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Leak repair Samsung window air conditioner

\015 Model AW08ECB7 Samsung air conditioner. In attempting to drill a hole in the frame to allow the water to drain, I punctured the refrigerant line and all the coolant blew out. Can it be repair or do I have an eighty pound paper weight now?\015\012\015\012John Dowsing\015\012\015\[email protected]\015

Answers :

You will have to repair the hole pull avaccum and refill with refrigerant
Modern window units intentionally do not allow the water to drain directly, they want the fan blade to sling the water on to the condensor (the coil that is outside) to aid in cooling actually helps the unit cool better in high outside temps, it also evaporates it this way, depending on where the hole was drilled it may be able to be repaired, if it was just a copper tube it will be less expensive than replacing the whole coil. Since its a relative inexpensive unit anyway the labor and freon may be more than its worth. Lesson learned dont drill a hole in the base it lowers it's efficiency and can lead to a punctured freon line.

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Leak repair Samsung window air conditioner

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