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Loud as Hell

\015 Just got this new ac unit. IT does this weird buzzing noise and is so loud that it repeatedly wakes me up during the night. It only does this when the ac is on, not the fan. I can't sleep with ear plugs in, so that's not an option. Can I fix this? Is this normal? I've never heard an air conditioner so loud.\015

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Fan moves back and forth hits back of fender
How do u find the "compressor and the tube discharge line"???

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Loud as Hell

Fan moves back and forth hits back of fender ... Haier Mechanical Air Conditioner HWF05XC7

My sharp comfort touch air conditioner make loud noise from fan. It is very loud. I have 2 and both are very loud. I took the unit out of the wall to inspect, and could find nothing obstructing the fan.

Hi, you may want to check the bearings on the fan motor it self. They will wear or get dry and make very loud noises. Check the motor body at each end to see if this motor has oil caps at each end to add a few drops of oil. Some motors do and other m ... Sharp Comfort Touch AF-R120EX Air Conditioner

When we first bought our Altise Omega Tower Fan it worked brilliantly - whisper quiet. Then it started growling and rumbling fairly loudly, but we just moved it slightly or titled it and it stopped. Now it growls and rumbles quite loudly all the time and we can't use it. It is a beautiful fan - with an ionizer and all. Is there anything we can do? Thank you for your help. It is out of warranty.

... Air Conditioners

We have an Intertherm furnace in our manufactured home which is apparently a replacement furnace as this is not the brand showing on the original paperwork for the home. Problem is that it is very loud. When it's running either for heating or the A/C we have to talk loud to hear each other and have to turn the volume up on the TV or radio. Is this normal or is there an adjustment that should be made?

Hi,\012That is a common furnace for manufactures homes and yes they are loud....that is because there is no return duct on the unit and the fan sits jsut inside the door so the noise is not contained...\012short of moving the furnace ther ... Intertherm P3RA-048K Air Conditioner

My portable AC/heater is making a LOT of noise, intermittently and loudly. Then it returns to normal volume, only to return to loud noise level later on. What might be the cause? Mobilair MA-9000AH - six years old (manufactured 2004-05-5).

It can be the fan which is at times going unbalanced and vibrating the body of the unit. It will be when the fan is touchin the sides of a metal part that the noise seems to come up.\012Since the noise can be traced to the source of origin, it ... Air Conditioners

On the Heat Cycle, the compressor buzzes loudly before the fan starts. When the fan starts the compressor buzzes loudly then as the fan gets to speed, the noise stops.

Bad start capacitor or run capacitor. ... Ruud UPMC036 Air Conditioner

My AC is extremely loud and vibrates the entire house. Is it supposed to do this. I have 4 other ACs in my house and none of them do this. Sometimes the fan blows and that's fine but then it charges and blows the cooler air and the whole house shakes . I bought it last spring for the baby's room and hardly used it but then my daughter was born and its way too loud to sleep next to.

No its not suppose to do this,the pump has a broken spring in side it which creates the viberation,unfortunatly the pump is a sealed unit so it can not be repaired.you have to replace the pump,cashie,probably be cheaper depending on age of unit to bu ... LG LW7000R Air Conditioner

Loud noise We have a new home with a Nordyne split system heat pump Model FT4BD-030K 13 seer When the unit goes on it makes a loud noise for about 5 to 10 seconds. Is there a fix to this problem?

It is probably a rotary compressor unit.\015\012They tend to make a start up noise.\015\012Some technicians advocate adding a booster starting device to help the compressor start more quickly, thereby reducing startup noise. ... Air Conditioners

My ac is extremely loud and vibrates the entire house. Is it supposed to do this. I have 4 other acs in my house and none of them do this. Sometimes the fan blows and that's fine but then it charges and blows the cooler air and the whole house shakes . I bought it last spring for the baby's room and hardly used it but then my daughter was born and its way too loud to sleep next to.

This will need to have the compressor mounts checked...If fan only operation is smooth...and only happens when compressor is on, is a direct sign of vibration off compressor. Check the rubber foot mounts under compressor.....of course this requires ... LG LW7000R Air Conditioner

When the central air turns on it is very loud. I assume its the fan or whatever is in the attic. it sounds like a really loud regular window air conditioner on high coming through all of the vents. Is this normal?

No. This can be caused my a dirty squirrel cage on the blower motor which is found in your air handler in the attic. Probably needs to be pulled out and cleaned. This noise is caused by the blower wheel out of blanace. ... Air Conditioners

I have a dual carrier condensor system for two story house. Gas furnace in attic. one of the condensors makes a loud noise when it automatically turns off. Loud enough to disturb sleep. otherwise it works fine. The model number is 24aba336a300. It was put into service June 2007. What's getting ready to happen?

... Carrier 38CKC036 Air Conditioner

My display refrigerator in my shop is making a loud humming noise. it still runds fine but is really loud.

