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Ac unit freezing up

\015 I cleaned the filter and turned off unit. Unit is still freezing up though.\015

Answers :

Depends on the ambient temp outside. If it's lower than 65 it will freez up because the is no load on the condensor. Try putting a bourd across the condensor coil and it will creat a load on the compressor if it still freezes up than it's a low charge!!
Either the coil is clogged, the fan is slow, or the freon is low...\015\012\015\012A solved rating is great motivation to continue giving priceless advise........

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Hi there, I have two Fujitsu DC Inverter split units to heat my flat (england). The temperatures have dropped significantly -2 and below. This causes the outlet pipes to freeze up and when the units are on defrost the excess water gushes out of all other joints in the units. This causes two problems - the units are wall mounted one on top of the other, so the top unit freezes the bottom unit. The second problem is the bottom unit 'dumps' in on the floor of the area which when defrosted s

Normal cool temp 23 to 25 and heat mode 29 to 31. And regrading defrosting your pipelines no need any tray. You can insulate with Armaflex tube which is mostly used for best insulation. Hope there won't be further water leak. ... Air Conditioners

I have noticed my heat pump is freezing up on the outside unit, we have had freezing rain and snow the last 2 days but I have never noticed ice accumulation on the outside of the unit, it also seems like it is not heating as quickly as it once did. How can I defrost the unit in freezing weather?

In freezing weather the heat pump efficiency drops. The freezing is normal. The equipment has a board and sensor to defrost your heat pump. Now this system can fail but freezing rain and snow get pulled into the unit get pulled into the unit coil and ... Goodman Air Conditioners

I have an intertherm AC unit (model E2EB-015HA) and the inside unit is leaking and damaging my floor. We discovered this last summer and assumed it was a combination of condensation from the unit and freezing up. As it did freeze up and we caught it rather late. I did a good cleaning, filter replacment, and checked the line running out of the water-pan and it was not clogged and water was flowing well. I fixed some floor damage in my hallway and kept a close eye on the unit. This summer it has s

I realize this post is a few years old, but I keep having the same problem. Just got out from under my trailer draining water out of the insulation. I noticed when my unit was running that the water in the pan was being pulled back towards the insi ... Intertherm Air Conditioners

Goodman unit freezing outside the unit

I have a scroll compressor trying to start but won't i can hear it kick in but as soon as I hear it, it kicks out i can't get a reading for pressures cause it won't stay on long enough but i put my amp probe on it and seen amps jumped to about 907 th ... Goodman CKL60AR60 Air Conditioner

I have a 11 year old, 2.5 ton trane package unit at my home. the tech added refrig 3 weeks ago because the unit was freezing up. coils still freezing up. air coming through vents only getting down to 70f. tech came back last friday. trane said there must be something (trash) in lines. tech evacuated system, purged lines and recharged. air from vent only gets down to 74f now. compressor seems to be working fine. i just thawed coils with water. they were frozen completely.

After the tech added refrigerant, did the coil freeze up after he left, or was it a day or more before it started freezing again and are you running the unit on high cool? You either have a leak, which would usually take some time to leak out enough ... Air Conditioners

I have a Coleman Central Air Conditioner/Heat Pump. On the cooling mode the coils inside the unit in the basement continue to freeze up causing no air flow. I relpaced the filter thinking it might have been restricting the flow causing the freezeup but it still freezes up. What are the suggestions on what could be wrong with my unit

The most common reason for freezing up is 'air flow,' and since you've already changed your filter - have you checked out the coil (the one that cold air comes from) to see if it's clean? If the filter you changed was really 'bad dirty' then it's a ... Air Conditioners

Have a 1984 trane heat and air gas furnace unit ..always freezes up...repair people always come and put freon in it over and over.. and of course blows out pipe. Had new outside unit put in this is a "goodman" in 1996. ...still freezes and repairmen come over and over again to repeat same thing.. The inside coil is in attic.. behind a wall. no one has gone up in there since we've lived here in since 1992.. is this the problem?

