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Coil Dirty How do you remove the front cover. Most just snap off. Do you have to remove some screws somewhere?

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I have water leaking, where is the plug to drain it?

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Coil Dirty How do you remove the front cover. Most just snap off. Do you have to remove some screws somewhere?

I have water leaking, where is the plug to drain it? ... Maytag M6Q10F2A Air Conditioner

ASU36CLX. On my split unit I wanted to know how to remove the cover inside my house to clean the rollers which is very dirty. Can anyone tell me how to remover it with break the cover I have already removed the bottom screws none on the top yet the top part of the cover don't want to come off

Better to brush and vacuum clean the outside of the filters first ... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

PAC pinguino cn120e I need to take the cover off an clean it. I do believe there is dust clogging inside somewhere because the unit freezes and the air only blows through 2/3 of the vent. How do I remove the cover? I took out 3 screws, are there more I could be missing?

... Air Conditioners

I read on the honeywell thermostat T8400C that if the reading went blank, try changing the batteries. The only way i see to get inside the thermostat is to unscrew a couple of screws. However, on the outside it says, "Do not remove screw". How do I change batteries on this thing without removing the screws? Beyond that, what can i check?

This unit gets it's power from the air handler transformer. Check your breakers, then take the front cover off the furnace or air handler and check for a blown fuse. If a fuse did blow, there might be some other problem. Replace the fuse, and h ... Air Conditioners

PGB036100-1A I need to remove the blower motor housing and I can't seem to find how you remove it. It appears it slides up into place because it is at an angle but there are no screws to remove it. There is a cross bar under it that I've removed but the housing won't slide down.

... Goodman Air Conditioners

I have an old GE Weathertron which still works (except I need a new fan). The unit is about 30 years old, but some goob from Dave's H & AC screwed it up and they had to send a new guy (who apparently had some experience) and he basically spent all day replacing most of the internals for free. The problem is the 18" fan has a bent blade. I can get a new one, but I just can't get the old one off. I removed two hex screws (set screws) from the hub on top, but it still wont budge. Is the hub on top

Use sandpaper to sand the motor shaft.Then,Lots of WD40 on the shaft and hub. Wait for it to penetrate.Then hold the shaft with pliers between the hub and the motor and twist the fan blade right and lft to loosen it.Try and pu ... GE Air Conditioners

I have a Fujitsu AST 24RBA-w. I need to remove the cover. I have removed the filter cover and the filters.I have also remove=d the three concealed screws on the lower section of the unit cover. The cover is loose but something is holding it. Are there additional clips if so where are they

... Fujitsu 18R1 Air Conditioner

I am trying to remove a Hampton Bay air conditioner from the window and I can't determine what is holding it in place. I removed 1 screw from the side of the cabinet, but it is still being held in place. How do I remove the air conditioner?

Pull hard :Dit is in there by gravity.Nothing else.Closely inspect for another screw - however one is standard.Thanks :) ... Hampton Bay Air Conditioners

I am trying to remove the outer case so that I can clean out my Frigidaire AC. Model # LRA074AT7. I have removed all screws but am not sure if I need to remove the face plate

To clean indoor coil, you have to remove face plate. ... Frigidaire Air Conditioners

I have a MAC 1155. The burner comes on and then goes out after about 1 minute. It will stay on if I remove the cover below the gas valve. I don't think it is safe to run it like that even though there is no heat that comes out thru the opening. is there a filter somewhere that needs to be cleaned or changed? Should I remove the unit and check for an obstruction?

Hi, I repair heaters and air conditioners for a living. No you are right, do not leave the panel off. You may need to get back to me on how this system is set up, like is it a central heating unit? Most all furnaces have a filter that goes on the ret ... Air Conditioners

Unit runs but will not cool. Fanruns fine but when turn dial to cool the compressor kicks in for about a second or two the kicks out. Fan works on cool but it will not produce cool air at any temp setting. I have cleaned filter and removed cometic facing and vacuumed the coil face. It was pretty dirty but after all that still would not cool, Unit is installed in a RV and power is provided from house. Gen4erator is also available for power. Unit is difficult to remove from RV and space to get at

You may need to install a hardstart kit if you can get to the compressor.\012go to your nearest appliance parts store to get the part and the instructions are usually on it. If not ask the parts man.\012\012If this was helpful pleas ... Air Conditioners

Water drips from the blower unit due to a clog in the drain inlet causing the drip pan to overflow. I can fix it myself. After removing the four screws at the bottom, HOW DO I REMOVE THE PLASTIC HOUSING TO GET ACCESS TO THE DRIP PAN AND DRAIN TUBE?

I also have a split type at home, it should have something that you can press on both sides to release the lock. ... Air Conditioners

I have a Myson Midas boiler, got hot water but no central heating, the fan is working as is the c/h pump, the boiler trys to fire but fails to do so. The property has ben empty for at least 12 months, i don't know if the system was drained so what is purging the system does & the instructions say to vent the boiler by removing a screw at the top & vent the radiators, is that the bleed screw at the top of the radiators & do I undo one at time or all at the same time, thanks.

