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CW-XC243HU A/C Water Spray

\015 I have water spraying out of the fan side of the unit which appears to be thrown by the fan due to water not draining from the base pan. I tilted unit back but this did not solve the problem. Please offer any advice you may have to solve this problem. Thanx!\015

Answers :

I would believe your problem maybe caused by lint or other material plugging up the fine fins of the inside of the condenser. Once you are able to see past the condenser(rear) fan blade, all the fins should be as visible as the exterior ones. The A /C unit needs to be removed from the wall/window to remove all the exterior cabinet screws or some may simply pull out of a sleeve to check for this. The shroud around the condenser & screws holding the condenser to the base need to be removed. It may then be able to swing it slightly away from the base to enable you to wire brush the lint down & away from the soft fins &/or wash it out with a water hose, do not kink the tubing. Fins can easily bend & cut. The fan blade could be re-mounted, if it was loose, at this time & it would sit somewhere half way inside the shroud. Once the condenser & shroud are remounted the fan blade should spin freely
Hi,\015\012It probably needs cleaned. Window units naturally create water in the evaporator area. The water is suppose to drain to the back of the unit through passage ways to the condensing area where the slinger ring on the condenser fan blade slings it into the condenser coil making it more efficient. There is usually a drain hole to drain excess water from the back of the unit. Any dirt or algae in the pathway of this water or the wrong tilt will cause water to build up and drip or blow out the front. Anything touching the evaporator coil allowing water to run down the obstacle into the wrong area will cause the same thing. reduced air flow will cause the evap to freeze which could also cause a water problem. Since the tilt is right and it doesn't seem to be freezing, Maybe a temporary increase in tilt and a dropper of bleach at the base of the evaporator would do it. This will kill the algae and may unblock the water flow. NOTE: It may also cause stains on a carpet or floor if the bleach water drips onto it. If you want to pull it out and clean it, most units can be pulled out of the housing and sprayed with a water hose but you need to be careful not to get water in the electrical parts of the unit. They can be covered with plastic or foil. Make sure you unplug the unit before trying to remove it. You may have to remove some screws to remove it from the housing. Hope this has helped.\015\012kstfas

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CW-XC243HU A/C Water Spray

I would believe your problem maybe caused by lint or other material plugging up the fine fins of the inside of the condenser. Once you are able to see past the condenser(rear) fan blade, all the fins should be as visible as the exterior ones. The A / ... Panasonic CW-XC243HU Air Conditioner

I have a 1 year old haier room air conditioner. Cools very well, but now is spraying cold water out of the vents. I have removed the housing and cleaned the inside out quite well, but it still sprays water.

Below the vents, there is a drain hole that is clogged with dirt. It comes from dust in the air, getting washed off the cooling fins. ... Haier HTWR10XC6 10,000 BTU, 9.0 EER - 115 Volt Air Conditioner

I have a fedders (piece of junk)3 1/2 ton 4 year old unit. It runs fine during the evening after it cools off, but during the day it constantly cuts off and on unless I am spraying it with water. As soon as I stop spraying water it starts cutting off and on again. We have checked and tried everything we have been told and nothing is working.

Sounds like your compressor is overheating is the compressor sweating down the sides? If it is you may have an airflow problem clean filters, clean blower fan motor and the evaporator coil. if this does not work you will need to have someone put a s ... Fedders A6P09S2A Air Conditioner


Hi,Many newer units are made to retain the water and splash it onto the condenser coil...\012Clorox in the water will kill the mold and not hurt anything...\012You can carefully drill a hole if you want..heatman101 ... Sharp AF-S120FX Air Conditioner

Kenmore AC 58067081. Have water draining out front. Think it's clogged, but where are the drain holes. Nothing in manual... I've taken off the front grill, and shop vac'd up the water sitting in the bottom (probably 2 cups of water!), and sprayed water up into the bottom of the ac. I've tried to re'level the AC down a bit more for more of a slant. This hasn't happened last year, or until this weekend. Wondering if it's now clogged and if so, where would the drain holes be....should I slide out t

If you can slide the unit out, there is a drain tube or drain hole from the front tray under the coil that directs the water into the rear of the unit to drain out the hole. That tube needs to be blown out or flushed. It's most likley plugged. You on ... Air Conditioners

Water when i use it on air conditioner mode it sounds like its full of water and it also sprays water out. it dosent do this in fan mode

This ac unit will have to be taken apart and clean out the drain holes in the bottom of the case.Use a water hose to clean and wash it out,also remove any large objects by hand,of course you will have to remove the unit from the window to do this. ... DeLonghi PAC C120 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Our water pipe outside the house (that controls the water for the undergound drip lines) must have froze one night and now sprays water :( how do i fix it??

Purchase a plastic joiner that fit the diameter of the drip line.Cut the drip line where it is leaking and remove the damaged section then join the drip line together with the joiner you have purchased. ... Air Conditioners

Lately at certain times while running for days it makes a clanking noise(sounds like the fan) I spray water through the back of it with a water bottle and after 20 min the sound slowly go's away.It is a 10,200 BTU window/thru the wall unit 115 v thank you

This is normal, the noise you here is most likely ice build up on the condenser coils. when the outside temperature is under around 15c ice will build up on the condenser coils it then falls and hits the fan blades. this will also happen if the unit ... Emerson Quiet Kool 12JW42K Air Conditioner

Own a whirlpool low temp dehumidifier model AD75USTO that collects very little water despite running all day in a basement with humidity level of 70% at about 60 deg F. I opened the case and saw that the coil remains frozen. I also noticed a thermistor mounted on the coil. Possibly this circuit is not working. I sprayed the thermistor with a freeze spray during operation and the compressor didn't do anything?? Help!!

