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Ideal boiler flashing l 9 no hot water or heating

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Ideal boiler flashing l 9 no hot water or heating

... Air Conditioners

I have an Ideal Isar m30100 boiler but have no manual. The boiler is taking ages to heat the water? And when the heating is off the radiators are stll red hot? there is the letter "t showing on the display but I don't know what it means.

... Air Conditioners

Drayton RP2 with BG 532 boiler Hi, My home only has hot water but no heating. i have recently changed batteries. The receiver seems receiving the fignal fine i.e. when I turned up the temp the gree light will come on after a few second of flashing red light and vice verse. The problem to me seems to be the boilder doesn't receive the instruction from the receiver. The boiler can produce heating on manual override situation. The indicator shows 58 (sometimes 61 or 49 etc) folloed by a

... Air Conditioners

I have an AlphaCB24/28 wall mounted boiler, approx. 8 years old. Whilst running my central heating and/or hot water, the boiler would cut out and a continuous red light would replace the flashing orange light! After resetting the boiler using the reset switch the boiler would function O.K. for between 15 minutes and two hours, when it would cut out again! I called in a local reputable plumber/heating engineer and he replaced the overheat stat. and repressurised the expansion tank and cleaned the

Its the air pressure switch ... Air Conditioners

I have an Ideal Classic FF240 gas boiler. I noticed that there was no hot water or heating. On looking at the boiler I noticed that the pilot light ignites but the burner does not fire up. Is this something that can be easily remedied?

The solenoid is not opening the gas valve so you need to replace the gas valve, as for price I have no Idea...\015\012But please remember to get a GAS SAFE REGISTERED engineer to carry out this simple replacement... ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Sime Hydronic Heating system - has shut down, no heat or hot water. Low pressure signal on boiler is flashing. Reset button doesn't restart. Manual is in Italian and can't figure how to troubleshoot.

... Air Conditioners

Hi, I have a ferroli falcon II combi boiler and have a problem with the hot water and heating. The hot water keeps turning cold for a few seconds and the boiler keeps firing up and clicking off all the time you have the hot water tap open. Also the heating gets to temp but then keeps clicking off for 2-3 seconds then fires up again. Have already changed sensors. Can you advise any further Cheers. Reagrds Phill

... Air Conditioners

Have an oil fired boiler for baseboard heat and it also has a tankless heater for domestic hot water. No heat being called for only getting hot water for use. Boiler goes to 210 degrees before it knocks off. It seem to push hot water through baseboard eventhough not calling for it. The controls are set to high limit 160 degrees

These boilers usually have multiple controls. The control that would take it out of the circuit at 210 degrees is a safety. \015\012\015\012You should definitely have a professional take a look at this unit before you continue using it. ... Air Conditioners

I have a Valiant boiler which supplies radiator heating and hot water. There is an intermittant fault which has occured over the last couple of weeks where there is no hot water coming from the taps and a very low pressure of water coming out of the hot taps. The boiler pressure is okay. Then after a couple of days, it corrects itself, then the hot water goes again. Now it has occurred again over the bank holiday and I am unsure whether to get an emergency boiler engineer or a plumber. Could

Hi,\015\012The problem seems more likely to be a plumbing problem....\015\012I would call in a plumber to chek to see where the blockage is.... there seems to be something stuck in the piping that is causing an intermittent problem... to ... Air Conditioners

The hot water in my flat is supplied by a communial boiler. Recently, the water in the cylinder was not heating the water as efficiently as it should; the pipe flow from the boiler is very hot, the cylinder is tepid and so it the pipe returning to the boiler. I called out a plumber who thinks the problem is with the return valve being stuck. If the return valve is set to open how and why would being stuck stop the water passing throught?

Hello my name is Heath it will be my pleasure to assist you. If the valve is built up with calcium and other water sediments it may seem like the valve is open with very minimal water flowing through the valve Have them replace the vvalve. ... Air Conditioners

I have a Vaillant boiler which is flashing green and showing S.23 - no hot water or heating. any ideas?

... Air Conditioners

I have a Laars Endurance boiler EBP175N. I am getting hot water but no heat. It keeps flashing the temprature and an error code BFT. What should I do?

