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What relative humidity % do I set my HDN655E unit at to be normal in a 65 degree basement?

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Ok comfort level is 55-60 percent at 72 degrees. (i'd say about 50 %)

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What relative humidity % do I set my HDN655E unit at to be normal in a 65 degree basement?

Ok comfort level is 55-60 percent at 72 degrees. (i'd say about 50 %) ... Air Conditioners

I have a 2 year old Mr slim system inside unit MSY-A24NA, outside MUY-A24NA. "2 lights mode" stays on when temp in room is actually 4 degrees LOWER than set temp. This is new, operation used to be 2 lights dropped to 1 when room temp was 2 degrees above set temp. Humidity control also seems poor. Had 2 service shops here, they both confirmed freon is OK and since unit is running were uninterested in pursing further. Any guidance you can give will be a help

Check that there is not an abnormal moisture source such\015\012as leaks into the building or its wall or ceiling cavities from any\015\012other source. Check to see if the condensate drain from the air\015\012conditioner is producing water. I ... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

We recently bought a new house (to us). It has a Goodman heat pump and Goodman Electric backup furnace(A36-15) with a Janitrol stat. I switched the stat to emrg. Heat when the temp got below Frezzing. The heat pump and the heating elements now both run at the same time. The outdoor unit will run when it is 15 degrees outside still. I check the out outside stat to see what it was set on and the outside one is set at 40 degrees. Is this normal??? thanks Jon

If you have a volt meter, check to see if you have 24 volts coming from the thermostat on the yellow wire.\015\012\015\012If you do, and it is set on emer heat, you have a bad T-stat.\015\012\015\012\015\012It looks like ... Air Conditioners

I just bought a samsung 15k BTU window a/c, I haven't seen any water dripping out of the bottom of the unit. In fact there is absolutely no moisture anywhere. Is this normal. Humidity is low, and it is around 76 degrees outside. Unit is blowing ice cold, but I do notice a smell. This is a 1 year old used unit.

If the humidity is low then the amount of water removed will be low. The AC (I assume is a window unit) May be evaporating it off as soon as its drained outside.. Yes in low temps and humidity it is normal for no moisture to be made in ab ... Kenmore 75050 Wall/Window Air Conditioner

Daewoo DOZ-1206G Brand new, just installed. This replaced an older a.c. unit in our apartment that was not blowing any cold air. The technician said that one was broken and replaced it with this one. Once it was installed, the technician turned it on and left. After 5 minutes with it set at 16 degrees celsius the cool air (which was never freezing) just became normal air. We have tried everything on the controls, we cannot get it to cool our very small studio apartment. We live in Sth Korea by t

... Air Conditioners

When I cool the room it doesn't drop to the temperature I have it set to but a few degrees celcius higher. Is that normal? I honestly never checked on my old unit but this one doesn't seem to feel as cool.

There is suppose to be 15--20* temp. different on the air supply & return air temp.Over 20* and the coil or the filter is plugged up. Below 13*--anf the unit is not charged properly. ... GE Quiet-Aire Ductless Split System Air Conditioner AS1CD12AA0/AS0CD12AA0

My FDD50J2 is not dehumidifying. The fan runs but the unit does not remove amy moisture from the air. It has run for several days. I have adjusted the control button to the high, low, and between positions with no affect. My basement air is definitely becoming humid, the temperature approximately 70 degrees. I do not find DEHUMIDIFYER EXPERT from my choices below. Can you please assist? Thank you. Craig Muirhead [email protected]

Hi..The evaporator coils on the front of the air conditioner get very cold during normal operation of the air conditioner. As the warm moist air in the room comes in contact with the cold evaporator the moisture in the air condenses out of the ... Air Conditioners

My ac unit will not go below 77 degrees. It quit working about 1.5 weeks ago, and I had a service technican come and look at it. He replaced the capacitor and the unit started back up and would cool to 75 degrees (where I usually have it set). He checked the pressure of the unit as well and said that it was fine. However I came back from a trip and the thermostat read 77 degrees even though I have it set on 75, and the temperature will not go any lower. This is the same thing it was doing

Hi, It sounds to me like you have covered all of the basis. The evaporator coil should be clean if you keep your filter clean and the condensation is showing that it is cooling properly. Normally, when the temperature increases outside, you will loos ... Air Conditioners

