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No A/C My unit will power on and the fan works, however when I turn it to the Cool mode I can hear a click in the unit, the cool light comes on for 5 seconds or less, then it will click again and the light will flash 9 times. The warranty on the unit is 4 years however only covers parts, labor is $90 per hour......Is it just a fuseable link/circuit breaker?

Answers :

It seems that that the overload of compressor is tripping on and off, either your compressor overload is defective or the compressor itself

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No A/C My unit will power on and the fan works, however when I turn it to the Cool mode I can hear a click in the unit, the cool light comes on for 5 seconds or less, then it will click again and the light will flash 9 times. The warranty on the unit is 4 years however only covers parts, labor is $90 per hour......Is it just a fuseable link/circuit breaker?

It seems that that the overload of compressor is tripping on and off, either your compressor overload is defective or the compressor itself ... Danby DPAC8399 Air Conditioner

The unit powers up and the fan blows well. The green light above the cool icon doesn't light up. Every 45-60 seconds the unit seems to strain and the fan decreases it strength for about 3-4 seconds and then it returns to blowing as bed ore. The unit does not seem to be cooling well. The unit is about 4-5 years old with less than 100 hours of use. It gets used maybe once a year. It was recently used last week, cooled great for two days and then began to function as described. Suggestions?

... Amcor ALTL-12000E Portable Air Conditioner

Last night my husband turned off our window unit because it had gotten cold in the house, we got up this morning and went to turn the unit on and it won't come on at all. The light on the plug is on and when I click the reset button it lights up everything on the front panel but it turns itself back off. We always have to replace window units every year and this is quite costly and am getting tired of this. We have 3 other units that are older than this one which is only a year old but we also p

Must be a shorted capacitor. ... Air Conditioners

I have two Dometics on my rv. A 530515 and a 530516. They are working fine but 8 years old. I take the covers of yearly and clean the coils. Should I or could I remove the covers to the cooling coils and clean them. I keep the interior return vent filters clean but don't know if the cooling coils are really clean. My unit is full time since the last 3 years.

... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have a duo therm a/c roof top unit that is not cooling properly it has been approx 2 years since the unit has been run I have checked breakers and fuses in breaker box I removed the cover from unit the compressor is running and getting hot the lines are cool but not cold the fan is running I am thinking that the unit is low on freon can some type of self tapping ports be installed to add freon or have ports soldered in place or could there be another underlying problem that can be checked or i

You have a leak in the system that needs repair. If you have to add freon to system there is a leak. You need a service tech to do the repair. If it is out of gas you may to replace it. Leaks do not correct themselves. Russ ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

In hottest part of day it starts blowing hot air. We turn it off for 2-3 hours and comes back on anabnd blows cold air again. Technician unable to determine problem. Says we should buy all new unit. Current unit 10 years old. Coolent level ok. Coils clean. This is a 2 ton small unit cools our master suite only. Our other unit is 4 tons and cools rest of house with no problem.

For this case, either the AC needs cleaning or the compressor may be week.  You may want to check on the thermostat, it may send signal to the unit to stop cooling.  If it is a split type AC, you may want to check for leaks in the tubes tha ... Air Conditioners

I have a window air conditioner. When it runs for several hours it will trip the breaker. I have had the unit for 5 years. I bought it used and even though it has always shaken when the air compressor comes on it has cooled fine. Recently, however, my landlord changed the circuit breaker (had an electrician come out to do this and supposedly everything is working find). However when I pluuged the unit back into the plug for this circuit, the unit would not even operate for 10 mintues withou

It's probably fine even though it jiggles and makes noise. I would ask the landlord to change the circuit breaker again and ask the electrician what the amps were for the breaker he took out and the one he put in. \015\012\015\012Hopefull ... Whirlpool Air Conditioners

Mr. Slim Mitsubishi MSZA12NA fan is making noise. Could the fan motor be bad after only 2 years of use? Where do I find parts for this unit. Is there a potential other cause for this hum that increases in frequency with fan speed? Unit has performed excellent for past 2 years cooling and heating year round.

... Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

LG-LWHD7000HRY7 Some parts in the plastic cover rattle horribly. The unit is in my 3 year old's room and the noise wakes her up at night. Not sure how to diagnose or how to dampen the sound. Thoughts? The unit works otherwise and it seems dumb to replace it for a noisy cover...

