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Stand alone AC blows cool air but does not cool the room

\015 I just bought an small medical suite. One large room does not get enough AC from the cental system and a Stand Alone AC unit was there. The unit blows cool air, but the room is still way too hot. The exit hose goes out of the building through a vent, which is clear. Hot air is being blown out the vent. I have not found a tank to collect water. Is there one? help please.\015

Answers :

The ACP 1400 H in the picture uses evaporative technology, it drips the water across the hot coils on the end that exhausts to the outside, and needs no tank. More about this product here
Send tank capacity.model mail me [email protected]

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Stand alone AC blows cool air but does not cool the room

The ACP 1400 H in the picture uses evaporative technology, it drips the water across the hot coils on the end that exhausts to the outside, and needs no tank. More about this product here\015\012\015\012 ... Air Conditioners

Does this unit dehumidify the room in which it is running, or just the air from the intake? As I understand it this dual hose air conditioner does not interact with the air inside the room it is cooling other than blowing the room air over the compressor to cool it...though I think I just answered my own question, as the humidity would condense on the compressor from the air inside the room, while the dual hose is designed to get rid of heat without creating a vacuum. Thanks.

Yes it does. Whenever you cool air, you reduce the amount of water vapor it can hold. As a result, if you are cooling room air you are automatically removing some of the moisture from the air as well. The condensate is probably re-evaporated into ... Air Conditioners

Why would cool air be blowing out of my central ac unit condensor that sits outside? The other unit I have next to it blows out warm air and responds well to thermostat changes. The unit blowing cool air still cools the rooms it contros... but much slower than the other unit does.

It probably has a low refrigerant charge. The air coming out of the outside unit should be warmer than the outdoor temperature when in the cooling mode and if it's a heat pump it should be colder than the outdoor temperature in the the heating mode. ... Goodman CKL24AR24 Air Conditioner

Wont cool The compressor cuts on and blows super cool air but in a few moments, it shuts down and blows warm air. after a few moments the compressor kicks back on and it blows super cold air. It keeps doing this so long and often that it doesn't cool the room any. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

... Amcor PLM-14000E Portable Air Conditioner

Air conditioner Artic King window air conditioner is blowing cool air but not cooling off the room. What is the problem. It worked last year and we can't seem to cool off the room....

You need to check the evaporator to see if it needs cleaning. You can check this by taking a dollar bill and see if it will hold it in place while running. Inadequate airflow will cause poor performance. Unfortunately ,this is something that would re ... Kenmore 72059 Air Conditioner

My whynter sno portable air conditioner blows air but it isn't cool. The air outside the room is actually cooler than the room with the air conditioner. Why won't it cool? I have the temperatu

... Whynter SNO 13000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

I own a Zenith Air Conditioner, model ZW651OR. It is only a month old and it is not blowing cool air any more. I live in Guam (relatively a hot climate) the size of my room is 10' X 12' and the air conditioner runs pretty hard to cool room, what could be the problem

The problem could be dirty filters, dirty coil, refrigerant charge low,etc. Since it is only a month old I would try to return it if possible. ... Air Conditioners

Recently bought samsung multi split 3 rm air conditioner. 2 of the room air con working fine but the 3rd room fan coil seems to be blowing only cool air not like the other 'aircon' feel coolness. Got the technician to top up gas but same problem persist. Help!

Doesnt sound like a gas problem. theres a vavle they opens and closes inside the unit that might be playing up either the vavle or the indoor pc board. did it ever cool ? might also be the vavle on the outside unit were not open with the alan keys so ... Air Conditioners

It blows cold air for 5 min. and the it blows cool air for 15 min. the room warms up . Why does it stops blowing cold air continuasly???? The thermostat was disconectet on purpose so it coul clow cold air but after 5 min it stops>

See if you can reposition the thermister on the facing of the evaporator coils. That could be it or the thermister might be bad. They don't use copper/mercury sensing bulbs these days. They use these cheap thermisters. ... LG Heat cool Window Air Conditioner

My heat pump continues to blow air almost right up until the compressor kicks back on. It makes the room feel cool because it is blowing air that is no warmer than room temperature. The a/c is a Miller model number PCZD-030KB and the thermostat is a Honeywell model number T874R. They are both over 15 years old. Should i simply replace the thermostat? And is there any rule of thumb as to what thermostat i should replace it with or will any do?

Any thermostat will work, I recommend digital thermostats. Ones that you can program are a plus, it will save you money as well as help the environment. It is normal for your blower to continue blowing well after the heat stops, this is called cyc ... Air Conditioners

THe a/c has very weak flow of air blowing even with the fan on high. My last carrier had a high volume of air coming out of the vents which was adjusted by the installer as I desire room by room. This installer said the latest carrier units are designed differently and dont allow for adjustments. It takes hours for the house to cool down a few degrees and runs continuously. It only will cool below 74 degrees when the temperature outside is under 77. I have had several installers to look at

Hi,\012It sounds like you got shafted and the guy installed a smaller air handler unit with a smaller motor to try to make more of a profit...\012The problem is getting an unbiased opinion from someone who knows their stuff...sad to say b ... Carrier Air Conditioners

Hotmail.comHi my Dimplex Dehumidifier only blows cool air sometimes it will kick over and blow really good cold air for about 5 minutes or so then whatever that part is, well it turns off and just blows room tempreture air for most of the time, I was thinking it might be something to do with a thermostate but I don't know if it even has one, (cause I was thinking I would diconnect it) Best Regards :) Michael.