Carrier furnace I just had a carrier furnace installed in October of 2008. I have 4 zones in my home. Three zones are set at 68 degrees and zone 4 (the basement) is set at 62 degrees until 4pm then it gets changed to 66 degrees. When this happens it takes forever for the basement to reach 66 and the other 3 zones will heat to around 71 on the main floor (zones 1 and 2) and 72-74 on the second story (zone 3). If I turn the setting down in zone 4 after a couple of hours then the furnace will f

I'm not a fan of zoning but it sounds like they don't have the ducting done correctly. There has to be bleeder trunks installed in the unit because your are taking a unit that is designed to cool or heat a particular square footage and make it cool ... Carrier 38BRC060 Air Conditioner

Room temp 78 degrees with unit setting at 68 degrees. The unit is running (i.e. compressor) but unit not pumping out cold air. To be specific the unit is pushing out cool air just not cold with such a difference in room temp and temp setting. Any suggestions other than having an HVAC service contractor out.

Sounds like it could be low on freon I believe these units have about 1.5 pounds of freon in them and are critical in not undercharging or overcharging them if it is a freon 410 ac unit the pressures should be about 135 and both lines cold if is l ... LG LAN240HSV2-LAU240HSV2 24000 BTU 20 SEER Art Cool Ductless Heat Pump Air Conditioner

Our upstairs Central AC unit will not cool below 80 degrees. Everything is blowing fine. It is 89 degrees outside today. The air coming in thru the ducts is 80 degrees. The downstairs unit blows 70 degrees even if thermostat is set for 78. The unit is 6 years old. We cleaned the coils. No change. What should we check next? Thank you!

You will need a thermometer, you can use a meat therm.take a temp reading of the air going into the return and then coming out of the supply at the unit, it should be at least 15 to 20 degrees cooler in the supply, if not it may be low on refrigeran ... Air Conditioners

I have a miysubishi mr slim msh12en heat pump in one part of my house i have the remote set to 89 degrees but the heat or fan or outdoor unit is unresponsive the only thing i can see is a defrost light asnd power light on the blower unit i switch over to ac still set at 89 degrees and the ac works why

... Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

The air conditioner is emitting cool air instead of cold air. I have the setting on cold and the temperature setting at 60 degrees. On these days that have been near and over 100 degrees, that cool air offers no relief. When we first got the unit, it emitted cold air. We've changed nothing. The unit is not installed in a window but rather in a hole made for it in the wall.

... LG LWHD1009R Air Conditioner

I have 2 heil heat punps (manufactured 1989), a 3T for the lower level and a 2.5T for the upper level. The 3T unit functions normal. The upper unit functions normal if each spring, when switching from heat to cooling, the technician adds 4 pounds of freon to cool properly. In the fall the tech must draw out 4 pounds of freon for this unit to heat properly. The outside and attic units are a matched set and the expansion value in the attic unit has been replaced. There's no leaks and several

Hi,\015\012\015\012To properly trouble shoot this there is much more information needed....\015\012\015\012The exact model numbers of the indoor and outdoor units...\015\012The line set sizes and the lentgh of the line s ... GE AJCH10ACB Built-In Room Air Cool Unit

I have an lg artcool unit with model numger LSV244VM-4 on the outdoor unit.The ambient temperture is around 15 degrees celcius today so i set the controls for 30 degrees cecius to ask the unit to heat.The indoor unit responds by sending power to the outdoor unit but neither gthe compressor or the condensor fan turn on.The customer told me that "C6" keeps apearing on the remote although this did not occur while i was attending.There is something in the control circuit of the outdoor unit that is

Check for 240 voltsto the contactor! ... Air Conditioners

Amcor 10,000BTU set at 64 degrees - - temperature of air coming out of unit is 72 degrees. In one and half hour set at 64 degrees the room temp only went from 90 degrees to 84 degrees. Recommendations? Recharge?

I am not sure, i have a similiar unit that is brand new, seems like a faulty mechanism from the maker, it starts cold for about 2-3 minutes and then shuts down condenser and blows hot air repeating this cycle. I don't believe it ias a recharge, just ... Amcor PLM-14000E Portable Air Conditioner

Rooms farture from airhandler are 3 to 4 degrees warmer and rooms close to airhanler are 2 or 3 degrees cooler blower motor set on highest speed unit runs too long 18 min on 10 min off 100 degree outside temp tstat set at 75 degrees

Here are a few things to try in order:\015\012\015\0121. If you have access to the ductwork and there are internal dampers on the branch ducts going to the individual registers, make sure the far ones are fully open and slightly close do ... Air Conditioners

I have a SG-PAC-08E4, When I set my unit to auto, it seems not be be adjusting for the room temperature as explained in the manual. Why do my temperature LCD always show 77 degrees even when the unit is turned off. Also my thermometers in my room say the the temperature in room is 73 degrees. Shouldn't I see a difference the the operations of the unit?

