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Waka-048jaz Compressor hums then starts. contactor chatters

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Waka-048jaz Compressor hums then starts. contactor chatters

... Weather King Air Conditioners

The compressor is not starting. I replaced the contactor as a cheap silver bullet. It hums ocasionally when signaled to start.

Check the capacitor. (The thing that looks like a big battery). If it is bulged out on the sides it is shorted. The compressor could be "locked" up which is the worse case. ... Goodman HDC24WMC24 Air Conditioner

I have a Duo Therm unit on the roof of our 1995 Nomad camper trailer. I think the contactors are stuck closed..here is why. When the AC unit satifies the thermistat, the fan turn off, but the compressor (Humming sound)keeps running...until I hit the AC 15 amp breaker. Even if I put the thermistat up passed the current temp, the compressor still keeps running. Where are the contactores / relays? Shal I take the cover off, and start looking around? I would expect a low voltage relay for the thermi

You can get a manual for this in the library section of the Hi-Lo Trailer Forum. I know this isn't a Hi-Lo but the AC unit is the same. www.HiLoTrailerForum.com ... Air Conditioners

My electric boiler started humming loudly after being turned on. Wondering if it may be a problem with the electric heat contactor.

... Air Conditioners

Contactor not engaging to start condenser unit . When setting the thermnostat, i hear the click from the unit starting inside the house. Fans start and air starts blowing inside the house, but the condenser unit never starts. I tryed pushing the contactor by hand and then everything works find (cool house) as long as i keep the contactor pushed manually. Seems alike the 24 V (coil) bobine in the contactor is not been energize. When I tried the 24 V outside with a 24 V surce it worked fine. Thank

I would replace the contactor if you are getting 24 volts to the contactor and it isn't engaging therefore the magneto on the contactor is out and the contactor will need replacement. If you don't have 24 volts at the contactor then the transformer ... Air Conditioners

Liebert DS035W compressor number 1 contactor is chattering

... Air Conditioners

I have a Dometic rv air conditioner model 620426.331 and it will not start. Fan runs and i heard a loud humming noise, I assume the compressor is trying to start then the humming goes away. If I leave the swich on the humming returns every 30 seconds or so

Sounds like start capacitor for compressor may be faulty. Don't try it yourself if not experienced, they can store 340v- 400v . Only about a $20 part. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have a duraheat 125,000 btu auto start (salamandar) with thermostat that was used once time last spring. it won't start and my husband tossed the box and yes..insructions in the fall. starting...it hums for a few seconds and then stops. red light on thermo. goes fr solid red to flashing and humming stops while light flashes.

Here is a link to the Owners Manual for your Dura Heat Model DFA-125 forced air kerosene heater.In addition to how to properly operate it and perform routine maintenance, it has a trouble shooting guide, which should be of great assistance. ... Air Conditioners

Coleman mach fan runs fine but A/C hums intermittently like it wants to start but won't. I'm running it with a Honda 2000 generator. Generator ran out of gas, when I restarted the generator the A/C would not run - stalls out the generator. I replaced the start and run capacitors on the A/C, hook up the generator and it ran fine until the generator ran out of gas. The A/C would not start up only hum intermittently - same problem as before replacing capacitors. Waited several hours with the fan on

The issue with the generator that gets low and high when it start running out of gas that effect the A/C and result of high voltage getting to the unit and burn the capacitors and it should by saved by the fuse make sure that the gen not run out of g ... Coleman Mach III Air Conditioner


Sounds like a locked rotor, did the compressor get hot? did you check max amps on the compressor when it attempted to start?compressors have thermal protection built into their windings, a switch that will open to protect the compressor, and if the r ... Air Conditioners

I have a single phase copland compressor NEW ( AG133ET-001)that i just replaced. i wired common leg from contactorsT3 to compressors T3(common winding,From contactors T1 to compressors T2(Run winding?) from T1 on the contactor to the run cap,from other side of of run cap to T1 on the compressor(start winding?) The parts house told me it does not take a star cap or relay The NEW compressor trys to start but trips overload after about 5 seconds,pulls near lock rotor amps.Slight hum.Does anyone kn

You will have to look at the schematic for this theirs different units that wire different way but that sounds correct the way you have it you can double check reverse the start and run always write this down when doing these the supply house can he ... Air Conditioners

Shut unit down for cleaning, outside unit will not start now, I have line voltage at the contactor but the contactor will not engage.one wire from the thermostat runs to a little black box next to the contactor (white) the red one runs to a device down by the dryer on one side and back to the black box on the other side. Both of these wires come out of the box and attach to either side of the contactor.Could this piece be the problem or is it the black box.If I manually engage the contactor the

You are talking about the low voltage transformer ... Ruud Handle Air Conditioner

The fan on outdoor unit sometimes starts normally, sometimes starts slowly and will get up to speed with a push or sometimes will not start at all. Loud hum when slow or stopped. Cools normally when it will start. Have replace capacitor. Any ideas?


