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Danby spac8006 My Danby A/c unit will not kick in. When I turn the A/c on the unit sounds like it's trying to kick in, the green light comes on for about three seconds then starts to flash about 8 times. This happens about every 3-5 minutes.

Answers :

Sounds like compressor is defective and switching off on overload.or have someone check starting capacitor

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Danby spac8006 My Danby A/c unit will not kick in. When I turn the A/c on the unit sounds like it's trying to kick in, the green light comes on for about three seconds then starts to flash about 8 times. This happens about every 3-5 minutes.

Sounds like compressor is defective and switching off on overload.or have someone check starting capacitor ... Danby DPAC8020 Air Conditioner

A 2 month old Goodman GMH95 natural gas furnace has been working properly until tonight. Now it starts up properly, but after 30 seconds (and right when the cirulator fan kicks on) it shuts the gas valve stopping the flame. LED light flashes 8 times, which is not an option on the trouble shooting guide. Unit will retry every few minutes and cycles this way over and over. It appears the control module is not receiving the gas flame detection signal. What do we need to do?

Goodman's control boards are very sensitive as well as the connections to the gas valves. Check the wires and make sure they are snug and tight. With it being only 2 months old, I doubt the board is bad or the flame sensor(unless it is a used syste ... Air Conditioners

I have a Carries Mod# 24ABR348G510 Condenser unit. The system start with a normal cycle for about Three min, I've timed this to be this way every time the system is started. After the Three minutes the contacts starts to chaters. The 24 volt control voltage is up and down the scale and the condenser unit thin stalls and shuts down? I have Twelve of these units to keep maintained. The head is to be OK and the system is clean and the Thermostat checks out to be OK.

Hi,Did you already check the exhaust or the motor unit, the possible that has problem on there was the electric contactor, this was the switch the make the main motor to power, if this one was faulty it will have a problem just like the o ... Air Conditioners


Hi, You have a heat-pump, this I do no. The reason it is shutting down from how you have explained it to me, is the compressor is shutting down due to high pressure and it is going off on the internal overload. When the compressor cools down, it star ... Air Conditioners

I have a Rheem (Criterion) unit and i'am having promblems with the main burner staying on. When i turn the unit on everything operates like it should up to the main burner staying on.Once the main flame kicks in it will stay on for five second and the flame will go out along with the draft moter( for about three second the trouble shooting light will flash four times) then the unit will start cycling all over again from draft moter purging, glow plug will operate like it suppose to up to the mai

Run a wire from the sensor down to the control board conector. Bypass the sensor wire around the connector in the blower deck.\015\012The connection can be wire nutted on the sensor lead with the wire (16 or 18 guage stranded wire works) route ... Air Conditioners

I noticed some straining noise coming from my a/c unit today. The fan on top of the condenser runs fine but as soon as the compressor tries to kick on the fan stops for a split second and you get a kind of surging noise from the condenser unit. Then the fans kicks back on, the the process repeats itself every couple of minutes. Meanwhile no cold air is being produced inside the house. Any ideas?

You amy ahave a bvad capacitor on the outside unit. It starts the fan and the compressor. You can change this yourself. Open the outside panel and you will see a silver canister with terminals out the top. Replace this and I think your problem will g ... Goodman CKL24AR24 Air Conditioner

The unit will turn on and run normal for a minute or two then it will kick off for a second then just the fan will kick on for a minute or two then the a/c will start working again...

Most air conditioners have a low pressure (and high pressure) cutout switch. What this means is that when there is too little (or too much) freon in the system the switch will cut off the compressor saving it from damage and only the fan will be runn ... Dometic 57915531 Air Conditioner

My kenmore ac wall unit model 75135 display powers on but the fan wont come on and you can hear the compressor try to start but stops within one or two seconds. The unit tries to start every minute or so. Any ideas

Look for the capacitor its usualy oval or round if its bad it usualy is swollen or leaking fluid it sounds like its bad if you need more help e mail me a [email protected] ... Kenmore Air Conditioners

My air conditioner split unit AKIRA AC-S18T3CH starts for 10 minutes normally then stopps then starts every 3 seconds and timer is blinking

... Air Conditioners

The unit runs fine, but the compressor kicks on for 2 seconds and then shuts off, this just repeats over and over every minute or so. so it never blows cold air.

Sounds like faulty thermistor, check conections check see if open circuit, if all ok, maybe low refridgerant ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

My MSY-A17NA UNIT will start functioning normally then after about five minutes it stops blowing air and the operation led signal starts flashing. When both the operation and indicator led's are on the unit works properly. After I shut it down and start it up again the unit works fine. How can I get it to stop shutting down every 5 minutes? I'm in Hawaii and it is Hot here! Please help.

Hi,Here is a tip about Mitsubishi Air Conditioners and how to get the manuals for all of the Mitsubishi line. The manual include both troubleshooting and installation. ... Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

I bought a brand new LG L1210ER Window/Wall Unit air conditioner a couple days ago. After installing the unit in the wall and properly insulating the perimeter gap around the unit I turned on the equipment. Immediately the unit starts to cool, however after 10 minutes of use it turns itself off (even the electronic display goes off) for a total of 5 seconds, yes seconds. It then turns itself on again and works fine for another 10 minutes and then shuts itself off again. This goes on for ever, in

... LG Art Cool LA091CNP Split System Air Conditioner

Honeywell F50F 1065 electronic air cleaner. Replaced power supplies in two units, installation went well. One unit works as it should. Second unit turns on for just under a minute and then goes off. After two or three minutes unit can be turned on again but only for a minute or so and the problem continues. All wiring and switches seem to check out fine. Any thoughts or pointers you can give me?

