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No Power Like everyone else the unit was working fine the 1st summer. Pulled it out again and nothing. It powered up for about 30 seconds then shut down. Now no power at all to the control panel. Is there a fuse link, or some kind of auto shut off I should be looking for? I can't say if it still blows hot and cold as I can't power up to find out.

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Did you check the drain switch ?? this will shut them dowbn as well?

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No Power Like everyone else the unit was working fine the 1st summer. Pulled it out again and nothing. It powered up for about 30 seconds then shut down. Now no power at all to the control panel. Is there a fuse link, or some kind of auto shut off I should be looking for? I can't say if it still blows hot and cold as I can't power up to find out.

Did you check the drain switch ?? this will shut them dowbn as well? ... Danby DPAC8399 Air Conditioner

Not a GE unit. I charged unit with refrigerant and powered up unit. After running for @ a minute it shut off, having no power light at all. I found a set of wires reversed that were going to the outdoor unit. after fixing the wires i can't get the unit to come back on. The breaker is not popped and I assume there is some kind of fuse or overload that I have to manually reset or replace. It is a chinese (i think) made unit Air Control

Since most of these units, come precharged for line sets up to 125' in some models, the fact that you charged it, concerns me. Second you made no mention of the king valve, did you open it.\015\012 Then your diagnosis speaks to overvcharge, an ... GE Quiet-Aire Ductless Mini Split System Air Conditioner

Turned on the furnace last evening to warm things up. When reaching the auto, shut off temperature, the fire/heat shut off OK..but not the fan. Had to shut the power off in order to shut off the fan. What might I do to fix this problem? Is there a reset button (I didnot see one)? Thanks for any help!

Turn the syestem to off-no heat or cool and the fan to auto, turn the power back on, if the fan comes on you probably have a bad fan limit switch. ... Air Conditioners

I just moved into a new place and it has the RTH230B thermostat installed. I turned on the furnace, set the thermostat to "Heat" then the fan to "Auto" and used the up and down arrows to set the temp to 72 degrees. The temperature seemed fine for the first hour or so. However, the heat and fan stays on full power and continued to heat at full power well into 80 degrees on the thermostat screen. I could only shut it off by turning off the actual furnace switch. I first tried reducing the temper

From what you learned from your neighbor, I would say no. Certainly, sounds like a manufacturing defect to me. ... Air Conditioners

It is an upright stand alone model ground mounted. Ducted sytem, reverse cycle. Was running normally and suddenly shut down with no power or symbols illuminated on wall mounted control panel. Check fuses in fuse box and all ok.

Look inside the unit itself,and look for a fused circuit,or a reset of some sort.Check the voltage at the thermostat,should be low voltage,about 24volts d c.Check the input voltage,and the output voltage.Check this out and see what happens.Let me kno ... Air Conditioners

Trying to determine whether I have a bad Ign/Lockout or inducer relay board on Mod 58SXA080-GG. If I shut off heat at t-stat or unplug ign mod. for 10 min. It will usually intiate a heat cycle but I only get inducer blower for 10 sec, no pilot, no spark. Then shuts down. Will not auto retry (normal?), I have to remove power. I do have 24V going to relay board when cycle starts but drops out when motor stops (I assume this is the ign module lock out). I checked the air switch by ohming out while

The inducer blower will put a vacuum on your pressure switch which in turn will tell the board to apply power to the ignitor. If you have a vent blockage, dirty air filter, plugged condensate line or any blockage of either vent or air intake, the fur ... Carrier XHB123D X/Y Series Heat/Cool Air Conditioner

Hurricane Gustav just blew through Baton Rouge and we were without power for over twelve hours. When our power was restored the a/c felt wonderful and we were so grateful. The a/c ran well all night and then shut off this morning around eight o'clock. Is there a way to reset the unit? We have checked fuses, the pan in the attic is empty, we tried to just run the fan, but it wouldn't turn on. Any suggestions?

