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1 1/2 years old 5 tons leaking yellow rusty water

\015 Is that normal to have a new unit like this leak a lot of yellow rusty water that stain my concrete? I thought that carrier has plastic drip pans. the unit itself has loud noise when it starts, is that normal?\015

Answers :

Most likely yours has a scroll compressor which are notorious for being quite loud on start they will start for years, just a liitle noisy. Is the water from the pvc drain or from the base of the outdoor unit??

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1 1/2 years old 5 tons leaking yellow rusty water

Most likely yours has a scroll compressor which are notorious for being quite loud on start they will start for years, just a liitle noisy. Is the water from the pvc drain or from the base of the outdoor unit?? ... Carrier 38CKC036 Air Conditioner

Popping/clicking noise My unit is a few years old now. Maybe 5yrs old. It has been making a popping/clicking type noise at random. We take it out of the window in the fall and put it back when it starts to get warm. Last year it leaked a lot of water. But I think that was due to it slanting inwards. It was leaking water again this year (it's in a different window this year) but seems to have stopped that issue. Now it's just this clicking/popping sounds. I want to say it does it in both cool & f

For window type ac, it must be positioned on level, to avoid flexing it's case. ... Haier Air Conditioners

Hello, my HVAC is constantly freezing, even after freon is added. I was told that I have a leak in the coils and need to chance the air handler - the outside unit is about 10 years old - air handler about 18 years old. I would like to get only the air handler for my R22 outside condensing unit. My question is if in the future can I use this same 3.5 ton air handler with a new 410 condensing unit once my outside unit needs to be replaced. In other words can a Goodman air handler be used firs

I'm new at this and I can't tell how old the post is but I'll contribute anyway.You probably have fixed the problem by now. I wonder what part of the system is freezing up. I don't have a lot of experience but I know you can get frost where there ... Goodman CKL42AR42 Air Conditioner

Small water leak from the bottom of the shower casing, much like a tap that drips. Shower works OK, no loss of power, or change in the water temp. Just this dripping from the shower case when the shower is on, nothing coming from the little plastic outlet pipe. When the shower is switched off the leak stops Unit is the Triton Opal 10.5 KW electric shower, approx 5 - 6 years old.

... Air Conditioners

Hot water leaking from what i think to be the pop off valve. i tried to tighten it a little and it started leaking more. The unit is 16 years old. The excess water is draining into the catch pan and then outside. Is this an early sign of the unit in need of being replaced, or what can i do to fix the problem

Hello\015\01216 yrs old? Im guesing this is a hot water heater.Not a air conditioner.\015\012\015\012If its still making hot water you may not need to replace the whole unit.\015\012The valve that is leaking is a high pressur ... Air Conditioners

My 3-year old LG air-conditioner was leaking water. So i called some 'experts' to come fix it. This is the first time I called for maintenance service on the air conditioner. The 'experts' dismantled some parts of the air-conditioner and washed out a lot of dirt and sticky stuff. After they put the air-conditioner back, there was no more water leaking but I noticed 2 new problems. When I switch on the air conditioner, the mouth does not immediately swing open, it takes about 3 minutes before it

White snow.. I had this issue when 2 inside unit electrical lines were hooked up backwards at the compressor. The compressor would pump too often and overcool the inside unit, because it was using the wrong temperature sensor. But you could have a ... LG LS-L1210CL Mini Split Air Conditioner

My meter states there are intermitent leaks,i have had new plumbing in over a year and fixtures everything,i had two plumbers come check my whole house,no leaks. i got a bill for 678 dollars, says i used 111,000 gallons of water for the quarter,single family home 3 adults one 5 yers old, gimme a break now im fighting with them.

You may have a break in the water line between the street and your home. Last year I had a duplex that had a leaking water main and the water followed alongside the sewer line right out the back of the property, while never giving indication that the ... Air Conditioners

I have a fedders (piece of junk)3 1/2 ton 4 year old unit. It runs fine during the evening after it cools off, but during the day it constantly cuts off and on unless I am spraying it with water. As soon as I stop spraying water it starts cutting off and on again. We have checked and tried everything we have been told and nothing is working.

Sounds like your compressor is overheating is the compressor sweating down the sides? If it is you may have an airflow problem clean filters, clean blower fan motor and the evaporator coil. if this does not work you will need to have someone put a s ... Fedders A6P09S2A Air Conditioner

I have a four year old central a/c system (horiz. mount in attic) The bottom of the airhandler is dripping water into the secondary drain pan. I checked the drain for blockage, freon preasures and air flow. It all checked OK I replaced the coil and primary drain pan. Water is still leaking!!! WHY???

I get lots and lots of inquiries about water leaking from\015\012air conditioners and ... Air Conditioners

My Frigidaire FAC124P1A air conditioner is leaking water on the inside of my apartment. How do I get it to stop? It is only a year old. I notice water running down the wall under the air conditioner a few days ago, and today I noticed that the carpet underneath it is soaked. What should I do?

... Frigidaire FAC124 wall/Window Air Conditioner

Hi,my name is PK I have 5 tons Rheem air handling 10 year old. it is vertical type. How to fix the leak at evapolator coil. it leaked at the bottom right side. Can I use epoxy to seal this leak.Or replace the new coil. How much it will cost?.Thanks

Epoxy wont hold you need a new coil. about 8 to 12 hundred depending on your location. If it is 10 years old I would suggest you change the air handler. You will get a lot more efficient unit. Cost about 2200 but you will get a 10 year warranty from ... Air Conditioners

We have a water heater that is 4 years old it is a GE model that was manufactured in 7/2004 and installed the same month and year. It is now leaking from the bottom and the side. the serial number is GELN 0704507309 and model number GG40S06AVG00 what can we do and is it still under some type of warranty.

