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Dehumidifior for damp bedrooms due condensation on windows

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Dehumidifior for damp bedrooms due condensation on windows

... Air Conditioners

I have upvc windows & always have condensation inside the windows. Only time that I don't have this problem is in the summer months when the weather is fine. I have had the windows for the last 12 years. Is also in the corners of my bedroom on the outside wall & black spots on the ceiling. Any suggestions?

This is caused by high humidity and difference in temperature from inside to outside. So in winter when you have the heater on, there is a reaction when the inside of the upvc is heated and the outside is cooled and causes condensation to build up. V ... Air Conditioners

I have a Panasonic 11,500 BTU Window A/C for my bedroom. It does not condense any water on humid days and the thermostat keeps cycling on/off. The model is CW-XC120VK. My living room model compressor is on constantly trying to make up for the larger model and I can see the water dripping out the back. The compressor on the big one does come on, but just then shuts off and my bedroom temperature rises above the set 23C. This is a two year old model. Help!

\015\012Compressor starts and stops in seconds\015\012There are Five Main reasons that this will happen\015\0121 - A bad run capacitor (silver or metal capacitor)\015\012It’s either shorted, grounded or open.\015\0 ... Air Conditioners

Bedroom window covered in condensation - Air Conditioners

Hi,\015\012\015\012It' not a problem with the air conditioner it is just that the humidity in your room has changed. You quite often see a similar problem with gas heating. The only thing you can really do about it is get a dehumidifier o ... Air Conditioners

I am suffering terribly with condensation on my windows; we have central heating and keep the rooms heated regularly before we go to bed. The windows are clear on going to bed but in the morning they are full of condensation a friend has suggested cat litter, would this help??

Heavy condensation on windows only means one thing single pane glass and very cold outside. Not much you can do on the cheap maybe put plastic on the outside of glass. Or install storm windows would be the best. ... Air Conditioners

I should say I am not 100% sure it is damp, but in the last few days the inside of my flat feels very chilled, and I have had damp problems in the past. I also have only single glazing in my front room, as have sash windows, and wanted to retain the feature. I cannot see obvious gaps, but I feel draughts and although it feels as though it comes up from the floor under the windows, i suppose it must come through the glazing. Some of the wood is slightly damaged, I was going to just paint it, but

The gaps do not have to be obvious. Air can pass through any gaps. What I would suggest is to use thermocol strips to seal the underside of the air conditioner temporarily till you carryout the major repairs. Just insert the strips under the ac and p ... Air Conditioners

I own a Carrier LCA061P air conditioner that drips condensed water on the foor beneath the window it is mounted in. I tried purposefully to install it with a slight downward slope outside the window, to no avail. Is this condensation normal, and how is the unit supposed to evacuate it properly?

Make sure the drain holes outside are not plugged,some water is retained by the unit to cool the compressor,but too much water will build up and drain inside ... Carrier LCA061P Air Conditioner

I should say I am not 100% sure it is damp, but in the last few days the inside of my flat feels very chilled, and I have had damp problems in the past. I also have only single glazing in my front room, as have sash windows, and wanted to retain the feature. I cannot see obvious gaps, but I feel draughts and although it feels as though it comes up from the floor under the windows, i suppose it must come through the glazing. Some of the wood is slightly damaged, I was going to just paint it, but

Ok, so what is your question exactly? You can get some foam insulation from a hardware store that you can line the seals of your windows with, this will help greatly. Otherwise painting will definitely help seal in the heat significantly, I would d ... Air Conditioners

I have a intertherm model 9007590 AC unit. The condensing unit was changed to a unit that has a common wire and a y terminal and the old condenser unit had three wires at condensing unit. I can't get it to run and I think some of the wiring has been changed. I need to know how the low voltage wiring is suppose to be and if I need a four wire or five wire stat due to the condenser being changed. What stat do you recommend for this unit. Thank you.

The unit with3 wires was set up as a dual transformer the new unit is single transformer system. it needs to be rewired at thermostat,furnace,and ac ... Air Conditioners

Living in an apartment, 2 story building,my apartment is on thr first floor, so there is no attic, my problem is that on the wall there is a lot of moisture, but on the wall facing the side of the building,not the wall next to the shower room,this is a 2 bedroom apartment and the problem is on the same wall that runs across both of the bedrooms,and that's the only wall that has the problem, it seems like it swets,and it feels like wet,and the bedrooms smels humid, the bathroom has no window, but

Which way does the wall face, north south east west? is it a brick wall?? you should call the appt mang. and let them know about it because this could cause mold in the drywall and get you guys sick. i would also get a dehumidifier that will help get ... Air Conditioners

Condensation water is not draining properly on Goldstar AC window unit and backing up and dripping on the wood frame and floor below the unit. Is something blocked it just started happening. I am going to clean the little pipe that water drips from outside but it involves climbing a latter. Also I am going to clean the condenser coils...is there another reason or anything else I am missing and do you clean the condenser coils with little wire brushes? It occurs after the unit has been runnin

Yes,remove the ac unit from the window,and clean it out with a water hose out side,remove all debris from inside the unit,and tilt water out of unit.Make sure there is nothing in the way of the drain,and when the unit is put back in the window,make s ... Goldstar KG6000R Window Air Conditioner

I have been told my AC is leaking condensation from the connector piping in the condenser to the air exchanger.There is supposed to be ''dampness in the walls.'' I've also been told the unit is too old. I'm not sure either is true. Can someone recommend a checking of this situation? The AC unit is in a condo in Florida (Delray Beach). Thanks.