Verify your outside breaker did not trip or the inside breaker. Reset once if it continues to trip have some one check it out. If you have a programable t-stat take it off the wall and remove the battery this will cause it to reset ... Air Conditioners

1989 damon escaper ultrasport, at full hookup site A/C working fine until it just shut off. At that moment I was programming fridge because it wasn't cooling. Might be irrevelant but fridge now working. I unplugged electricity from RV, turned off/on breakers - nothing. Inside RV I noticed A/C power cable in cabinets says "do not exceed circuit rating 16 amps" Im plugged in a 30amp site. Is there a fuse box for AC? Did I burn circuit? I'm a novice when it comes with RVs. Please help, thx

... Air Conditioners

I have EdgeStar AP550Z portable Air Conditioner. The unit "beeps"several times in a row and the power light blinks. I know the safety shut-of has been activated and I drained the unit. And I now it has a built-in Z-spray condensate exhaust system. For 2 years was OK, but now for a week everytime beeing in auto mode, I have to drain every 3 hours because it stops. what is the problem?

Clean your drain hose and pan. And also the coil. Totally it needs complete service. ... EdgeStar AP550Z Portable Air Conditioner

I was running the genarator with the a/c on and the genarator stopped with the a/c on.No power to the a/c. I plug in the motor home to 120 current and tried the front a/c and the compressor comes on without the fan when the thermostat is in off position. the only way I can shut it off is change the switch to rear air position. I check the fuses and circuit breakers and all are ok It seems to me maybe a relay is sticking. what can I do John

You are right! When thermostat off, no out door fan or compressor should run in out door unit. Replace Compressor contactor relay immediately Thanks. Helpful?. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner


Since you had a power outage, you possibly have a circuit board issue. Try unplugging the heater for a couple of minutes then plugging it back in. If that doesn't help then a new circuit board may be needed. There are 2 different circuit boards. One ... Air Conditioners

Tstat wiring when wiring the tstat the wires touched now i have no power on the low volt wires,and looked all over cant find a fuse

Thanks for your Question,one of two possiblities, first and most likely is that you have blown the Transformer in the Furnace, second would be that you have blown the small car fuse that is on the circuit board in the furnace, if you look reall ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

My zenith dehumidifier (model ZD30- 2 years old) will start and within 10 seconds the unit will shut off. 1. The water bucket is in the unit correctly 2. The Humidity level (in basement is above 40 %) 3. The power source is correct. Kindly yours, Fred L. Reed [email protected]

I have this same problem! Have you learned anything?Mary in Rhode Island ... Air Conditioners

Why does my gas powered central heating unit blow out cool air? When the heat kicks in, there's a burning smell. Also if I set my thermostat to 77 degrees and the thermostat reads 72 degrees, the unit runs for a few minutes and then shuts off never to reach 77 degrees. Would you kindly tell me what the problem could be?

Call a service company because you should not smell anything. You may have a crack in your heat exchanger and be getting CO which can kill you. ... Goodman CKL49AR49 Air Conditioner

2007 American Standard freedom 80, all fans running, compressor not kicking on. Shut power off for 15 min no help. checked fuse on main board and it is good.

... Air Conditioners

I have a goodman 2,5 ton outside unit, i cant get the compressor to start even with replacing the start capacitor and using a super start on the compressor side of the capacitor? normally i wouldnt have a problem with this kind of repair but im getting power feed back through the cooling fan motor even with it unhooked from the start/run capacitor enough to start the fan slowly. i havent seen this before

Check to make sure you have 220 on both sides of contactors, double check wiring at capacitor. you can also check continuity between all three post at compressor , make sure power is off and wires are disconected, if you do not get continuity between ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

When i turn my Air conditioner on high cool i hear it trying to kick in but then the whole power just shuts off even the fuse switch...any answers to what it wrong?????

Just guessing, seems like the compressor is siezing up and blowing the fuses ... Haier Mechanical Air Conditioner HWF05XC7

I left my house and came back and my unit was shut off. There are other things plugged into the same outlet and they are working fine. I checked the fuse just to be safe anyway. I unplugged the unit and clicked the reset switch on the plug, the light is green but i show no power on the unit. Please help! Hot in Houston with no a/c!!t

Hi,\015\012 \015\012If neither the fan nor compressor is running in you’re A/C the possible reasons are… 1...no power to outside unit...\015\0122...bad contactor on outside u ... Fedders AER08F2A Air Conditioner

The system was working fine and shut-off suddenly last night. I have checked the fuses and it appears that it is receiving power. When I click on the remote nothing happens?