... LG Heat cool Window Air Conditioner

I have two 630035.321 on my RV. The front unit iced up last June and an ac person came and put a valve on and refilled the R22. This year the back one iced up and soaked our bed under the ac. I then ran the front one and only had minimal cold air coming out of it. In inquiring about serviceing the units, I was told that the RV mfg. will not replace the R22, but only replace . I found out in reading my extended warranty that it appears this would not be covered. Even if it would be covered

... Dometic Air Conditioners

My air condition unit coil is leaking. The unit is only 3 years old. My builder is Standard Pacific and the intallation company is Chaz Roberts. The coil is warrantied but Chaz Roberts wants over $700 to install. Every house on the block I live on has had this problem. Obviously there is a faulty part and I should not be responsible for payment to have the part replaced. Who do I deal with on this. Cindy Matson Gilbert AZ.

Sure it's the coil, and not a faulty soldering job? The feed and return lines are copper, and are soldered in place. A bad job will cause leaks. Since so many houses have the same problems, it is the installer, not the coil! ... Carrier Air Conditioners

Hi there after 1 year perfect operation suddenly not cooling and stops all 4 lights on head unit blink , turn off at cct breaker and on again condenser fan starts soon after and not cool air is blown for some minutes before it shuts off and all 4 lights start blinking again . HELP please it,s getting very HOT here !!!!Gary

I have reviewed your problem and have the fallowing for you to aces.\015\012First, I assume that the unit is only one year old. ?\015\012Anyway, you have not really given me enough information to give a good diagnose ... Air Conditioners

I have 2 dometic roof top units on a 2002 MH that I recently purchased. 1 of the units only runs on high speed, the stat has a high low switch, the unit cools fine. The second unit, the comp starts, but the fan only hums, the shaft turns fine. I switched the start relay from the other unit, same result. I suspect that the start winding is open, but haven't checked yet. I am not opposed to replacing the unit because of age, condition of roof cover,and suspected cost of parts. Would appreciate any

Hi, unit # 2 sounds as though the run capacitor may be open, shorted, ect.When you say you changed relay, I assume you were talking about the capacitor. If the motor didn't run when you changed it, you do have a bad winding, or open as it just hums. ... Dometic Air Conditioners

My parents had a frigidaire eletric heat pump installed 2 years ago. almost right away a soured water smell came out of the vents. service tech sprayed the coils and installed a black light. did not help. service tech said frigidaire did have this problem with some of its units. so the unit was replaced. new unit done fine for about 6 months. now the smell has came back mainly when the cooling is on. any suggestions. i dont believe it is the unit. they had a gas it pump before.

I feel that the gas lis leaking from a very minute hole which gets enlarged when the unit is cooling (it gets hot and enlarges). And it could be leaking from anywhere. A quick temporary remedy is to seal the possible leaking points with super glue or ... Frigidaire Air Conditioners

I have a Carrier HVAC unit model #38TKB62300 and the unit outside stopped working. From the exposed wires outside the unit, I noticed that when I pulled gently on some wires, it make a clicking sound. So I took off the cover and back panel and literally the wire connector, feel out of the box. I have detailed pictures of the wires that are not connected. There is a "Brown" wire and "Red" wire that are not connected, so I touched them together to find the Capacitor moving in and out. However,

There is a short either in the wiring or one of your motors ... Air Conditioners

Our Sharp inverter air conditioner unit AY-X075E AY-X095E has been working fine throughout the summer, & all the settings for cooling & drying are in good working order. However when switched on to heat the room, the red light comes on & the louvres move in to position, but after a short period of time the red light goes out & the yellow timer light comes on & flashes. Nothing else happens. Any idea of why this is happening & how to resolve the problem would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks

Did either of you solve your problem as I have the same problem with my Sharp unit ... Air Conditioners

Hi, I have an 8,000 BTU unit. The unit is about 5 years old. It was running fine, no problems at all. Then whan I went to turn it back on after a few days-nothing. No noise, no air, nothing. It just did not turn back on. Before this happeend it cooled, it reponded to degree changes all was fine. The green light button on the test and retest comes on, but there is not a sound from the unit itself. Its like you would hit a power button that was not plugged in (but it is). This problem occur

After changing or cleaning your Filter, you need to reset the A/C. Follow the procedures below:\015\012\015\012Disconnect the power plug from the power supply.\015\012Clean the air filter.\015\012 ... Sharp AF-S80FX Air Conditioner

Great site. I have a Simplicity SPAC 8499-5 Portable Air Conditioner and it was working fine up until yesterday (~2 years old). The unit is running and the fan operational but while the green light for Cool/Dry is illuminated that actually cooling unit for the air conditioner is not kicking in. The system is just blowing air (like in Fan) mode. I have checked the water reservoir and it is empty and placed properly in the unit so the switch is engaged but no AC.

