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We are looking for a set of Yogurt Jars (P/N 40281). This set is for the Yogurt Maker YM7 Truly yours Alvaro Guzman <>

Try doing a Google search for Yogurt Jars. The net is loaded with references. ... Air Conditioners

What coolent Set at 65'o output is 86'o?... set at 65'0 output is 87'0

... Amana AP095R Portable Air Conditioner

I bought this product (3M filtrete digital 7 day programable thermostat) and unfortunately there was not a set of english instructions that came with it. I got two sets of spanish instructions. I would like to have a set of instructions that I can read. I have looked on the web to no avail. A pdf file or something would be great.

If your model is the 3M-22, 3M Filtrete Digital 7 day Programmable Thermostat, then Home Depot has the installation guide and Use and Care Guide as PDFs. The site is: ... Air Conditioners

I have an old Kenmore window unit that looks like a 72055 (control panel on top left). Although I have it set at 90 degrees and the room temperature is 75, the fan cycles on and off. How can I set it so than neither the fan nor the cooling comes until the set temperature is reached?

Most have a 'continious \012\012 mode' that operates the air moving fan whenever the unit is on, or a 'cycling mode' that operates from a temp sensor usually near the input over the evaporator coil.Look for the instruction for setting the mode ... Air Conditioners

The temperature is set for 77 and it only gets cool to 84-85, which is what it displays.It's an HWR10XCB model, which looks like the unit pictured above. It's fan speed is set on HI, The function is ac, the timer isn't on. The air sweep is off and the energy saver is off. There are two lights to the right of the temp, a top and bottom light. The bottom light is lit up. Do you know how to make the ac go to 77?

Hi, there are several thing that can keep this unit from cooling. You may be low on freon, the compressor may not be coming on, these are things you need to check by going out side and look touch and listen. See if the air coming off of the condenser ... Haier HWR10XC3 Air Conditioner

Hi, I have a Honeywell ct3200a1001 thermostat. I got it used and it is set to Celsius. I cannot figure out how to get it back to Fahrenheit. I live in the U.S. and the item was also originally purchased in the U.S. I was told to look for a, "C-Celsius screw," but it does not have one. It looks like it was meant for one but never installed. Thanks, Steve

... Honeywell Air Conditioners

E1 problem what is the remote code set on your remote? you can get it by pressing vcr/dvd the hold the set button until it blinks twice enter 990 it will blink 2x then press 1 count the blinks if it diesn't blink number is 0 then go on to 2 and 3 and 4

... Haier hwr10xc6 Air Conditioner

Looking to set up a KY-26/AV1 unit and don't have the manual. Seems pretty simple. Looks like I just put exhaust in bottom of window. Black hose hooks to back....does it just drain into bucket or pan. Any other tricks? Just don't want damage the unit by hooking it up wrong. Thanks, Brett

... Air Conditioners

I have a Danby DPAC10030 air conditioner. It was working fine until yesterday, when we moved it to another room. Now it blows cold air for 5 minutes and then the air turns hot. The a/c motor continues to run even though the air is no longer blowing cold air. The current ambient temperature is 25 degrees C and I have the a/c set to cool to 17 degrees C. The timer has been turned off (0:00 on and 0:00 off). I noticed that the hoses (exhaust) feel quite hot. Not sure if that it normal within

Clean you filter and clean the area under the intake duck it will solve your problem ... Air Conditioners

I just bought a house that has a Lochinvar heating boiler RB945-RB500 PKG-7002. Ive heard it has never heated the space adequately. Today I looked at the water temp setting in the control box and found that it was set at about 200 degrees. However the best I can tell the actual water temperature never gets above 130 degrees according to the meter on the boiler's side.. What is my problem?

Hi,\015\012Not finding that exact model number...but...\015\012I think what you have is a modulating boiler that also varies the water temperature based on the outdoor temperatures...\015\012Because of that what you are seeing is th ... Air Conditioners

630515.331c Duo therm replacing an old Briskair 59516.531, My question is, I want to use the inside ceiling part with the switches and non ducted registers. There are wires for 120 volt and a 6 pin connector for the unit at the control box. How would I wire up the new unit to the six pin connector so I could use this set up. nw unit has 2 blue 2 yellow, black, red, looking at a wire diagram looks like the red and black need not be used, and the 2 yellows go to what they call load shed (????), w

... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

My ac unit will not go below 77 degrees. It quit working about 1.5 weeks ago, and I had a service technican come and look at it. He replaced the capacitor and the unit started back up and would cool to 75 degrees (where I usually have it set). He checked the pressure of the unit as well and said that it was fine. However I came back from a trip and the thermostat read 77 degrees even though I have it set on 75, and the temperature will not go any lower. This is the same thing it was doing

Hi, It sounds to me like you have covered all of the basis. The evaporator coil should be clean if you keep your filter clean and the condensation is showing that it is cooling properly. Normally, when the temperature increases outside, you will loos ... Air Conditioners

Looking for a manual for Haier Portable AC/Heat Model HPRO9XH7 Bought it at a sale dept.store and they had many of them. they work, but they fell out of a truck and they were considered as damaged. they did not give me a book/manual. they have 4 different settings; need to know the differance between the 4 settings. as well as working the timer.

