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AC not working

\015 Our AC doesnt seem to work...it doesnt start also, it made a huge noise and came to a halt. please advise\015

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If you can be a bit more specific by stating model and any codes that maybe showing would be useful in diagnosing the fault.
Hi,\015\012 If you are renting your home, contact the owner or manager. If this is a window unit it may have a reset button at the plug. You also need to check the main breakers in the breaker panel. If its a split unit, I think you should contact a licensed air-conditioning technician to check it out. Find the REPAIR SERVICE tab on here and find one in your area or check the YELLOW PAGES in your phone book under HEATING AND AIR-CONDITIONING. You might want to talk with a neighbor to find a good air-conditioning technician. Without further information, I cant think of anything else. Hope I have helped you.\015\012kstfas

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My heat isnt working now but in the summer time my ac works. but last year my heat woulodnt work but then one day started working. then the summer time my ac wouldnt work then one day started working an now that it is cold out again my heat wont work. what could be the problem. i already tryed replacing thermostat. an the heater core is working cause both lines are hot.

What kind of air con is it. it would be a sticky reversing valve either from inside the valve or the solinoid pulling it siting on the valve. http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:SMSfcwrA_p4i6M:http://www.daviddarling.info/images/reversing_valve.jpg&t= ... Air Conditioners

New Archer Aurora Gas Log Fire with Built in Humidifier. Humidifier has not worked since installation. Have phoned Archer, they state humidifier is working or the heater would not work. The humidifier is not working and has not worked. They will not listen to us and got extremely angry, raised their voice and told us that we know nothing about the heater, they are the professionals and do not wish to discuss this matter further. Please could you tell me if the heater can work without the humidif

If the humidifier is faulty the unit would not fire up. The humidifier is a lot quieter then the bay window model. So you do not have a problem. Also the frequency of the pump will depend on the type of flue you have. Hope this helps. \ ... Air Conditioners

Hello, my airconditioning does not work constantly. The pump does noet get a signal all the time. The cooling-fluid is checked and is OK, the pump works OK, the low- and high pressure swithces(valves) have been checked and are OK. One time, when i drive the car the airconditiong starts after ± 10 minutes, the other time is does not work at all, and another time it works for 10 minutes, stops working for a few minutes and starts working again. And so on. My mechanic says he thinks it must be a ba

Sounds like the A/C relay is bad. They are located under the hood in a fuse block. What type of car, make and model along with year. ... Air Conditioners

Doesn't work My husband just bought this AC today, and now it doesn't work. It turned on and worked for an hour or so, and my son turned it off. We have been able to get it back working since. The reset button will not work. Any tips?

How to check the breakers?? what the breakers look like?  ... Haier Mechanical Air Conditioner HWF05XC7

I have BEKO ac , on cool it's working properly but on warm, the condenser fan didn't work and the compressor don't work and each several trials of start up, the compressor work but the condenser fan don't work and soon , the condenser goes to freeze and the unit stop again. can you suggest my problem. Remark: the 3 sensors (2 in and one out) are giving all 6.1 K ohm

... Air Conditioners

I have a fujitsu halcyon inverter evaporator that isnt working. The indoor wall mount is blowing air, but the evap outside isnt working. The fan doesnt seem to be working. I have another 2 piece fujitsu, same exact model that is working fine, drawing air into the evap. Dont know much about trouble shooting, any tips would be appreciated because its hard to find info on these things.

... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

Have 2 dometic duo-therm 13.5 penguin model 620015-307,front air would not start no lights electronic control unit,swapped control units with rear which was working fine,still did not work,swapped circuit boards from ac units neither unit works,returned original circuit board to rear unit now that doesn"t work either...help

Hi,It would seem as though something in the front unit is killing the circuit boards....The front circuit board was bad so the control still did not work in the front...then you swapped the circuit board from the back and killed it in the ... Dometic Air Conditioners

Air conditioner stopped working, nothing works, breaker is on, power to air conditioner is good, It was working just fine and then every thing stopped. All the other electrical things are working just fine.

A few basic principles for air conditioner troubleshooting. For both central home air conditioner or window air conditioner,\015\012 the first thing to check is whether the unit is getting proper power. \015\012If the unit ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have a GE air conditioner, model #ASM18DBS1. It seems that some of the touch pads on the control panel aren't working. The On/off works but the temperature up and down and the energy saver aren't working. The remote control isn't working either.

... GE Deluxe AGM12AB Air Conditioner

I currently have an Ideal icos HE24 condensing boiler. It suddenly stopped working altogether.replaced the pcb board. Pump now working but no fan and no control panel responding. However clock working. if the fan has packed in does this mean that the control panel will not work either. Or could it be that the control panel just needs replacing. regards

... Air Conditioners

How to restore factory settings for Remote control of 53QG split AC, remote control was working properly but now it works sometime and sometime does not work its timer is set at 12pm on and 6am off but i want to close this timer i.e. i just want to get my remote control without this on/off timer because with these settings remote control is not working properly

Check the batery of remote if is new one,replace the battery coz all remote is sensitive to vibration do to misuse. ... Air Conditioners

Twice in the last year, I have had a gas smell come from my Goodman furnace. In this last case, the smell of gas came through the duct work. There was not smell in or around the furnac itself. Some how it got into the duct work very quickly., Had tech check the unit and cannot find a leak. Everything (sensors, safety switches, etc) seems to work. Once you remove the gas then the unit seems to work fine.