... Air Conditioners

My outside unit runs, as does the inside; however, the air blowing from the registars is not cold. I replaced a component on the ouside unit a few years ago that solved the problem. it was located on the exterior of the unit, but I had to remove a cover to get to it. It had several wires attached to it. Could this be my problem?

Hi, it sounds as though you had a problem with the disconnect box which is the only thing located on the exterior of the unit. You have to remove the cover to get to the wiring and fuses. Probably had bad fuses. In this case, the unit is up and runni ... Carrier 38CKC036 Air Conditioner

Our Carrier 38ckc036350 is not working - the outdoor unit was very hot to the touch and will not turn on -turned it off at the thermostat - later when the unit cooled down turned it back on via the thermostat and it would start to kick on, but then stop - no breakers were thrown. Unit will be 7 years old in the middle of July '10 and am wondering: 1. what could the problem be & 2. will any of this be under warranty?

The first thing I would check is to see the condensing coil is clean. Take a garden house and wash it thoroughly. If it is severely clogged you may need to remove the top and clean it with water pressure blowing from the inside out. This may stop the ... Carrier 38CKC036 Air Conditioner

I get heat, but its now time fr a little A/C and the "condencer nits inside the outside fan unit are completlet covered in ice. I turned the units off and the ICE/FROST cleared out in about 1hr...I tried running it cool again and it only took 10-14min for the lines and the condencer nits to freeze up..n air came out of the vents?? had the unit 5 years with NO isssues at all...any thoughts or idea?

A system restriction can cause freeze ups. This usually either happens at one of the driers (looks like a cannister) or on a capillary tube if you unit has one. The capillary tube is a 1/8th inch line. What you can try..is tapping on cannister of ... Air Conditioners

We recently bought a MasterCool P700 evaporative cooler. We discovered that we could turn off the display light (makes sense with the large blue light lighting up the entire room at night) by hitting the power button a 2nd time after choosing selections (cool, sweep, etc.) However, it works only on an intermitent basis. sometimes, hitting the power button the 2nd time simply turns the cooler off. This feature is not covered in the manual. Please advise.

... Mastercool Air Conditioners

We have a Fujitsu Halcyon wall mounted ductless unit (indoor Unit ASU15RLQ). It was installed in December 2007 and we've done regular cleaning of the washable filters etc. Now it is not cooling. There is a row of condensation droplets along the outside lower edge of the intake grill. Also when ever it runs, the indicator light is steady red not green. What does this unit need? How could I buy a replacement filter? The manual says after 2 years we should replace the filter- Model UTR-FA14.

Hi, first of all, you can get a replacement filter by contacting Fujitsu on (973) 575-0381, (866) 952-8324 toll free and you will be told the nearest Place around you where you can get it from.Secondly, your AC not cooling might be as a ... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

My Bryant Quantum Plus with Puron Air Conditioner is two years old at max used for one season. The fan spins and then I hear a click and it shuts down for a minute clicks back on the fan spins for a minute and shuts back down this cycle will repeat itself until I turn the unit off. The house does not get cool at all. This happen if I put the thermostat on auto or fan. Any suggestions?

The outside unit is cycleing on a low pressure switch you need to call for service you have a leak and the system needs to be recharged afte the leak has been fixed ... Air Conditioners

Wow great site! Problem with my 600 series penguin Unit started acting strangely last weekend, smelled something electrical when I first turned it on. but then cooled fine. This weekend DW took it out for a couple days. but had to bring it home early. compressor was not kicking in. I removed the cover up on top and tried to run it . I noticed a little smoke coming up. Shut it down, turned off the power and removed the cover to the electric. the part next to the capacitor looked to be the offen

Hello my name is Heath it will be my pleasure to assist you. What you are looking at is the start capacitor for the motor a $7 part at any HVAC supplier. If it is leaking it is definitely bad and needs to be replaced. This gives the compressor a boos ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

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