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Goodman 90% gas heater condensation build up

\015 I have a new Goodman gas furnace with the exhaust going vertically out to my roof. After the heater fires up and runs for a few minutes, the housing gets about 4 oz. of water in it and will not fire up again until I remove the pressure tube and drain it. Why is the system getting condensation in it, and how can I stop it?\015

Answers :

If the exhaust comes off the top of the furnace, you will need to make sure the condensation will drain all the way back to the condensate outlet found at the base of the inducer blower. If you are having to remove the tube from the pressure switch, there must be a blockage from the inducer down to where ever it drains to. Check to see if all tubes are free of blockages and if there is a condensate trap, clean it out. If the pressure tube you mentioned is facing up toward the blower allowing water to flow into it, reposition it so water will not enter the tube.



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Goodman 90% gas heater condensation build up

If the exhaust comes off the top of the furnace, you will need to make sure the condensation will drain all the way back to the condensate outlet found at the base of the inducer blower. If you are having to remove the tube from the pressure switc ... Ruud UAKA030 Air Conditioner

Major condensation comes from my gas heater

Gas heat is a moist heat. The products of combustion are condensating in your secondary heat exchanger. This is normal on a 90% or higher furnace. Open up the top of the condesate pump. You "might" just have a sickty float. If so clean it up and ... Ruud UAKA030 Air Conditioner

I have a Goodman GPD075-3 REV B gas heater that tries to come on but shuts down within 4-5 seconds. After the gas burners come on they shut off. The exghust blower is running and also the house blower is on. What is causing the unit to shut off? Is it the flame sensor or something else?

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We have a old house and the gas hot water heater and the central heating unit is vented out an old chimney and the heater is building up condinsation, how do i vent the heating unit out the wall, unstead of the chimney.

A CHIMNEY Liner is your best and cheapest solution to your problem,as furnaces and hot water tanks have gotten much more efficient over the years,a lot less heat actually goes up the chimney to help remove the contaminants,up the flue ,depending ... Air Conditioners

I have a Goodman gks90703bxae gas heater. When I turn it on it runs fine heats the house the blower shuts off but then the induced draft blower stays on so the heater will not heat the next time it is supposed to I checked the flue and the drains and they are fine and it throws a code that says I need a new pressure switch but it also says that my induced blower should not be running and it is can't figure it out hope you can help thanks

Hi!!\015\012\015\012The ID Blower pressure switch may be stuck closed, and keeps the ID blower running. Replace the switch. Click on the following link for a Parts Manual for your unit to Identify the part # and order it.\015\012 ... Goodman Air Conditioners

3 amp fuse blows on ruud silohette II. With A/C off blower runs on manual OK With Heat on, gas heater runs OK, blower OK on Auto Disconnected relay wires at condenser and turned A/C on. Ran for a minute and fuse blew.

This sounds like an issue with the control wiring, there could be wires shorted togeher either at the thermostat, or in the wall, you need to isolate the wires at both ends then check for continuity with an ohmmeter there should be none) to verify wh ... Air Conditioners

I have a Goodman CPLJ24-1B condenser unit & am needing to know what tonnage it is guessing 2 tons? Would this be big enough for 2000 sq ft of floor space? Block building with no wall insulation.

Yes, it is a 2ton unit and no, it's definitely not big enough. You need 1 cfm per square foot. That's 2000 cfm. 1 ton of air is equal to 400cfm. So you would actually need around a 5 ton unit to comfortably do a 2000sq ft building. Insulation, doors, ... Goodman CPLE24-1 Air Conditioner

Gas goodman model ghp1003 need condenser wiring diagram

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I have a Goodman CK36-1B aisconditioner unit. The condenser unit has stopped. When i turn it on you can here it runnibg but the fan doesn't move. I replaced the capasitor last year. You can also fel heat build up in the unit. How do i check it out?

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Goodman gps100-4 heater, tied to heat pump intermittent gas valve operation. all safeties check ok.

If you have 24v to gas valve and a good ground to unit, check gas pressure with a manometer to ensure your input gas supply is correct..11-13" w.c. for LP and 5-10" w.c. for natural. If out of that range, valve may not open. You have to ensure you ... Goodman PHKJ048-1 Air Conditioner

Hi, I had a Cozy gas-fired room heater installed two years ago. It has only been used during the winter months. When it was installed , it passed the carbon monoxide test (0 parts per million). I had it checked today, and it failed the test, and the gas specialist said it might have to be condemned. Also, he said that 5 of 6 similar Cozy heaters that were fairly new failed testing this season. Have you heard about Cozy heaters having a similar problem? What can I do? Model: VC351A-H 3

Hi,A very common problem with the unvented heaters is that they get dust and dirt in them and then they do not burn right. The pilot is especially bad and often that will make them burn bad failing the test.Before throwing it out I would ... Air Conditioners

Bowin sle 2 Heater Not igniting. Power on and gas connected. The clicker is sparking but will not light the heater. Gas is flowing, as I can smell the gas.

