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DImplex Electric Fire Model SP920 seems to be taking forever to warm up and provide heat. How long should it take for this fire to warm up and generate heat?

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DImplex Electric Fire Model SP920 seems to be taking forever to warm up and provide heat. How long should it take for this fire to warm up and generate heat?

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Raypak pool/ spa heater Low NOx Model 407A: Will take long time to fire, stays in spark mode, and then when iit does fire, it shuts off and takes long time to fire again. If you can get it going it stays on until desired temperature is reached. Repair company gave up on fixing it after multiple trips and stated that the burners were dirty and needed to be cleaned. Have pulled out burner tray and cleaned everything off with wire brush. Put back together and have same problem. Interesting note it

The pilot is not proving to the control.Check that there is a GROUND/EARTH stake to the pool heater in the dirt.The pilot assembly needs a ground wire too the control. ... Air Conditioners

I have a Coleman Evcon gas furnace model# DGAT095ADA last year I replaced the T-O-D #60T82 - 313675 fan switch and works fine. This year the unit started fine, but slowly started taking longer & longer to heat up, then finally not heating up enough to trip fan switch. Manually tripping fan switch resulted in some warm air through system, but not enough to heat a house. Gas comes on and is blue what would be my next course of action ?

... Air Conditioners

Hello, I recently purchased a new home which has a Nordyne model # JS58D-060KA air conditioning unit. Both times when the home was appraised and inspected, the AC worked when they provided power via a generator. Now, the standard electrical supply has been turned on and I cannot get any results. When I turn the temperature down on the thermostat I hear something kick-on in the attic above the thermostat but no air. If the thermostat temp is adjusted for heat or is disconnected, whatever is k

... Air Conditioners

Trying to find out if I am being played with by others. The heater does not work on the unit. It blows, but no real heat. Told by repairman that the model is old and parts are hard to find. It is almost 3 months now. Does it take that long to locate a part for the CARRIER FK4CNF006?

Carrier parts aren't that hard to find and there also is a generic part that can be used if needed. Sounds like there is someone who doesn't know where parts are to be purchased ... Air Conditioners

Dear Sir/MAdam Our Rinnai Gas Heater, Model 404, works ok, but when put high it shout downs by makine a constant wishle noise. After a number of shutt down and turn on, it is ok provided to leave it at low low level, which does not heat up the entire villa. What is the problem and how can it be fixed? I am a handy man, so can I fix it or take it to a service centre. Where is the nearest service centre for me. I live in Ryde of Sydney (Post Code 2114). Regards Assad

Normally the heater will let out a screeching noise when it hasn't ignited properly thats why i think its the switch that may create the noise - very annoying ... Air Conditioners

I have a Lennox model CB19-51-1P air handling unit with HP19-511-1P compressor heat pump unit. I just turned the heat on for the first time this season. And I am getting low heat volume. The heat pump unit is running for long periods. I am getting enough heat to maintain the 70 degrees setting with constant cycles, shutting off for short periods, running long periods. When the thermostat is turned to a cooler temperature, the unit shuts off as it should. Could you please help trouble shoot po

First thing you need to check is if the reversing valve is working you maybe running your A/C with the heat strips on depends on the t-stat your using some heat pumps will bring the strips on with a high d ... Air Conditioners

Its an electric coleman evcon serial number c309706-51031 model number c30a-036u-b . . . but its not blowin as warm of air as it should be its barely warm . . . so we think one of the heating elements are out so we want to know where the heating elements are located

... Air Conditioners

The blower is on but the heat is not coming out. After leaving as is it start coming out then after the house is warm and U decide to turn it down again blower is on but heat is not coming out. Sometimes it can take up to 8hrs before the heat starts coming out. The heat is perfectly fine when it starts coming out. Another thing is when we adjust the heat it the blower is on but the heat is not coming out holding the temperature at 77 degrees seems to be the sweet spot. Thermostat appears to be o

Jump out t-stat is first test ... Carrier XHB123D X/Y Series Heat/Cool Air Conditioner

Heat-n-Glo model 6000TROAK installed 2005, fire refuses to stay lit. Pilot stays on through-out. Replaced wall low voltage switch multiple times. Used alligator clips to bypass switch. In all cases, fire starts, then shortly (as quickly as seconds, sometimes 20 minutes) fire goes out. With fire not burning and switch/clips still on, turned blower from off to on to off, literally under a second to complete, fire again starts and burns for a while before going out again.

