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Mold and mildew in fan

\015 Fan is LOADED with mold and mildew. Can the fan be removed for cleaning??\015

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Mold and mildew in fan

... Fujitsu 18R1 Air Conditioner

How to clean mold and mildew build-up on unit fan?

There is a alum coil cleaner works good its a acid be carefull. or try sound good elbow grease. bleach and water.mean green, 409, blade type? or sqiurl cage type it would be best to take it off to clean. i hope this helps you ... Mitsubishi MSH09TW Air Conditioner

The inside of my air conditioner is full of mildew. When turned on, it spits out small pieces of black mildew. The odor is very obvious. I cleaned the louvers (as much as I could reach) with a Q Tip and sprayed the inside with Tilex Mold and Mildew Remover. That helped, but the mildew continues to build. The air conditioner is in my bedroom and since I have asthma, this is not good. I have a Fedders in my living room and have never had this problem with it. The Haier is only two years ol

Ruth this happens alot ive answered alot of questions so im going to make it short please give me a vote and rating the unit needs to be pulled out and taken out side sprayed really well with cleaner homedepot and lowes sells coil cleaner in their a/ ... Haier Air Conditioners

I purchased your model 68069 ceiling fan light kit to install on an existing fan.. When I go to plug the wires together. the white ones connect but the molded adaptor on the black wire is the same as the one on the white wire from the light and the same as the blue wire from the fan - therefore the blue and black wires do not connect.

... Hampton Bay Air Conditioners

My goldstar air conditioner has a lot of mold growing in where the fan blades are and the vent. How can I clean this or get rid of the mold

Air condition and coil cleaner,can be found at your local hardware store.\015\012\015\012I have used simple green full strenght,cleans and kills mold. ... LG Goldstar GWHD5000 wall/window Air Conditioner

There is a condensate build up in my Trane XP 100 Air handler located in my hot Florida garage. The unit sweats on the out side and inside water drips through the heating unit which now shows rust marks and onto the squirrel cage fan. Condensate water is then splahed onto the fiberglass insulated walls of th air handler. Mold is beginning to build up both on the inside walls and on the fan unit. The air handler performs fine. My home is kept cool, but I am concerned about this condensate and

This is complicated, as you know condensation can not be avoided when cold air comes in contact withhot humid air. Here is what I would try. You have to gain access to your evap coil. Which means tearing into the sheet metal cover. The updraft ... Air Conditioners

Mold mildew smell

... DeLonghi Air Conditioners

Hello I have a Frigidaire FAC105P1A Window AC unit- how do I get the front of the unit off? There is mold behind the directional fan that I need to clean so my wife's allergies aren't affected. Thanks!

... Frigidaire FAC105P1A Window Air Conditioner

We own this air conditioner and it is one year old. It is working find, however, when running in the air conditioning mode it omits a musty oder. Where I am allergic to mold , I am concerned especially since I keep getting a headache and stuffiness when it's running. We have run it for hours in the fan mode in the hope to alleviate any moisture in the unit, but the smell is still there. The unit also has a charcoal filter, but I don't know where I can buy them. Any suggestions you can prov

The problem is common. It is not a mold spore situation, rather it is a moisture laden problem of parts and dust that create an oder when allowed to warm and stay moist. A spray bottle with 1/2 clorine bleach and 1/2 water sprayed onto the inner com ... Amcor AF9000E Portable Air Conditioner

We have a frigidaire window ac (model #LRA087AT7) that has mold everywhere.. fan, vents, back, bottom. When it rains water sits in the bottom and doesn't drain out. We also found leaves that had b

... Frigidaire 8000-BTU Window Room Air Conditioner ENERGY STAR LRA087AT7

We have a carrier heat pump/ac unit. Our ductwork in the attic has condensation all over it and it is dripping thru our newly installed insulation to the sheetrock on the second floor thereby staining, leaving sheetrock wet and possibly being taken over by mold and mildew. What can be done to improve this problem. We are under a 10 year warranty plan with this unit and the company that installed it. Windows have condensation on them. Humidity is 60 to 70 percent.

Usually if there is a lot of condensation, then there is bare/uninstulated metal in the duct work. Now if the unit itself is condensating then putting a condensation pan under the unit with a drain should fix this problem. A far as the windows it w ... Carrier Air Conditioners

I need to clean the dust, mold, etc., from the fan blade and surroundings of my Sunbeam evaporative humidifier Model #1118. How do I get the top or bottom off it? Thanks.

... Sunbeam Air Conditioners

Mold inside unit,on fan back &sides. how do i clean it out?

You can purchase a coil cleaner for a/c or you can try bleach and water. Hope this helps tim ... Whirlpool ACQ158XP Wall/Window Air Conditioner

Black stuff in and on augrer louvers. seems to be in fan area? Is this mold? How do I clean this and maintain it. The unit is tipped and in the wall.

