately. It buzzes for maybe 10 seconds. What can we try ? Should we leave it turned off ? It is over 100 degrees here in Texas and we need help fast!!! Thank you. Pam

... Coleman Air Conditioners

I need to find a wiring schematic for a honeywell CT31 Thermostat. I'm trying to run a solar colector through a goldline GL30 controler. my unit needs to open for the run of the fan and close on temperature rise to shut down, however I've tried several different wiring schemes to no avail. thanks for your help

... Honeywell Air Conditioners

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