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Hi hello i dont know if my air is gone out but the fix out is the motor outside we think its gone or is going out

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Hi,\015\012 Sounds like the condenser fan motor is the problem to me. Could be an insect in the contactor outside. I think you should contact a licensed air-conditioning technician to check it out. Find the REPAIR SERVICE tab on here and find one in your area or check the YELLOW PAGES in your phone book under HEATING AND AIR-CONDITIONING. You might want to talk with a neighbor to find a good air-conditioning technician

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Hi hello i dont know if my air is gone out but the fix out is the motor outside we think its gone or is going out

Hi,\015\012 Sounds like the condenser fan motor is the problem to me. Could be an insect in the contactor outside. I think you should contact a licensed air-conditioning technician to check it out. Find the REPAIR SERVICE tab on here and find one in ... Intertherm P3RA-048K Air Conditioner

I have an A.O. Smith f48l47a50 blower motor, and I need help with wiring. First it's a 460v,1phase,1/2hp,975rpm,3spd motor. My question with the wiring is do I need to supply a wire for line power? I know the brown and purple go to the capacitor. The green is ground. I guessing the blue and orange are to designate low/med speed, but that's all the wires that are attatched. I think I need to supply a wire from the blower motor relay to the motor's hi spd terminal. Could you confirm this?

Are you SURE its 460volt single phase??? that voltage is normally a 3phase motor voltage,and color of wires is right for 480/277, but that would be 3 phase.....not saying your wrong,just make sure ... Air Conditioners

Installing new motor and dont know where 2 wires from motor go on capacitor 1 is white 1 is brown ther are 3 terminals 1 has white already hooked and another has a brown hooked and 3rd has nothing hooked to it

Check the white wire aside from the capacitor where it connect? If it is connected to L1 then the 3rd wire should be connect to L2, or else opposite. ... Air Conditioners

I Have a outside A/C unit I have replaced the fan and I need to know which Capacitor leads go to the Fan, the compressor and the contactor. the capacitor is a 35/5 with one lead with 4 male blade connectors-one with two and one with only one lead. There are also two brown(one with a stripe)wires from the new motor instead of the one on the original motor.

The 2 brown wires go to the capacitor, the solid on the positive or colored dot side, the striped one goes on the other side. ... Dayton Air Conditioners

My thermostat wires got pulled out of my outside unit and need to put them back but dont know where to start. The wires coming out of unit are blue and yellow and the norm thermostat wiring witch wires go where

Hello Cadbiad Jason, \015\012\015\012I understand that your wires go to you outside unit (condensor) have been pulled out. To start with you have two thermostat wires look like telephone wire, and three power wires a ground u ... Goodman Air Conditioners

I have a rheem furnace. A week or so ago, we had a burning smell, and the furnace shut down while I was gone. When I came back, it did start again, but the smell was still there. I called a guy who came over, found some melted wires (dont know if they were in his pocket or not before he came), and the unit worked for about four hours after he left...then there was a new sound..a chirping sound, and then the heater died a couple of days ago...I took the squirel cage apart, took the motor down, an

Your control board may have a problem. When the burner fires up, after a time delay of about 45 seconds, you need to use a voltmeter and see if the terminal marked H for heat has 120 volts coming off it. This voltage will be the power to spin the blo ... Air Conditioners

Air conditioning yes my ac is not cooling off my apartment, i have had the maintenance guy in here about 3 times already and he said it isn't going to get much cooler than 20 degrees less than the temp outside. i know he is not a certified HVAC mechanic and he just keeps giving me the same anwsers every time i talk to him. He said the ac unit is old and i am in the up stairs apartment so all the heat from the downstairs is coming into my apartment, but i think it is a bunch of bull that he is t

Here are a couple things to check first make sure that the filter inside is clean if not replace. 2nd the outside coil needs to be cleaned at least once a year to ensure effeciency. These two things will make a dramatic improvement in operating costs ... Carrier 38CKC036 Air Conditioner