... Air Conditioners

We have a Worcester Bosch Highflow 400 (10 year old) combi boiler. Over the last few weeks when we have put on the heating the boiler kicks in and fires up and the heating comes on (the water comes on fine too) but the boiler keeps clicking off after a few minutes so the heating goes off (but the water seems to be still on). The radiators remain just slightly warm but we can't seem to get the boiler to stay on. Th heating and water lights are on and it sounds like it is working but the heating k

The by pass pipe may be limed up. This apparently causes a reduced flow which will stop the heating side of the thing working. Call out Worcester Bosch engineer. It costs £210 including VAT and most parts and they almost guarantee to get it wor ... Ruud Matching Split Air Conditioner

Hello, I have a sanyo ac model # xs3622, c3622 and was wondering if there is a heat setting. I live in a warm climate and have never needed the heat. The remote control has a heat setting but when I change it to heat it still blows cold. Any help would be helpful. Thanks

Your a/c model is only cool, but remote may be heat and cool which normally supplied by all manufacturers. Don't worry. In your remote heat mode will not respond by unit. Helpful advise? ... Sanyo Air Conditioners

I have an Intertherm electric furnace in my mobile home model # FEHB 015A. The heater started acting up by first blowing warm air like normal but then blowing cool, not heated air after a few minutes of operation. At some point it seemed when it was blowing heated air that it was really hot, then cool. Then it just quit heating the air at all. I am looking for a schematic to identify the heating coil or igniter coil if it has one for possible replacement.

Http://www.nordyne.com/Literature/707716c.pdf\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012http://www.nordyne.com/Literature/359a.pdf\015\012\015\012The diagrams above may not be exactly what you are needing. But they will be close. Usually the diag ... Air Conditioners

My Mitsubishi Mr. Slim heat pump (indoor unit MSZ-A09NA / A-15NA / A12NA / A17NA, according to the operating manual; outdoor unit MXZ-3A30NA) is not providing heat. The left green indicator light blinks when I try to restart it (Breaker, emergency heat operation), so I've turned it off). The problem began when I was clearing the condenser of 3 feet of snow and ice. The fan inside the condenser can move freely. When I sent this question earlier, the wrong model number was in the headline. If heat

Here is the service manual for the model # you gave. http://www.mehvac.com/UploadedFiles/Resource/MSZ-FD09~12NA_S ... Air Conditioners

My newly installed Valor Petrus HE gas fire keeps going out when I turn it to low heat. When I first light it I have it on high for approx 10 minutes before turning it down(fire has slide control) after a few minutes the fire goes out. My installer tested the chimney with smoke bombs and said it was OK, although he needed to remove the restrictor -I think that's what he said. Hoping you can advise what course of action to take next. Thank you.

... Air Conditioners

No heat I have an Amana heating and a/c unit model # pth153b50ae. It was blowing heat all winter then just stopped. It now blows cold air and is either bringing in cold air from outside or is blowing a/c. It does not change no matter where the control knobs are set. I checked the fuse and actually changed it but no difference. The only way I can turn it off is either unplug it or take the cover off and switch of the little micro switch. I'm thinking the board is gone. Any help would be appreciat

Check to see if unit has a contactor,they arc and weld together,keeping your unit on ... Amana PTH153B50AE Air Conditioner

I live in Florida, my a/c system, I believe it is a Rheem, has been heating the house fine all of this winter no problem. With this last recent cold spell, I turned on the heat and all that is blowing from the vents is air that feels a few degrees warmer than the air in the house, it does very slowly start to raise the temperature in the house but is taking a very long time. I have stopped using the heat for fear of damaging the inside and outside units, need help

I would call someone that knows how to check the pressure in the outside unit. I would run emegency heat if it gets to cold. Switch the thermostat from heat to emergency. If the outside unit was running when the temperature was to cold and not going ... Ruud Central System Air Conditioner

I have a 245,000btu crown steam boiler with 2 risers in a moderatly well insulated 4 family unattched building ,boiler is less than 1year old problem is front riser ,farest from boiler takes very long to heat while the rear,closet to boiler heats very well. how can the heat be equalized ?