The unit is u ndercharged, it has a sealed system leak that needs to be found and repaired then recharged ... Air Conditioners

Spitting water My unit is spraying water out of the fan. It is tilted as far back as it's going to go and it's only a week old so I doubt it's dirty. Is there something else I can do to fix this problem?

It is short of gas ... GE 8000 Btu Window Air Conditioner EnerStar Rated Aem08lq

I have drips of water and some of this water is spraying out in the air flow.I know it is a blocked drainhole or something like that but I don't know how to clear it.I have a LG split system.

It needs complete service. Call service man to do properly. ... LG Air Conditioners

We have an older model and it runs ALL the time..i just got home and the wife says it was spraying water through top vent where the air comes out..can i drain the water sitting in the bottom?? or is it just that it needs a break from being on all the time? sorry, not an air conditioner guy

Your drain line seems to be clogged, after a while the build up of dust and moss etc clogs that line and occasionally needs to be cleaned. ... Goldstar Air Conditioners

HBLG8003R Air conditioner issue: There is apparently excess water in the front cooling compartment making the fan very noisy and spraying water out. I've tried draining it 4 times in the past day and it will be fine for about an hour and then start up again.

... Hampton Bay Air Conditioners

DeLonghi PAC W150 Eco Water is no longer sprayed on to the condenser and water level keeps filling up and tripping the HL switch. I would rather not have to keep draining the tank. Is it easy to pull apart and clean the nozzles?

... DeLonghi Air-To-Air Portable Air Conditioner

We bought a Bonaire cooling system at yard sale, it leaks water after it is running for awhile, plus it sprays water out the front

I take it this is a window Unit , the water is coming in the room because the Unit has to be pitched about 1/2 into the back ( outside ) or the drain line is clogged ( dirt) stopping water from flowing to condenser ( that cools the coil) \015\0 ... Mastercool 67471 Evaporative Cooler Air Conditioner

Fan sprays water. water gurgling sound - Haier Air Conditioners

Drainage is plugged on the air conditioner and backing up into the fan housing. Try tipping it to the outside a little to give it more drain flow toward the outside. If the back of the A/C is higher then the front you can have this problem. ... Haier Air Conditioners

Thank you I Just want to say thank you for the post you have up on how to stop the water back up in the collection tray on the inside part of the air conditioner. I was about to toss my A/C out and buy a new one! The water was spraying out of the vent all over the place. Actually there was a whole story involved. I live in a condo and about a year ago (after living here for about 6 years the management board of the condo suddenly come up with the bright idea that) they had to put a support bar n

Rob,\015\012This is exactly why I put up the post. Most of the answers I saw were very vague. Maybe a sentence or two. After I found the solution, I just knew there would be others with this same problem who might just give up and toss out a ... LG Electronic Window Air Conditioner

All of a sudden the airconditioner started filling up with water and the fan blades started spraying water out of where the air comes out. The unit is draining from the back.

Try cleaning out from under The evaporator (front) coils towards the back so the water can drain underneath the front coils towards the back\012Make sure the unit is tilted a little towards the back\012Clean drain hole in back too.\ ... Kenmore 75050 Wall/Window Air Conditioner

I have a goldstar air conditioner model R0801E that starts spraying water from the fan outlet after it has run for approximately 1 hour. I have checked the drain and it is not plugged, nor is there any obstruction to it, I have in fact drilled a hole into the 'formed' drain channel on the bottom which leads to the drain nipple located on one back corner. i have tried tilting the unit in order that gravity might assist and it still blows water enough that i can't use it or it will ruin the wall,

Seems i have the problem resolved by doing the following:\015\012\015\012increasing the thermostat setting from 25* C to 29*C, this will reduce the load on the cooling condenser,\015\012ensuring that the vent is set for 'fresh' as o ... Goldstar Air Conditioners

DeLonghi PAC W150 Eco Water is no longer sprayed on to the condenser and water level keeps filling up and tripping the HL switch. I would rather not have to keep draining the tank. Is it easy to pull apart and clean the nozzles?

... DeLonghi Air Conditioners

Water getting under fan compartment. water sprays back and is noisy. is this normal or should i drill a small drain hole.

Ac should have a slight tilt toward outside. ... Danby DAC6003D Air Conditioner

Water pooling and spraying out of the vent. The unit is tilted back, visibly so, and there is nothing clogging the drain, nor is there any water back there while a puddle sits at the front

Turn off anti-gravity! AAARR AARR. Sorry don't know. murf427 ... LG Electronic Window Air Conditioner

Water spraying and leaking from Haier HWR12XC8 Air Conditioner

... Air Conditioners

Water is spraying out the side of my pe2-09r-32

Check for plugged drain ... Air Conditioners

Making Noise and Spraying out Water

Brought a new one. Thank you. ... Kenmore Air Conditioners

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