The outside condenser unit will run for about 8-10 minutes then the fan will stop spinning but you can hear and feel the motor wanting to run,but also i found the other day that the drain tube for the condensation was not draing because the plastic pipe was sagging in the middle dont know if that could have caused anything

Most likely they are not related. Most likely the condenser fan is shot. You should be able to replace it for less than 100.00 If it isn't starting, it could be a capacitor, but since it starts, it's probably overheating, or bearings seizing after it ... Goodman Air Conditioners

How to change 3 wire motor with 4 wire motor for outside ac unit fan motor?....old motor had blk wire going to a circuit board, also pur wire going to c terminal on cap, also brw wire going to f terminal on cap...... new motor , on the name plate , shows blk and wht wire going to line. also brw and brw/white stripe wires going to cap.... does the blk go to the same place as the old blk and the white does it go to the other line wire coming off the contactor? also which terminals do i attach t

You need this wire onto the "F"terminal- fan terminal as this is a 230 volt condenser fan motor all your doing is parrelling the cap ... Air Conditioners

My fan motor from ASYA09LCC is gone, where i can buy one ? internal driver board from motor is MFD-40GOAL on this board step driver is exploded, due to my cleaning misfortune :-) i can change ic to, but there is no any leter... this is 3 phase motor driver board... I'm from Croatia my mail is [email protected] if anyone know way out, if not, i will build new driver, but i don't know how to give feedback to conditioner uC and how conditioners uC communicate with motor driver controler

... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

My motor for my Goodman CK36-1B condenser unit is beginning to overheat and stop in its tracks. I know I need to replace it, but the a/c place is charging 350 dollars for the part alone...that and labor is way beyond my means. I can get a "universal motor" and capacitor for it for $130, and think I might be able to install it myself, as I'm very handy with those kinds of things. However, I've never done it before...is there anything I need to know before attempting to do this on my own?

Yes....shut the power off.Just kidding.The old capacitor can hold a charge even after the power is off.be careful.make sure the motors are same hp and rpm.the universal may also have a rain plug that needs moved to the back face.besides that,pretty s ... Goodman Air Conditioners

I bought a used furnace and when i hooked it all up the green light that says working is flashing instead of staying on constantly. dont know if that is good or bad. but the automatic pilot will not light and i am not getting the fan to turn on or anything. the draft induce motor is warm to the touch after a few minutes so i know that it is trying to work. not sure if that is the correct name of the motor exactly.

Something is not right here. Turn it off and check the power connections to the unit.. something is hooked up incorrectly. If you can send me a photo of the schematic I can tell you how it should be connected. ... Air Conditioners

Hi, I have an air handler motor made by GE Commercial motors. I think the motor number is N656 S. It's a 1/2 HP, 1075 rpm motor to replace my existing air handler motor. I want to install it in my air handler, but it's wiring appears to be different than on the system I currently have. The current system has a purple wire hooked up, and I don't know what it's for. There is also a red and black wire which correspond to the yellow and black wires on this motor, but nothing to compare to the purple

See where the purple wire is hooked up in the existing motor diagram (it could be the capacitor or a lower speed for the heater) and compared with the new one , and put it in the same place .But the easiest way to do it ,is to get the original replac ... GE Air Conditioners

On my maytag M7Y10F2A-F 10000BTU i dont have a owners manual just want to know what the 19 ti 31 rage ib the control means... is 19 the coldest or going up....is going up higher than 19 make the air

... Maytag M7Y10F2A Air Conditioner

Have a Payne pg8uaa furnace. Furnace only works when I run a jumper between R and W. Replace wiring to furnace. I suspect that the outside blower motor is the problem. When furnace is running the blower motor has a humming sound but does not blow air. At this point, I would like to know how you would diagnose a Tjernlund HSUL-J blower motor. Should the motor itself be replaced or should the fan prover be replaced?

