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Cold air In the winter and with a cold wind blowing into the unit, we are not able to stop the cold and the unit runs alot. I do have the damper shut for the winter. Can I insulate the air intake for the winter to minimize this cold air?

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Is it a heat pump or straight electric heat??

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Cold air In the winter and with a cold wind blowing into the unit, we are not able to stop the cold and the unit runs alot. I do have the damper shut for the winter. Can I insulate the air intake for the winter to minimize this cold air?

Is it a heat pump or straight electric heat?? ... Amana AAC051FRB Air Conditioner

Cold air coming from the intake of the central a/c unit. The unit is switched off and it is winter, so why would cold air come from the intake

Thanks for your question,Just a couple of questions first, is your ducting insulated ? is there a fresh air intake on your system ? if either of these is the case, the first would be that you need to have your duct insulated, it is good practic ... Carrier XHB123D X/Y Series Heat/Cool Air Conditioner

I have a Heat Controller EKTH15-150J PTAC. Of lat,e toward the end of winter here in southern Missour,i the unit while in heat mode has been randomly blowing cold air. Often you can shut off the unit and let it sit for awhile and when you turn it back on it will come up heating again. A couple of years ago I replaced the control board that had been killed by a lightning induced power surge with a RSKP006 control board kit. It has run fine since, until the last few months. Sometimes I can pu

Your problem sounds more like a reversing valve issue.The reversing valve will tend to stick and not close completely causing cool air instead of warm.Check the low voltage wires to the control board(usually orange) and the 24 volt signal ... Comfort-Aire EKTH15-150J Air Conditioner

Sharp Air Conditioner AC09RLCSYS isnt cooling properly. Very moderate to low cold air from unit. At one point small bits of ice came out of indoor unit when on auto cool. Unit was switched off immediately and then turned back on after a few minutes with no additional problems, however still is not cooling properly. Unit is only eight months old. First used for cooling with no problems and great cold air, then for heating during winter. Now back to cooling and not getting the cold air like p

Unit may be freezing up if blowing ice crystals. Let thaw 24hrs try again. Make sure condensation drain line is cleaned out. ... Air Conditioners

Unit comes on and shut off correctly but dosen't heat and cool home equally. Blows cold air in winter and doesn't cool home properly in summer.

Toget proper heat, keep your temp setting at 30+ degree and also mode in "heat"position. If still no heat, check your heating sensor for closed circuit by anOHMs metre.It it's with RV, check power to RV.If it's with heatingelement check pow ... Intertherm Air Conditioners

I have a Coleman rooftop rv ac unit. THe air it blows is not as cold as it used to be. the compressor shuts off frequently even if the thermostat is set all the way to coldest. The compressor will start again after several minutes and runs_air is not very cold_then it shuts off again and the cycle repeats. Is there anything that can be serviced for this. Can it be recharged with freon? Could it be the thermostat? Why is the compressor shutting off?

Try to check the condenser coil fins, there should be no clogged areas on fins so that it could properly discharge hot air which is needed to complete the refrigerant cycle. If the condenser heat is not discharged properly, hi refrigerant pressure wi ... Coleman Air Conditioners

I have a shenbao mennelium aircon its gets cool after i turn the unit on but after 10-15 min it stops blowing cold air i have to shut the unit off and then back on to get cold air and also the compressor fan makes noises but still spins it sounds like it need greese

Check the fan,to make sure it is really turning fast on the high mode with ac on,not just fan.It sounds like the fan is slowing down,and not cooling the condenser,therefore cause the head pressure to rise,and producing warm air.The fan motor would ha ... Air Conditioners

My central air conditioner is making a whistling noise in the inside unit when the compressor is running. It's not the blower because the noise stops after the outdoor unit shuts off. It's also not blowing any cold air and the piping is not getting cold. What could be the possible cause?

Hello,\012\012If there is no cooling (meaning no cold pipes and not blowing cold air) then check the outdoor A/C for any visible/obvious issues; breakers not tripped, no debris blocking the outside unit from passing air through it, etc. If all ... Air Conditioners

I have a carrier 38ckc060370 that runs but the air is not cold coming out of the vents. i checked the copper line coming out of outdoor unit and is not cold either. does this mean that i need a recharge, or could there be some other problem? recently, i've had problems getting the unit to turn off, and had to use the breaker because it would not shut down on its own, but other than that, the unit has never had a problem. the unit is about 4 years old.

