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Heater lights for about 5 sec and then goes out

\015 When you turn on the heat to my ruud package unit the ignitor lights the flame and then it goes out after about two tries the dianostics light binks once and the furnace shuts off please help\015

Answers :

One flash on a Ruud furnace indicates failure to ignite. There is a viewing port on the furnace where you can watch the flame. If the ignitor is igniting the burner and then 2 or 3 seconds later, the flame goes out; you most likely have a flame sensor that is dirty or not working. Check to make sure you are getting gas. Check the connections of all wires to the control board. If the sensor is not part of the ignitor, see if you can get to it to clean it with a small wire brush. Make sure there is a good ground connection between the board and furnace frame. If the flame is not traveling all the way to the flame sensor, clean your burners. If the flame burns inside the burners, you may have weak gas pressure. \015\012Good Luck.

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Heater lights for about 5 sec and then goes out

One flash on a Ruud furnace indicates failure to ignite. There is a viewing port on the furnace where you can watch the flame. If the ignitor is igniting the burner and then 2 or 3 seconds later, the flame goes out; you most likely have a flame senso ... Air Conditioners

GMP050-3 heater, gas turns on and lights for 5-7 seconds and just as thr igniter goes dim the gas shuts off. after 3 cycles the erd LED flashes on/off at a 1.5 seconds on and 1.5 sec off Gary

After the gas turns on, it is the flame sensor's job to see that ignition took place and send 24v to the gas valve. If it does not do this, the gas valve shuts down as a safety precaution. After 3 tries, the furnace will go into "lockout" and will ... Goodman Air Conditioners

My ventless gas heater has an uneven flame with orange tips, the flame toward the outer edge is higher than the flame in the middle, and also,when I light the heater, it doesn't just give me a piolot light, it lights the row in back on low, flickers, and has an unstable flame and then you turn it to low, and it goes out until you turn the regulator knob a little higher, for more heat and it goes out completely, all except the piolot light

This sounds like your gas valve is weak. An orange flame has to much gas and not enough air mixture. Have you trie to ajust the air mixture. If it won't ajust then you will need to replace the valve.\015\012\015\012I hope this helps. ... Air Conditioners


This sounds like a bad thermostat, or thermocouple, or possibly both. I'm not sure which is bad, or if both are, but if you will respond with the make and model number, I will research this problem later, since I have to get to work now.\015\ ... Air Conditioners

Have a Reddy Heater RCP275 propane gas heater. If able to light - the heater will burn for 1-5 min. but then goes out. Sometimes burner will not light at all when the red pilot button is released. At times pilot light burner will not stay lit. At times the pilot will burn only as long as the red pilot button is depressed but once released the pilot will go out after 4-5 seconds. What could the problem be?

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SW6DEA GAS HEATER UNIT FLAME WILL NOT STAY ALIGHT ! Switching gas water heater unit on inside the RV, the red light comes on and approx 6 to 8 seconds later ( normal time cycle ) the gas flame lights up OK but goes out again after approx. 6 to 8 seconds with the red light going out at the same time. Leaving the unit switched on inside the RV, after a further 6 to 8 seconds, the red light comes back on automatically and repeats the start up cycle over - again without success. *4 times unsucces

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I have the delonghi retro fan heater. when i plug it in and turn the dial, the red light on top goes on and then sometomes the fan turns maybe for 1 minute then the fan stops. the red light remains on but it won't turn anymore and just stops responding to any movemnt on the dial except when turned to 0 when the red light goes out. I haven't use either of them in about 4 months but they worked perfectly before when i used them. Please help!!

It indicates fan motor problem .servicing urgently required too. ... DeLonghi Air Conditioners

I have a Mr. Heater Big Max 75k Btu natural gas heater and when I turn my thermostat on the main burner lights and stays lit for a 45 seconds to 2 minutes, then goes out. It repeats this process and will never stay lit, I have let do this up to five times and it never stays lit. On the led light it never flash anything other than the fast light. Which the manual says is normal.

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Can't light a vulcan heritage gas heater, the pilot light lights, but as soon as I try to lift my finger off the button to ignite the heater, the pilot flame always goes off.