I'm leaning to the fact that the tank thermostat is burnt out and needs replacing. Could also be the Ignition control lockout! This could be that the relay has procedurally seized up, and might need replacing. if the relay is fine, check the machine ... Air Conditioners

My Baxi wm-511-rs boiler GC No 4207708 has been off for a year. The place was rented and they used electric fires. Hot water was obtained again via electrical hot water tank. Must admit I'm not sure if this tank also heats warter by using input from the boiler. I switched on everything, set the thermostat and timer thought I'd bleed the rads nothing came out! So I re-lit the pilot but it won't fire up to heat the house. Any suggestions would be of great help please.

... Air Conditioners

We have a Britony Combi Boiler SE 80 and the pilot light will not come on. We've reset it and it comes on then goes off again and the temperature lights on 40 60 80 keep flashing. I've rang my insurance company for an engineer but they can;t come out until after 9.00 am tomorrow (Monday) morning. I have two young children and how have no heating or hot water.

... Air Conditioners

My ferroli boiler is flashing f 37 no heating and hot water, what can i do to fix it?

... Air Conditioners

My ferroli boiler keeps flashing f 37 no hot water and no heating.

... Air Conditioners

Have an ideal classic llff combi boiler,the problem is the central heating works,but i get no hot water on checking the pressure gauge it shows no-nil pressure on pressure clock can u advise ,can i refill pressure at at top of system where the pump is theres a valve for air was wondering can i pump the pressure up to 1.5 bar from their

... Air Conditioners

Boss Therm BRTRF Wireless thermostat problem. Transmitter looks like its working, but BR1 receiver flashes orange for 5 seconds and then nothing. I've replaced batteries in BRTRF, switched them both off for 5 minutes, back on - still same. Boiler (Ferrolli Optimax HE 31 C) seems ok - hot water, but cannot override thermostat control to get heating to come on. Any ideas? It's getting cold in here!

... Air Conditioners

Gas Boiler will supply /fire up to supply Central heating When Room thermastat turned up and switched to Heating and Hot water. When on Hot water Only will not fire up even though thermostat on hot water tank is set correctly. Is this a faulty Thermosta on the tank ?

Most likly or a shorted wire unhook the wire from the boiler see if it stops then if it's still is on it's in the boiler if off try unhooking it at the t-stat on the heater this should narrow it down for you dan ... Air Conditioners

Hi, I have a Halstead combi boiler. The Central Heating works OK, but we are not getting any hot water. It cycles between luke warm for a bit and then goes cold. Not sure if it's related but occasionally the heating also stops and this is due to the water pressure having dropped. Turning the pressure back up to 1.5 bar starts the central heating again, but does still not give us any hot water.

... Air Conditioners

Alpha he cb33 problems with hot water turn on hot tap boiler starts up and heats water but keeps cutting about every 20 secs but does restart and start to heat the water again.so what is coming out of the tap is only warm water settings are all correct pressure correct

What are the lights doing on the boiler when its cutting out ... Air Conditioners

I have a glow worm boiler. I woke up this morning and the heating was not on and the hot water did not get very hot. The pressure seems to have dropped a little on the dial and the only light that was on was the on button. I then ran the hot water for a little while and the lights illuminated on the rest of the normal buttons however the heating is still not working/coming on.

... Air Conditioners

Alpha he cb33 keeps cutting out, if heating is on or we use hot water it cuts out, yellow light stops and red light flashes, we reset it and have heating for about 1/2 hr and then it cuts out again, engineer changed flow senor and it was all ok for a day but now problem is back, brrr need heat and hot water

... Air Conditioners

Boiler: Vokera Option age: 10-12 years old (guess) Symptoms: when the central heating system engages the heat exchanger makes kettling/banging noises which continues until the systems switches itself off. Then re-engages problems start again, then off, then on and so on... Funnily enough the noises are most apparent at the hot water outlet. The problems only occur when central heating is on. With the system switched to hot water only = no problems. Tried the usual noise reducing additives thi

... Air Conditioners

We seem to have developed a problem with our boiler, worcester 20/25 heatsave. Every time we turn on a hot water tap, when we turn the tap off, there apears to be a loud noise from the boiler or pipes for a second or so. The heating and hot water etc are working fine. This has developed iver the last week or so?

It seams the valve that senses water flow is not operating properly,causing the boiler to keep heating the water when it has nowhere to go,i,e the taps turned off,thus boiling the water. ... Air Conditioners

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