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\015 Well we just replaced the motor, put it in ourselves, now it isnt cooling, The compressor isnt kicking on. HELP\015

Answers :

If after replacing compressor the compressor wont kick then check if the connection of your compressor terminal is correct, check for defective capacitor.
Did you recharge the refrigerant gas? If it is not pressurised the the compressor wont work.

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My friend gave me a new air conditioner Model Zenith ZW5010 as a gift. Unfortunately my window has sliding windows and it does not fit in. I wonder if I can turn this air conditioner sideway so it can slide through one of the sliding windows. If impossible what can I do? Remove all windows and then buy plexiglas but how can it support the conditioner in the window?? Thanks sl

Do not turn on its side the water needs to run out if not you will casuse damage to the unit ... Air Conditioners

My portable Goldstar air conditioner, Model - GP120CE Serial # 801TAGHo3287 My window is 56" High x 34" Wide The piece that came with the unit did not fit the window, so I made a piece of of wood, the exhaust hose falls out all the time, blowing hot air into the room. I can not find the piece that came with it. Can I nuy a new plastic piece for the window for the exhaust hose to fit into to go outside My e-mail is [email protected] Thank You - Gary Cohoe

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The side pieces on my daewoo window air conditioners are broken preventing the air conditioner from staying in the window

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We own an air-conditioner Model # ARP-1008. We would like to know what to use when you put the pipe out of the window. How do we block the sides of the pipe so only the hose pipe is expelling the air. We have gone to hardware stores and no one has an answer. Do you see some kind of foam padding or accordion-type material to block the opening in the window on either side of the hose pipe? Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks

You could use a piece of plywood and cut a hole for\015\012the pipe to go through ... Air Conditioners

We purchases a Haier portable air conditioner CPN11XCJ last year via QVC. By the time we purchased it, we really didn't need so stored it unopened. Opened it up last week due to extreme heat for this time of year. I just plugged it up near an open window and it the cool air was wonderful. However, when my husband installed the hoses and window screen, the thing rattled awfully. I mean a very loud rattling noise like the compressor was having problems. If we take the hose off, it doesn't rattle b

There are only a couple of things that could make it rattle with hose installed. One, if the hose cuff is somehow extending through the grate on the unit and making contact with the fan or there is probably some sort of a fitting, like a dryer vent, ... Air Conditioners

For my window air conditioner timer, do I turn off the unit by the switch, plug it in to the dial timer, set the pins to the start time and then set the override dial to on or off? Ny Samsung window AC Model # AW0891L- suddenly started blowing hot air and requires one hour to cool down and work properly. What's wrong?

YOu will need to set the start time override dial to off. Otherwise it will run on it's own setting. Then you need to allow an hour in between times to cool down. Otherwise the freon heats up and won't be of the same viscosity causing problems of war ... Air Conditioners


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I cleaned my window unit air conditioner over the weekend. I used a hose and sprayed it to get all dirt out. When I was done I turned the air condtioner on and it ran for about 30 seconds and shut off. It will not turn back on. HELP!!! GE Window Unit Model and Serian Number is 52EX2752/502TAKK04021

... GE AJCQ08ACB Air Conditioner

I have the sunpentown WA1200E and it does not cool and the pipe is in the window and the window is blocked from letting air in. The device blows out air through the pipe but it does not cool how do i get it to cool i have never gotten it to cool it is a new device

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Window air conditioner temperature sensor - Frigidaire FAC124P1A 12,000 BTU Window AC W/ Remote Air Conditioner

... Frigidaire FAC124P1A 12,000 BTU Window AC W/ Remote Air Conditioner

My Danby 12000 is not cooling properly - I hope I have it hooked up OK - I vented the exhaust out the window and also the intake - it seems to me I am pulling the air from outside not the air in the room - do I have that set up correctly? Both the exhaust and intake hose in the window kit.

Hello,The first and easiest thing is to check the air filter. Make sure \015\012that it is clean... clean it or replace it. Next check the air vents to \015\012make sure that they are open and giving you good air flow...Also \015\01 ... Danby DPAC8020 Air Conditioner

Wash window air conditioner - LG Heat cool Window Air Conditioner

Hi,\015\012Here is a tip that I wrote about that...\015\012\015\012http://www.fixya.com/support/r3623253-window_air_conditione ... LG Heat cool Window Air Conditioner

Reverse cycle air conditioning unit theremostat is only a couple of feet away from return air vent. The room where the vent and thermostat are located is in the middle of a building and has no windows. This area remains much colder than the surrounding rooms (which all have large windows) and attempts to reach a comfortable temperature in the central area results in the surrounding rooms becoming uncomfortably hot in the winter and to cool the surrounding rooms in the summer means that the centr

