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System keeps Shutting Down

\015 My unit is new and have been using it, when it works it works well but I notices it would just shut down with no warning.\015\012\015\012My unit just simply shuts off. \015\012\015\012Fustrated over this can anyone offer assistance?\015\012\015\012I checked my water level limit sensor and this is not the problem.\015\012\015\012I attached a hose to it to release the water on it,s own but this does not work.\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012Thanks\015\012\015\012Calvert Robertson\015

Answers :

Check control panal board n cirkit board

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I turn on the Central A/C unit with the thermostat. The attic fan unit goes on and the system cools the house. When the system shuts down the fan unit shuts off but the outside compressor keeps running. The only way the outside compressor goes now off is when I flip the 240 switch on the main box. This just started. Is it a thermostat problem? Thanks.

Could be a thermostat problem but even more likely the contactor on the unit outside is stuck. In order to change this part you will have to get in to the outdoor unit. The contactor is the automatic switch that the thermostat energizes when the t ... Air Conditioners

I have a Carries Mod# 24ABR348G510 Condenser unit. The system start with a normal cycle for about Three min, I've timed this to be this way every time the system is started. After the Three minutes the contacts starts to chaters. The 24 volt control voltage is up and down the scale and the condenser unit thin stalls and shuts down? I have Twelve of these units to keep maintained. The head is to be OK and the system is clean and the Thermostat checks out to be OK.

Hi,Did you already check the exhaust or the motor unit, the possible that has problem on there was the electric contactor, this was the switch the make the main motor to power, if this one was faulty it will have a problem just like the o ... Air Conditioners

My samsung split system a/c keeps shutting down, with the mode light flashing on the indoor unit. This unit is installed 30' up the side of the house - is it not getting enough freon and there shuts down?

I have a MH050FX A2 that is two head unit and they run only one at a time, when I turn both on, one will shut down. I get an error code of E2 01 with a, I beleive correction code of U C8. Can you help me with a diagnosis??\015\012\0 ... Samsung AS18A6RB Air Conditioner

System keeps Shutting Down

Check control panal board n cirkit board ... Continental CE-PAC1163 Air Conditioner

Centrex a/c keeps shutting off every 15 minutes ( split system)

To start, check your condencer fan and make sure the condenser is clean.After that you will need a technician with instruments. If the switching off is constant, after approx. every 15 min.it could be switching off on high pressure. ... Air Conditioners

After power shortage, system keeps shutting down

It sounds like your timed delay relay is bad ... Air Conditioners

My goodman cental air system is having problems. First, the blower inside (furnace) keeps running for hrs after the outside condensor shuts down. Now, the condenser blower motor wont operate at full speed. I have replaced the motor and capasitor with no changes. Can anyone help with these problems???

The cause of your indoor fan running all the time or for long time after your heat pump has stopped heating is the fan delay relay. It has welded its internal contacts together. If you take off the side below the control panel, the fan delay relay ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

Have an old york system turn off ac at thermostat fan keeps blowing wont shut off

Replace the fan relay. ... Air Conditioners

We have a SAMSUNG AS09A1VE split system n it keeps shutting down, itself n not very cool does this mean it's out of gas???? please any ideas would be great. Thanx Teresa

... Air Conditioners

I have an Ideal 24mini with a mega flow, I have water dripping from my discharge pipe. But the preassure gage keeps rising up even if I release some preassure freom the heating system. Iv checked the filling loop and that is shut off. Could it be my preassure release valve that is faulty or something to do with the preassure gage?

Hello It could be a bad/defective EXPANSION tank if it(valve) leaks when the burner is running and the pressure rises at the same time .Otherwise swap the valve as they can wear out. ... Air Conditioners

Central air I run two central air systems the one upstairs was working fine, but not the fan keeps running the central air shuts off but the fan continues.. Is this my theromostat

Most thermostats have a setting for the fan called, "manual". That keeps the fan on continuously. The electronic thermostats can fail in a "fan on" condition. That would require a new thermostat. I also saw one air conditioner with a fan relay we ... LG LWHD1800R Wall/Window Air Conditioner

Bonaire Vulcan ducted Reverse cycle air on reset keeps on appearing on the screen even after I reset it. I have even tried changing the batteries and shutting the system down for hours at a time and still the reset appears, what do I do?

... Air Conditioners

My Amana furnace is acting up.  The pilot light works just fine and the system starts up but then shuts off immediately.  It will keep trying to start but then just blows out cold air.  Then after trying it for awhile it will all of the sudden work!?!?!