... Air Conditioners

I need to remove my gas fireplace (majestic dvt36rn) in order to remove a dead something behind it (corner install) I can't see any screws and I don't want to just rip at it. A manual would be

Usually 1 panel comes off and under it are the screws. look with a good lite up and toward the front from behind the screen or door assy. usually these first screws are located there and are probably black. ... Air Conditioners

My Everystar MPM1-10CR-BB6 model air conditioner will not come on. I had removed the cover in order to do a thorough cleaning of the cooling coils (vacuumed off all months of collected dust & dirt). Wne I put the cover back on, the unit would not power on. I removed the cover again and found that I had one of the screws had severed a wire to the control panel (the purple wire that leads to DM3). I spliced the wire and checked for continuity with an ohm meter but... the unit still will not po

I'll pass on the link to the users manual. Hopefully your questions should be present in that manual:http://www.2instructions.com/search.php?creference=D7bffqa2w3....................sodeep ... Danby DPAC8020 Air Conditioner

I have an old CW-C60YU model air conditioner which is in one of my walls. How do I remove the chassis in order to check for mold? I have removed the filter as well as several screws but it still does not move. Do you have the original service manual? I do not and it would help.

I believer to panasonic does not pull out but you have to take the unit apart by taking it out of the wall and removing a screw on top (or more) and all of the screws around the bottom edge. It has been a number of years since I worked on a panasonic ... Panasonic CW-C60RU Air Conditioner

My WS 3560 Bionaire humidifier switch control isn't connected properly. When plugged in, light is on; however, it doesn't click off. The humidifier is pristine otherwise. I attempted to remove the front part but cannot figure out what type of tool is needed to remove the screw. Please help me.

... Air Conditioners

GE air conditioner ASM08LLS1 Problem: Cannot remove air conditioner from its casing. Both Phillips head screws have been removed from sides of casing. Instructions say, "slide the air conditioner from the case by gripping the base pan handle and pulling forward while bracing the case. Fact: there is no base pan handle. there is nothing to hold on to. Nothing. Please advise. Soon. It's hot today. Leonard

If its in a window make sure no one put a screw on the outside when mounting it. it takes 2 to pull one out sometimes as the water ,goop ,rust gets under the tray.I assume you removed the front.the base pan is all you can really pul ... GE Air Conditioners

My m6x06f2a-f is leaking from the front water is coming out the outside of the unit ok . also how do you take the front cover off i removed the 2 screws on the side but can't remove the cover.

Lift the left and right side straight up till you feel each side pop out. Then it comes straight off. I can't find a manual, but this maytag would be a Fedders-Airwell air conditioner with the same model numbers but starting w/ an A instead of an M. ... Maytag M6X06F2A Air Conditioner

Hi, I have a Rudd 21J11SFC air handler. At the bottom front of the handler (drip pan area) is a plastic sheild, out of which comes the pvc drainage pipe. When removing the pipe so that I could access the coils, I accidentally snapped off a jagged piece of that plastic shield surrounding the pipe while trying to remove the pipe. Where would I find a replacement for this and how the heck would I install it? I know it sounds like such a minor problem, but I can't figure out any simple way to rig

... Air Conditioners

How do I remove the unit from the sleeve/case? I have removed the screws connecting the sleeve and the unit. I am afraid of forcing/breaking the plastic molding seperating the condenser area from the evaporator area. thanks

Welcome to FixYa\015\012\015\012Hello,\015\012\015\012\015\012Maintain the unit's filters\015\012\015\012\015\012Unplug the air conditioner and remove the front cover. The filter itself may be ... Maytag M6Q10F2A Air Conditioner

I have an old through the wall air conditioning unit 11 000 btu 1976, i want to service it. How do you remove it ? I don't see any screws on the casing ! but it wont budge (move)

... Fedders A&B Chassis A1A07W2B Air Conditioner

In deshumidifier mode, What to do with the 4 inches hoses. Do you remove them, do you direct them somewhere? How do you optimize the deshumidifier mode?

... Danby DPAC12030 Air Conditioner

Trying to remove an old t87f2873 with heat-cool subbase from wall. which screws do you loosen to do this.

There should be three small slotted screws at 9 o'clock, 2 and 5. This will remove the thermostat. There will be two screws holding the subbase on the wall. ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

I have asked for an answer prior to this visit. I bought an Whirlpool Air Conditioner from a private party who said the unit is 2 years old. No manual available. How do I get at the filter? Removed 2 screws one on each side and I can't get the front grill or whatever to come off.

You can download the user Manuel from the link mentioned below.\015\012\015\012http://www.devicemanuals.com/guide/Air%20Condit ... Whirlpool Air Conditioners

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