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\015 I have a Sharp AF-S120FX air conditioner. I've had it about a year. Just recently, it started leaking water on the inside of the house. It is tilted the right way, so water should drain to the outside, but still, it drips on the inside. I've read solutions where it says the drains are clogged and to clear them--but where are they? How do I find the drain pipe? I have removed the front grill and taken off the filter and just see a silver grill. Where do I go to find the drain pipes so that I may unclog them?\015\012\015\012Thank you.\015

Answers :

Hi, There are no pipes, just passage ways on a window unit. It probably needs cleaned. Window units naturally create water in the evaporator area. The water is suppose to drain to the back of the unit through passage ways to the condensing area where the slinger ring on the condenser fan blade slings it into the condenser coil making it more efficient. There is usually a drain hole to drain excess water from the back of the unit. Any dirt or algae in the pathway of this water or the wrong tilt will cause water to build up and drip or blow out the front. Anything touching the evaporator coil allowing water to run down the obstacle into the wrong area will cause the same thing. reduced air flow will cause the evap to freeze which could also cause a water problem. Since the tilt is right and it doesn't seem to be freezing, Maybe a temporary increase in tilt and a dropper of bleach at the base of the evaporator would do it. This will kill the algae and may unblock the water flow. NOTE: It may also cause stains on a carpet or floor if the bleach water drips onto it. If you want to pull it out and clean it, most units can be pulled out of the housing and sprayed with a water hose but you need to be careful not to get water in the electrical parts of the unit. They can be covered with plastic or foil. Make sure you unplug the unit before trying to remove it. You may have to remove some screws to remove it from the housing. Hope this has helped.\015\012kstfas

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Two ways to clear out the pipe. One way is to take a wet/dry shop vac and **** from the outside drain pipe. The second way is a bit messier. Take an air hose (from a compressor) and purge the air up the drain a few times. Works like a dream! ... Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

Hello - I have a heater/air conditioner; when I run the air conditioner it blows water and leaks water into the house. I was told by an air conditioner technician that I need to replace the unit; however it blows super cold air the only issue is that it leaks water. Not sure what I can do? It is a Fredrich Twintemp Model#EL25J35-A Cooling BTU/AR 24600/24000

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This is most likely a air flow problem (not enough static pressure- duct work issues) ... Air Conditioners

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This sounds like an air restriction inside the evaporator probably caused by a dirty filter or dirty evaporator coil. ... Air Conditioners

We have a leak around the air conditioner when we run the air, where is the tube and the pan located he has the cover off does he have to take the air conditioner itself off

Hi,What type of a/c are you working on... do you have a make and model number??If it is a window unit, it may just need to be tipped back more...If it is a wall mounted split unit then the hose may be double trapped or p ... Air Conditioners

I have a fujitsu reverse cycle air conditioner,it wasnt working(not blowing cold air only room temp air like a fan).air con tech came over,re-gassed it,tried air con that day,worked fine.didnt need to use it for a few months,re-tried it,no cool air again,i am thinking of a leak.My question is the air con is about 10 years old,if cause of problem is a leak,is it worthwhile fixing it(i would need to pay someone parts and labour,could not do this job myself),or to just bite the bullet and get a rep

Hi,\015\012\015\012The A.C is 10 years old which is a ideal shelf life for the A.C. If there are any leaks I would never ever try repairing it at home becuase if there is a leak then that means that the entire GAS which helps in the cooli ... Air Conditioners

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Hi, if he is a a/c tech, he had to use silver solder to repair the leak. If he is using manifold gauges, he can charge it with out knowing the amount to put in by looking for how much it takes. The unit needs/HAS to be evacuated first! He can charge ... Goldstar Air Conditioners

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The only part of the unit that has water is the condensation tank, try to inspect thoroughly or observe the said part. Also check if the drain hose is snugly fit .You can download owners manual of your unit at http://www.delonghiusa.com for you ... DeLonghi Pinguino PAC T100eco Portable Air Conditioner

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