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I'm loosing the pilot & Burner flame after 5-7 minutes when I start the heater gas unit, the burner is working fine & controled by the thermostat, I' think the problem of loosing the pilot & burner flames after 5- 7 minutes is because some problem in the thermostat or the Solinoid gas valve, and I dont have the service manual of this type PW50-3 Hunter Natural Gas Heater, I' need your help

Faulty thermo couple replace it you can thank me later, do you have a carbon monoxide detector? ... Air Conditioners

Condensate pump Installed pump 2 years ago. Today, while a gas fitter was replacing some gas piping, the furnace was off for about 2 hours. After a leak test, the gas was turned back on. Furnace works well, but condensate pump has all lights on and the motor is hot. Is not pumping. What does the red alarm light mean, exactly? How can I reset it?

... Horticulture Source Air Conditioners

Hi we have a gas heater that was set up for L.P gas and we have Natulal Gas I got a conversion kit from Grainger sins this unit is Dayton model #4LX61 heater with a honywell smart valve part # sv9640m4132 but I still canot get it to work

What is it that you can't get to work? pilot light....gas flame (sorry, not enough informations) ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Gas heater I have a roof model airconditioner/gas heater. The trouble is, when it gets cold enough at night, the gas heater kicks off but no heat. I have to turn it off at the thermostat and back on, then it starts to warm up. Had the same problem with the old setup. The heater/airconditioner is new and have a new thermostat but the same old problem.


There is a condensate build up in my Trane XP 100 Air handler located in my hot Florida garage. The unit sweats on the out side and inside water drips through the heating unit which now shows rust marks and onto the squirrel cage fan. Condensate water is then splahed onto the fiberglass insulated walls of th air handler. Mold is beginning to build up both on the inside walls and on the fan unit. The air handler performs fine. My home is kept cool, but I am concerned about this condensate and

This is complicated, as you know condensation can not be avoided when cold air comes in contact withhot humid air. Here is what I would try. You have to gain access to your evap coil. Which means tearing into the sheet metal cover. The updraft ... Air Conditioners

Osaka Gas Blower Heater Model: 43-553 The heater takes a very long ignition and then gives error 11 or 12 .. Another heater is functioning ok on the same line so there is no problem of gas pressure .

It sounds like a gas line or gas jet is clogged. Clean off the gas tip that is near the electronic igniter. Also find a small diameter wire to clear any obstruction in that jet. Also, carefully clean off the igniter tips. ... Air Conditioners

I purchased my Rinnai Gas Heater in May 2009, so it is only 15mths old. In the last week or so, i have been smelling gas fumes in the room where the gas heater is. Who do i call to fix the problem?

The best person to call is a Gasfitter or a Plumber. Alternatively, contact a local or head office of Rinnai. They will only be too happy to put you in touch with an approved service agent. That way you can be assured of a professional job, by someon ... Air Conditioners

SW6DEA GAS HEATER UNIT FLAME WILL NOT STAY ALIGHT ! Switching gas water heater unit on inside the RV, the red light comes on and approx 6 to 8 seconds later ( normal time cycle ) the gas flame lights up OK but goes out again after approx. 6 to 8 seconds with the red light going out at the same time. Leaving the unit switched on inside the RV, after a further 6 to 8 seconds, the red light comes back on automatically and repeats the start up cycle over - again without success. *4 times unsucces

... Air Conditioners

My central heater is not blowing hot air, I am having to turn the thermostat on and off. I have the thermostat to 70, and the heater will blow hot air and then it will just circulate the air in the house, therefore bringing the temperature down. I looked at the unit and noticed that when the thermocople (heating element) goes red, the gas valve makes clicking and the flames come and then go out very fast. I noticed lots of clicking in coming from the gas valve. help please

Hi!!! relax your flame sensor is bad change and you will be fine..If it turns off and on change your flame sensor ... Air Conditioners

How to eliminate Slime build up in condensate catch pan of a/c unit

Was trying post solution hit wrong button. In short anything restricting airflow causes fungus to grow in unit. ... Goodman Air Conditioners

Rheem Power Vent gas water heater (only 2 years old) had electronic thermostat/gas valve fail. Received warranty replacement today but I can't get the old assembly out. I cannot get it to budge even using 1 foot pipe wrench and tapping on the end with a sledge. Hesitant to put much more torque as I am afraid of damaging the tank. This is natural gas heater so uses right-hand threads (so I am trying to turn counterclockwise). Threads are too far inside the tank wall - can't reach them with p

Hello Try a "breaker bar" on the end of the pipe wrench.Good news is that the control threads are BRASS and the tank is steel,meaning the control will always come out (without spray oil).Counter clockwise is correct.Have faith and lay into it! ... Air Conditioners

The gas igniter on my heater turns on for just a couple of seconds then turns off; the gas on the heater doesn't have a chance to turn on. Should i replace the ignitor?

If the igniter clicks then it works, u most likely have a gas valve problem, I would replace this, use great caution when u open the gas line up to replace the valve, there is a huge fire hazard, have a window open, turn the ... Air Conditioners

My gas heater will stay on for around 5mins then it beeps and turns off. We have checked that the timer is off and that things are far away from it and this still happens. It is a gass heater that is attached to a gas main from the house not from a bottle.

Could be overheating due to a lack of airflow because of an old filter, or it could be a bad limit switch. ... Air Conditioners

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