First check both the inside freezer fan and then the condenser fan\012(underneath in back) for obstructions or paper\012Determine exactly where the noise is and if it coming from\012the compressor then you may need a ser tech or rep ... Air Conditioners

I have a 10 SEER heat pump about 16 years old, yesterday I notice that the outside unit was making a loud click noise in the heating mode. It's very close to the defrost electrical curcuit board. The unit still was putting out heat inside but decided to turn off the unit and use the emerg. heating. What could that loud clicking sound be? concern, Gilbert

Depending on make and model sounds like a check valve clicking. It can sound like it is coming from that area. You say your unit is 16 years old. Honeywell did servey on unit 10 years and older and found out they loose 25% effeicency after 10 years. ... Air Conditioners

Noisey compressor Ihave a Goodman 3 ton 15 seer heatpump installed in Aug 2008 .When in the heat mode the compressor is makeng a very loud continous laboring noise. (loud) model GPH 1536m41

You can buy a compressor blanket that willmake it MUCH MUCH more quiet and its very cheap and very easy to put on ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

Loud Noise The Duo-Therm roof mount a/c 559 series unit on my 1981 Avion TT makes a very loud noise when running. Somewhat of a vibration or unbalanced type of noise. Any suggestions as to how to repair it? Thanks

Check the mounting gasket. Make sure they are tightly screwed on. Installing 2nd gasket can also be done. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

The refrigerant line in the wall of my guest bathroom running from the Lennox A/c condensor outside makes a loud buzzing noise when it is running. The supervisor of installation of the original installation company examined the unit thoroughly outside and up in the crawl space where the line runs and says the loud, irritating noise is normal. He claims that his unit makes the same noise in his house and that I am hearing the normal noise of the outside unit running inside the house. He explained

It may just be a loud condensor, otherwise, it could be a vibration from the unit housing and the noise carries. You could always replace the relay and see if it helps any. Also check unit pressure with pressure guage to make sure it is not over pump ... Air Conditioners

My Amana 14 was installed in June of 2008. First problem was a loud whinning sound and a circuit being tripped. I called installer and they replaced a VALVE. Now the problem is a loud, loose hum that doesn't stop until I flick the thermostat off.

May be overcharged, get someone else to diagnose problem! ... Amana Air Conditioners

I have GE az55h15dabm1 thats makes humming noise....like a siren. Sometime its really louds otherwise it not that loud but still annoying. I have 12 GE PTAC like that but all other are very quiet except this one. IT looks like Fan Motor but i don't know for sure. Any help would be appreciated.

... GE Zoneline AZ38H12DAD Split System Air Conditioner

Compressor of the Ruud A/C outside unit is making unusal loud continuous noise. I open the case, its not the fan or fan motor, loud noise is coming from the compressor, and it is also heating up a lot. Please let me know what my options are. Thanks.

OK, you will need to replace this compressor. the internal seals have ruptured, causing the loud noises. the heat is from the metal to metal friction. the compressor can be rebuilt but, it will be more costly than just repla ... Ruud Handle Air Conditioner

After it runs for awhile it gets loud. Am I supposed to empty something, or recharge it after awhile? It's been used very little, but there is a loud fan noise when it switches from cool to fan only.It seems to cool well, but wakes us up after 2 hours or so. Skip

Hii Skip\015\012 \015\012 Sounds like the compressor is going bad. Noise from the compressor usually means the compressor is on its way out. But noise can also be caused by cross-contaminated refrigerant (operat ... Maytag NMPEB08F2A Air Conditioner

An amana 15 seer was in stalled in my house, the air is blowing really loudly from the vents, which my previous system did not do, when thermostat is on rather than auto or cyclicling it is better but still too loud (strong) to be comfortable, what to do???????

The blower on the inside unit is adjustable, but it has to be set for the proper temperature drop on the A/C coil.What I am getting to is if the installer did the job right and set the blower speed, it is going to have to stay that way or ... Amana Air Conditioners

I have a 13,500 btu coleman on our 1989 avion camper. It was making a very loud noise for some time, and vibrating then the motor locked up on it. My husband thinks the blower went out on it. It was cooling fine just loud before it locked up. What do you think ??

You should be able to turn the fan motor freely by hand. If there is any resistance or the noise turning it by hand, then the fan motor is definitely bad. Is it a wall thermostat unit or manual controls? Wall thermostat, you can use a jumper wire ... Coleman Mach III Air Conditioner

We have a Hampton Bay room air conditioner, model HBLG6000R, that is making a loud clicking sound. It has been cleaned and cleaned regularly and we checked inside and all appears to be working fine. It still cools and works fine other than the loud clicking/clanking noise. Please help!

... Hampton Bay Air Conditioners

I have an Amana PTAC that was just installed two weeks ago. I am starting hear a moderately loud warbling sound when it is in operation but not all the time. It's loud enough to wake me up in the next room. Sounds like an unlevel washing machine. I turned the unit off then back on and it does it again. Other times it goes all day without making this noise. I'm sure it does this when I'm away and I never know. This is only when the heat is on. Could the AC compressor be kicking on? If so, that's

Is is the sound of water being thrown around? Some units actually sling the water from the drain pan back onto the coil. This improves efficiency. It's sort of a gurgling sound. Here's more helpful information is you need it:\015\012 ... Air Conditioners

I have a Payne, Gas heat/Electric cooling unit, model# PY1PJB____, and apparently I need to replace the combustion blower wheel. When I turned it on 1st time this season, it made a very loud noise, and upon inspection, the blower wheel is completely rusted and 1/4 of the wheel is missing. Probably the loud noise. I have the maintenance manual for this unit. I just need to know where I can buy the part(s) I need to repair this. Looks like a simple repair, but do I need to replace the wheel o

Hi, you will need to replace the inducer/combustion motor as one assembly. If you know any contractors that have a c-20 or c-38 license, you could get it at any wholesales a/c & heating parts house. If not, you will need to buy one on the Internet, j ... Air Conditioners

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