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After turning the unit on, it clicks to start, but then clicks right back off...

\015 I just installed a used Whirlpool ACQ122XK airconditioner, that has been stored for about a year. Anyways, I turned the unit on before I inserted it into its housing unit and it worked just fine. Then I inserted it into the housing unit and ran it for about 10 minutes and it ran fine, but the front radiator looking piece was sort of grimy, so I turned it off and vacuumed it, even though the bottom of it was sort of wet. I did not bend any of the aluminum pieces or anything, but now it won't turn on. When I turn the unit on, the lights come on and it sounds like it is going to start blowing, but then it clicks, behind the "power square" with the on/off switch and the cool/fan speeds, and the blower turns back off. Then about 30 seconds-1 minute, it clicks again, like if the blower is going to come back on, but then it clicks again and turns off. I have tried to unplug it and let it set for 3-5 minutes and try it again, but it does the same thing over. Do I need a new unit or is this a minor problem that can be fixed? Or even a solution, that I can possibly try, that might make it work? Thank you for any help that I can get!!!\015

Answers :

Once you switch the unit off mid cycle, it needs time to equalise before it will switch on again.  otherwise check the cap.to start the compressor.

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After turning the unit on, it clicks to start, but then clicks right back off...

Once you switch the unit off mid cycle, it needs time to equalise before it will switch on again.  otherwise check the cap.to start the compressor. ... Whirlpool ACQ122XK Air Conditioner

My unit stopped blowing cold and started blowing hot.i turned off unit looked into furnace and saw pilot was still lit.i put out gas pilot and turned unit back on and it is blowing semi cool air (like fan)but not cool as it should.checked outside ac and it is running....munual says to turn unit off for 2 hrs and if it does not do right then it is compressor.we are currently in the 2 hr process. Any help would be helpful at this point.is there a reset switch or anything I could do to troubleshoo

100 degree temps/high humidity puts an extreme load on air conditioners - but if everything is right with the AC - 'overheating is not a big problem.\015\012\015\012The first thing I would check is whether or not the compressor is running ... Weather King 10AJA4201AH Air Conditioner

Air conditioner does not work. I turn it on and it tries to start, will not start, turns off. When I turn the thermostat off you can hear a click back by the A/C unit. This is on an 03 Weekend Warrior SLC3905 trailer.

The click you hear is possibly the contactor switch on the unit. This swith is activated by the thermostat which in turn sends voltage to the compressor. First things first, You need to check the contactor swith to insure you are getting power fro ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

My thermostat on my ac keeps resetting itself to 86. i can turn it down then it goes right back up. it is a window unit about 2 yrs. old. i keep trying and eventually it starts working again. works for about a day then does it again..the buttons dont seem to be working right on the unit when it is acting up either.

... GE AJCQ08ACB Air Conditioner

Carrier central air 38ckc060301 problem, unit will not start, air handling blower runs, can hear hum at outdoor unit. I turn the unit off at themostat. let sit for ten minutes, turn back on at themostat, unit starts and cools. Will run through serveral cycles and then not start until I repaet process, any thoughts?

... Carrier Air Conditioners

Hi, I hope you can help. Our Samsung ac with 5 way remote control(The sticker on the remote controller says arc 437)Water drips and it ices up.It starts up itself then turns off then turns on again making the start up sound. Three lights on the right of the unit are flashing: savings, silence and timer. The unit turns off and on all night and all day. I'ts driving me crazy.Please can someone help!!! I live in Thailand a service man came today and said it was a problem with the timer turning it

Your unit runs with short of gas or dusty coil. Please follow the tips step by step.1. Clean air filter,evaporator coil and blower wheel with Air blower and also drain pan. 2. Keep cool mode and -5 degree than your room temp 3.. Run the unit ... Air Conditioners

I turn the thermostat down at night. When I get up in the morning I turn it back up. The heat kicks on for a minute or two then the unit starts blowing colder air. If I turn the thermostat to the OFF position, wait until I hear all blowers stop, then turn it back to the ON position, it will start blowing HOT air again. Some times I have to perform this cycle 3 times to get it to keep blowing hot air. Any ideas as to what is shutting the furnace off? Thanks, Wayne

Theremostat switch problem. Replace it. ... Air Conditioners

Model feh-012hr-03 mobil home electric furnace. The unit will shut off according to the thermostat, but will not cut back on . I have to click the breaker off and on several times to cut unit back on.After two years of dealing with this situation, now the unit will not turn on..I can turn the blower on manually.

