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Amana 80SSE Furnace

\015 We have an Amana 80SSE Furnace. The furnace came on by itself when the thermostat was turned off. It was blowing cool air and the blower would not turn off. We had to turn it off manually at the switch. We do not have a manual in order to troubleshoot the diagnostic error: 1-flash: system lockout (retries/recycles exceeded).\015

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My furnace will not fire upthe blow work air cond work
Not much info to go on, but lets look at a few possibilities. Your thermostat could be turned to the ?Fan On? setting, make sure you put it in the\015\012?Auto? mode. Or it could be bad, or there could be a short in the wiring. \015\012\015\012Open up the access panel on your furnace. Lets eliminate the thermostat from the equation by disconnecting the red, white and if you have a yellow wire at the furnace. Mark down which wire went where. The furnace will have a door safety switch that will have to be taped temporarily closed to test the furnace. With a short piece of wire (2-3" long), strip off 1/2 inch of the insulation on both ends. Secure one end on the R terminal where you removed the red wire from your thermostat. Take the other end and touch the G terminal on the same electrical board. Your fan will start. Don't worry about an electrical shock, the voltage is only 24 volts. Now with one end still attached to the R terminal, touch the W terminal where the white wire was attached. The furnace will now try to fire up. Hold it there until you see that it did start. If you did this and had success, I would say it was your thermostat or the wire going to it. Last resort would be a bad control board. \015\012\015\012If you want, you can do test your thermostat wiring by removing the thermostat from it's mounting plate. Put all wires back where they were on the furnace. Make sure the access door is back in place and secure. Take that same jumper and jump across the red and white wires on the mounting plate. Again the furnace should start up. Have a helper jiggle the thermostat wires where accessible when the furnace is running and see if it remains on or shuts off. If everything checks out, replace the thermostat.\015\012\015\012Good Luck!

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Amana 80SSE Furnace

My furnace will not fire upthe blow work air cond work ... Air Conditioners

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Thats going to be a gas valve issue. either their is no gas to the valve or its not letting it go through. and you also need to make sure the exhaust fan is running too. ... Air Conditioners

Starting blower I have an amana 80sse heat furnace that will not come on. We have no reset button. I have off both of the plates, I can push a button on the bottom that will turn on the fan but then it goes back off and the heat is still not working in my house. Please help 49degrees outside tonight.

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This is no doubt due to failure of the "hot surface ignitor". This device lights the main burners for your furnace, and they fail a lot. I strongly recommend the replacement should be done by a technician.\015\012\015\012Ray ... Amana Air Conditioners

I have an amana dual fuel heat pump with LP gas furnace. the furnace will not light. the ignitor heats up, acts like it's not getting LP to the burner and i don't get 24 volts to the pressure switch just above the gas valve, or to the gas valve itself. i cut the power to the unit, removed pintle to the gas valve to ck for gas to the valve and it's o.k.,. what do i need to check next, i don't know how to get codes out of self diagnostic system and don't know if these codes would effect the furnac

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Amana air command 90 model ghn90a35 once in a while on ignition the furnace is makeing a rumbing sound. most of the time when it happens is in the morning after the furnace has been off for a while. flame sensor has been cleaned other than that the furnace works great but i cant figure out what the intermitant noise is. any suggestions would greatly be appreciated. Thanks Johnny

It may be a delayed ignition.Try removing and washing the burners. ... Amana Air Conditioners

Amana Air Command 80, 20 years old. Electronic ignition. Furnace does not start. Good power to furnace. Themostat properly set. Where do I start looking? Bob

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Try this----turn furnace off at stat and unplug furnace for 10 minutes. Plug it back in, the combustion and blower motor may both kick on for 2 minutes or so or not. Turn t-stat to heat and turn up stat to highest setting. Hurry out to furnace and ... Air Conditioners

My amana 80 sse furnace no work,the small fan is running and no stop but the furnace does not start heat,,i did install a new ignife and keep doing the same

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Sounds like you shorted out the t-stat or transformer, low voltage is real sensitive on this type of unit and the only reset button would be on the tstat depending on which type and model thermostat look in owners manual on tstat reset if you cant fi ... Air Conditioners

Hello, I have a Amana Air Command 80 model #GHI90A50, 22 years old. This furnace is on its third ingnition module (last one two yeras ago). The symptom I am trying to diagnose has been ongioing since this latest ignition module was installed. The furnace is short cycling, meaning it runs often once every 8minutes but for less than 3 minutes at a time. The sequence is as follows: Cycle start (small blower turns on), followed by the ignition module illuminating (yellow) for 3 seconds then turns g

If your furnace lights and the gas stays on for 8 to 10 seconds, then shuts \012right back off, then you need to clean your flame sensor with light sand paper \012or steel wool. You might need a new flame sensor, but most of the time th ... Air Conditioners

The led indicator blinks 3 times on an Amana 90 furnace. What does this mean? The furnace won't fire.

