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Maytag window ac unit

\015 When you try to turn ac unit on the compressor works but the fan does not blow resulting in the coil freezing up. the unit is only 2 years old is there an easy solution.\015\012The model number is m6d24e7a\015\012 Thanks\015

Answers :

Feel the motor and see if hes hot ...... spin the fan by hand and see if it spins freely  if not the bearings have seized up.   So either rebuild the fan motor simply by replacing the bearings and oiling them and that should fix your problem.    IF the fan spins freely   OHM out the fan  and make sure there is no shorts or openings in the fan.     if your fan motor checks out good both mechanically and electrically  then your next step is to check the capacitor and control board

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The capacitor should have a MFD (or UF)rating. As long as you match these numbers you can use any brand. Try searching these numbers not the model of the unit. ... Maytag M6Y12F2A Air Conditioner

Maytag Air Conditioner Model# M6Y14F2B - unit has started changing set temperature by itself. Example: set at 72°, will hear unit beep (sometimes once othertimes several over a few minutes) and when checked temp has been changed to higher temp according to how many beeps. Have had this window unit for about 3 years and this is the first season it has ever done this. It happens randomly and on all mode and fan speed settings.

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No it shouldn't matter,just insulate the gap so you dont loose cool air,as for the draining problem tilt it some more,and make sure drain hole is open and not plugged that should fixya ... Air Conditioners

Hi i have a Maytag 12000 btu Window ac unit that

I had a similar problem with my AC last week. These newer capacitors no longer have PCBs in them. The stuff they use now just ain't as good. As a result their are more capacitor failures tan ever. I would check that. If the cap looks swolen its proba ... Air Conditioners

My maytag window ac unit: m3x05f2d-a (5000 btu) needs some exterior parts. The accordion plastic pieces the fill the gaps in window installation have cracked and I need to purchase replacements. Please help me find and purchase.

I need the accordian plastic pieces for my matag 5000 air conditioner .. Bought it at home depot ... Maytag M3X05F2D Air Conditioner

I have 2 questions. I have a model # M6d18E7A-E Maytag window unit air conditioner and only the lights will come on. (no motor, fan, Nothing) I cant remember how old this unit is so is it worth fixing or should i replace it?

Hello. I can help you. The truth is that this is an old, inefficient unit. Replace it with a new energy saving model and you will be money ahead by the end of summer and a lot cooler. ... Air Conditioners

I have a maytag 6000btu window ac unit, fan and compressor works but the coolant is depleted, is this a common problem with these units and is it worth it to repair

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I have a Maytag M6Y18F7A Air Conditioner window unit & am having problems w/ the thermostatic control not dropping below 75o. Originally, the unit switched to 67o which wasn't really a concern, but 75o just won't cut it. The +/- switch is working, it's just that now the t/stat won't go under 75o. Looking forward to your reply. Thanks-

This sounds like the control board has malfunctioned. You might have to have it replaced. When you have it on, does the unit switch off at 75o or does it continue to run? Also check the temp of the air leaving the unit, it needs to be below 55o's. ... Maytag M6Y18F7A Air Conditioner

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Check all of the connections at the outlet. If everything looks ok test the outlet that it is plugged into with a tester. They can be picked up at most stores for around 8 dollars. If you dont have a tester you can just plug in another device that ... Maytag M7Y15F2A Air Conditioner

Maytag window ac unit

Feel the motor and see if hes hot ...... spin the fan by hand and see if it spins freely  if not the bearings have seized up.   So either rebuild the fan motor simply by replacing the bearings and oiling them and that should fix your p ... Maytag M6D24E7A Air Conditioner

Yhi,iget an EE displayed on my a/c window unit,it's a maytag: M7Y15F2A-D and it doesn't start,plz help,thnx

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Window unit not blowing cold on Maytag model M6X05F2B-G

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Parts i need a replacement fan the unit fell out of the window and the fan is broken where can i but a replacement ive been searching the internet clle maytag called sears do you sell the part i need

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Missing exhaust kit. Need window adapter, hose and connector/adapter for back of unit hot air exhaust port. NMPEB08F2A Rev B made by Maytag / Fedders

Try duct tape , pvc pipping and cardboard, Tape the pipe to the back of the ac and them use a cardboard piece with a whole cut out for the pvc pipe in the window ,coat the cardboard with several layers of tape inside and out..It should work for awhil ... Maytag NMPEB08F2A Air Conditioner

I have a Maytag M6Q model window a/c unit. Diplay is in degrees Celsius. How do I switch back to Fahrenheit?

On most of these Maytag units, built by the now defunct, Fedders for Maytag ... if you press the ON/OFF button and hold it for 5 seconds, it should switch back to fahrenheit.Hope this helped you. ... Maytag M6Q10F2D Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner

I have a Maytag A/C window unit model number M6Y14F2B , 14000 BTU and on the display screen its showing a error code of EE. I would like to know what this means and can it be fixed.

Why should I tell you how I fixed the problem for free if you can't even tell me how to solve this problem for free. I just wanted to know what the error code meant and if it can be fixed or is the unit junk. ... Maytag Air Conditioners

I have a maytag model m7d24e7a window unit a/c,is it 110 volt or 220?

I have the same unit. It's 220 volts. ... Maytag M7D24E7A Air Conditioner

Maytag M6Q10F2A window A/C unit about 4 years old

Buy a new effecient A/C I had the same problem but it was my bedroom one so I swapped out my living room A/C into my bedroom and put the new one in the living room. ... Maytag M7Q08F2ACOM Air Conditioner

I need the expandable window unit for a portable maytag AC, it would have to take a round 4" plastic flange

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Hi, I have a Maytag air conditioner, model number M7D24E7B, 24000 BTU. The display window has E3 showing and the unit will not turn on. We lost the manual for it, so we cannot look about what the error is or what to do to clear it. Please help. Thank You, John Klatt

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Want to hack my AC so it runs cold air all the time or more than it does now, the cold air kicks on every now and then, but I want it to run all the damn time. Anyone know how I can mod the sensor or something to achieve this? Because I want my room to be an ice box. By the way it's a Maytag window unit works well when it's actually pumping out refrigerated air.

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We recently replaced an old window unit with a westpointe a/c mwk-08 unit. The old unit was dripping water in the house but the new unit doesn't seem to be dripping any water? Could this possible be a drip "less" unit or is it installed incorrectly? I've heard the horror stories about mold building up in window units & causing MAJOR health issues.

If the old unit was dripping condensate into the house, it was installed incorrectly. The replacement unit may have been installed correctly so the condensate drains outside. ... Air Conditioners

I have a thru-wall unit that is draining out of the back and cooling just fine. My problem is the hole in which the ac goes thru. There seems to be some condensation on the bottom of the unit that drips down onto the board below(would be the window sill if I had taken it thru the window). I have thought about taking the unit out and placing a piece of insulating foam in the bottom of the unit or closing the 1/2 inch gap between the bottom of the unit and the board with insulation or expand-a-

You are correct the gap needs to be closed, i would suggest the double taped insulation they use on pick up truck when you put a topper on, as if you ever need to remove unit it would be easier then the expansion foam. Hope this helps Tim ... LG Electronic Window Air Conditioner

Last night my husband turned off our window unit because it had gotten cold in the house, we got up this morning and went to turn the unit on and it won't come on at all. The light on the plug is on and when I click the reset button it lights up everything on the front panel but it turns itself back off. We always have to replace window units every year and this is quite costly and am getting tired of this. We have 3 other units that are older than this one which is only a year old but we also p

Must be a shorted capacitor. ... Air Conditioners

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