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Clicking from Condenser

\015 We own three 3-zone condenser units. Unit 1 stopped working three weeks ago and the condenser was clicking. Repair man came out and said it was a circuit board--week later he replaced the board and that wasn't it. Then he wanted to change ALL the circuit boards--we called in a Diamond dealer. The night before the Diamond dealer(DD) came, Unit 2 stopped with the same exact problem (this is about a 2 weeks after unit 1 stopped working. \015\012\015\012DD fixed both units by adding freon. That worked, until Unit 2 stopped again at 11 pm that same night with the same clicking condenser. DD came out two days later and emptied the entire freon out of Unit 2 and replaced it with new freon--A LOT of money. Worked again until 11pm and than stopped with the clicking.\015\012\015\012Then this afternoon Unit 1 went out AGAIN with the clicking sound from condenser. $675 in "repair" bills later we still have two of our condensers broken and we are hot here in Florida. PLEASE HELP :-(\015

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I would have to say it's your fan going out, also if the units aren't fixed the the DD should come out and fix it for free since it wasn't done the first time. I would take a look at it but I don't know where in florida you are. I'm in highlands county. If your close enough I could come take a look. If there's clicking coming from your condenser then it's one of two things, the compressor or the fan. hopefully the fan. let me know.

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Clicking from Condenser

I would have to say it's your fan going out, also if the units aren't fixed the the DD should come out and fix it for free since it wasn't done the first time. I would take a look at it but I don't know where in florida you are. I'm in highlands coun ... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

Carrier Condensing Unit clicks in HEAT mode / defrost problem

There is a circuit board with a built in defrost timer in it the timer is bad change board ... Carrier 38CKC042 Air Conditioner

Contactor not engaging to start condenser unit . When setting the thermnostat, i hear the click from the unit starting inside the house. Fans start and air starts blowing inside the house, but the condenser unit never starts. I tryed pushing the contactor by hand and then everything works find (cool house) as long as i keep the contactor pushed manually. Seems alike the 24 V (coil) bobine in the contactor is not been energize. When I tried the 24 V outside with a 24 V surce it worked fine. Thank

I would replace the contactor if you are getting 24 volts to the contactor and it isn't engaging therefore the magneto on the contactor is out and the contactor will need replacement. If you don't have 24 volts at the contactor then the transformer ... Air Conditioners

The goodman condenser is making a noise clicking and the trouble light is red indicating protector problems

... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

Carrier AC condenser unit stopped working. Power supply OK. Fan motor is not turning, and compressor just makes a click. This happened overnight. Any thoughts as to what the culprit may be??

If all is as you say you probably have a bad "dual motor run capacitor" ... Carrier 38CKC042 Air Conditioner

Ruud Achiever 90 Plus - furnace won't ignite. Getting open pressure switch error code (2 blinks). I can see into the outside end of the exhaust pipe and it looks clear. There is condensation but I don't believe any puddling in the pipe and I have checked the drainage at the furnace. Is there an easy way to determine if the pressure switch might be bad? I have blown into the rubber tube and the switch is clicking. Anything else to check? Thanks!

Jump out the switch as it first starts then take the jumper off as it ignites. If it starts, its the switch. If not, its the circuit board. ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

Have new goodman heat pump that works fine, but on several times the condenser contacts keep clicking on and off and it dims the lights everytime the contactors open and close. Then the unit will run fine. It heats very well and cool great but the contactor issue are driving the customer crazy any help, please

Plz ensure that there are no loose contacts in wiring with plug, board, contactor. And rectify if any. ... Goodman PHKJ048-1 Air Conditioner


The Trane PTAC is made by a company called Goodman as is Amanna. The chassis motor and compressor are really durable and work well, the weak link in this is the control board which not made by Trane or Goodman and some models have undergo ... Air Conditioners


The pressure switch is closed before the draft motor closes it.the board is telling you that this is not right.pull the wire(either) off of the pressure switch to see if furnace tries to light.if it does,you should replace the pressure switch. ... Goodman Air Conditioners

The fan is working but neither heat nor AC is working. We can hear the condenser try to click on for a second or two every minute or so but does not start. Is there something we can check or clean before calling? What does it sound like the problem is? Is it expensive? Thank you. Rog

Sounds like you have a popped capacitor due to dirty condenser coil. A Dual capacitor through a company is going to run you at least $250 and the condenser coil needs to be chemically cleaned. If you get it yourself I think depending on the size arou ... Samsung Air Conditioners

Condenser fan will not turn on, although I can hear the relay click. This is a Goodman 3.5 ton unit about 12 yrs old.

Is the compressor running? If not then check the disconnect or fuses. If it is then make sure the fan turns freely and check the fan capacitor. Replace it if it is bad. If the capacitor is good then check the fan motor windings and replace the fan mo ... Goodman CKL42AR42 Air Conditioner

I have a carrier 38YCBO48300 Over the years ithas a history of eating the start Caps Which I replace myself. This time the cap was leaking so I replaced it but the unit still will not run.The blower runs but not the outside unit. there is power and I hear a click when the system is turned on if I push in the relay the unit will start. but stop when I release it. I have checked the float switch in the condenser pan Any other ideas??