Pressure switch open. Remove the small hose at the blower assy and gently **** on it. You should hear the switch on the other end of that hose change states. If not then it's the hose (cheap) or the switch (100 bucks but tough to find 2 years ago) or ... Amana Air Conditioners

I have two heatpumps up and downstairs and two furnaces (piigy back). At times my pump outside freezes up and cold air blows in the house. I was told that I needed a kit to tell my furnace to turn on when it gets to cold for the heat pump. It will cost 400. This is the third time they came out. 1-nothing wrong. 2-New thermostat 3-Need kit. Is this something I can do? Amana Heat Pump RHA36B2A

Hi,\015\012A couple of things... First your furnace should be 2nd stage on a 2 stage thermostat and if the heat pump don't keep up your furnace should be coming on anyway...If you get a Honeywell Vision Pro 8000 series thermostat for 2 stage he ... Air Conditioners

Gas adjustment. I have 2 screws inside my furnace on the gas control box. both screw out and leave ajustmentscrews inside. one of them is for the pilot light and the other one i have no clue. I think it is for gas pressure but how do I adjust it??? My furnace is a AMANA AIR COMMAND GH SERIES HIGHBOY. THANKS!!!

To adjust gas presure you need a wg presure gauge ... Air Conditioners

Amana furnace ignitor does not turn on - Amana Air Conditioners

It is most likely your hot surface ignitor. See if it glows when you first turn the furnace on and let me know. ... Amana Air Conditioners

I have amana 90 air command with aprilaire 550 humidifier i found water under my furnace today . we had one 80degree day so I uncover my airconditioner and than we had snow and i forgot to cover it back up . I thought maybe this was why i have water running from under my furnace.

Hello, it's kinda diffucult to tell where the water is coming from without actually seeing it, but since you say it is coming from the bottum of the furnace it might be that the condensate pump might be clogged up or one of the hoses could be leaking ... Amana Air Conditioners

I have an amana air command furnace/air conditioner. model ev4 gtc, serial number 569162. it is 25 years old, original furnace when we had home built. it had been working fine, on air conditioner setting. then it stopped working completely. i had this problem a few months ago, called a service person, who spent 5 minutes, told me it was a switch that needs reset if doors are off the unit for a certain period of time and charged me $68. i have tried to look at the layout of the furnace, but what

Hi,it is just a suggestion, don't you think it will be nice for you too get a new one to save you all the stress of repairing?. 25 years is good, but it can be better if you try a new one and there will be newer models which great future ... Amana Air Conditioners

My amana 80 sse furnace will not heat. looks like furnace light is off. what can i do to reset it. thanks

Turn off breaker. Turn it back on. If furnace is completely dead still, change your transformer. It's cheap.. ... Air Conditioners

We have an amana ac. It recently started making a loud noice from the furnace closet which is upstairs. 2 different ac repair companies came out but could not find anything wrong. The line to the outside machine froze and then stopped working but started working again. The loud noise from upstairs furnace closet doesn't go away anymore. Help!

Hello, if the line is freezing there is either a airflow problem or low refrigerant charge. If there is a loud noise most likey the bearings on the motor or the blower wheel is bad and causing a lower amount of air passing over the evaporator coil a ... Air Conditioners

We are look at purchasing a 95% Amana AMV9 furnace. What is the pro and cons on this unit furnace. Thanks for your help. Judy

The best furnace you can buy is a two-stage furnace with a variable speed blower, the most effecient furnace you can buy is the 95% one. the most important thing is the technician installing it. there is a very advanced setup configuration that nee ... Amana Air Conditioners

How to set dip switches in highest point for multi speed blower. Have gas furnace (amana) and heatpump(amana) both 4 ton cap. My hp keeps cycling and asume is the lack of airflow.

Yes, it could very well be the lack of air flow, how to set the dip switches, need more info on the setup or diagram or instructions, write me at [email protected], I will ... Amana Air Conditioners

WE live in ND and have an Amana furnace that is 30 years old. We also have a Central air unt. OUr central air unit started coming on today when our furnace kicks on. Can you tell me why, it was 24 deegrees here today.

That would only really happen due to one of two things.\015\012\015\012A bad thermostat.\015\012\015\012A stuck relay. If the relay to the AC is stuck closed then it would come on whenever power goes through to the furnace. ... Air Conditioners

Amana 88 SSE Air Command Gas Furnace Model GUICO9OFA50 Light blinks three times says pressure switch stuck open. I would like to know if I can fix the problem or replace a part. I was't able to jump it at the furnace. I have some training in HVAC but I don't have a manual on my equipment.

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Amana 90 ignitor - Amana Gas Furnace 90 AFUE 115,000 BTU Variable Speed

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My amana command 90 furnace goes to lockout - Amana Air Conditioners

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