I have a Comfort-Aire Model RAH-123A Room Air Conditioner and Heat Pump. When depressing the low or high heat control button, the unit hums like it wants to start but shuts off in about 3-5 seconds. My suspicion is that the compressor is trying to start but a thermal cutout shuts it down when it does not start. The unit was installed as part of a sun room addition and the remodeler is no longer in business. If I cannot solve this problem through the internet, I need a local contact fro servic

Hi!\015\012Before I give you a possible solution to your problem you need to check the heating temperature Control, set it to a warmer setting, if problem persists, check the power cord.\015\012\015\012To test your power supply cord:\015\012\0 ... Air Conditioners

I have 2 dometic roof top units on a 2002 MH that I recently purchased. 1 of the units only runs on high speed, the stat has a high low switch, the unit cools fine. The second unit, the comp starts, but the fan only hums, the shaft turns fine. I switched the start relay from the other unit, same result. I suspect that the start winding is open, but haven't checked yet. I am not opposed to replacing the unit because of age, condition of roof cover,and suspected cost of parts. Would appreciate any

Hi, unit # 2 sounds as though the run capacitor may be open, shorted, ect.When you say you changed relay, I assume you were talking about the capacitor. If the motor didn't run when you changed it, you do have a bad winding, or open as it just hums. ... Dometic Air Conditioners

Unit will only hum and won't start up on its own unless I spin the squirrel cage ( with unit off ) by hand. After spinning cage for varying amounts of time it will free up the resistance and I will turn the unit on - give it a few more spins by hand (being carefull of my fingers getting caught ) and the cage will start spinning on its own. If the unit is turned off the problem occurs again and I have to start all over. (Whirlpool Air Conditioner Model Number ACQ122XK1) Any hints will be apprec

Hi,The motor needs the bearing oiled...to do this you will need to get a bottle of oil at your local HVAC supply house that has a long pull out spout on it... then place a few drops of oil on the shaft by the motor... if possible then tilt the ... Whirlpool ACQ122XK Air Conditioner

A/c help Installed a new 2.0 ton 13 seer condenser and can not get the contactor to ingauge i have 240 on line side and 240 on load side when i push the pins down and the unit starts, i have 24v at the t-stat going in the contactor but it will not close, and i switched it out and the same thing happens, i checked the transformer and t-stat and all checks out good. why is the contactor not closing when it is calling for it?

Do you have 24volts at the contactor when the T-stat. is set to cool or heat if unit is a heat pump? The outside unit must have 24v at the contactor to engage ... Hitachi RAS-09UH Air Conditioner

My Mach3 coleman ac compressor hums but wont start. trips breaker. I replaced the start capacitor with a hard start. still wont run?

Unfortunaletly the hartd start is a "last resort" and you will probably need to replace the compressor/unit... (however I have had luck physically jarring the compressor during the instant I applied power to the compressor.. sounds silly, but I have ... Air Conditioners

Ruud heat pump outside unit not starting. Open and found contactor disengaged even though I have system on from inside. Low voltage wires come out of a circuit board checked for 24v, none. Then bypassed board by unplugging same yellow and brown wires plugged into the board and exiting but now I have 24v getting to contactor but it does not engage contactor. What could the problem be. I know a little a/c but these heat pumps are very complicated. Help please, I want to learn.

If you are getting the low voltage to the relay and it is not closing, then the relay may be either bad or stuck. Disconnect the 220v and see if the contacts can be manually closed. I always use a piece of wood or something non-conductive. If the ... Air Conditioners

Carrier central air 38ckc060301 problem, unit will not start, air handling blower runs, can hear hum at outdoor unit. I turn the unit off at themostat. let sit for ten minutes, turn back on at themostat, unit starts and cools. Will run through serveral cycles and then not start until I repaet process, any thoughts?

... Carrier Air Conditioners

Blower motor won't start,but spins freely when not powered.I replaceed the capacitor(2mec1).Still won't self start but if I spin it,it will start and run for 10 or 15 mins then stops and hums like it is seized.

Hi,Here is a tip about trouble shooting your air conditioner... ... Air Conditioners

Have Friedrich EM18L34-B..Comp started to hum as soon as I plugged in...Lines got hot..Turned switch to all points and still hummed..turned to cool and comp shook rattled & rolled a little then blew breaker?????? Didn't know if it has capacitor or if it something else.. thanks

Its the rtc overload on the compressor that is bad,it starts and runs the compressor,unplug the old and replace it ... Friedrich EM18L34 Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner

My home a/c will not start. i have the therm set to cool and 10 deg cooler than room.the breakers are fine and i have power to the contactor.i can manualy start it by pushing on the contactor but as soon as i let off it stops.

The contactor needs 2 power sources. 22ov sitting there waiting, and then 24v to close it. The 24v is referred tcoil wires. The 24 comes from the thermostat to the air handler inside, then leapfrogs outdoors to the condenser. Once in thecondenser ... Carrier 38CKC042 Air Conditioner

My unit is a trane xe1000 it stop blowing cold air and when i went to llk at the unit all i heard was a humming noise coming from the Contactor-Relay and the condensor fan is not comming on i was thinking that the cap and replacing the Contactor-Relay what do you think?

... Air Conditioners

I have a split LG AC. The outside unit hums and the fan will not turn. I spun the fan blade and it started turning and kept spinning at a low speed with a loud hum. Is the fan motor bad?

Yes i would change the fan motor . and the capacitor ... LG LS-L1210CL Mini Split Air Conditioner

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