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Wt12sa1 manual from the remote

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Wt12sa1 manual from the remote

... Air Conditioners

Anyone know how to reset the remote control for my everstar portable ac? I took the batteries out for the winter like the manual says, and when I put them back in this summer the remote came on but the AC no longer recognizes it. The manual says if I remove the batteries I will need to reprogram the remote, but it doesn't tell me how to do it!!! My AC model is MPN1-095CR-BB6 and the remote says Type R51I17/BGCE on the back. If anyone can help, thanks so much in advance!

... Danby DPAC8020 Air Conditioner

B93-366 Indoor Unit Ours is mounted on the wall in a new room addition (3 years ago). Has worked fine. Used it with remote control a few days ago. It worked fine. Turned it off with remote control. next day would not turn on at all. Replaced batteries in remote. Didn't Help. Tried manual override on the unit itself. Still nothing. We have misplaced our manual. Any suggestions?

You will have to remove the front panel and check the fuse to make sure that it did not pop. Also check your breaker switch to make sure that your breaker did not pop. Those can be your really only two issuesPlease rate ... Air Conditioners

O-general AC remote control manual Need a guide/manual for operating O-General AC remote. we bought tjis Ac from gray market so did not got any operations manual with them.

How to operate remote of ogeneral model:AR-JE11 ... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

Temperature setting rises up by itself no matter how many times you lower it back down to a lower setting manually or with remote. When the unit acts up like this it won't even let you power off (manually or using remote) unless you unplug unit. When you power back up it may or may not work again for a while. Window unit is GE Model # AEW12AMG1.

... GE APH10AA Air Conditioner

The manual for the Kelvinator split system inverter air conditioner is missing and we can't work out the remote. The numbers on the remote are N216 and 6711A20013U Can you supply a user manual? Thanks M Munro

... Air Conditioners

I have General ASH12RSECW model and the remote is missing. How can I operate it manually - I just need it to work for now, will replace later, but it is scary hot today and tom and I am going to melt ..... any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Just moved in - no manual, no remote - please help! Thanks!

... General Electric AZ29E12DAC Air Conditioner

WHEN I TRIESD TO START MY LDL3930PR MODEL, FIRE LOG, REMOTE WILL NOT TURN ON GAS FIREPLACE -- BATERIES HAVE BEEN CHANGED IN REMOTE AND THE RECEIVER UNIT. I followed the owners manual to the letter and get no response when I try the remote. The remote switch is turned on. I see no loose wires or bad connections. The mannual switch will turn the fire on but when I switch it to remote the fire goes out. Any sugestions

I would start with the receiver unit if everything is working properly manually. The switch itself could be bad as it turns out the fire when turned to remote or you could have a bad gas valve but I doubt it since the fire works fine manually. Star ... Desa International Wall/Window Air Conditioner

My Air Conditioner has stopped responding to the Remote. I have checked with my mobile phone camera & the 1 light still works on the remote. The Air Con manual button works but remote does not. Is this a remote control issue or a circuit board issue?

Try with this method which happened last week experience. Replace new batteries. And also remove dc wire to indoor unit display sensor. And after 3 minutes fix it again. And now start with remote. Mostly it will. If not, you have to replace receiving ... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

I installed Minka remote controlled Ceiling fan for a friend. The fan itself has 4 wires, black,orange,white, & blue. The remote unit has black, white, & blue wires to connect to black, white, & blue wires on fan, and black & white wires to connect to electrical wires in attic. The remote operates the fan functions correctly, but the lights on the fan stay on all the time, with no effect from the remote. I have no manual, and had no place for the orange wire on the fan to go to.The model number

The connections you need to make are \015\012\015\012\015\012Motor to Receiver Electrical Connections: Connect the WHITE \015\012wire from the fan to the WHITE wire marked "TO MOTOR N" from the \015\012Receiver. Connect the BLACK wire from t ... Air Conditioners

Air conditioner My remote control does everything but register with the sensor on the actual conditioner.I can fire it up manually but the remote wont switch it on or off or respond at all. I have new batteries inserted in remote and display on remote is working OK. Can you help please?

Some some remote control have RST or RESET button, you have to push this every time you change the battery or for malfunction remote control. You can find this either in front of remote control or at the back of the remote in battery compartment. ... Air Conditioners

I have an old Kelvinator air conditioning. Not sure what the model is since I have lost the manual, but from the remote control I can see some code looking like the model number: 6711A20012M. A few weeks ago the remote control died while the air con was on. I thought this was because of the battery, so, I went on to replace the battery, and tried to turn off the air con, buttttt....it didn't work, the air con was still on no matter how many times I pressed on/off to turn it off using the remote

You're right! It's receiving sensor problem with your PCB. Only repairman who knows electronic tech could only repair. I could say the cost of repair in Indian Rupees IRS.850/- maximum. Hope it's helpful? ... Air Conditioners

I have a electrolux split system ese21hra is the model.It runs for 2 minutes and shuts down.The auto light starts flashing and the remote is non responsive ihave replaced the remote batteries and turned the unit off at the mains to try to reset it but to no avail.I have to turn it on with manual cool button behind the front panel.I does not turn on or off with the remote Regards Daniel Clifford

Indoor room sensor and coil sensor defective. Replace it. ... Electrolux E23CS75SS Air Conditioner