... Frigidaire FAS257S2A WallWindow Air Conditioner

Mr. Slim MS12- Mold Problem

The barrel fan comes out with a few screw removals I know I just did it.\012 It was not really that bad of a job once you know how it comes out. \012First, remove your front facia piece which clips in at the very top in \012three places and two scre ... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

Mr. Slim MSY-A17NA noisy interior fan

If the inside fan got loud because it developed mold, the only cure is to keep cleaning it. ... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

Need to know if indoor unit fan shuts off at desired temperature

The MSZA12NA does not shut off when the set room temperature is reached. With your unit set to cooling only, push up the temperature to 90 degrees when it is 75 in the room and see if your fan has shut off. If not, get yourself a window unit with a ... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

I installed Minka remote controlled Ceiling fan for a friend. The fan itself has 4 wires, black,orange,white, & blue. The remote unit has black, white, & blue wires to connect to black, white, & blue wires on fan, and black & white wires to connect to electrical wires in attic. The remote operates the fan functions correctly, but the lights on the fan stay on all the time, with no effect from the remote. I have no manual, and had no place for the orange wire on the fan to go to.The model number

The connections you need to make are \015\012\015\012\015\012Motor to Receiver Electrical Connections: Connect the WHITE \015\012wire from the fan to the WHITE wire marked "TO MOTOR N" from the \015\012Receiver. Connect the BLACK wire from t ... Air Conditioners

Broken Fan Good Day! My problem is about my fan..though its a McQuay brand..can I change the fan even if its in different brand? I can see that the LG fan the split type AC is really the same as the McQuay. AS of now I just put a mightybond to connect the fan because it was broken. And I need the cover too for the fan? Can you help me with my problem? Hope to hear an answer very soonest. Mr K

Send fan cover size i will try2 send u ... LG LS-L1210CL Mini Split Air Conditioner

I have a Honeywell oscillating quiet cooling tower fan that was bought two years ago. Loved it, till yesterday it just stopped working. the oscillating feature still moves, but the fan does nothing. the buttons still beep and turn on and change while plugged in, and it sounds like something is working...but obviously not everything cause the fan doesn't fan. Is it fixable? Should I send it to the manufacturer? Or just eat the cost and buy a new fan?

Could be fixable but until someone determines the problem there is no way of knowing if it is fixable. Could be a broken wire between the selector switch and the motor or the motor itself could be bad.When you are trying to operate it does the ... Air Conditioners

I have a Coleman Presidential 7670 furnace in a mobile home. customer said it came on a couple of times by itself. I ran new wire, fan won,t shut off. Replaced fan switch, fan still won't shut off. Replaced t-stat, same problem. This is an older unit and has no board it has a fan switch a low limit switch, i,m guessing the other is a high limit and a fan relay. I have no schematic and am very frustrated can anyone help me please. Thanks. Brian from california

Brian, it sounds as if possibly the fan relay is stuck however, if the fan will not shut off I would suggest the following, Follow the wires from the fan to the relay on the relay disconnect the fan wire there and see if the fan shuts down if so t ... Air Conditioners

I have RUUD and just replaced the condensor fan motor with a 5 wire Protech....the old fan was wired with black connected to contactor, orange to one side of cap and brown to the other side of the cap.....The new motor is a five wire...I have black connected to the connector, orange to one side of cap and purple(to change direction of fan) instead of brown...now i have a yellow and brown wire left over....Now when I start the unit the fan will not spin unless i turn the fan blade manually....am

Look on the side of the motor it will have a wiring diagram your fan supplies voltage to the capacitor its self so two of your wires go to the capacitor not just one. good luck ... Air Conditioners

No Fan Somebody junked this thing, I guess because the fan doesn't work. Does anybody have any experience with the fan? I figure it has to be the relay (but I hear a click), the capacitor, or the fan motor (fan rotates freely). Before I perform surgery, I'd like to clarify the diagnosis. Thanks.

Danby DPAC8399Aftermarket (Post Warranty)Parts 800-496-6049 CanadaAsk for the motor start capacitor, cost me $38 with shipping ... Danby DPAC8399 Air Conditioner

Sometimes, when the inside blower shuts down, the outside compressor and fan motor continue to run for some time. Other times, when the inside fan motor is running, the outside fan and compressor motors are not ... if I press the outside reset button, it starts up When both inside fan motor and outside fan and compressor motors are running, it works fine ... warm air blows out of registers. Other than that problem, both units work great!

Sounds like you have a dirty condenser. You are going to need to disconnect the power at the outside unit on the wall by pulling the fuse block out. Take a good look at the louvered covers that are attached to the outside of the unit. Remove the scr ... Ruud UAKA060 Air Conditioner

A mate has a fujitsu ast24rba-w, the outdoor unit runs but the indoor fan won't go. Found indoor board buggered so I replaced it, fan still no go. Got hold of a fan that I know works and still won't run!! Checked the start capacitor and that meters ok. It won't even run on fan only. From what I can see the fan should run, there is nothing left to replace. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

... Fujitsu 24C1 Air Conditioner

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