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Kenwood Central Air Conditioner

\015 This is an old model we think possibly 25 years old.\015\012\015\012It will run perfectly for some time, suddenly stop and will not perform. \015\012\015\012 It has been an excellent Air Conditioner, and we are not in a position to buy one at the moment, but would like to know if because of its age it is worth us having it serviced.\015

Answers :

Have you ever removed the unit from the window and cleaned the condensor (back of unit) and evaporator (front of unit)?
If the unit runs normally, no ice formed in evaporator and compressor suction or the unit is cold during operation then the system is normal.
- Check if the condenser is clean.
- Check if condenser fan motor work properly, check if the rpm. is normal.
- Check if the compressor amps. is normal.
- Check for out of range sensors/ thermostat.
- Check if the unit control is operating normally.

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Kenwood Central Air Conditioner

Have you ever removed the unit from the window and cleaned the condensor (back of unit) and evaporator (front of unit)? ... Kenwood KW85 Air Conditioner

My central air conditioner was working fine but the power went out for about 2 hours and when it came back on, my air pump runs and the air conditioner fan is running but it blows warm air. What gives?

Mcdevito75 here, Your A/C units control board is most likely transisterized or computer built, in which case when power went out so did the memory in your A/C control board. Simply shut down your A/C unit, re-start and make adjustments again for your ... Air Conditioners

We just turned on our central air conditioner last night. today the temp of the house was 80 degrees. someone in the household placed the tempature on 70 degrees cool on auto. we have not felt any air coming out of the vents. the central air unit is running. any idea why this happened. our thermstat is not programmable.

Did you hear the indoor unit running (the fan blowing)? If so, there's a good chance that either the filter is plugged or more likely, the evaporator coil is iced up and preventing any air from flowing into the dwelling.\015\012\015\012T ... Air Conditioners

Where can I find a manual for my coleman cam II central air conditioner for a mobile home? I recently purchased the mobile home and would like to know what steps to ntake to make it work at its best. Also, I find it puzzling that the air filter is set on top of the unit inside the mobile home. It looks to my limited knowledge of central air, as if someone set the filter on top of the unit because they did'nt know the correct location placement. Can you provide any comments or advice? Thanks

Check the website for Coleman/Intertherm for a manual, you will need the model and serial numbers of the unit. The filters for these typically sit on top of the unit, some come with frames, some lay directly on the coil. If you can't find a manual on ... Coleman Air Conditioners

The electricity went off in our neighborhood yesterday. It came back on. I do not run my central air this time of year so the air conditioner is in off position. My fan is on auto but this usually means it is also in off position. When the electricity came back on yesterday the fan came on (not the air conditioner) and is continually running. I cannot get this darn thing to shut off. I have looked on the internet and made serveral attempts to get this fan shut off. I do not want to pay for

Hello Sounds like runaway blower.The relay in the blower unit is stuck/welded & should be replaced.In the mean time you can turn off the service switch at the unit.If you tap the relay it will shut off (for now) untill the next demand and get stuck a ... Air Conditioners

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Dear sir\012\012if you have some knowledge about air conditioner system then first connect hose with suction side of aircon pipe conector(valve) with Gage and second hose with cylinder and GAGE . ... Whirlwind FH-778 Air Conditioner

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My central air conditioner isnt working. It's a brand new air conditioner. The fan wont click on outside.

At the contactors on the outdoor unit make sure the thermostat wires have the 24 volts for the transformer on them (make sure the thermostat wires are correctly wired. ... Air Conditioners

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CENTRAL AIR My central air conditioner blower won't turn off and the A/C won't turn on, can anyone help me with this please?????

Many low voltage circuits "flag" you when there is a problem by running the fan when the low voltage circuit is broken by a blown fuse, open high temperature safety or a similar interruption in power. A qualified service technician can tell what the ... Air Conditioners

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Your problem description is quite broad. There are a variety of factors that may cause your AC to not cool your house. With that said, given your ambiguous description, I can offer you a diagnostic article that provides the most probable causes of y ... Ruud Central System Air Conditioner

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Central air conditioner is not blowing cold enough the pipes in the air conditioner out side are starting to frost

Check your filter....if its ok,youre prolly low on freon. ... Air Conditioners

I have a GE central air conditioner model

If you are talking about the indoor fan it is probably a bad capacitor. Replace the fan motor capacitor. And YES, if the fan motor needs replacing too, you can DO-IT-YOURSELF. ... General Electric Air Conditioners

Have an amana central air duelfuel heat system.when aux heat[gas] heats the house and shuts off the fans still blow for 3 to 5 minutes with the last couple of minutes being cold air which cools the air it just heated. also heatpump will start heating when it comes on then after 3 or 4 minutes it starts blowing cold air like when the air conditioner is running.i have had problems from day of install 4 mounths ago with problems that keep coming up. please i need help fast i do not think comp

Change your heating delay to shut off sooner, you can find this in the installation manual. Also the Thermostat may have delay after heat as well. It is true there could be many variables, but it also sounds like the Heatpump is not charged properl ... Amana Air Conditioners

My air exchabge unit burned up. I am in the process of buying a new one. My HVAC guy said that it should be set up before my central air conditioner unit. Is it normal to set it up that way? When the air conidtioner is off, how does the fresh air get to the house? How big should the air exchange unit be?

Hi,Is it normal to set it up that way? Ans. YesWhen the air conidtioner is off, how does the fresh air get to the \015\012house?Ans Air exchanger takes in air from the outside and cools it off. If you \ ... Air Conditioners

I have a Concord air conditioner, central heat and

You can try getting it serviced. Vacuuming the system and charging it up with new refrigerant, as well as replacing the reciever drier, will help tweak your AC system. This is no guarantee though. It might be able to bring the temp in your house down ... Air Conditioners

Goodman central air conditioner not blowing normally

It sounds like the compressor is not coming on in the outside unit. If it worked fine and was cooling before, then your compressor probably over-heated and tripped the internal overload switch which causes it to stay off while everything else is work ... Air Conditioners

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We live in an apartment complex and have a Trane Air Conditioner, each unit has its own central air. I believe the one in our unit has clogged drain pipes, when we first moved in we didnt change the air filters and when we did, the filter was extremely dusty. My wife uses alot of powder and when I clean the drip pan below the grill where the drips into, I found a thick layer of whitish doh like crud.I feel like it is clogging the the 2 whites pipes that go from the drip pan into the drain down b

Hello You have to cut the pipe and blow out each end,You can use a 1"rubber hose from an auto parts store & 2 hose clamps, If you can't find the end.This will allow access in the future to clean out the pipes.It will slip over 3/4" PVC pipe.They sell ... Air Conditioners

I have a Coleman Central Air/Heat System. This year, the outside compressor (or whatever it is called) is shutting off within minutes of the air conditioner coming on. This is resulting in the home never cooling down. I can reset the system by shutting the air off inside the home for a few minutes and the outside compressor comes back on, but again, only for a minute or two, and the unit only blows what seems to be room temperature air.

Do you know the devices model. It would help in locateing the manual. also I beleave you have the manual?\015\012\015\012As micromaster already said, check for sleep timer.\015\012\015\012has the system worked fine before has ... Air Conditioners

My central air conditioner is putting out cool(weak) air, not cold air

Number one problem is lack of air flow usually due to dirty filter or dirty evaporarator or condensor. Clean and service both , first before anything else. ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

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