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Honeywell thermostat the readout (LCD) is blank and A/C is not blowing.

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You have lost power to the A/C system. Check that the Emergency switch has not been turned to the off position by mistake. If it is in the on position you will need to inspect the indoor unit to see if an access panel may have opened slightly causing the door safety switch to open and turn power off to the unit. This is typical found where you replace the air filter. If neither of these help, check the circuit breaker box for a tripped breaker. Cycle the breaker for the A/C system and inspect the thermostat to see if it is displaying any information. \015\012\015\012If still blank, you may have a bad transformer or something else wrong and a technician will have to diagnose.\015\012\015\012Hope this is helpful.

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Honeywell thermostat the readout (LCD) is blank and A/C is not blowing.

You have lost power to the A/C system. Check that the Emergency switch has not been turned to the off position by mistake. If it is in the on position you will need to inspect the indoor unit to see if an access panel may have opened slightly causing ... Air Conditioners

Have 2 thermostats, 1 for sleeping area upstairs and 1 whole house located downstairs. whole house thermostat won't open dampers to allow downstairs vents to blow A/C or heat. no matter which thermostat is on, a/c or heat only blows thru the upstairs vents. control system in the attic is a HONEYWELL MINIZONE KIT, EMM-3K. What do we need to do to get system to open dampers to blow a/c or heat thru downstairs vents. other wise the a/c and heater is working fine, just that the minizone that c

It seems as though you have a polarity mishap. The damper valves will be VDC if the downstairs thermo is driving them to open with full VDC and the polarity was reversed it will drive them closed. The Thermostat will not know this. Using a DMM and th ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

My heat pump continues to blow air almost right up until the compressor kicks back on. It makes the room feel cool because it is blowing air that is no warmer than room temperature. The a/c is a Miller model number PCZD-030KB and the thermostat is a Honeywell model number T874R. They are both over 15 years old. Should i simply replace the thermostat? And is there any rule of thumb as to what thermostat i should replace it with or will any do?

Any thermostat will work, I recommend digital thermostats. Ones that you can program are a plus, it will save you money as well as help the environment. It is normal for your blower to continue blowing well after the heat stops, this is called cyc ... Air Conditioners

I am replacing a white rodgers thermostat with a honeywell rth3100c. i have matched my wire as e (brown) to e w2 (white) o aux y (yellow) to y g (green) to g o (orange) to o l blank r (red) t r b blank c blank now i have a blue wire which was hooked up to the x1 on the old thermostat. where does this wire go?

Blue (C) or sometimes (B) should be your common wire. Look at your schematics and locate common. Your Brown wire is (E) and is emergency heat, white wire (W) is Auxilary Heat, green wire (G) is fan relay, red wire (R) is power, yellow wire (Y) is C ... Air Conditioners

HONEYWELL RTH230B thermostat: we just installed the honeywell rth230b. The fan is working, but it's not turning on the outside unit. We pressed down on the thermostat slightly and it triggered the outside unit on for a split second, but it wouldn't stay on. After reading one of your forums, we disabled the blue wire, and made sure red, green, and white were in correctly. (we don't have yellow). Any ideas? The fan and vents are blowing cool air, but the house is 83 degrees and climbing (because t

Hello,what you have to do now from here is that check the capacitor if the maize i.e (wire)_ that pass current over to the compressor is well fix because this well the unit get is own supply to the over load then the relay sec ... Air Conditioners

Reset button for Ruud Achiever 14 heat pump/AC compressor? My Ac/heat thermostat was blowing fan on and would not turn off. I switched it off at the circuit box, and bought a new thermostat RTH221, wired it and it would not blow cool air when on cool nor warm air when on heat. Called the 800 number for Honeywell and tech said I had wired it correctly, to check outside and see if the compressor was running. It was not. This Ruud unit is only 8years old so I'm wondering if a reset button has

... Air Conditioners

Honeywell central heat & air unit--wall thermostat not controlling it--will not work--thermostat only lights up -aux- and screen goes blank...worked previously...replaced relay and thermostat---still same thing. Why would the thermostat just stop working?

... Honeywell ER150B Air Conditioner

My honeywell heater is blowing cold air, could it be the thermostat? It did the same thing yesterday and eventually began blowing heat, then late last night started blowing cold air again.

Not sure what type of furnace you have but here a a few easy tips: ... Air Conditioners

I read on the honeywell thermostat T8400C that if the reading went blank, try changing the batteries. The only way i see to get inside the thermostat is to unscrew a couple of screws. However, on the outside it says, "Do not remove screw". How do I change batteries on this thing without removing the screws? Beyond that, what can i check?