You must have a bad connection from either the thermostat or inside unit. Check the wire going from the outside unit to the inside unit. Look for any in-line fuses or the fuse on the circuit board. ... Carrier 38BRC048 Air Conditioner

I have a Payne air conditioning unit and I noticed today that the fan was not running and it was not cooling my house. I manually turned the fan and it kicked on but the compressor just clicks and does not cut on. I was trying to find out where the condenser reset button was but can not find it. Please help quickly got kids and its very hot!!

Are you sure there is a condenser reset button?If there is,the condenser is on the opposite end of the tubing where the compressor and evaporator are.You may have to remove a panel but if there is a reset,it may be right on the condenser itself.Knowi ... Air Conditioners

Gas furnace will not come on. check 3 amp fuse Ok!Thermostat click on when it is soppose to but nothing comes on at the furnace.Bryant model 345mav condensing gas furnace.

This furnace will be powered by at least a 20 amp breaker located in the your homes breaker box. Check the breaker in the service panel. It also has a low voltage transformer that provides 24 volts. It is located behind the control center and thermos ... Air Conditioners

Central AC makes loud noise at start up (inside unit, not outdoor unit). The noise has been getting longer and now the AC doesn't click on.

... Air Conditioners

Fan condenser unit wont run

This is usually a bad capacitor or bad fan motor. The capacitor is located inside the electrical panel on the outside unit. You can check these by using a meter that measures Mfds (Microfarads), most of the time you can visually see the capacitor swo ... Air Conditioners

I have a heat pump and a new condenser Payne made by Carrier was installed 7/12. My problem is I live in east coast and I notice that the condenser is on but the fan doesnt turn on in synch with condenser. Called a contractor but they said it is motor problem in the blower and it was changed. That didnt solved the problem,I notice that the condenser will turn on and the fan will turn on maybe after 10 min.Need some advice pls.. t

... Air Conditioners

I have a intertherm model 9007590 AC unit. The condensing unit was changed to a unit that has a common wire and a y terminal and the old condenser unit had three wires at condensing unit. I can't get it to run and I think some of the wiring has been changed. I need to know how the low voltage wiring is suppose to be and if I need a four wire or five wire stat due to the condenser being changed. What stat do you recommend for this unit. Thank you.

The unit with3 wires was set up as a dual transformer the new unit is single transformer system. it needs to be rewired at thermostat,furnace,and ac ... Air Conditioners

I have a ns 2800 vented cabin heater in my hymer motorhome, it has recently failed to fire up. Following the instructions on start up, heat switch to on, power lamp lights up to activate igniter, starts to click click. After a few minutes clicking stops and it starts to blow, begins clicking again,then blow, followed by red light on flame. Closer inspection thro inspection window, shows flame not lit. Any ideas please

... Toyotomi Air Conditioners

York ac blows 5amp fuse on control board. if disconnect either red or white therm wire from condenser fuse doesnt blow

... Air Conditioners

Aircondition I have a air conditioner problems, the unite inside the house is working I can hear it and feels the air coming out of the vent but it's not getting cool air, the unite outside all I hear is click once and about 2 to 3 mint. click again. I have the other air condition next to and it click and then seem to locked and worked. help..

You will need an OHM meter to check the relay and compressor. Make sure all power is off. The most common types of compressor winding failures are open, grounded, or shorted. You have to know how to read a meter. If you don't find someone who can. Or ... Ruud UAKA030 Air Conditioner

My blackberry didnt get wet exactly maybe the steam got into it so i took the battery out and put the blow dryer on it, it was working okay but then it started short circeting on me, it wud stop then it would start again, my track button wont click and it's texting and calling everyone in my phonebook, i dont even have to click on anything as soon as the trackball goes over an icon it automatically clicks on the icon and starts doing its own thing, i just put it in a bag of dried rice will it fi

HI, the chances of the bag of rice doing anything is pretty slim, wht you should have done is left the battery out for a day or two to ensure the circuit board had dried out properly, then their may have been some slim chance of it working, now thats ... Air Conditioners

Model PE1-09R-30 SoleusAir Portable Air Conditioner: Power Plug in light flashes on and off and clicks when reset. Test button turns light and clicking off. On/off switch on unit does not turn fan off when power is on with plug light flashing and clicking. It does turn display lights and on and off.

Hi,\015\012This is the link to download the service manual for your product. Hope it will be helpful to you. \015\012http://www.managemylife.com ... Soleus Air Conditioners

My outside unit is clicking off & on. it seems as if it is trying to catch but is not catching. it clicks on for about 30 seconds then clicks off for about 15 seconds then back on. Off & on constantly. the inside is blowing the whole time, but outside is going off & on. what do you think may be the problem!!!

Turn off all power to unit you have a loose connecton on the two wires comming fror the inside of the house they hook up on the unit out side some times theres wire nuts on a small red and white wire tighten and then look for any loos conn. ... Air Conditioners

One of the goodman condensing unit for my house starts good every thing works fine, but it runs OK for couple of hours and by then the refrigerant line connecting the unit condenses and it will not blow cool air. I have to turn it off, may be for couple of hours and start again and it works Ok till the copper line gets condensed and problem repeats.

The refrigerant line is actually supposed to condensate, but if you mean "freeze up", thats a problem. The condensation occurs because the line temp is lower than the outside temp, kinda like a soda can outside. From what you described, Im pretty sur ... Goodman CKL60AR60 Air Conditioner

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