Hi, since you claim that the a/c is working but the air coming out is not cool, then you have a very low freon in the compressor and you need to refill the compressor, Or look for an air restriction. Check your filter first of all..Concer ... Air Conditioners

I have a carrier 38ckc060370 that runs but the air is not cold coming out of the vents. i checked the copper line coming out of outdoor unit and is not cold either. does this mean that i need a recharge, or could there be some other problem? recently, i've had problems getting the unit to turn off, and had to use the breaker because it would not shut down on its own, but other than that, the unit has never had a problem. the unit is about 4 years old.

If the unit is not shutting down, then there is a chance the contactor has gotten stuck. This is not a good thing. If the contactor were to weld itself shut and the outdoor unit were to continue to run without the indoor fan running for an extended ... Carrier 38CKC060 Air Conditioner

I have a dometic dual-therm rooftop RV air with analog thermostat. When I set the thermostat to heat, the unit will hum but the fan does not turn and no air is coming thru vents in the floor. Then unit will blow cold air (hums and fan turns) when thermostat is on cool, but it won't turn off unless I shut it off at the breaker. What could be wrong?

... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Our a/c-heat pump unit was replaced for our home. This unit throws hot air in the summer and cold air during the winter. We have called service techs numerous times and no one seems to find the issue. Currently we set the temp@ 76 degrees a/c and it says it's 85 degrees inside and blowing hot air. Please give me any suggestions??? Thanks

The issue is with the thermostat wiring. Depending on the heatpump, the Y1 wire is used to start the compressor, usually in the heating mode and the O wire operates the reversing valve, to bring on cooling. The crossed wire could be at the thermost ... Whirlwind FH-778 Air Conditioner

Model No# AST17RSE-W My reverse cycle air con cools ok but when the unit is set to heat now it only blows cold air at a very slow speed even when when set to high speed. Last winter it was fine, summer it worked perfectly but now in winter again it's not.

Check the thermostat switch and speed sw. maybe its not functioning well. ... Air Conditioners

My unit runs putting out warm air then begins putting out cold air alternating between warm and cold never shutting off

I think you you are setting as same as exact of your room temp. Please make it less setting and then check. ... Haier Air Conditioners

No heat I have an Amana heating and a/c unit model # pth153b50ae. It was blowing heat all winter then just stopped. It now blows cold air and is either bringing in cold air from outside or is blowing a/c. It does not change no matter where the control knobs are set. I checked the fuse and actually changed it but no difference. The only way I can turn it off is either unplug it or take the cover off and switch of the little micro switch. I'm thinking the board is gone. Any help would be appreciat

Check to see if unit has a contactor,they arc and weld together,keeping your unit on ... Amana PTH153B50AE Air Conditioner

I have 3 goodman system but my goodman ckl30-1g, stop blowing cold air a few days ago. the inside unit attempts to start and the outside compressor fan runs just fine but no cold air is being pushed through. I normally troubleshoot my my problems but this one has me puzzled. Does it have anything to do with the "warning" of overflow shut off device? where is this located?

The fan may be running on the condensor, but; Goodmans usually come with a dual capacitor. A lot of times these fail and the compressor cuts off on the overload. Turn off the power and check for a bulging capacitor. It can still be blown even if it i ... Goodman CKL30AR30 Air Conditioner

Brand New A/C stops blowing cold air half way through the day when I leave it on all day. Also it's like the blower shuts down as well. And when this happens if I turn the knob from low, medium or to high the units blower volume does not change. It just stays as it was when it shuts down. Hardly any air coming out of it at all. My R.V. guy tells me that all A/C's do this because the park I am in is not furnishing enough electricy, but it only happens to my A/C. Everyone else's A/C will be w