... Honeywell Air Conditioners

We have a 2000 Winnebago Adventurer with basement air, "true air". Yesterday our AC unit started making a loud buzzing noise about every 90 seconds. Like maybe the second compressor was trying to start up and couldn't. We turned the AC off for awhile, and when we started it up again the noise started immediately. It buzzes for maybe 10 seconds. What can we try ? Should we leave it turned off ? It is over 100 degrees here in Texas and we need help fast!!! Thank you. Pam

... Coleman Air Conditioners

Turn unit on after about two or three minutes the compressor kicks on air is not much colder then after about three more minutes compressor kicks off again

Replace running capacitor and check. Clean condenser coil and also check out door fan motor working. Thanks. ... Haier Air Conditioners

A/C runs cold when first turned on. Will run fine for about 1 hour, then the compressor starts to cycle on and off. Will run cold for approximately 2 minutes then compressor kicks off for about 4 or 5 minutes. Compressor then kicks back on for another 2 minutes and then kicks off. This cycle will continue for as long as you leave the unit on.

It sounds like your unit is low on refrigerant. Have it checked and refilled if necessary. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Recently purchased a second hand Carrier Split A/c -Model 42KPC019303 - 18000 BTU. The unit would work for awhile then shut off - fan included - and the green light would blink 5 times at intervals - but the unit did not start back. The sensor was changed and the unit started functioning normal for awhile - and then the problem resumed. Only difference is that this time the light blinks for about 10 mins and then the unit kicks back on. I want to know if this is a normal function, and if it ca

I have the same problem. What sensor did you change? Did you eventually solve the problem? ... Air Conditioners

I found the Bryant furnace 395cav048090 calling for heat but not operational. I shut off power to the unit and switched power back on and the unit started its ignition sequence. With power on the blower starts as a result of thermostat calling for heat from the unit and after a minute goes on to second phase of ignition with exhaust blower motor initiated. During this phase gas is being brought to the burner that you can smell however burner does not ignite gas. Unit continued with this opera

If you do not see a bright light before the gas releases, your ignitor is probably out. If you disconnect, you should measure ohms from the two ignitor leads. If you do not measure any, it is open and will not work. You will usually see a mark of whi ... Bryant Air Conditioners

I have AY-AP24CE split units inside unit work for 10 minutes and then shut off,outside unit fan turns on for only five seconds and stops for three minutes.

... Sharp Air Conditioners

I have a Sharp Portable air conditioner Model CV-10NH. It will start up and cool and in just a few minutes, it's as if some one thru the switch. It just shuts off and all three lights on front start flashing green one yellow one and red one. The only way I can get it to turn back on is to turn power of and let sit for a few minutes, or kick the reset on the plug end. but it just runs again for a few minutes and shuts down again.

... Air Conditioners

A/c hoping can get help few different things all revolving around the blasted a/c first whenever the a/c kicks in every light in the house dims for the initial boot up then good doesn't kick anything off just common sense says when it dims that much to everything else hoping nothings wrong ain't the best thing secondly looking at the a coils on the a/c unit model # c30a 054u on what I believe in an Intertherm unit also looking to clean the thing in hopes of helping to reduce the bill the a/c un

The dimming of your lights at start up tell me two things, One is that the starting Amps may be a little high and drawing too much amperage. Have this checked by using an Amp meter. Secondly, look at your circuit breaker box. Does the Amp total on th ... Air Conditioners

The fan on my Carrier central air conditioner a/c model 38ER036300 does not move when the compressor kicks on. The unit will heat up and then will start. It also will start when I give it a small push. The 30 amp circuit breaker will also vibrate for about 4 seconds and then will be fine. Should the fan blade move freely when the unit is off? It seems to have resistance. Does it need lubrcation or is it a sealed bearing?

Hello YES the blades have to move freely.If it has oil ports look on the side of the motor for a YELLOW plastic plug/cap there are 2 one at the top & one at the bottom.Pry them off/loosen with a small screwdriver & squirt #20 oil in the holes ... Carrier 38BRC060 Air Conditioner

Hi Expert, my reverse cycle aircon is Samsung model name=AQY09NSBN, only fan is working on the outside and inside unit at the moment, no heat air or cool air coming out of the inside unit, even tried with different temperature setting. Everything was fine till my gutter downspout was blocked and the switchbox outside near the unit was flooded and the aircon was on and off by itself every three seconds, so I turned the aircon off from the main switch outside. I got an electrician to replace the

Hi, and no your warranty is not void due to a flooded disconnect box, this is a lie!! If both fans are running, and you have no heat or cooling, the compressor is not running. This is a heat-pump with a reversing valve. The indoor unit has a control ... Air Conditioners

The outside unit keeps tripping the breaker. It will run for a few seconds, loud rumble, then stops, and does this for about five minutes before tripping the breaker. I just bought the house. The unit is about 8 yrs old. I pulled off the cover and the inside near the compressor is full of dirt. We had a bad storm with lighting the night the unit started acting up. Should I replace the capacitor or is my compressor bad?

There is a process to go thru for checking the unit to see which part is causing the problem. first thing, listen to the compressor when it first tries to start. if the compressor does nothing and the breaker trips then you will have to check the com ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

I have an ultra sx90 unit. the compressor kicks on just fine and runs for about 10 seconds then the fan motor goes to kick in and it starts then stops about 3 to 4 times before it finally stas on. then when compressor stops the fan motor continues to run for about 20 sec then kicks off and on 4 or 5 times.

Hi,\015\012That fan is running off of either a pressure or temperature sensor....could be either one...\015\012bottom line is that this switch is going bad and the "deadband" is too small causing the unit to cycle too often...\015\0 ... Air Conditioners

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