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New AC thermostat setting creeps up when running the Timer Mode

\015 I turn the unit on and set it to 74. After I turn on the timer it goes up to 76-78 within an hour or two. I haven't had it more than a week.\015

Answers :

This should be checked by a professional because several things could cause this.  The good news is that it is under warranty for in home service.  If you live in the US and need help finding someone for service let me know.  Would appreciate a solved rating if you have no further questions.

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New AC thermostat setting creeps up when running the Timer Mode

This should be checked by a professional because several things could cause this.  The good news is that it is under warranty for in home service.  If you live in the US and need help finding someone for service let me know.  Would app ... LG LB8000ER Air Conditioner

My 8 yr old Amana heat pump, model RHE48A2D with Honeywell progammable thermostat in heat mode has the blower running constantly. When there is a 6 to 8 degree differnce between room temp and thermostat setting compressor runs as it should, the closer it gets to thermostat setting, it will run about 30 seconds, blower continues to run until getting just cool air, about 5 minutes, compressor kicks back on for 30 sec., continues to do this, thermostat shows it has reached set temperature,

Hi, It sounds to me like what you are describing is, that when it is 6 to 8 or so degree difference then the stat says, unit operates as it is supposed to but then before it satisfies the t-stat, it shuts the compressor down long enough to start cool ... Air Conditioners

I have a Carrier Debonair 250 thermostat runs my AC and heater made by Carrier. it continues to run past the SET heat setting of 68. One day we were not home it continued to run until 99 when we stopped it and temperature was set to 68. When I leave it in AUTO mode (heat 68 and cool 70) it will run both heater and fan/ac continuously without any interruption. It did this for more than 4 days. Since then we are manually operating this. Is this my Thermostat that is bad or my system is bad. Please

Hi,\015\012The heat relay in your thermostat is hanging up.. then the heater overshoots and the thermostat turns on the A/C also...then you have them both running at the same time... right??\015\012Replace your thermostat and you will be ... Carrier Air Conditioners

The blower in my Ruud gas furnace won't shut off. It just runs and runs. The thermostat is set to "off" and the fan switch is set to "auto". We haven't used the furnace or AC the past few months since we haven't needed it, so it's been in the off position. Then yesterday out of nowhere the blower randomly fired up and hasn't turned off since. It just runs and runs until I kill it at the breaker. The thermostat is about two years old so it's fairly new. I replaced its batteries and that didn't

I'm not sure what setup your unit has but the fan relay sound like it is bad. If your blower connects to a circuit board then the board could be bad. Different units use different ways to control the fan. Some use a relay like I mentioned. Some use t ... Ruud UAKA037 Air Conditioner

Ihave an Intermatic mechanical timer model T104 that runs pool filter equipment. Had problems with the old timer and replaced it with a new timer - wired it exactly like the old timer - one wire at time so I was sure not to mix any wires. Turned it on and everything worked - set the off tripper and waited about 25 mins for it to shut off and it worked great. Set the timer for the on and off and it came on ok but didn't shut off. Have re set it and in came on and I was watching it when it was

Hi,\015\012No there is no difference in the T104 and the T104M the m just stands for mechanism only...\015\012\015\012So it would seems vey unlike ly that both poles would fail... so it seems that the internal part that moves the co ... Air Conditioners

Thermostat setting I just bought a new house and I have a heat pump-we live in North Carolina. The name on the thermostat is Braeburn and it is a multi-stage 2 heat/ l cool digital thermostat. We have it set at 68 and when the blower first comes on it blows warm air-however then it switches to cool air. And sometimes cool air comes out first. We have set both stages to 68 and it is in the heat mode. Should the 1st and 2nd setting be different?

What i would do is see if the outside unit is working at all. when you first turn it on the air was warm due to the fact that the temperature inside was cooler than the set point. when it get within 2 degrees ... Weather King 12AJA6001AH Air Conditioner

We just purchased a brand new Goodman 4 ton 15seer heat pump, model #AEPF4260TX5N4472#-- with a Honeywell thermostat controller,model#0836. The installer is having trouble with the fan not cutting off when it meets the set thermostat temperature. The fan keeps running, even if you unplug the green wire from the thermostat, or if you totally unplug the thermostat, the fan still runs. I am thinking that he has one of the wires wrong. HELP!

