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Carrier Infinity from 1994 does not start

\015 It has a little blower that starts but no flame.\015

Answers :

The Carrier Infinity has a control board that will flash out a pattern giving you a hint of what could be wrong. To find it, remove the cover off of the furnace and you will see a small round clear window. Look and count the blinks. Then compare that number to the diagnostic chart found on the back of the furnace access cover.




Let us know what the pattern is and we can help you more.

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We had a new Carrier Weathermaker Infinity Gas Furnace installed in our home on 9-21-99.The Carrier people said the furnace was in good condition this past October.But prior to that as of April 2010 the furnace started sending up really cool air. Was told by the Carrier serviceman that the Controlboard was running on high and low at the same time also found the Board fired.Then NO HEAT. Got a new Controlboard installed,that didn't work Still NO HEAT.Was told furnace needs a model Plug that was

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I have a Carrier Weathermaker Infinity furnace model 58MVP100-F-1-20 with 3 zones and Carrier Comfort Zone II programable thermostat. I recently installed ageothermal heat pump system which includes a hot water coil in the furnace plennum. The heat pump is sized to meet loads except for the coldest days of winter - (below 0 F) - when the gas furnace is expected to kick in. My problem appears to be the Weathermaker's characteristics don't accommodate the low heat /slow response provided by

Http://www.hvac-talk.com/vbb/archive/index.php?t-85094.html here is a site i found very useful ... Carrier Air Conditioners

I have Carrier mod#24ANA760A300 Infinity system. 1.5yrs old. Compressor nor fan outside will start. The controller on unit flashes an error for low pressure switch open (error #32). Gas pressure is normal! My technician says that he will have to order a new compressor because of some checks he has done. What I need to know will the controller show low gas pressure if the unit has never started even though the low pressure switch is closed as it should be with proper levels (checked the switch an

No unless there is a loose connection of the wires or terminals between switch and controller ... Air Conditioners

I have a carrier Mod # 06dm337 for chilling water.....the lube oil pressuer drops off when I start up.....and low suction press....this is a medium temp unit....I think the L/O danfoss protection is working, because it shuts down the comp after a time delay.....I start with about 40 PSI oil press then goes to 0 with in 40 seconds......Why Why Please tell me if you have any ideas..I have cleaned the oil strainer,and cleaned the check valve,and checked the oil pump...seems to be OK what else.... S

Well I dont know what refrigerant your working wqith but I know the oil press sw's Ive dealt with open after a senmce of NO pressure Difference between Crank case and Oil pump Output pressure. You'll have to pump down the compressor and install an a ... Carrier Air Conditioners

Carrier Infinity from 1994 does not start

The Carrier Infinity has a control board that will flash out a pattern giving you a hint of what could be wrong. To find it, remove the cover off of the furnace and you will see a small round clear window. Look and count the blinks. Then compare t ... Carrier 38CKC036 Air Conditioner

I have the carrier infiniti system. When my thermostat reaches the set temperature it doesn't always shut off. I shut off the main control to let it reset. It works for a while and then it starts

Carrier Infinity system is a variable speed unit that will just slow down as it approaches set point. Unless it overshoots the set temperature (you have it set on 72 and the temperature keeps rising above 72) this just sounds like normal operation. ... Air Conditioners

Carrier Low pressure lockout - 4 hours Code 83 The system is less than 1 half years old. Will it start cooling again after four hours? Infinity control shows Fan - On, A/C - off

If the low pressure sensor trips, the least likely problem is a bad sensor, more than likely, you have a leak in the system, this will require leak location, repair and recharged.\015\012Also posible, a dirty air filter, plugged indoor coil, ca ... Air Conditioners

Carrier infinity system tripping thermal overload n start

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Carrier infinity system, sensor error

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I have carrier infinity 18 central air and worked good for one year and second year summer season its out of purion gas and we had an authorized person to recharge with purion gas and worked for a few days and back to old problem and now found the condensor is leaking and condensor pan is cracked and found out service personnel says there are many carrier infinity with these problems. I have been fooled by inferior carrier product and would like to form a group with people with similar problem

Carrier carries a 5 yr parts warranty.I'm not a big Carrier guy but the are not an inferior product from what I've seen.I'd contact another company that is a Carrier dealer for a second opinion. ... Carrier Air Conditioners

Carrier Infinity DC motor drive problems

Contact the company that installed the unit. Its new, under warranty, Anything you do could void the warranty. If they do not take care of the problem without charges contact Carrier and tell them what's going on. The company who installed the unit i ... Carrier 38CKC036 Air Conditioner

Carrier thermostat I have TSTATCCP2S01-B residental Carrier thermostat . I would like to use it for low temperature applications, around 0 celsius. I dont have it hooked up yet. Can I lower tepmerature on this thermostat to 0 celsius? Regards, Sead

No this t-stat is not designed for low temp ... Air Conditioners

Carrier infinity 96 with code 14 and 34

... Carrier XHB123D X/Y Series Heat/Cool Air Conditioner

A Carrier mod # 24ANA760A300 Infinity with an error code #72 high stage thermal cutout, What causes this?