Ok i will try if there is only one return then you need one move the stat= thermostat to a area where temp is about same as the outside rooms. and have a retrun in each room near to the back of the room away from windows. if can not move the stat the ... Air Conditioners

I installed the A/C unit ACR-14S in a sliding window, all went well untill time to hook up the hoses. The exhaust hose went on easely but the intake hose turned out about 8 to 10 ins. short. Can I run the unit using the intake air hose to take the air from the room instead of thr window? If not can I get a longer hose to put on the intake? If so Were & How can I get it? My email address is [email protected] and phone # 412-461-1036 Thank You Warren S Holman

... Whynter Air Conditioners

Whirlpool vertical window air conditioner - Whirlpool Electronic Window Air Conditioner ACQ158XR

... Whirlpool Electronic Window Air Conditioner ACQ158XR

I have a new motorhome and the air conditioner only reduces the inside air temperature by 2 degrees on a hot day. e.g. outside air temp 26 degrees inside temp 29 degrees. After 2 hours of a/c running with door and windows shut inside air temp is 27 degrees. Dealer says the air conditioner is ok as air coming out of ducts is 3 degrees as required. I believe a larger a/c is required.

Can you tell me what size/make of motorhome you have? Certainly doesn"t sound right to me, and I've been working on them for over 15yrs. Whether it's a 13,500 BTU or 15,000 BTU, it should be plenty as long as motorhome has any insulation at all. I a ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

The air conditioner is emitting cool air instead of cold air. I have the setting on cold and the temperature setting at 60 degrees. On these days that have been near and over 100 degrees, that cool air offers no relief. When we first got the unit, it emitted cold air. We've changed nothing. The unit is not installed in a window but rather in a hole made for it in the wall.

... LG LWHD1009R Air Conditioner

My air conditioner is not blowing out cold air? It is not even a year old. It's a Haier window air conditioner, Model #HWR06XC7. It turns on and then sounds like the compressor kicks in but still no cool air. Can you tell me what might be wrong?

... Haier hwr10xc6 Air Conditioner

Hi My Danby 6000 BTU window air condition is not cooling. I set thermostat to maximum cooler level as 8 but still not cooling room. I clean all the dust with wire brush. Fan is working fine and I can feel lots of air comming through the air condition but no cool air.

... Danby DAC6003D Air Conditioner

My carrier A/C YHB243D this window unit was working find. But about one week ago only blows out cold air and sometimes only hot air but now it blows only regular air, and doesn't work nither the cool or heat air. what could be wrong with it?_a) could be- the thermostate that goest at it front with its condenser unit? b) could be the whole temperature switch ? or what else can be its problem, please help! and tell me where I can get the replacement part

... Carrier Air Conditioners

Hi guys, i have a portable air conditioner 9000btu 'ariagel ag90' window) that works great for the first 5 minutes, until gradually the unit makes more and more noise until it shudders quite violently , returns to its normal noise and blows out hot air for 5 minutes. This hot air seems enough to cancel out the cooling it does. then after a while it cools gradually I've read alot about this air con problem, but nothing regarding the gradual noise and shudder. The slide out filter at the back s

This is due to the compressor going into thermal overload, It can be cause by really dirty coils preventing air flow,A restriction in the cap tubes or orafice, Or an over or under charge in the system.The noise is due to the compressor building up to ... Air Conditioners

Window air conditioner keeps switching to fan mode. Which means on hot days it is blowing warm air. It sporadically switches to air conditioner mode. Room is hot because the cool air only blows for about 10 minutes. Help!

... Air Conditioners

Cold air not coming out. I JUST bought this the other day and it worked the first day just fine but now it will work fine for about 10 minutes and then the cold air will stop coming out. Air will continue to come out but not cold air. It is summer in New York so help please. PLEASE. Thanks in advance. This is a Haier ESA306 window unit.

Need to return this one where you got it. Sounds like compreesor or control problem. Do check outlet voltage to make sure it is not a low voltage problem first. Voltage should not drop below 10% of name plate voltage required. Voltage should be check ... Haier ESA306 Air Conditioner

Actually it's a DPAC 13009. We need to extend the 2 air pipes 4 to 5 feet each to reach upper windows over patio doors to keep doors locked and secure. Does Danby provide air pipe extensions? Thanks.

No solution possible, given that the air ducts going up over the patio doors are quite an eyesore. This building is entirely fieldstone outside, so either the patio doors or windows above them are the only way to go in or out. We will ret ... Danby DPAC12031 Air Conditioner

Sunbeam window air conditioner unit: no more air

... Sunbeam Air Conditioners

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