This unit gets it's power from the air handler transformer. Check your breakers, then take the front cover off the furnace or air handler and check for a blown fuse. If a fuse did blow, there might be some other problem. Replace the fuse, and h ... Air Conditioners

Townhouse has an old slide, mercury bulb thermostat. Our furnace is now cycling and the flame only takes a few seconds before it turns off again. Most of the time it just blows cold air. Last year we adjusted the anticipator higher and it worked fine. Now, we adjusted it to an even higher number and it still cycling on and off. 1) Right now I think the value is at .4. What is the correct value setting for the anticipator. 2) If I replace the thermostat with a digital (Honeywell RTH221B), w

Hi\015\012i will suggest to replace to an energy efficuect t-stat.\015\012that will solve your problem and will save you money\015\012\015\012more info\015\012 ... Air Conditioners

I have a Honeywell Programmable Thermostat T8600 and nothing displays. It was working fine, and the A/C was on on Saturday. I checked the display on Sunday and the thermostat was blank. All other lights are on around it so the circuit braker is fine, and the a/c was working the day before. I have taken the front part off the wall and the wiring looks fine, but I am not an electric expert. I don't know if there is something simple I can try to fix it. Thanks.

Check your transformer for power, should get 24V reading, if transformer is out make sure there are no short otherwise your new one will have the same fate.before checking the transformer however, make sure that your dedicated breaker for the air han ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

My Totaline thermostat screen was blank so I change out the fuse in my furnace and the thermasat LCD displayed PH with all the modes available then it turned back off to blank screen any ideas?

... Air Conditioners

I have an Amana RHE30A2B heat pump. I installed a new thermostat, Honeywell, last night and now the coils are not cooling & the unit is blowing hot air. I have double checked all the wiring & everything seems to work as it should. Is there a breaker or fuse on the outside unit that I am not aware of before I call a service man out. We also had an electrical storm last night. It could be a freak thing, but I am still concentrating on the thermostat.

Hello,If you can hear a click or see a light when you turn your thermostat from up to down you do have power there. Or, you can put a meter on your thermostat and see if there is any voltage or not. If not in either case, you can try this ... Amana Air Conditioners

Honeywell CM907 blank LCD screen - changed batteries correctly and still blank - still works the boiler as when put to manual and increase temperature button the heating is on - do I need to somehow reboot the screen - or is this the screen of death?

... Honeywell Air Conditioners


Recheck the wires to make sure that you are calling the outdoor unit to cool! Wires that call for cooling are R to Y and R to G calls indoor fan on! This usually happens at the same time in the thermostat when call for cooling is tripped, Green wire ... Air Conditioners

My honeywell smartfit thermostat T8677B1006 is showing what I believe is an error. It displays F:04 on the readout is there a way to reset my thermostat?

... Honeywell Air Conditioners

The LCD display on the thermostat in my Motor Home went blank. I can still use the unit to turn on the heater,heat pump and AC but I have no way to control the temperature. Can it be fixed or do I need to replace the thermostat?

Can ou say, low batteries! ... Coleman Mach 15 Air Conditioner

The thermostat for the main zone in my house (honeywell model RTH5100B1017) is battery powered and it blinked change the battery for a couple of daye and then went blank. I have changed the batteries twice and It's still blank.

Check any batteries and replace if needed. Ensure that you use only AA alkaline, nonrechargeable batteries.\015\012\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\015\012\011\011\011\011\011\011\015\012\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\015\012 ... Air Conditioners

I have a Carrier Weathermaker SX HVAC unit with a Honeywell thermostat. Even if the thermostat is turned "off", my fan keeps blowing!

Hello, usually this is a sign of a bad blower relay on the intergrated control board. The only option is to replace the control board. ... Air Conditioners

Carrier thermostat blank lcd display

... Carrier Air Conditioners

Honeywell T8400B Thermostat Display Intermittently Blank

I have the same problem. It's because your domestic hot water (dhw) is on the same system as your radiant heat. In these systems, dhw is given priority over floor heating. That is, when your dhw needs heat, power to your Tstats are shut off until y ... Air Conditioners

Honeywell thermostat blank screen on cool

I wonder if they shorted a wire a during install. That is where I would begin. ... Honeywell Rth2310b 5-2 Day Programmable Thermostat


This model of Honeywell thermostat uses the 24v from the unit to power it. One of three things must have happened. 1. You have lost power to the furnace, therefore no power to thermostat.2. You only have 4 wires hooked up on the thermosta ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Heater shut down sometime in the middle of the night and now it will not turn on. I checked the breaker box and when I flipped the master switch, it came on for about a minute or two but was blowing cold air then just shut itself off. My unit is model# 58STA070-10112 and I have a Honeywell Chronotherm IV thermostat. Any suggestions for this DIY chick? thanks!

Hi what has happened is, this is a heat pump. The main breaker keeps tripping because the compressor is shorted. I hate to give you this news, but anytime a unit keeps tripping the main breaker on a heat pump, the compressor is either locked up and d ... Carrier 38CKC042 Air Conditioner

Our honeywell ultrastat thermostat screen flashes and goes blank. Then we reset the power via the electric box and it works for about 15 minutes and goes out again.

\015\012HONEYWELL WEBSITE:\015\012Go to honeywell.com\015\012Under red welcome sign\015\012Bottom red highlighted box literature/image search\015\012Type in thermostat model number \015\012Click on arrow to right ... Air Conditioners

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