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Air condition freezing up

\015 I have a bryant ac that is freezing up.The filters are clean the evap is clean. It does not freeze consistently. Also it was pouring water over about 1 month ago. that has stopped and it is discharging outside. It is 110 during the day and about 90 at the ev ening. This happens every year- we have had it serviced and they find nothing wrong- any ideas\015

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Make sure the condensate drain is clean and clear of any debris. With the indoor unit off, Remove the inspection panel and pour a gallon mixture of 10% Bleach to Water solution in the drain pan. Do not overflow the pan but check to make sure there is flow to the outside or drain. Clean out the drain hose if you have to. \015\012A freezing coil is a sign of either not enough air going across it or not enough charge in the system. Check to make sure all of the return air vents as well as supply vents are in full open and unrestricted. If they are, you will need to have the charge checked. If this turns out good, have your technician install an anti-freeze kit. This kit will temporarly turn off the compressor unit for a short period when the sensor in the kit experiences a freezing condition. Then after a bit, it will turn on the compressor. It may not cool as much as it was, but it may get you thru. \015\012\015\012Good Luck!
Have an HVAC tech recover the refrigerant from the unit an recyle it during the recovery. Remove any old filter dryers installed on the unit and replace with a new one! YES! Braze in new ones! Pull a triple vacume on this sytem down to 500 microns to insure all non-condensables are evacuated from the system. Weight the charge of refrigerant back in and set by superheat readings from the evaporator coil to the compressor! majic number is 40f evap outlet plus 12f to make it around 52-55 at the compressor inlet. Your problem has been restrictions in the refrigeration cycle either in capillary tube with orfice for metering device or a TXV getting cloged with ****! Hope this gets it solved for you!

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Air condition freezing up

Make sure the condensate drain is clean and clear of any debris. With the indoor unit off, Remove the inspection panel and pour a gallon mixture of 10% Bleach to Water solution in the drain pan. Do not overflow the pan but check to make sure there is ... Air Conditioners

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What refig and where are the pressures. freeze up is always low charge or lack of air flow and always occurs at the evap. Once it starts and you loose surface area you have to defrost manually ... Air Conditioners

Plentiun air conditioning coils are icing up after running in cooling mode. is there a timer relay circuit in the air conditioning unit that turns the cooling pump on and off to keep the moisture on the coils from turning to solid ice and stoping air flow?

Ice forming can be the results of dirty filter, dirty coil, low refrigerant charge. ... Carrier 38CKC036 Air Conditioner

My air conditioner lines keep freezing up.

You have a blockabe in the distributor tubing which will need a professional to sort out. ... Air Conditioners

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