If you turn the power off and then back on does the fan stay running then. It is possible that the wiring is incorrect but it could also be a faulty fan relay or limit. If you disconnect the power when it is running and then turn it back on and the f ... Air Conditioners

Gsc130361ga air conditioner every thin new plus new thermostat set at 72 runs for hours before shutting off

... Air Conditioners

I have a Tempstar model NFCP3600A1 (style # FCP3600A) ICP Heat Pump. Starting last week, the unit kept heating well over the set temperature. I swapped out the thermostat thinking it went bad, but it still continued heating and the "off" wouldn't work at the new thermostat either. Next, I checked for shorts in the thermostat wires and they seemed OK. I then replaced the TI 26FC-2 circuit board. Once the unit heated the house to the set temp, it continued running up to 75 degrees. "Off" and lowe

... Air Conditioners

I have a new Carrier HVAC system with a fancy EDGE thermostat. When I turn the system OFF at the thermostat, and set the fan to AUTO, hours later I will find that the fan is running and it's setting on the thermostat is now ON. How can I permanently turn off the fan when the system is off?

1. Open the door.\015\0122. Press and hold the buttons underneath the heat\015\012and cool setpoints simultaneously (the two bottom\015\012buttons on the right) until the screen displays the reset\015\012reminders and 01 in the lower right corner.\01 ... Carrier 36KCARMS Air Conditioner

In heat mode thermostat set for 68 and room temp on thermostat reads 68, but unit contines to run. The air coming through vents is cool air. Unit never shuts off, runs constantly. This is the case when outside temp is 30 degrees or 45 degrees.

Could be under sized unit or fan relay on unit. ... Goodman PHKJ024-1 Air Conditioner

Air conditioning unit not running but fan keeps running even though thermostat is turned to off, auto, and temp set to highest position 90degrees. 3 amp fuse keeps blowing on the circuit board in the blower compartment. I replaced it 3 times then installed a new thermostat. no change. I can usually figure it out if I got a little input or direction. Any help would be deeply appreciated. I would much rather have a trained expert easily repair my hvac unit but I can only call the professionals in

If the fuse is blowing then this is generally indicative of a short in the low voltage wiring, isolate the wires on the thermostat and the unit ends, use an ohmmeter to verify that there is no path for continuity with no wires touching, if there is t ... Air Conditioners

Model(MC42B-1A) The unit stoped working. Now it will not come on. There is 240v at the outside unit. When the contactor is pushed in manualy it starts and runs untill released. Filters are new, thermostat is set below room temp. Settings are on cool, fan(auto). Tried to switch fan to manual and it did not come on. Swithced it over to heat and it still did not come on. All breakers are good. I am at a loss. Why will my unit not come on and run.

Hello. It appears that your thermostat is bad. Change it and you should be up and running again. J. ... Air Conditioners

I have a new Dometic RV Air Conditioner Model 57915.751JO (13.5 BTU). It cools just fine but it only runs for 2-3 minutes, then shuts down for a few minutes, then recycles again. It should run until it reaches the temperature setting on the thermostat. It just keeps recycling. There is no visible power setting switch that I'm aware of.

This is a symptom of the system being low on freon. The system will have a low press switch, and as the the suction press drops the switch will brake and stop the compressor, then as the press rises it will start up again. Needs more freon, r134 I be ... Dometic Air Conditioners

I recently installed a new thermostat. The switch settings are not functioning properly. With the Heat/cool switch on heat and the fan switch on auto the fan works. With the fan switch set to run and the H/C switch off nothing runs.

Good day,You did not say what type of heat, and I'll assume it's not a heat pump.Standard wiring should apply here.4 wires at the thermostat should control all functions normally.Red is the power source from the transformer ... Air Conditioners

I have a ge model # asw12als1 12000btu room a/c.i think my thermostat is getting hung up. and wont stop running. there is a electronic board on the unit. this room a/c is just a year old. any suggestions on how to fix it? i took the front cover off. cleaned the evaporator and followed the thermostat back to board. very small space to work with. need to know if i need a new thermostat. temp in room going down to 60. even with thermostat set at 86. help please???????