You can go to the following link and fill in the proper information. Good Luck.http://www.haier.com/servicesupport/manualSearch.asp ... Haier HPR09XH7 Portable Air Conditioner

I have an Intertherm T3BC unit that seems to frost up all the time and I never see it go into defrost mode. Is there a way of checking that the timer and or board is working? I know where both are located and they look fine. What settings should they be set at?

On the board there is a jumper it has writing marked 45 60 90 for amount of time to check for defrost\012set jumper to shorter time if it still does not defrost there is 2 pins that you short out to make it defrost if they dont make it defrost ... Intertherm P3RA-036K Air Conditioner


Look on the vap coil and see if there is a probe attached normally with a plastic clip,sounds like it is loose or has gone bad ... Haier HWR10XCA Air Conditioner

Where can I find a manual for my coleman cam II central air conditioner for a mobile home? I recently purchased the mobile home and would like to know what steps to ntake to make it work at its best. Also, I find it puzzling that the air filter is set on top of the unit inside the mobile home. It looks to my limited knowledge of central air, as if someone set the filter on top of the unit because they did'nt know the correct location placement. Can you provide any comments or advice? Thanks

Check the website for Coleman/Intertherm for a manual, you will need the model and serial numbers of the unit. The filters for these typically sit on top of the unit, some come with frames, some lay directly on the coil. If you can't find a manual on ... Coleman Air Conditioners

This is my third year using this air conditioner in our bedroom. I plugged it in for the season, set the air outlets and inlets in the windows and hit boost for an hour before going to bed...going to bed I set system back to smart.....however during the night, it does not cool.....about 4 in the morning, I looked at the coil and it is frozen over so I just shut it off. In the morning it had "thawed" and I had to empty the internal water. This has happened for two days, so reviewed the manual a

Unfortunately you have purchased a product which is fraught with build quality problems and endless consumer complaints.\015\012\015\012See the following link for more information:\015\012\015\012 ... DeLonghi PAC L90 Portable Air Conditioner

Intertherm model P853A5 older style AC unit fan will not start to rotate when thermostat control set to cool.I have a feeling that it might be the electric motor. I removed the screen and rotated the fan manually looking for a bearing problem but found the fan rotated smoothly without any problems.When I set the unit to cool I obsereved the fan motor trying to turn and then it stopped aplost like it could not handle the load of the fan.

This is most likley the capacitor. Be very careful when changing it out!!!!! Make sure to use an insulated device to discharge it first before touching it!!!!!!! To discharge it place insulated device across the two spade connectors on top. ... Intertherm Air Conditioners

Looking for dipswitch settings for a kenmore model fcv3600a HVAC?

... Kenmore Air Conditioners

I have a 15 year old carrier zone panel that runs three zones, and some one changed the thermostat wire locations, I am looking for a original instalation set of instuctions, Can you help? the numbers on the zone panel is cepm430275-01c

You can contact Carrier direct @ 1-800-CARRIER ... Air Conditioners

I am looking for a copy of the USER manual for a Sanyo home air conditioner SAP-KMRV93GJH which sets out how to use the remote control unit & particularly to change from winter to summer mode. Have recently moved into a Village having a Sanyo A/C but no manual is available.Any assistance that you are able to provide will be greatly appreciated.

Here u go http://www.oceanairdist.co.uk/assets/pdf/service/Sanyo/Service%20Manual%20SAP-KMRV93.pdf ... Sanyo Air Conditioners

I just entered this question before but I would like to add to it. I was told by the super that there was freezing inside however I don't see it. Maybe I am looking in the wrong place, it is hard to see since the front does not come off. Would the freezing be in the front? I was told not to keep it on high so it would not freeze. I set it about 3-4 notches from the highest, and last night it cooled all night however, when the heat of the day started it stopped cooling. I was then told to put it

Don't start a new question, use the email link u where sent when the 1st expert answered the question or go to the My Profile page (link at top of this page) and look near the bottom under the heading "My Problems" and click that link to add more det ... Air Conditioners

I have an amana air command furnace/air conditioner. model ev4 gtc, serial number 569162. it is 25 years old, original furnace when we had home built. it had been working fine, on air conditioner setting. then it stopped working completely. i had this problem a few months ago, called a service person, who spent 5 minutes, told me it was a switch that needs reset if doors are off the unit for a certain period of time and charged me $68. i have tried to look at the layout of the furnace, but what

Hi,it is just a suggestion, don't you think it will be nice for you too get a new one to save you all the stress of repairing?. 25 years is good, but it can be better if you try a new one and there will be newer models which great future ... Amana Air Conditioners

Blower speed i have a intertherm electric furnace with a 3 speed blower with central air also i was looking at the wiring it is only set on med low speed is ther any way to switch it to med hi it does not blow hard anough in the summer thanks

Yes usually the black is high speed, the blue is low and red medium speed. plug the black wire from the fan motor to where the blue wire is, then put the blue where the black wire was ... Intertherm P3RA-048K Air Conditioner

Central air just stopped running, was running all day. I turned down the thermostat about an hour ago and I heard it come on. I noticed it wasn't running just a little while ago. Looked an the thermostat says it is 78 while the aircon is set for 72. It wont come back on I tried resting the thermostat and checking the breakers. I even switched the furnace off on the side. The furnace is about 30 years old...

Possible you have a bad contactor switch.. Have a tech look at this since it is dangerous due to high voltage and age of unit\015\012\015\012Good Luck\015\012\015\012Dave ... Air Conditioners

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