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\015 OK.....my ac has quit cooling--my husband changed out some sort of switch with "points" on it --at first the fan outside was not running and after he changed the switch out it proceeded to work correctly. The switch looked as if it had burned a little bit--part of it crumbled apart. Two days later it has quit again --it is blowing warmish air out and the fan outside in the unit is working but it is blowing cool air instead of warm. Is there any way my husband can fix this himself and can how he fix it and what is wrong with it???\015

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There are lots of things that could be wrong since he just changed the contactor a wire may have burned...Very common..Make sure all wires feel snug onto terminals. The compressor run capacitor may also be bad it looks like a batter with 2 or 3 terminals if it looks bulged on the top where the wires are than its bad ...if it looks flat you would have to have a meter that checks capacitors to test it. Those are all the easy items to correct..Call for service if all cks ok \015\012\015\012Please rate my solutuion as solved if you appreciate my expert advise>>>>>>>

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The elements need to be replaced ... Air Conditioners

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35 cdi worcester combi about 3 years old,heating not working,hot water works fine.It's been serviced not long ago.Room stat turned up and trv's ,but boiler want fire up,there's power to the boiler and the room stat the built in time clock is switched ... Air Conditioners

The ac vent from my bathroom is making drops of water when we shower and the door is close. whats wrong?

This is normal condensation that occurs when you have cold air being introduced to warm/humid air. Its like a cold drink set out in the heat and the cup sweating on the outside. It does get irritating sometimes, but not much you can do. Sorry ... Frigidaire FAC124 wall/Window Air Conditioner

My air contioner pump was just replaced 2months ago and now i have no air and my heater stays on whats wrong

I would guess that the thermostat needs to be replaced sin you say the heat stays on and you have no a/c. I would have the thermostat replaced before doing anything else. Good luck on your repairs\015\012\015\012Dave ... Air Conditioners

My haier hwr05xc7 wont cool down to desired temp. and in the middle of the night starts throwing water so i have to turn it off whats wrong with it?

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I put it on ac and it blows real hot air ,hotter than heater ? need help?whats wrong?

Need make and madel number of unit. Russ ... Air Conditioners

I have a Coleman Heat Pump, The unit all of a sudden just keeps running, and wont shut off. The only way to shut it off is to turn the breaker off..Will this hurt the unit by running all the time...I need help to figure out whats wrong with it..

Hi,\012Yes, that will hurt it.... the contactor has wleded shut and keeps it running...\012 \012 \012Here is a tip about trouble shooting your ... Coleman Air Conditioners

Hi i have cifs40 gas fryer ,i change the control thermostst,when turn on the pilot,after 10 second pilot stay on ,but when turn the gas valve knob on the on position and call for burner with control thermostate ,the pilot goes off fast.i dont know whats wrong with this fryer. thankyou

Sounds like the regulator is out of sync. You have to be sure the gas isn't flowing too quickly. There are two gas burner nozzles - one is for house natural gas the other for a propane set up. Be sure this is the correct one and the correct regula ... Air Conditioners

Unit running but not cooling properly service tech said insufficient compressor will be the fourth compressor since 6 14 08 whats wrong with my unit

Sounds like you have other problems that is causing these problems and they are not being addressed. Has the evaparator coild been cleaned. Has the squirrel cage been cleaned? Has the condseror been cleaned if you don't have air flow you will no ... Goodman GPC1330H21A Air Conditioner

Cooling fan does not work Compressor does whats wrong?

Does the fan spin freely by hand? if not, the shaft ends that ride in the bushings need to be cleaned and lightly reoiled. i have fixed many a dehumidifier this way ... Kenmore 75050 Wall/Window Air Conditioner

Have a gibson central air conditioner it runs constantly and never gets really cool in the house whats wrong? Cleaned it and its not frosting up.