Could very well be.\015\012Seems to me when they replaced the outdoor unit in 1996 someone should have found out that there was a leak when a vacuum was supposed to be pulled and held on the existing line set and and the unit in the attic for a ... Air Conditioners

Keeps freezing We installed a brand new Goodman Condensing Unit, Model #GSX130481, Serial #1304691511 and installed a new coil, Model #96-8W4N-0p/96-8, Serial #M0425130485 (Mortex Brand)in the existing Air Handler. The unit keeps freezing up. Can you give any insight on what might be the problem?

Low air flow or low on refrigerant. ... Goodman Air Conditioners

My goodman unit is freezing up. It is frozen from the line running out of my house than if u look down into unit, the freeze continues inside

Hello, the suction line will freeze either due to low airflow such as dirty air filter, blower wheel, evaporator coil or a weak blower motor. Also, a low refrigerant charge can cause the suction line to freeze up. ... Goodman Air Conditioners

My AC unit keeps freezing up on the copper lines going into the house from the outside unit. It also freezes up on the inside lines and the air is not cooling my home down.

Operate your air conditioner with the fan in the on position. But first turn the fan on, turn the temp up or shut the cooling off. Your coil is more than likely frozen over. At night when outside temperature drops the refrigerant pressure and temper ... Air Conditioners

I have a Frigidaire cooling and heating unit. Last night we had freezing rain and ice. I heard a weird noise coming from the unit then smelled a burning smell. I turned the unit off. The top vent outside was covered in ice blocking air flow. I cleaned off the ice and turned the unit back on and it just makes a humming noise. No air is blowing and I looked inside and the fan is not turning.

Sounds like the motor burned up when the ice blocked the air which it was not able to cool the motor it will need to be replaced. (the motor) ... Air Conditioners

Hello, my HVAC is constantly freezing, even after freon is added. I was told that I have a leak in the coils and need to chance the air handler - the outside unit is about 10 years old - air handler about 18 years old. I would like to get only the air handler for my R22 outside condensing unit. My question is if in the future can I use this same 3.5 ton air handler with a new 410 condensing unit once my outside unit needs to be replaced. In other words can a Goodman air handler be used firs

I'm new at this and I can't tell how old the post is but I'll contribute anyway.You probably have fixed the problem by now. I wonder what part of the system is freezing up. I don't have a lot of experience but I know you can get frost where there ... Goodman CKL42AR42 Air Conditioner

My package unit keeps freezing up, filter is clean an coils freon is correct why does it keep freezing

... Air Conditioners

2yr. old a.c. and coil(txv).Unit runs but suction pressure stays low(50 psi).Unit eventually freezes up.When txv sensing bulb in put in hot water,the suction pressure rises to correct reading,and unit cools properly.Is then txv the problem?

See if it's adjustable if not it has to be changed ... Air Conditioners

Coil freezes up. is there away to recharge window unit. The unit is heat and ac the unit is a hampton bay Is there a manual that can be down loaded?

Check your filters first and make sure the fan is running. These will cause it to freeze up also. A window unit can be recharged, but depending on what has to be done it can cost as much as a new unit. Check around for prices on service calls. ... Hampton Bay Air Conditioners

I have a 5 ton Goodman unit two years old. We moved the outside unit from one spot to an other,and we're having problems now. The comresor went out on it. I replaced it with a new compressor and it went out again. It starts to make a wird noise,and it freezes on the outside unit. I also changed the dryer on it

When charged was it charged by weight ? Was a low ambient kit installed? Have you monitored the amperage draw ? ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

Have air conditioner that freezes up after setting it on the lowest setting. checked the freon on the unit and the suction pressure was at 42 on the 22 scale & about 70 on the psi scale, low side. no high side tap to get reading. fan motor very hot, rpm? have some #'s off of the unit 12078 ace244pt3/201s170001562.... compressor make / modle.. HIGHLY SHW73TC2GP1 ...4390H1793741 WHAT SHOULD THE LOW SIDE READ ON THIS UNIT ACCORDING TO DESIGN SPECS& SHOULD THE MOTOR BE SO HOT YOU CAN'T KEEP YOUR HAN