Did you change the batteries in the remote? ... Goodman HDC12WMC12 Air Conditioner

I have a Sharp portable room air conditioner model CV-P10NC. The power plug RESET button and TEST button will not click in order to check out the power plug as the unit will not turn on. They did test O.K. at first but the unit would still not come on. Can the power plug back be taken off to check out the fuse inside - or since it is a type of built in circuit breaker maybe it does not have a fuse inside ? The instruction manual states that " This air conditioner uses a fused power plug". The un

The fused9G.F.C.I.) cord you speak of is probably the G.F.C.I. built onto these units by design, can you or someone you know get access inside the unit and :Hot-Wire" the units cord and,bypass the power cord ( Just To Test the Unit)and see if it stay ... Air Conditioners

Not getting power to ac clutch. have checked all fuses in both fuse boxes i want to know if there is an inline fuses of a relay switch from the inside switch to the power plug to ac clutch

On the suction side (low pressure) of the system there is a pressure switch that prevents the system from operating in a low freon condition. Get a set of gauges on the system to check for a low freon condition...Bypassing the pressure cutout switc ... Air Conditioners

When the AC fan shuts off, the compressor appears to be stuck. It continues to make a humming sound as though it is running. If I remove power and return power it hums momentarily and then shuts off. Is it OK to allow it to "hum"? I constantly kill the power when the fan shuts off in fear of harming the motor or compressor.

Yes, not good for compressor to stay on after being shut off, and hitting the breaker to stop it is a good idea. Sounds like you have a faulty/sticky relay. Not an expensive part, and shouldn't take any longer than 1/2 hr to change. Have a technician ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have a Carrier Heat Pump model FK4CNF003. I noted that the thermostat wasn't working (no power) so I checked the usual suspects...in bound power etc. before I pulled the top housing off the interior unit. I noted lots of wires on a circuit board in the upper right corner of the unit which seems to route power and signals to/from the thermostat. Looking closely, I noted that the 5 amp fuse was blown so I put in another 5amp fuse and it blew as well. Given the fuse is blown, and I'm assuming

You should be able to trace the short to a specific componant on the board itself. the 5amp fuse protects the board itself. trace the circuitry back from the imput side. you should have a multimeter that has a audio alarm that will tell you which cir ... Air Conditioners

Mitsubishi MXZ- 3A30NA 20 Amp fuses blown at disconnect, replaced, energized no responce fuses did not blow, no LED lit on PC control Board. Page 41, 10-6 Troubleshooting Flow of Tech Manual, Outdoor Unit Does not operate. (LED display: display off) Input power to Noise filter board good. output power to reactor not reading 240VAC between legs TAB1 and X-64 pin located on contactor on noise filter power board, however I do get 120V each leg to ground. Replace noise filter power board? I removed

Have you checked the reactor board for a defective M.O.V. thyristor that way have a burned spot on the side of this component that normally would have, due to a lightening strike,over-voltage or under-voltage,if they open they will kill one leg,or po ... Air Conditioners

I have a Carrier 38tra048340 ac 4 ton unit outside, heater in attic. Thermostat is Totaline P374-1100. Power went out than back on after a few hours due to vehicle crashing into power pole. AC was running at time of power outage. Power came back on, ac would not come back on. Checked house circuit breakers, none tripped off. Turn ac 40amp breaker and heater 20amp breaker off and back on. Voltage ok. Checked fuse box by ac unit on wall, fuses and voltage ok. Went into hot attic to check for powe

Blank screen sounds like a fried thermosat. Abrupt outages can affect certain types of thermostats. Make a jumper wire and jump across R and G. See if you get any action from anywhere. If a fan or compressor kicks in you know you have a burned out th ... Carrier Air Conditioners

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