... GE Air Conditioners


If your coils and filter are clean and you have good air flow then you are very likely low on refrigerant. Most A/C's (depending on use) have about a 20 year lifespan. I would call a Tech. to check it. ... Intertherm P3RA-030K Air Conditioner

The fan coil in the attic is leaking water. The drain is clear , and the inside tray is not full. But the insulation beyond it is wet. The system is eight years old and working good other then this.

The pan may of cracked, also check to make sure the coil is clean water may be running off due to it bening dirty. ... Goodman CKL42AR42 Air Conditioner

I have a 15 ton carrier gas pack at work with inducer motor and spark igniter with hall senser ..showed error 6 flashes on igc board which the drawing said was inducer motor or hall senser problem..replaced both..they were old and rusty..error still there..inducer runs for 1 to 2 minutes..times out starts over again..no ignition..cannot here gas valve solonoid/coil click..checked igniter and flame senser cleaned..but they looked great ..no cracks anywhere..replaced heat exchanger 2 years ago..pr

... Carrier Air Conditioners

Air conditioner is only 2 years old. model #580-75121501. A C is making a grinding noise and is leaking about a pint of water an hour and also sprays out the vent

... Kenmore Air Conditioners

I have a 11 year old, 2.5 ton trane package unit at my home. the tech added refrig 3 weeks ago because the unit was freezing up. coils still freezing up. air coming through vents only getting down to 70f. tech came back last friday. trane said there must be something (trash) in lines. tech evacuated system, purged lines and recharged. air from vent only gets down to 74f now. compressor seems to be working fine. i just thawed coils with water. they were frozen completely.

After the tech added refrigerant, did the coil freeze up after he left, or was it a day or more before it started freezing again and are you running the unit on high cool? You either have a leak, which would usually take some time to leak out enough ... Air Conditioners

Leaking water from the bottom front inside. has never done this and is approx 4 years old

Make sure the unit is tilted to the back and that the drain hole is open. ... GE Air Conditioners

We have a Fujistu Spilt Air Conditioner that is about 12 years old and it is leaking water from under the vents where the cool air comes out, Why? The filters are cleaned regularly and bit confused to why this is happening, and if it is dangerous?

Hi! The condensate drain line or the condensate pan in the unit is most likely plugged. The pan is in the unit on the wall and is on the bottom under the cooling coil. There is a drain hole on the right or left hand side of the pan and this dr ... Air Conditioners

I have a 4 ton Ruud HVAC system that is two years old. It is a 13 SEER unit. It is tilted slightly to the front of the evaporator to aid in draining the condensate. Two days ago, my daughter came home after being gone for a week. My wood floors are buckled and she has a large amount of mold in her bathroom cabinets. I had my HVAC man go by and he told me that no condensate was coming out of the evap unit. I asked him if it was blowing too hard and possibly blowing the water down the duct. He sai

1. Why would you tilt the evaporator to let the condensate come out never heard of this before it should flow at a level state.\015\0122. I think you have a problems in your condensate drain. ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

I have a haier portable airconditioner CPN10XH9,that was purchased about a year ago, when i turned it on this year it was runing fine, but it has started to leak water. I opened the drain plug and drained the water but it will only run for a little while and it starts to leak water again, i need help

Mcdevito75 here, You may have to use your warantee to fix a p[ossible leak in your unit. Check with your local A/C repair shop for advise. ... Haier HEATER CPN10XH9 Air Conditioner

Have a 15 year old Ruud 2.5 ton condenser that broke down (one of 2 units - the other is still working fine0. The furnaces are 4 years old. They are interconnected - not zoned for our 4200 sq. ft. house. Do i need to replace BOTH condensers because of the freon 410 requirement? Also thinking of going to a 3 ton since the upstairs is never very cool when its hot out. Would this help? If we go to 3 ton, do I need to replace the 2.5 that's working at the same time?

I am not sure what you mean by "interconnected". Basic cooling capacity should be figured on 1 ton of cooling per 500 sq. ft. of space. That would be 4 tons per 2000 sq. ft. You currently operate on 5 tons totally. You require 8 tons of cooling. Othe ... Ruud UAKA042 Air Conditioner

We have recently had three problems with our three year old Carrier 24 ACA airconditioner that I believe has led to it no longer producing the low temp. chilled air it did when it was installed. !. water pump quit for taking water to to sewer, 2. blower fan quit(replaced under warranty we paid service call), 3 compressor froze up and service man ran cold water over it to lower temp. We live in southern In where we didn't use the unit much last year and this year we are hot. What temp. should

Your air temp should be at least 20 degrees cooler than the indoor air temp. This is ideal. But it sound like your unit is low on freon. When units get low they will freeze up. They will also freeze up if air flow is restricted on the inside coil or ... Carrier 38CKC024 Air Conditioner

On 7/18/06 I purchased a 2 1/2 ton 13 seer AC and coil. The day it was installed I had to call for service as it was not working. The technician found a connection has failed to be made. Last year, when the unit was only 2 years old, it started to make an very loud noise that could be heard inside the house. When the technician came out, he said he could not hear any unusual noise. This year, now the unit is 3 years old, it started to make the same noise which keeps me awake when the air cu

If its because of the pipes that it is vibrating, as per the technicians diagnosis. So fine, even though I admit that your question is justified, but fighting over it will not solve the issue plus you getting ready to sell the place pretty soon. In s ... Air Conditioners

Water leaking from Delonghi Pac C100 since last weekend, had this unit nearly 2 years and it only started to leak last weekend. empty water and still leaking after an hour or two.

... DeLonghi PAC C100 Air Conditioner

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