You would have to test the motor as well as the capacitor on the motor capacitor goes for alot less then the motor though.here is the pdf manual on your blower h ... Air Conditioners

Hi, just replaced the capacitor thinking that would solve the problem but it appears it did not. The motor outside would kick on the unit inside would kick on but the blower motor inside works sometimes and wont other times. Basically, the unit will work just fine all day then we notice the house is getting warm, check the inside unit and everything is running fine but the blower motor is not circulating the air. I have a goodman a30-10 unit. I read where some people said the relay could be bad

Turn off the power to the air handler(indoor unit). Remove the access panel. From the motor,trace the wires back to the fan relay. One wire will probably trace back to the incoming power terminal. The other is the fan relay. It could be intermittent ... Air Conditioners

I think the bearing on front of motor is going . Can it be replaced or does whole motor need replacing . Unit is cooling very well but making some noise and shaft of motor getting hot. Unit is Coleman roughneeck 8000 series

The bearings are replaceable on some motors.. its a bit of work and you might first check the cost of a replacement motor .. it might be low enough to offset the amount of labor required to replace the bearing .. around here we have a hardware store ... Coleman Mach III Air Conditioner

I have a goodman aruf 1729168a airhandler with a 5 kw heat kit and the wiring harnes has a purple wire on it that was not connected and would like to know where that particular wire would go..... the purple on the female end is already going to board and to the motor and the other purple is going to the transformer but the other end on the male plug is not hooked to anything please help, heat strips come on but fan does not.

That purple wire goes conected to the black wire that is connected on the sequencer to send the signal to the fan blower. ... Goodman Air Conditioners

Fan motor not I have two caps and dont know which

First pull the quick disconnect (power source). If you have a multimeter with capacitor check (uf) capabilities, look at the side of the capacitor and see what the uf rating is, (should be somthing like 3.5uf or 5.0uf or7.5uf) then stick a screwdrive ... Ruud UAMB Air Conditioner


A/c unit refrigerant charge is possibly low due to leakage, call a a/c engineer ! ... Air Conditioners

I bought a used ruud achiever 90000 plus and i installed it today. when i turn it on the blower motor does not come on and the burner does not light either. dont know what to do. when i turn it on the light that says ok is flashing green. i dont have an owners manual so im not sure if that is good or bad that its not staying solid green.

If this is a 220 volt unit I would suggest taking a look at the breakers, often times one will trip leaving the other in service. Also, you'll want to check the positioning of the shunt bar(located in the service cutout) and make sure it is in the r ... Ruud Air Conditioners

My fan motor want start by its self. I can spin it and it will go ahead and run. If i have to replace the motor, do i do that from outside or inside?

The fan motor is replaced outside. I think you have a start capacitor failure. You might want to try replacing that capacitor before you replace the motor. ... Dometic 57915531 Air Conditioner

I'm having a problem with my heating and air system, my heat only works on emergency heat ( and run 24/7) if i turn it to regular heat it only blows cold air. i dont think my outside unit fan is turning( i could be wrong about this one) how can i fix this problem so i dont have to run my emergency heat all the time

If your Heatpump's fan isn't running but your compressor is, your fan motor is out. If nothings happening at all ensure your getting power to heatpump (ex: breaker tripped, fuses blown on outside power switch, or fuses blown in breaker box?) ... Air Conditioners

My outside unit is clicking off & on. it seems as if it is trying to catch but is not catching. it clicks on for about 30 seconds then clicks off for about 15 seconds then back on. Off & on constantly. the inside is blowing the whole time, but outside is going off & on. what do you think may be the problem!!!

Turn off all power to unit you have a loose connecton on the two wires comming fror the inside of the house they hook up on the unit out side some times theres wire nuts on a small red and white wire tighten and then look for any loos conn. ... Air Conditioners

My air condition stopped working, that is it blows in the house but the outside fan is not blowing. also on the back of the outside fan motor it was quite hot to the touch, i thought that was hot since it had not been running and i heard i little buzzing sound coming from the fan. its going to be 107 today , please help

The motor gets hot from over amping for various reasons. Nine times out of ten the fan motor needs to be replaced. This really isn;t something that most people can do without proper training. The way it's done on the outside chance that you have the ... Air Conditioners

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