The furnace is not sensing the flame and is shutting off the gas. What kind of pilot do you have? If you have a Hot Surface Igniter(glow coil) It will try to igniter three times and go into safety default for awhile to clear any gas that may be in th ... Air Conditioners

Regardless of weather the thermostats are calling for heat or not, or even if I shut the thermostats off completely the fan keeps running. the only way to stop the fan is to shutoff power to the furnace. Does this require replacement of the IFC board or is there something else that I can check first? The system does operate correctly in the heat mode and there are no flashing lights on the circuit board. Both green lights are lit and the orange is not, because I use an electric plenum as my p

I would suggest buying the new unit or calling to have a tech sent out to you to have them fix it. If you can buy the part you'll save money from what the company will charge you, plus labor fees. Good Luck though! Sorry your having such a hard time ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

Unit shuts down after 30-50mins. Operation interact or keeps flashing

... Air Conditioners

JBS Airmaster Split System 1.5hp is automatically shutting down

JBS Air conditiong went bust early 2007. but there is still ways to get around this. you can try switching off the mains to the unit for about an hour then back on see how this goes as it resets the electronics. common fualt with JBS. other wise you ... Air Conditioners

48xp my carrier 48xp-060090311, has a slow down mode with blower to keep blowing after compressor shuts off. It suppose to slows down and keep blowing at a slower speed so as to save money by having air blow across coils. It does not slow down now and compressor stays on for long time. Some times it gets warm other times I have to raise temp. to get unit to shut as it gets too cold.

... Air Conditioners

I have a Coleman Central Air/Heat System. This year, the outside compressor (or whatever it is called) is shutting off within minutes of the air conditioner coming on. This is resulting in the home never cooling down. I can reset the system by shutting the air off inside the home for a few minutes and the outside compressor comes back on, but again, only for a minute or two, and the unit only blows what seems to be room temperature air.

Do you know the devices model. It would help in locateing the manual. also I beleave you have the manual?\015\012\015\012As micromaster already said, check for sleep timer.\015\012\015\012has the system worked fine before has ... Air Conditioners

My indoor unit on my heat pump will not shut off. The electric heat keeps running, and the fan keeps running. It only happens when it is really cold, like 25deg or below, above that and it functions fine. The outdoor unit shuts off, but the indoor stays running. I do HVAC work, but I have never seen a problem like this. I have switched the stat out, and its just so strange. I figured the relay may be stuck, but if I turn the stat off, it turns off shortly after which tells me it may not be the c

I would venture to say your stack relay is getting stuck. either that or you have a short in your low voltage wiring somewhere that is not always making contact....or it may be making contact through another median...like ice or frost. Remember ele ... Intertherm P3RA-036K Air Conditioner

Had a Fujita Split System installed by a professional but it keeps on losing the refrigerated gas. He checked the lines for leaks with a gas detector but nothing showed up. We have re-gased it 3 times but the system keeps on losing the gas..any solutions?

Looks like your problem has landed in the wrong category under LG aircons with an LG model name.\015\012\015\012Are you able to post the model no. of your FUJITSU split system.\015\012\015\012What is the approx distance betwee ... LG LSC091PMA Split System Air Conditioner

3 year old Beckett AFG with Clean-Cut system. New inline filter new strainer, new nozzle, flame looks correct in pattern always. Flame does not sputter prior to shut-off. I did notice that when it shut off though the motor kept running for some seconds(maybe 5 seconds)which is unlike when the motor shuts off as in a satisfied call for heat. Burner shuts down. Sometimes will run for 2 or 3 hours all normal and other times will shut down after running 15 minutes. Green led goes to "lockout" mode -

Called Beckett at 1-800-OIL-BURN and explained the problem. They told me that the solenoid on the oil pump (Clean Cut) was the cause. I purchased a new pump for $50 at the local plumbing supply and installed it. Problem solved. ... Air Conditioners

Wont cool!! We have 2 LG 2ton heat pump outdoor systems, but I believe the remotes are cool only. The 01 system cools perfect, but the 02 outdoor fan runs half as fast as the 01 system and the compressor keeps cycling on and off, and they are hot enough to burn you. I am totaly stumped on what the proble could be.... We swaped just about everything between the 2 systems and still the 01 frezzes you out while the 02 will not cool at all.. Any kind of seguestions wold be much appreciated, Thanks i

U may have a heat pump thats not reversing into cooling. Any number of items can cause this. I would start with the reversing valve coil assuming its a heat pump. If your not acquainted with a reversing valve it is a 4 pipe (1 on one end and 3 on the ... LG LM-2430H2L 24000 BTU Heat and Cool Dual Zone Mini Split Air Conditioner

I have a honeywell PA404A pressure control switch on my home gas steam heating system. I'm having a problem with the switch turning off the system. It will only come back on if I turn the top screw all the way out, then back down to approx 5psi. At this point the heat will turn on but when the thermostat shuts down the system it will not turn back on when calling for heat unless I adjust the screw again. Also, the switch will only turn on the system when set at 5 on the dial on the inside. Any i

This may be caused by accumulation of sludge in the steam trap (the looped tube that connects the pressuretrol unit to the boiler). the sludge restricts the pressure from reaching the diaphragm in the pressuretrol unit. So it gets a false reading. ... Air Conditioners


... Air Conditioners

Dometic AC that the fan shuts off but the compressor keeps running

Call dometic dealer. I hear they have a bad circuit board that is replaced. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

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