This is a faulty thermostat or loose connection on a wire...so check them out! If that is not the case then it sounds like it could be a faulty sequencer!\015\012Goodluck and hope this helps ... Air Conditioners

I have a 2011 Wildwood travel trailer. I tried to use the air conditioner for the first time this weekend. When I turned the themostat to cool and 65 degrees the air unit "clicked" one time but the unit did not start. I tried various settings but nothing. When I turned the thermostat off the unit clicked one time again. This is a brand new trailer and the first time I tried the air. Any thoughts?

First thing to check is that the breaker for hydro to AC unit is in the on position. The clicking sounds like 12 VDC is OK but hydro may not be on to it. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Tempstar 5000 This spring I turned on my air conditioner for the first time and it would not start at all... The fan did not turn on either. I turned off the main 220A breaker and puller the control fuses and put everything back and the unit started working fine. now fast forward to yesterday... house started feeling warm so I did the same thing... Tripped the breaker. Pulled the control fuses, and this time made sure I had new batteries in my thermostat. Started to work again. All was good. pus

... Air Conditioners

Last night my husband turned off our window unit because it had gotten cold in the house, we got up this morning and went to turn the unit on and it won't come on at all. The light on the plug is on and when I click the reset button it lights up everything on the front panel but it turns itself back off. We always have to replace window units every year and this is quite costly and am getting tired of this. We have 3 other units that are older than this one which is only a year old but we also p

Must be a shorted capacitor. ... Air Conditioners

I have a PTAC Model PTCO93B35AJ, SERIAL 0408181195, MFG P1259902R, The AC works fine but when I turn on the heater it clicks repeatedly but doesn't stay running. If the heater does turn on it only runs a minute or so then shuts down and starts that clicking again. The unit has a note on the inside that states this unit has a manual reset for heater but I could not find it. I have had it for 7 years and have never had to reset any switch. Is there any troubleshooting steps you could give me. Tha

... Amana PTC093B35AJ Air Conditioner

Just installed a new thermostat because the air/heat would not come on. I have put the new thermostat in and still nothing happens. I can hear the thermostat click but the fan nor the unit turns on. I have turn off the breaker and turned it back on but no luck. Is there a reset button on the unit, unit is a E1eb015ha

On some thermostats there is a delay when you first apply power. Look at the owner's manual and see if this applies to you. ... Intertherm P3RA-048K Air Conditioner

Our Carrier 38ckc036350 is not working - the outdoor unit was very hot to the touch and will not turn on -turned it off at the thermostat - later when the unit cooled down turned it back on via the thermostat and it would start to kick on, but then stop - no breakers were thrown. Unit will be 7 years old in the middle of July '10 and am wondering: 1. what could the problem be & 2. will any of this be under warranty?

The first thing I would check is to see the condensing coil is clean. Take a garden house and wash it thoroughly. If it is severely clogged you may need to remove the top and clean it with water pressure blowing from the inside out. This may stop the ... Carrier 38CKC036 Air Conditioner

I have a goodman gsc13 ac unit about 4 year old. When the temp gets around 90 or above outside the fan on the unit starts but the compressor does not. I had service check it out but that day they were here it was in the 80's and it worked fine. I replace the thermostat to make sure that wasn't the problem. Interesting if I turn the unit off at the thermostat and wait 15 minutes and turn it back on it will run fine. But the next time it tries to turn on automaitcally it will just be the fan o

The hum you hear is the 24v transformer which is powered form the air handler inside have you tried a hard start kit or had cap checked ... Air Conditioners

RV ac fan runs backwards (blows out air on top of RV.) Runs correctly sometimes but after it satisfies and clicks off when it kicks back on, it runs backwards. The only thing that will turn it back around is to turn off unit and wait for around 30 minutes and turn back on. (won't reverse motion very quickly) Spoke to Coleman expert and was told it is the fan capacitor. Need instructions to identify and change the capacitor. Would like to fix myself since this will be the 3rd time to have it i

Hi, this is strange as I have never heard of this either!!! The capacitor is located by the motor and sometimes clamped to the motor. They can be the shape of a very small can, oval 3" tall with 2 leads on top with wires coming off the terminals. It ... Coleman Mach III Air Conditioner

I have a Sanyo Split System the indoor unit is a KHS0921 and the outdoor unit is a CH0921. When i first turn the indoor unit ON the fan will run for a few minutes and then go off. The outdoor unit never comes ON when there is a cll for cooling. The only way to get the fan to come ON again is to turn the breaker OFF and then back ON. The Operation loght will come ON when the fan is running but it will start flashing when the fan goes OFF. What should i look for?