Please check the voltage and the current factor on your power outlet., If you happen to observe that the plug pins are heating then there is insufficient current on the plug point. \012if the voltage goes down after the ac starts the power is d ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I bought a brand new LG L1210ER Window/Wall Unit air conditioner a couple days ago. After installing the unit in the wall and properly insulating the perimeter gap around the unit I turned on the equipment. Immediately the unit starts to cool, however after 10 minutes of use it turns itself off (even the electronic display goes off) for a total of 5 seconds, yes seconds. It then turns itself on again and works fine for another 10 minutes and then shuts itself off again. This goes on for ever, in

... LG Art Cool LA091CNP Split System Air Conditioner

I have the Mitsubishi split unit system with 24BTU for my bedroom, the problems starts after the compressor has started and the cold air has been blown through the indoor unit, this pleasure lasts for about 2 mins and then a strange sound from the outdoor unit , sounds like the power is getting low or some what, then it shuts itself down. A technician checked and said the compressor needs replacement..its 12 month old and works 6 hours a day!!!

Ok, it can be two things. \015\012\015\012The outside unit needs to be washed with a water hose to rinse any dirt and debris that can cause a restriction in airflow over the outdoor coils. If they are allowed ... Mitsubishi MSM18NW Air Conditioner

Central air unit out side will run non stop in hi temp cond and not cool very well, coils have been cleaned along with condenser and evap. it will run and turn off in early morning hours, freion is wher it sould be put in buy hvac tec. termostat is set @ 72 deg. apt will not cool under 77 deg during hot condtions. not sure what air out put sould be @ vents, or return cold air intake sould be.

Here is what you need to do to make sure your system is charged correctly go to the furnace take the temperature of to supply temp and take the return temperature at the furnace. You should have 18-20 degrees temperature difference if your return tem ... Goodman Air Conditioners

When my central a/c is on, I hear the unit cooling the house for approx. 15 sec. and then it sounds like the unit stops producing cold air yet it is still running. Also, then fan outside of the house turns on then shuts off while unit is on. Any solution?

Can you tell if the compressor is shutting down, and just the fan is still running? ... Air Conditioners

I have a ten year old carrier heat pump unit. I recently replaced the indoor tstat. the outside contact and the transformer. Had a tech put freon in the unit also. I have to problems one is the airflow is minimal coming out of the vents it has new air filter and I cleaned the inside and outside unit coils. And the second problem is the ac with not get cold.

Two things are the most likely culprit. First check ytour inside coil with the unit running for 10 minutes or more and see if the coil is sweating there should be water running off of it. Also after one hour is there ice forming on it. These problems ... Air Conditioners

I have a fedders portable a/c unit and it works for five minutes and it then shuts down. The circuit braker does not trip and I plugged the unit on different locations with the same results. The unit has very cold air, but it trips after five minutes of use.

Thanks for your information that " The unit has very cold air".It's cut off by indoor coil sensor.Reason for shut off in 5 minutes.(There are one or more reasons for the problem) Check as follows.1. Evaporator coil,air filter and bo ... Fedders A6X05F2D Air Conditioner

We had our furnace replace this winter, our air was only about 8 years old and working fine so we didnt change it, well now , the air coming out of the vents are cold, but the condenser NEVER shuts off and the thermostat never reads what it is set on, it stays 2 or more degrees higher, the company that installed the furnace checked the air and said everything is working fine, and leaves me high and dry and HOT... the freon level is good, the pressure reading is good, but the house is hot and the

Hi, if the new furnace they put in did not have the right size coil to match the outdoor unit, it would run all of the time and not cycle off. Lets say if it is a 3 ton condenser, the indoor coil must be a 3 ton coil as well. If they put a 2 !/2 coil ... Air Conditioners

Hi, two days ago I bought a Danby Premiere DPAC13009 portable AC unit. It worked on the first day reducing the temperature from 32C in the room to 26C in a few hours. Although now there is no cold air coming out of the AC and only the fan is working. I verified the two hoses and the exhaust is working good, lot of air is blowing out. Although, no air seem to be sucked in from the intake hose. I checked and I don't see any obstruction. Could the compressor be dead already??? thank you

Comperssors have a thermal overload. If there is a starting problem or low on freon the conpressor will shut down until cooled off. Try restarting and listen to compressor. ... Danby Air Conditioners

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