There should be a valve on the lines that regulates gas pressure between the two risers,, (assuming its gas i ant familair with this model) ,, adjust it a bit to regulate the two,, a bit of trial and error will be needed..ELETRIC.. ... Air Conditioners

Rudd furnace I have a RUDD furnace model UGPJ-07-NAMGR. It had stopped working, so I replaced the thermostat but it is not the thermostat. When I hold the furnace reset button, the furnace will fire according to the setting on thermostat(heat or fan). As soon as I let go of the reset button, the heater stops working. It does not matter what I do to the thernostat, the heater will not fire. I crossed the red and white wire but nothing happens. The heater is supposed to fire when I cross wire, ri

You have a safety limit switch that is either bad or needs to be manually reset. Some have little buttons between the two wires going to the switch that you can push to reset. If not they are automatic switchs then one is bad. You have to do an oh ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

Make = Trident exel natural flame gas fire - model fan powered rear flue - 549 RMN FEF +3 The fire ignites and runs normally for about 10 minutes and then the gas side completely cuts out (both the pilot and the main jets). everything else keeps running (lights and fan). Re-starting the fire results in about 2 mins before it cuts out as above, this then repeats no matter how often its re-started. Electricity is fine and gas supply appears to be smooth and fine (Gas central heating / cooker a

Hi this is a oxy pilot problem as you say, would be best to replace. There are two types that were used on Trident /FEF fires,Ican help with either but need to know which one ,get back to me for further help .Will. ... Air Conditioners

I have a Carrier Weathermaker Infinity furnace model 58MVP100-F-1-20 with 3 zones and Carrier Comfort Zone II programable thermostat. I recently installed ageothermal heat pump system which includes a hot water coil in the furnace plennum. The heat pump is sized to meet loads except for the coldest days of winter - (below 0 F) - when the gas furnace is expected to kick in. My problem appears to be the Weathermaker's characteristics don't accommodate the low heat /slow response provided by

Http://www.hvac-talk.com/vbb/archive/index.php?t-85094.html here is a site i found very useful ... Carrier Air Conditioners

I have a 10-year old Carrier Gas pack Model #48GS024060301. Turned on the heat for the first time this season and the unit did not turn on. I was able to turn on the house circulation fan and since it was a warm day today I also tested the A/C side and it worked fine. The inductor motor and fan were replaced last year. All the fins on the fan blade basically flew off on the first start up attempt last year. The entire unit, heating and A/C, were serviced within the last year by a certified p

If the induction motor ain't going I would look for a blown 3 amp (purple) fuse on the control board. If that was good I would check if any of the roll out switches were tripped. If a rollout switch was tripped check or air restrictions somewhere. ... Air Conditioners

Amana gas fired warm air furnace. Blower (fan) works fine when thermostat set simply to "fan". When selector is moved to "heat", burner fires nicely but teh circulatior blower fan does not kick-on. Any suggestions?

Either bad run cap on motor or bad blower motor ... Amana Air Conditioners

I have a weather king model 90RJ - first time I've had hot air heat..When I turn on the heat, the blower turns on right away ( blowing cold air) - I understand that the ducts have to cleared of the cold air - but shouldn't the blower turn off until the air is warmed to temp thanks Bob

When the furnace first comes on there is a induced draft motor that should come on first but that forces air up the exhaust or flue,not into supply air on ductwork. It is not unusual for cold air to be blown out when burner first turns blower motor o ... Weather King 10AJA3001AH Air Conditioner

I got a Model 7F62-Cooling and heating System-Gas Fire. The cooling system is working fine but is the heating system that is not. All the burners are off and is has an automatic pilot but can't locate it. Where is the problem?

... Ruud Air Conditioners

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