... Sanyo Split System Air Conditioner

I have a 561c central air unit. I just replaced the fan motor and capacitor 6 days ago. The unit ran great for just that long now the fan won't come on and the outside unit is hot to the touch, I can assist the fan and it starts and runs great until it reaches the thermostat temp. When it turns off it won't come back on. Is it the start relay switch?

Sounds like you need another capacitor since it will run if you turn it by hand to get it started. If you have a clamp on ammeter check the current draw on the fan motor. ... Air Conditioners

Outside unit is running however it is not cooling.I cut off the circuit breaker wait 20 or so minutes and turn it back on and the unit works perfect for a while (no set amount of time ranges from hours to days) any ideas?It is a new unit and did the same thing when it was turned on for the first time.Worked 2 weeks before starting again.Unit is a little low on freon.It is a Goodman 3.5 ton ac only(gas furnace)

Sounds like there is a Freon leak and has been since it was installed and is going off on because of low charge, you will need to call a competent A/C repairer, more then likely the leak will be in the air handler, should cost under a $100 to fix. Go ... Goodman CKL42AR42 Air Conditioner

I have a carrier 38YCBO48300 Over the years ithas a history of eating the start Caps Which I replace myself. This time the cap was leaking so I replaced it but the unit still will not run.The blower runs but not the outside unit. there is power and I hear a click when the system is turned on if I push in the relay the unit will start. but stop when I release it. I have checked the float switch in the condenser pan Any other ideas??

You must have a bad connection from either the thermostat or inside unit. Check the wire going from the outside unit to the inside unit. Look for any in-line fuses or the fuse on the circuit board. ... Carrier 38BRC048 Air Conditioner

I have a duo-therm roof top unit. The fan or a/c will not come on. I opened the connection box and ckecked the fuse on the printed circuit board. Fuse good. reinstalled fuse and unit came on. Turned of t-stat and waited a long time and turned it back on Nothing.Pulled the fuse and reistalled and the unit started. Whats the problem?

Hi; You still have a loose connection somewhere. I have found just recently a problem with a customer with the same problem He had burnt wiring at the compressor terminals. Also check to see if the fan on top of R.V. is running when the inside fan is ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have two Friedrich PDE15KSB-C units. When trying to turn on the heat neither will kick into the heat mode. They both blow cold air only. When they are first turned on the air blows, and there is a click sound as though the unit is trying to start the heat pump, but then nothing really happens...just the fan continues to blow cold air. Any help would be appreciated. BTW the dip sticks are all in the positions of 1234 ON, 5678 OFF - factory setting. I did try to turn 7 on for the emergency

Keep +10 degree from your room temp and also thermostat in "heat" . And then check. But in your case, I think RV not energized. If no proper voltage in RV in heat mode, check the wiring to RV. If voltage in means RV not working properly. You have to ... Friedrich PDE15K3SB Portable Air Conditioner

Our fan runs and the unit runs but barely cools at all now. Started gradually after my husband turned the whole unit off when we went away for a day. Once it was turned back on, we'd put temp to

... Goodman CKL49AR49 Air Conditioner

My LG LSN182HE will not turn on using remote or the one button. I check fuses and breaker and they are fine. Power is coming into the inside unit but nothing happens when I push the power button. I turned it on AC mode and it started running. When I went back into the room later the unit was off.

You should check the condition of capacitor, there may be a small transformer inside the unit, check it for 24vac. If your problem still exists then you can contact with LG technical support at ... LG LS-K2430HL Heat Cool Mini Split Air Conditioner

I have a panasonic cu-80c52hp air con unit with a fault code of IF42 the system will start up and start cooling then after a bit switches off the compressor and will not switch back on till you turn the system off then back on again, what is the code IF42

... Air Conditioners

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