Did the tech check to see that the heat exchanger does not have a hole of a crack in it...I have seen this and it is more common than you think....Make sure you get to the bottom of this as there is the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning...I would ... Goodman Air Conditioners

The light fixture needed to be repaired. It never worked when I bought the house. New light bulbs didn't worked. I replaced the two ceramic light switches that had corroded wiring and reconnected blue to black and white to white. I have a dual wall switch that controls the fan and light. Now the light only works when the fan is on. The light on my other identical fan works without the fan on. Is the wiring problem in the fan or switch. The switches are different.

If its a duel switch that controls lights, and the fan seperately. sounds like the power for the lights is going directly to the fan, and therefore making the lights work also. also check out switch, make sure power is only going to the lights, with ... Air Conditioners

Hi, I,m working on A therom king, tripac system in a 2005 kenworth T2000. I have never worked on this type of system before, The proble is the system won't start, I've checked for power to switches they are good (as far as i can see)I started tracing wiring but don't have working understanding of how system should work. How can I get a diagram of wiring harness or any trouble shooting info?

You can get the wiring digram from here...\015\012\015\012 ... Carrier Air Conditioners

Hello, I have two Yokohama Split type air conditioners that work fine for cooling, but when switched to heat they just blow air at room temperature and then after about 1 minute go into a standby mode indefinately. They work perfectly for cooling. All fans work perfectly and the compressor works perfectly for cooling. Thanks...

... Air Conditioners

My ac unit is not working properly. It stoped working the other day and we called a HVAC out. He said it was the transformer. Replaced that and put a new stat on. Then in less than 24 hours the thing stops again. Replaced the transformer again. The unit will not work right. The fan blows on the (on) position and the heater part works but everytime we turn on AC it makes a buzzing or humming sound and does not come on. If we leave it like that it will burn out the transformer. We replaced the rel

You are going to have to eplace the contactor inside of the outdoor unit, the coil is weak ... Air Conditioners

My Delongi Pinguine 92 typ PAC 19E can also work on water. Now the watertank is filled but he only works on air. The red light that he works on air is on. What must i do to let him work on water again?

... DeLonghi Air Conditioners

I have an Alpha CB28 combination boiler and it is not working at all. The bottom neon indicator light is flashing every second and the helpline suggests it is a temperature sensor fault. I have had it replaced and it still does not work. It did work for a short time last night when the new part was fitted but today it has not worked. The boiler appears to fire up for a few seconds and then it clicks off again, so the light is only staying on for a short time.

Try tapping the 3 relays on the pcb,"thats the circuit board under the front cover...\015\012it sounds like a dodgy relay thats starts up the pressure fan in next to the flue....\015\012maybe a dry solder joint,maybe a new relay needed... ... Air Conditioners

We have a hampton bay ceiling fan with 2 pull chains and a remote the remote works ok as the little red light comes on i checked the wall switch for power with a tester and it has power but when i turn the switch on the fan does not work and also the lights do not work we tried the pull chains and still it does not work can you help me.

... Air Conditioners

Heating problem hello! My air conditioner stopped to heat. (there is a around 8 degrees C, outside and 16 degrees inside). It worked just fine, and now, when I switched to heating mode, there was nothing. the defrost LED ond the inside unit is switched on, but air is not comming from the unit. Cooling mode works fine. If you could please help me finding the solution for my problem. Thanks in advance. RAdan GE AIR CONDITIONER SPLIT SYSTEM WON'T WORK ON HEAT CYCLE Seems to work ok doing eve

Hi Radan, Did you get this problem solved? We have an Electrolux Kelvinator Split System and ours is doing exactly the same thing. I am struggling to find a solulution. Would be great if you can offer any advice.\015\012\015\012Thanks Nic ... Air Conditioners

My fan stopped working, but i hear the refrigeration unit working. is there something i can do to fix this? i cleaned out the filter, that didnt do anything to the issue. when i have it set to just fan mode, nothing works. but when i set it to high AC i can hear the ac unit working but no fan movment, so im assuming its the fan that is the issue.

Yes , you may have to change your fan and it should work . seems your fan went up on your a/c .. ... Haier HWC05XCB Air Conditioner

The fan on the condensing unit isnt working it works for awhile and then shuts off,then the compressor starts to work by itself really hard and the whole condenser heats up really fast so I turn off the breaker and start it again but the fan makes and electric humm and I have to push start the blades to get it to spin and then it will work for awhile and then the fan will stop again after about an hour and then same thing happens

Does the fan turn freely or is it hard to turn by hand? If it is hard to turn the fan motor may need to be replaced. If it isn't hard to turn then check the fan capacitor. You can test it with a multimeter or take it to a heating and air supply and g ... Goodman CLT36AER36 Air Conditioner

I have a Mitsubishi split air conditioner; Model number: MSH-18NA. When I turn the air conditioner on with the remote control, sometimes it works normally, sometimes it doesn't. When it is not working properly, sometimes the fan turns continuously and sometimes it doesn't. No matter whether the fan is working or not, no cold air comes out. The green operation light is blinks and the indicator light is off. It looks like the outdoor unit is not working because the outdoor fan is not moving. Wha

... Mitsubishi MS12TN Air Conditioner

We have a GE Zoneline Heat / Cool Model 2800 (with Heat Pump Model 3800). The blower works but no heat. The A/C works fine. My brother works for Marcone Appliance parts. He removed the housing to the control board, and suddenly the heat started working. It stopping the next day. We replace the control board, but no go...it still won't heat. What could be the problem?

... Air Conditioners

Model: Klimaire KSWG012-C113. It has power, the fan is working, the inside unit seems to work, but the outdoor unit does not seem to work. Therefore, only the fan works. Thanks

... Air Conditioners

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