Hi and welcome to FixYa, I am Kelly.\015\012\015\012What you are experiencing is the lack of a signal from the thermocouple to the gas valve. I.e. the thermocouple is not passing heat information at all. This is caused by e ... Air Conditioners

I have a reddy heater rlp30 propane forced heater 30,000 btu. Heater lights ok but will not stay running unless i hold red bypass in, when i let go the heater goes out. Do i need a thermocouple or something else? Can you help

Achowe - Several things can cause what you have described.Restricted air flow. Check the heater's inlet & for any obstructions.Damage Fan - check the fan for any obvious damage.Excessive dust or debris inside the heater or in ... Air Conditioners

I have a Charmglow patio heater. I have taken it apart and cleaned all openings where the gas comes out, but the flame still goes out after 7-8 minutes. It lights fine but will not stay lit for more than about 7-8 minuites. I have also replaced the butane tank. If I wait awhile I can re-light but if I try and do it right away then the pilot lights then I turn the knob and the flem lights but if I let go of the knob it burns out.

From what you have described, it sounds like the Thermocouple is going bad and needs to be replaced. As far as not being able to relight the pilot right away is concerned ... that's a safety feature. The control has to reset itself, before you can re ... Air Conditioners

Cozy Wall Heater - Pilot won't light - push button, lite pilot, hold for over 60 seconds then it goes out. Will not light or ignite heating unit. Pilot "light" seems weak when holding button - not enough gas?

If your pilot looks a little weak chances are the pilot tube has a sight blockage in it. You will need to turn the gas off remove the pilot tube and get access to the opening of the tube and blow it out with your mouth air compressor or something. ... Air Conditioners

I have a Vanguard propane 5-burner heater. It will not start. The tank is full and there is nothing wrong with the pressure. The pilot light, lights just fine when I press down the selector switch and then press the Ignitor, but when when I release the selector switch the pilot light goes out.

You gotta wait till the pilot safety thermocouple heats up enough to generate the power needed to hold the safety magnet. Could be a bad thermocouple or safety magnet or simply corrosion in the connection. I would remove that thermocouple and use a p ... Air Conditioners


Pilot needs pulled and cleaned ... Whirlpool Air Conditioners


... Air Conditioners

We have a Rheem Pool heater 009977 model #P-M406A-EP-C, we can not get it to light. We turn it on it tries to light (goes to CFH a couple of times) then ROL comes up with Service flashing in the upper right corner. It's for a spa and is a couple of years old.

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Heater trys to light then goes out an lights start blinking

OK, give us a Make, Model number and how many blinks. ... Air Conditioners

Heater: Rheem Classic 90 Model RGRJ In service since 7/02 Problem: Thermostat calls for heat Steady Green Light Inducer motor starts and runs lighter comes on and glows no gas, no flame Voltage across gas valve is zero no yellow light lighter goes out inducer motor quits blower is off no heat Troubleshooting activities: Resetting (power off then on) will bring on the flame 99% of the time checked for exhaust clogs, none found no evidence of water at inducer fan housing barb have

Failed control board. Replace circuit board. ... Air Conditioners

The pilot light will stay lit. Go to turn on heater and stays on briefly and goes out The heater wont stay lit.

If the fan comes on and blows out the pilot light then you need a new furnace because that's the sign of a crack in the heat exchanger. Need a little better description. Do the burners light then the fan come`s on and then it goes out completel ... Air Conditioners

Gas craft heater: can start the heater but once i take my finger of the button the piolet light goes out

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My water heater does not stay on, for some reason the pilot goes off, i tryed to re lighted again and it came on but, as soon as i released the push botton the pilot goes off again, any Idea on what the problem might be? Thank you.

Hi, I do understand you have a problem with the pilot that goes off.\015\012\015\012It might be the circuitry of the push button in that pilot has the problem.\015\012or The flame Safe Guard features are causing major problems with ... Air Conditioners

Ac wont come on trip plug lights for 1 sec then goes out.


Furnace lights than goes out after 5 sec over and over Weather King 80pj series

There is a sensor called a flame sensor that is located in the burner box either far right or far left and will be in the flame of a burner. There will only be one wire to it. It sometimes collects carbon and may need to be cleaned. The circuit board ... Weather King 10AJA6001AH Air Conditioner

I have a rinnai Titan mk 2 an the pilot light keeps going out causing the heater to shut down. It makes a blowing sound an the flame (on pilot) starts flickering then goes out. Can this be fixed an will it be expesive

If possible you should check your gas pressure it should be 3.5 inches of water colum if you are using natural gas ... Rinnai Air Conditioners

Water heater lights and stays on but then it goes out later. Sometimes 4 hrs later or 2 days later. Im told theres something wrong with the thermal coupler

The thermal coupler Is a good guess, Also if its in a higher flow of air area it can blow it out? ... Air Conditioners

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