... Air Conditioners

I have a Danby DPAC10030 air conditioner. It was working fine until yesterday, when we moved it to another room. Now it blows cold air for 5 minutes and then the air turns hot. The a/c motor continues to run even though the air is no longer blowing cold air. The current ambient temperature is 25 degrees C and I have the a/c set to cool to 17 degrees C. The timer has been turned off (0:00 on and 0:00 off). I noticed that the hoses (exhaust) feel quite hot. Not sure if that it normal within

Clean you filter and clean the area under the intake duck it will solve your problem ... Air Conditioners

Window air conditioner keeps switching to fan mode. Which means on hot days it is blowing warm air. It sporadically switches to air conditioner mode. Room is hot because the cool air only blows for about 10 minutes. Help!

... Air Conditioners

My hotel room ac is blowing cold air just not strong enough to cool entire room

... Air Conditioners

I have an air conditioner Appliance AAC 1100 A-PTC that wos working for two days and now its not cooling or heating:-( Both outer and inner parts of the machine seems to be running but it wont heat or cool the room. When i try to turn it on there is a red symbol that lights up on the display (defrosting) this light goes off every 5 minutes or so,then the machine starts to blow air (not heated or cooled) for aprox 20 seconds then the red light comes on again and this procedure starts over again.

... Air Conditioners

Ge room air conditioner does not blow cool air it's not digital model AMV18DAM1 blows air but is not cold

Have the sealed unit check for correct gas level ( broken /corroded condenser/ evaporater) or motor failure. ... Air Conditioners

Compressor kicks off early, long before room air is cooled. It will blow air for a minute or two, then compressor shuts off and only blows regular air

I had that happen when I pressed the timer switch on ... Windchaser Portable Air Conditioner

My Kenmore 72059 unit is blowing cold air but is not cooling the room (the room is not the big either). It is set at 60 degrees. Why is the room not getting cool?

Physics, friend. \015\012Ideally any cool input would be enough to effect the temperature, but other things are working against you. \015\012Check the air filter behind the case cover and clean it if necessary. This may improve your ai ... Kenmore 72059 Air Conditioner

Our air conditoner is throwing out cold air but the room is very hot the fan is blowing out cold air too it is not cooling the room down.

Sounds like it does not have enough BTUs\015\012so many BTUs can cool somany cu-feet if sealed space\015\012Like leaving the freezer door open too seal that room ... DeLonghi Pinguino PAC-290 Air Conditioner

Hello, I have two Yokohama Split type air conditioners that work fine for cooling, but when switched to heat they just blow air at room temperature and then after about 1 minute go into a standby mode indefinately. They work perfectly for cooling. All fans work perfectly and the compressor works perfectly for cooling. Thanks...

... Air Conditioners

Air conditioner symbol defrost keeps coming up so much trhat air conditioner is not warming room let alone blowing warm air. Spend all its time defrosting than warming the room

These will defrost themselves automatically when they need to - internal sensors. If it is icing up at all in cooling, then the charge is wrong. Units such as this are very sensitive to incorrect charge, so I would recommend that you have a qualifi ... LG Art Cool LA091HNP Split System Air Conditioner

My air conditioner is blowing hot air instead of cool air.. what is wrong with it? I have a Freyven mini split and the compressor turns on and off in a matter of seconds. It doesn't cool the room at all. It has The R-22 at the correct specifications but I just can't seem to figure it out. I have had several so-called technicians come and check it but it is still the same. What is the problem.

First if it turns on and off does this trip the breakers?? I'd recommend you to change the combination capacitor and check against wiring diagrams probably a misplaced wire that can do what your describing. check that you have your remote set on cool ... Carrier 38CKC042 Air Conditioner

I have a fujitsu reverse cycle air conditioner,it wasnt working(not blowing cold air only room temp air like a fan).air con tech came over,re-gassed it,tried air con that day,worked fine.didnt need to use it for a few months,re-tried it,no cool air again,i am thinking of a leak.My question is the air con is about 10 years old,if cause of problem is a leak,is it worthwhile fixing it(i would need to pay someone parts and labour,could not do this job myself),or to just bite the bullet and get a rep

Hi,\015\012\015\012The A.C is 10 years old which is a ideal shelf life for the A.C. If there are any leaks I would never ever try repairing it at home becuase if there is a leak then that means that the entire GAS which helps in the cooli ... Air Conditioners

I have an AMCOR model # KF9000E. The unit provides cool air for the audio visual equipment room. It's been doing fine for the last 18 months but now it only blows warm air. I have cleaned the filters, checked the exhaust tube, checked the inlet and outlet. The unit has not moved since I installed it. Nothing has changed in the room in which it operates. Is it low on freon?

Dear sir \012\012it can be low freon problem on your aircon sytem contact to maintenance personnel for refill freon.\012\012thank you \012hope answer the question ... Amcor PLM-14000E Portable Air Conditioner

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