Both leaking condensation dampness in the walls are not technical words. try to explain your problem i will help you . Thank you ... Carrier BCA101R Air Conditioner

We purchases a Haier portable air conditioner CPN11XCJ last year via QVC. By the time we purchased it, we really didn't need so stored it unopened. Opened it up last week due to extreme heat for this time of year. I just plugged it up near an open window and it the cool air was wonderful. However, when my husband installed the hoses and window screen, the thing rattled awfully. I mean a very loud rattling noise like the compressor was having problems. If we take the hose off, it doesn't rattle b

There are only a couple of things that could make it rattle with hose installed. One, if the hose cuff is somehow extending through the grate on the unit and making contact with the fan or there is probably some sort of a fitting, like a dryer vent, ... Air Conditioners

I had the loft insulated a couple of months ago but now that the temp has plummeted, the upstairs windows on the north facing house front are running with condensation. Presumably, this means the insulation in the loft is working! I could fix some large sheets of 4mm. perspex into the frame rebates which would create a two inch cavity between the glass and the plastic. the house is Edwardian with a large stairwell at the front - this is where the condensation is - and it's difficult to heat; it'

Hi Phil!!I think your best bet would be a dehumidifier - fixing the plastic would only move the condensation from the glass to your plastic! attics ( or lofts) tend to be humid. However,a dehumidifier would require constant babysitting to keep ... Air Conditioners

I have a thru-wall unit that is draining out of the back and cooling just fine. My problem is the hole in which the ac goes thru. There seems to be some condensation on the bottom of the unit that drips down onto the board below(would be the window sill if I had taken it thru the window). I have thought about taking the unit out and placing a piece of insulating foam in the bottom of the unit or closing the 1/2 inch gap between the bottom of the unit and the board with insulation or expand-a-

You are correct the gap needs to be closed, i would suggest the double taped insulation they use on pick up truck when you put a topper on, as if you ever need to remove unit it would be easier then the expansion foam. Hope this helps Tim ... LG Electronic Window Air Conditioner

Re Frigidaire 104P1A - Neighbor below me is complaining the unit is draining INTO her window (she needs/wants to have it open). I had someone out to adjust the level of the unit, tilting it back slightly, but this is not solving the problem. Is there is no way to re-route the condensation with a non-slider window unit? Suggestions most welcomed.

You need to vacuum the coils in the back of the fridge and make sure you have a drip pan under you fridge. The fridge will over work itself because of buildup dirt. ... Air Conditioners

We have a carrier heat pump/ac unit. Our ductwork in the attic has condensation all over it and it is dripping thru our newly installed insulation to the sheetrock on the second floor thereby staining, leaving sheetrock wet and possibly being taken over by mold and mildew. What can be done to improve this problem. We are under a 10 year warranty plan with this unit and the company that installed it. Windows have condensation on them. Humidity is 60 to 70 percent.

Usually if there is a lot of condensation, then there is bare/uninstulated metal in the duct work. Now if the unit itself is condensating then putting a condensation pan under the unit with a drain should fix this problem. A far as the windows it w ... Carrier Air Conditioners

I purchased a window air conditioner, Model # ASTO5LKSI and installed it this morning in my kitchen window. I heard the pinging sound discribed in the instruction book and read that sound is O.K. due to humidity. My question is: When I went outside to check out the pinging noise, there was a white milky liquid running out. What is this and do I need to be concerned?

I would return it and get another. The only thing that supposed to be coming out is water. ... GE Air Conditioners

Black marks on ceiling in bedrooms facing external walls and on bedroom wall onto gable end or outside walls. Would improving insulation in loft, wall cavity insulation help this. Is it condensation

... Air Conditioners

My coleman mach 3 sounded funny when I woke up this morning. The volume of air coming out of the vent was greatly decreased. It sounded like my window air conditioner sometimes sounds when its full of condensate. This air conditioner is brand new and only used 3 days. Could it be that the condensate is not draining properly?

Probably, check to see if the condensate is properly trapped, high static units sometimes require a trap to drain correctly, (it may be internal) ... Air Conditioners

Condensation buildup LG 10,000 btu window unit condensation buildup. The water does not seem to drain properly creating a buildup. When the air conditioner is running the water then gets spit out the vents and makes alot of noise as well as creating an electrical hazard. I'm very dissapointed w/ this air conditioner....Any suggestions

Make sure the unit tilts towards the outside. If it's installed level or tilted toward front it will not drain properly. ... LG Electronic Window Air Conditioner

How can I install/mount a window a/c unit in the bedroom window of my 5th wheel? Jody

Hi there,\015\012 if your using a portable a/c there no problem you can mount on every corner of you room,but if your using a windows type aircondition,you have to construct an opening on the wall of your 5th wheel,because it need an openin ... Air Conditioners

I purchased and installed a DWC F0820CL 8,000 window unit. It only cools if the dial is turned just about all the way up. The top dial that is supposed to change the speed from hi, med, or low seems to be ineffective - hi or low sounds the same. I should remove it and return it but due to the difficulty for a 67 yr old woman to get it home and to my second floor and into the window I'm hoping you can give me a fix that I can do without having to return it.

... Daewoo DWC-121R Air Conditioner

Just bought an Amana Acd12ke-e window a/c unit. There is no condensate drain and the condensate is being picked up by the fan and blowing it inside. Any suggestion?

... Amana Acd12ke-e Window Air Conditioner

Just bought an Amana Acd12ke-e window a/c unit. There is no condensate drain and the condensate is being picked up by the fan and blowing it inside. Any suggestion?

... Amana Acd12ke-e Window Air Conditioner

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