Hi, My remote won't work for my air conditioner. Batteries changed. Can't tell if it's just remote or air conditioner unit as well that aren't functioning. Can you tell me if there is a manual way of operating the airconditioner without the remote? If it is the air conditioner, what do I try to get it to work? I have taken filters out and cleaned them and that's all the ideas I had. My air conditioner is a LG Model LST 244H-2 split system. At least 6 years old. thanks for your help

Here is the main ONLINE SUPPORT page for your LG model LST 244H-2: ... LG Air Conditioners

Lost manual to air conditioner, turns on with remote and then off, displays code I don't understand, need to buy manual, don't know where ...won't turn on manually

I am more that willing to help you finding the manual and helping you with the problem with your air conditioner. It would help if you will let me know what model and brand it is. Thank you! ... Air Conditioners

The remote control does not work at all. The air conditioning works manually. The model is a 15 year old split unit/heat pump MOD: AG1BH17AW. we would appreciate your help, since we live in Spain, and there are no remote controls for this unit in the country. Can we get a Universal Remote control, or is the unit too old for that too...Although it works fantastically! Thank You!

... GE AJCQ08ACB Air Conditioner

I Have a celestial split system air conditioner kk7b-c4, i have changed both of the remote control batteries. The bedroom system is turning on with both remotes however the lounge system does not respond to either remotes and i cannot see a manual button anywhere on the system. Thank you

... Air Conditioners

Heres an an interesting one for you. Have a Convair ClimateMaster Airconditioner. Boyfriend went away for 10 days and somehow it has turned itself on and it flooded the room. The Remote control for airconditioner was near a tv that was on standby mode, digital set top box was on, and the dvd player was on. Could the remote being near the tv cause it to turn itself on. Electromagnetic waves it says in the manual. And please note I checked the remote it wasnt on a memory input to turn itself on. S

It is possible for an elecromagnetic field to cross frequencies and turn this unit on it is very unlikely but it can happen ... Convair Portable Air Conditioner

My remote wont turn on A.C. and when I push manual override cool or heat nothing happens the unit is a coleman mach with the RVP remote I am also getting the led flash on 2 seconds off one,my remote test good should i replace the componet that has the override buttons which wires back to unit with small phone cord

If the system does not turn on and there is not beep, it is either a low or overvoltage situation or a problem in the wiring. Check the 12VDC at thermostat and make sure that it is OK. Also, check the incoming 120VAC at the control box (unit with s ... Coleman Mach III Air Conditioner

We have a Kenmore airconditioner about 10 years old 15,100 btu, 27" wide, 10.7 effic. The on/off sensor on control panel got pushed all the way in and broke. Airco does not go on now. We tried a universal remote - it did not work. Our original remote never worked either. Do you think getting hold of a new "original" remote will solve the problem, or is the airco broke and needs other kind of service? We have a manual but don't know the model # right now. Thanks much.

No remote will work without a sensor. The sensor will need to be replaced. ... Kenmore Air Conditioners

We have a fujitsu reverse cycle air conditioner. Last night when we went to turn it off with the remote it did not respond. We needed to turn it off at the switch outside the house. We replaced the batteries in the remote. We get a display on the remote but it does not appear to communicate with the air conditioner. The air conditioner continued to send out warm air when we swithed it back on from the outside. We then found a manual on / off button under the inside flap of the wall mounted sys

Check if the remote control if still good, using the camera of your cellphone point remote control to the cellphone camera and press the "on" button of your remote and you can see the light emitting from your remote control transmitter. If the lights ... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

I have a 2006 Keystone travel trailer that has a remote control that opperates both the air conditioner and the furance for some reason I can not get the unit to work in either function with the remote or by manually pushing the buttons can you give advice? The remote is on and the batteries are good.

Check all 12 volt fuses in panel, as well as make sure breaker is on that powers unit. Also if you pull face off wall thermostat, you may have glass fuses in there & possible one or more has blown & will need to be replaced. Do you hear any c ... Air Conditioners

The unit is a Kelvinator Air Con unit - Model #KSR25F-01. The unit will turn on manually but not from the remote. The remote has new batteries, but will not start the unit. The only button that the unit seems to respond to is the timer cancel button on the remote

Take the remote and put it in front of your cell phone.turn on the camera of your phone and push the buttons of the remote.if you see a light in your phone the remote is ok and then the eye of the pc board(is a small plate)has problem. ... Air Conditioners

A Valy universal a/c remote control model VA-CR1000U has become possessed. Working fine, then batteries died after one year. New (expensive) batteries put in. A/C manually shut off so that universal remote could automatically locate 3 digit code (which I'd forgotten after 1 year. It did and air conditioner started but there were 2 beeps instead of the usual 1 beep. Thought this strange so wanting to stop and restart the a/c I pressed the on/off switch on the remote, but the a/c did not resp

... Air Conditioners

I have a Hitachi ras-35ca1 unit and the remote control stopped working. I can manually turn the unit on but cannot change any settings. I brought a Digitech universal remote to control the unit but I have been through the codes and nothing is compatible. I went through the auto search and still nothing. The remote claims to be compatible with Hitachi. Any ideas? Thanks.

Hello Rachael8104, \015\012\015\012I unserstand that you are having a problem with you Hitachi air conditioner split nonduct unit. I have located a web page for you to contact the nearest local dealer to your area. Follow the follow url t ... Air Conditioners

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