Hello there:\015\012i would have the unit tested for low refrigerant or a failing txv ... Gibson Air Conditioners

The fan is not turning on but when I do turn it on I can hear a humming sound so I know I didnot blow a fuse I dont know whats wrong it worked this morning

Sounds like you have a fan motor that has gone bad due to the windings breaking down. It is easy to replace. Comment me back if you have any questions.\015\012\015\012Hope this helps you please rate me ... Goodman Air Conditioners

My outdoor air unit runs but the indoor unit is just buzzing and the fan is not running. Any idea whats wrong

Replace the capacitor to the in door fan motor. If it still does not run,you will have to replace the fan motor also. ... Carrier Air Conditioners

I have an Energy Knight mini split unit. One works fine the other drips condensation EXCESSIVELY. Is something wrong in the unit itself or could the drainage tube be plugged inside the wall. If so, whats the fix? Also, I have another split unit and neither will turn on. This question was asked previously and it sounds like the fuse in the outside exchanger. Exactly how do I get to this fuse to check? Thank you.

... Comfort-Aire HMC24AD-1 Air Conditioner

The Fan on my a/c unit isnt turning. Whats wrong with my a/c unit?

Check power supply, check supply circuit fuses, if all good trace wire to fan motor itself check for current, if voltage is present check ground circuit for open.. if all checks good fan motor is bad or fan blade splines are stripped cause motor shaf ... Air Conditioners

I bought a 40 qt Coleman thermo-electric cooler to use in a semi truck. It worked FINE for about a month--running 24/7 then the insides were all warm and I lost a bunch of perishable food! I bought a replacement motor at a truckstop, but the motor doesnt seem to be a match. The cooler in question is Model 564. the moter was a 564A, I believe. It was the ONLY one available at the time. whats wrong?

I do not have any answer but have the same problem...The fan rotate with no cooling...in the vehicule...I am in Fort Lauderdale FL and need somebody to fix the problem...with the thermoelectric system...please, help help... ... Air Conditioners

Its 15 degrees outside and my amana unit is off. every so often it kicks on by itself and runs for about 10 seconds then shuts off again. while it is running the control panel flashes FP, what is it trying to tell me? the reason the unit is off is because it only blows cold air on the heat side, whats wrong with it.

Fp means freeze protection.it comes on by it self so pipes in th house dont freeze.and if it only blows cold air one of the heat protectors is probaly bad ... Amana PTH123B25AJ Heat Pump Air Conditioner

My 99 buick regal blows cold on the passenger side hot on the driver side whats wrong?

There is a flap that directs the air flow. inside the venting. This flap is controlled by a vacuum operated actuator. This actuator may also be faulty. ... Air Conditioners

It isn't cooling and its about 20 years old whats wrong It runs, blows but it doesn't cool the house/

You could be low on refrigerant. Have a qualified air conditioning technician test it for you. ... Air Conditioners

My inside air conditioner fan isnt turning on whats wrong?

If the in side blower motor turns off with the out side unit normal operation if the thermostat in the auto position set for cooling If the out side unit run with out the in side unit the out side unit will be wrecked . sounds like you need service a ... Air Conditioners

Brand new unit have 3 ton inside and out but unit runs all day and will not hold temp i run my ac on 76 but as the day get hot the temp inside will not hold at 76 ARS says they dont know whats wrong but they installed the unit said i would have lower light bill but unit runs all day light bill 900 can someone help please with a solution

Call them back something is wrong if it is that new it is likely under charged. how big is your house square feet and what part of the country down south 400 square feet per ton if your house is more than 1250 square feet the unit is under sized ... Weather King 10AJA3601AH Air Conditioner

Troubleshoot Haier HWR05XC6 the unit is not getting cold and it keeps going back to 86? idk whats wrong it wont let me set the temp

You need the remote to set it on cold instead of just fan. ... Haier Air Conditioners

Mode is on HEAT with the temp set to 17 (C) The room heats up to 23(C) but the unit keeps on heating rather than going into standby. Whats wrong?? - Colin

Hi,\012There are so many different models and different issues and codes for each model...Here is a tip about Mitsubishi Air Conditioners and how to get the manuals for all of the mitsubishi line. The manual include bot ... Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

I have a robertshaw 8425 Thermostat and a Miller A/C Unit. I am in need of advice on whats wrong with it. The thermostat has a little # 2 next to the temp reading. I assume its an error code, but dont know what its means. I found the manual online for it, but nothing tells you error codes of course. Does anyone know the meaning of it?

... Air Conditioners

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