... Air Conditioners

I have a Ducane fits all 92 my lanlord installed,about 3 months ago.The thermostat is a new digital. The temp is set on 68,and if i go to 72 for example,the furnace starts and runs fine for about 3 to 5 minutes.The burner shuts off,the blower continues to run,And the buner tries to relight,and it fails to do so.The only way to get the furnace to run again and blow hot air is to shut the system off and restart.

Sounds like you are not proving flame to me. Could be a variety of things. I think it may be the board...but that is a guess from past history with Ducane ... Air Conditioners

I have a new home that is near to completion. Two heat pumps (zoned) are installed and both are now running - house is completely closed and is comfortably warm. Only the downstairs pump is being used at the present. The upstairs thermostat is turned off. The downstairs pump cycles every 26 seconds, that is, on for 26 and off for 26. This never changes. The ext temp is about 56 and the thermostat is set to 68. The pumps are both contractor grade Carrier 13SEER, 2 ton units, and the total

Its not normal.It indicates problem with the thermostat.The thermostat is just not accurate enough, and is likely falling below the set-point and causing the system to run the minimum 26 seconds when the\015\012 timer expires. This ... Air Conditioners

I have a 2 year old Mr slim system inside unit MSY-A24NA, outside MUY-A24NA. "2 lights mode" stays on when temp in room is actually 4 degrees LOWER than set temp. This is new, operation used to be 2 lights dropped to 1 when room temp was 2 degrees above set temp. Humidity control also seems poor. Had 2 service shops here, they both confirmed freon is OK and since unit is running were uninterested in pursing further. Any guidance you can give will be a help

Check that there is not an abnormal moisture source such\015\012as leaks into the building or its wall or ceiling cavities from any\015\012other source. Check to see if the condensate drain from the air\015\012conditioner is producing water. I ... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

I have an Edgestar Portable Air Conditioner AP12000HS. The Air Conditioner works wonderful, however I can't get it to heat, I put the Mode Button on red which is supossed to put the heater on, it will run for a few minutes and then shut off and it does not take the chill out of the room I have the unit in, is there some kind if thermostat internally which can be set? The way it runs now does not do me any good as a heater.

The unit has a built in thermostat in the front control panel, this is what maintains the set temperature, it is very likely that this control is defective, all the controls for the unit are contained in the CCU (central control unit) ... Air Conditioners

Have a trane weathertron xe 1000, I just replaced the following parts all bad for different reasons, blower relay, contactor, reverse valve seliniod, and replaced old thermostat with new trane thermostat. The unit runs good and shuts off at temp set point. When unit shuts off it hums until temp in house warms back up and it kicks back on and cools house back down fine, it's just that everytime it shuts down it hums

... Air Conditioners

Problems turning off timer setting on main panel. I just purchased a soleus LX-140 air conditioner/heater. The unit will run in the heater mode and once it warms the room it won't come back on.

... Soleus LX-120 Air Conditioner

Rbhc-17j11sfa blower fan refuses to shut off in heating mode when heating is not required and fan is set on "Fan Auto." But it shuts off in cooling. It's a new Honeywell programmable thermostat. Wonder why. Many thanks.

... Honeywell Air Conditioners

I had a new American Standard 1.5 ton electric AC/Heater put in this past July. This is the first really cold days we have had in Texas and I have noticed it is blowing cold air when in heat mode. I have the thermostat set at 68 and it is barely holding 65 in my condo. Any ideas how to fix it? I can't get a repair person out until tomorrow and it's going to be a cold night.

To get proper heat, keep your temp setting at 30+ degreeand also mode in "heat "position. If still no heat, check your heating sensorfor closed circuit by an OHMs metre.It it's with RV, \012check power to RV.Ifit's with heating eleme ... Air Conditioners

Kenmore DX1400 central air unit when running turns on and off contiuosly and sometimes will not turn on at all for days? We have checked the breaker, of course no problem, checked the thermostat and it says it is working, all the settings are correct. Then a day or so later it will start to work again usually just before the Technicians calls to confirm the appointment. This unit is brand new and it is the third time this summer (of course every time it is humid) it will not turn on and it is st

Kenmore DX 1400 should be an ICP products central heat pump unit. As such, it will have the exact same charactoristics as the Tempstar, Comfortmaker, Heil or Arco air brands R410A, 14 SEER series of controls. \015\012\015\012I am assuming ... Air Conditioners

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