If it's freezing up, chances are the freon is low, but read the info on the panel near the taps or the compressor to find out how much you should have. you need r-22 (if that is what it takes), guages, a thermometer for dry and wet, a temperature se ... Whirlpool Air Conditioners

Hello, my outside unit was freezing up so I turned it off to let it thaw. When I turned the unit back on, the outside unit didn't come back on. I checked the breaker and it was fine. Can you give me any ideas as to what may be wrong? Thanks, Erich

Hi, \012 \012Here is a tip about troubleshooting your air conditioner...\012There are many things that can cause your air conditioner not to cool… ... Goodman Air Conditioners

Indoor unit freezes up, turn the mode button to the fan only to thaw out the indoor unit but the outdoor unit runs, What should I look for?

If the outdoor unit is not shutting off, your indoor coil will freeze up when the thermostat "satisfies" and shuts off the blower. The most common cause of a non-stop outdoor unit is the contactor. This part is usually black or brown in color. The li ... Air Conditioners

I have an American Standard Heat pump. The unit is one piece is is outside. The problem that I have is that sometimes when the unit kicks on cool, the fan motor will not start. The compressor will run, but quickly freezes up. I can put unit in off and wait for thaw and then put back in cool mode and fan will start. Any ideas?

Definitely a low voltage problem then i would look for the obvious like loose connections good luck you might have to call a tech ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

I get heat, but its now time fr a little A/C and the "condencer nits inside the outside fan unit are completlet covered in ice. I turned the units off and the ICE/FROST cleared out in about 1hr...I tried running it cool again and it only took 10-14min for the lines and the condencer nits to freeze up..n air came out of the vents?? had the unit 5 years with NO isssues at all...any thoughts or idea?

A system restriction can cause freeze ups. This usually either happens at one of the driers (looks like a cannister) or on a capillary tube if you unit has one. The capillary tube is a 1/8th inch line. What you can try..is tapping on cannister of ... Air Conditioners

My brand new HVAC unit is not able to maintain the heat in the house. The unit itself seems to be running fine but there was an accumulation of snow and ice on the fan unit. When I knocked all the snow and ice off the fan assembly I noticed that there was an accumulation of ice at the bottom of the assembly. The fan is running unobstructed, but when the overnight temps get below freezing, it's unable to keep the temp in the house above 60 degrees.

I hope the air condition is feet to your home ,if u have ceiling tall\015\012the heat will stay high point ,and the air condtion will be on most of the time. if not\015\012and the mode is heat\015\012firrst:\015\012\015 ... Goodman Air Conditioners

I belive the unit is freezing up. It will blow cool for a while and later not cool but fan still runs. Also say some dirt on ceiling beside unit. Came in later today and also had condensation inside on unit itself. Time for a new one?

The coils need a good cleaning and you should be all right. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

The Air Conditioners coils on the inside unit freeze up and I have to wait until the coils on the unfreeze to get cold air again. My AC unit is on the outside and the unit with the coils is on the inside. What could be the problem?

Check your air filter. If it is plugged the coils can freeze up. ... Intertherm P3RA-036K Air Conditioner

My Carrier PTAC Unit Model # 52cec309331rc freezes up continuously We have 79 of these units and for 21/2 years they have frozen up on a regular basis! the units are cleaned regularly, They are full of freon, The thermostat is locked on the min side of 67 degrees, The supply grill is pointing up and is not obstructed in any way, HEEEEELLLLPPPPPPP!!!!!!! Thank You!

You have taken care of the compressor side but I am wondering if the problem in in the ductwork and filter side. An air restriction on the delivery side will also cause the unit to freeze up on a regular basis. I would have a peofessional come out an ... Carrier Air Conditioners

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