... Soleus SG-PAC-08E4 Air conditioner

I have a GE Zoneline 5500 PTAC that doesn't throw any heat. The electronic display appears normal during operation, I hear a clicking when the unit is turned on and the fan kicks on but it just blows cold air. The unit was set to the highest heat setting and the air filters were cleaned and unplugging and restarting but still no luck. I haven't tried using the override dip switch to bypass the heat pump, becuase there is a total of 3 of these units in our condo; one in each bedroom and one in th

Hi,\015\012Just for giggles and grins I would switch that one to coll and see if the compressor runs in cooling... that will tell you if it is the compressor or the reversing valve that is bad...It may also jog the reversing valve and get it to ... GE Air Conditioners

I have a 18000btu LG mini split heat pump installed about 1 year ago in vacation home. In heat mode the unit cycles on and off when room temp is within 2-3 degrees of set point. Cycle on time varies between 35 to 60 seconds (sometimes more). The off time is 2-3 minutes. During this time, I check inside temp with accurate digital themometer mounted at the air intake of the unit and the temp does not change, assume because unit does not run long enough. When I put temp set point more than 3 d

Hello.I think they are on to something with shortcycling on temp sensor.I think it should be sampling the return air instead of (inside coils ?).A 2*f dead band use to be built in (factory installed) to thermostats to prevent on/off, but ... LG LS-L1210CL Mini Split Air Conditioner

It is 110 degrees out, we have set the central air for 70 but we can not seem to get the temp under 74 degrees, the unit is always running is it just too hot out for the unit to keep up, or is something wrong with the unit

You probably hit the nail on the head. You are currently getting 36 degrees difference in temp. That's pretty darn good. Most units would struggle with that. Running all the time is usually an indication that the unit could be somewhat undersized ... Whirlwind FH-778 Air Conditioner

Which is cheaper to run. the AC or the dehumidifier on the mitsubishi electric split-type air conditioner MSZ-A24Na unit? I live in Florida and need to keep the humidity very low. I do not want mold to grow. It's also very hot. If I run the dehumidifier (dry) setting, the room is VERY cold but no temperature settings are not available. it's just cold. My question is....since the unit is always running, Is it cheaper to run the AC or the dehumidifier on this unit?

Run the humidifier to maintain a humidity level no greater than 60%RH. \015\012Click HERE for additional information regarding information on Mold. ... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

High suction press (98psi), normal head press (140psi); full sight glass;low super heat (10 degrees);normal subcooling (13 degrees) new txv, new evaporator, new condensing unit 70 degree air from vents no breaks in return air duct 100 ambient have tried another txv and still same problem; good valves in compressor

Lower fan speed.....and double check head pressure, sounds very low!!! should be around 250-275.....also make sure the return air grill is large enough. ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

My air exchabge unit burned up. I am in the process of buying a new one. My HVAC guy said that it should be set up before my central air conditioner unit. Is it normal to set it up that way? When the air conidtioner is off, how does the fresh air get to the house? How big should the air exchange unit be?

Hi,Is it normal to set it up that way? Ans. YesWhen the air conidtioner is off, how does the fresh air get to the \015\012house?Ans Air exchanger takes in air from the outside and cools it off. If you \ ... Air Conditioners

Carrier thermostat Hello, My Carrier electronic thermostat is connected to a heat pump.  It was set to the COOL position during a summer thunderstorm when the AC suddenly began running no matter what the SET temperature was.  It works normally when I change it to the AUTO position.  The HEAT and EHEAT positions work normally. I tried cutting power to the unit for 2 days, after which it worked normally even on COOL, but after a short power failure it resumed the problem of running the AC continuo

I hate to say it but Ive had trouble with Carrier's Tstats doing similar improper things. Unfortunatly the only repair is going to be replacement of the whole tstat. I recommend Honeywell's FocusPRO or VisionPRO tstat. Ive yet to have one fail and th ... Air Conditioners

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