If it's a thermal cutout that's mounted on the circuit board you may have to replace the whole board. I don't have the carrier error codes at hand. But a "thermal cutout" is normally found on the compressor. One advantage of the old (before digital) ... Carrier Air Conditioners

I've a Carrier mini split A/C model 42KPB014303 ...14000Btu/h. I'm having problem w the ""control" because the function is erratic.Sometimes start,sometimes not.But when start ,run about 5-6 min.and turn off completely,then after some minutes start again. I recently replace the Circuit Board but the problem continues.

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Blower does not turn on bottom squirrl cage carrier weathermaker ignitor works pilot starts flame comes top fan starts - runs for 3 minutes then bottom squirrl cage does not start up. fuse on board good? do i need to replace motor?

Sounds like it to me. You might be able to switch the motor speeds by taking the red wire off the heat spot on the board and taking the one that is on the park and switching them. But more then likely the blower is bad replace the capacitor at the ... Carrier XHB123D X/Y Series Heat/Cool Air Conditioner


You may need to replace the thermostat or the thermostat batteries if applicable. To replace the thermostat follow the instructions on the new thermostat. Make sure to set the thermostat to the gas setting(see instructions) this should cure your p ... Carrier XHB123D X/Y Series Heat/Cool Air Conditioner

I have a 1993 Model SRHF48U01A (The 0 might be a O (zero) When the thermostat calls for cooling, the inside unit (fan) starts up and continues to run but the outside unit wants to start (it comes on for a second and then trips the breaker that is located behind the outside unit. I can turn the breakers off that are inside the house and let them stay off for a short time and then reset the outside breaker and then turn the inside breakers on and the unit starts and continues to run until the te

Well the trouble is surely at the compressor side. Dont know what kind of repair man you invited. He should have atleast diagnosed the problem. Following can be the causes\015\012\015\0121. Capacitor is slightly faulty (As you said). If t ... Amana Air Conditioners

Carrier central air 38ckc060301 problem, unit will not start, air handling blower runs, can hear hum at outdoor unit. I turn the unit off at themostat. let sit for ten minutes, turn back on at themostat, unit starts and cools. Will run through serveral cycles and then not start until I repaet process, any thoughts?

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Blower fan motor wont start on carrier package unit air conditioner I have a Carrier 50ZPA042-301TP package unit

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Carrier Infinity Control Thermostat SYSTXCCUID01-B

Your old stat is wired for a traditional thermostat and not a communication stat like the new infinity you have. There is a module plug on the furnace board that will need to be connected to the new thermostat for it to work. The wires that are wired ... Air Conditioners

Carrier Furnance Fan / Blower Doesn't Start (Model 58GP-125-GA)

With power off, locate fan motor capacitor (generally silver in colour).\015\012Rating on capacitor will be in microfarads at specified voltage ( 5mf @\015\012370 volts). Be careful to discharge before handling and return defective ... Carrier 38CKC036 Air Conditioner

Carrier Weather Maker 8000 wont start with error code 21

... Carrier XHB123D X/Y Series Heat/Cool Air Conditioner

I have a carrier com heat pump that would not start so i jump out the tstat unit came on ran about 2hr whil i work on other thing at store then i check unit and it hashut down so to get it started again i turn the tstat off and back on again but its jump out what do you think is going on

Thermostat is bad and is probley dirty tripping on high pressure switch .Tom ... Air Conditioners

Carrier 58rav gas furnace won't stay lit. Vent assist fan comes on ,burners ignite but just before the main blower comes on the flames go out. then the fan runs for 30 secs then the process starts over again. Usually the 3rd time it stays lit and actually heats the house. I have changed the flame sensor and if i unplug the power for 10 min. it usually works OK for a few days and then starts doing it again.

Hello my name is Heath it will be my pleasure to assist you. If you replaced the flame sensor I would check the vent pressure switch check the hoses and the niplles that the hoses are connected to to be sure they are clear of aany dirt or rust. If yo ... Air Conditioners

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