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Kenmore aircondition I have a kenmore wall unit. can't remember the BTU's. The airconditioner has accumulated ice and is leaking into the house. What can I do do fix this.

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First is to make sure the evap and condenser coils are very clean. A dirty evap coil will cause icing as well as a blower not running and low freon. Hope this helps.\015\012\015\012Thx\015\012RepairUSA

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Kenmore aircondition I have a kenmore wall unit. can't remember the BTU's. The airconditioner has accumulated ice and is leaking into the house. What can I do do fix this.

First is to make sure the evap and condenser coils are very clean. A dirty evap coil will cause icing as well as a blower not running and low freon. Hope this helps.\015\012\015\012Thx\015\012RepairUSA ... Kenmore 75050 Wall/Window Air Conditioner

My Trane central air contioning that services the second floor of my house is not pumping out cool air. Checked the unit outside and found ice forming on the piping that contacts to the Trane AC uni. WAs told there is probably a leak in the system. Had a leak fixed last summer, found the leak by injecting dye. Is there possibly another leak????? What is the best way to handle this situation???

Hey there, the first thing that you should do is identify the exact reason that the system is freezing up. First, let it thaw for probably a couple of hours to make sure that all the ice is off the indoor unit. If you leave the fan run (turn the f ... Air Conditioners

My brand new HVAC unit is not able to maintain the heat in the house. The unit itself seems to be running fine but there was an accumulation of snow and ice on the fan unit. When I knocked all the snow and ice off the fan assembly I noticed that there was an accumulation of ice at the bottom of the assembly. The fan is running unobstructed, but when the overnight temps get below freezing, it's unable to keep the temp in the house above 60 degrees.

I hope the air condition is feet to your home ,if u have ceiling tall\015\012the heat will stay high point ,and the air condtion will be on most of the time. if not\015\012and the mode is heat\015\012firrst:\015\012\015 ... Goodman Air Conditioners

Leaking water Leaking a lot of water. How do I access the drip pan and/or fix the problem? I have 4 mr slim in the house: I fixed one by clearing the drain hose. Does each one have their own hose? I only found 2 hoses.

Yes they do each have a drain hose. They might all tie in together somewhere. Accessing the drain pan is quite a task. Also it might have a pump in it that could not be working it just depends on the setup. I don\\'t have any links or a description b ... Air Conditioners

My RUUD UBHA 21J8SFGAI is not cooling my house like before. It runs almost all day and the house feels a little warm. I called an air conditioner repairman who told me that the compressor is leaking freon and oil from the bottom because the bottom 2 inches are wet. He said I needed to replace the compressor. He added freon the the unit and said it would cost around $700 to $2,500 depending on what needed to be replaced Can a compressor be fixed or do I have to replace it? The house is a lit

Compressors for household ACs are not repairable. Usually if a compressor goes bad, whole condenser unit is replaced. ... Air Conditioners

Carrier Infinity AC indoor unit in the garage is leaking water on the floor. There is no ice on the coils, The drain is not clogged. There is no water in the coil area. I turned off power to the indoor and outdoor unit and it continues to leak water. I finally shutoff the water supply coming into the house. The leak then stopped. The unit is on a wooden box approx 3 feet above the floor in the garage. The only water seen is on the floor. I open the side of the A/C unit an

Hi,It seems as though you have an unrelated water leak.... Often the water supplies are copper tubing....Copper tubing and concrete do not get along well...but hey it lasts till the warranty is up....and they can't see i ... Carrier 52CQ315 Air Conditioner

I have a heat pump with the unit under the house. We have noticed our power bill has increased. After crawling under the house I notice the drip pan is full and not draining through the pipe. So I unclogged it and it drained fine, but my next issue is, why would the return duct have about 3 gallons of water sitting inside the pipe making it sag. So what can I and need to do to fix this. I have been covering the ducts to cover the leak that I found but this water in the pipe has me baffled. Pleas

Hi, this sounds as though you just have a backed up condensation line that you opened up the drain, and you say it drained fine. As far as the return air duct having water in it, it is connected to the return side of the evaporator coil and it just o ... Air Conditioners

Our samsung asv 18e model is not cooling. we already adjusted it to le lowest temperature setting but it doesn't cool the room.I have tried searching on the net for answers and it seems to me that a lot of people have experienced this problem with their samsung airconditioners...is there a way to fix this? I've come across in the internet about gas leaks in their airconditioners..is this maybe the reason why our air conditioner isn't cooling? Thank you so much for your help

... Air Conditioners

I have a gear box leak on a Duke softserve ice cream machine at one of my Dairy Queen stores. Usually when a problem arises at one of my stores I go and fix it. My Omaha store is a little over 4 hours away so I called in a professional to diagnose the problem who lives in Omaha and he said there is a leak in the gearbox he recommends replacing the gearbox. It's a little over a thousand dollars to replace. Can I get some advice on this from someone who knows a little about gear boxes. I would

Yes if the gear box is leaking it's a gasket or seal and can be fixed. The only way the box it's self would need to be replaced is the machined surfaces were worn. ... Air Conditioners

Tube running from AC unit to the house is completely encased in ice. Does this mean the unit is bad ? Or, does this mean there is a freon leak in the tubing ? And, is it cheaper to replace to unit or try to find the leak at $150 / hour ?

We had a big old iceball on the connecting point between hose & external a/c unit this past weekend. we were getting no air - hot cold or otherwise. i changed filters and turned thermostat off, let it sit, noticed major amounts of water dripping ... Carrier 38CKC030 Air Conditioner

Split system LG airconditioner is leaking water inside the house after about 30mins how can i see if there is a blockage in the drainage area?

... LG Air Conditioners

My Janitrol A24-08 is working but it's not draining. My Drain pan is full and leaking into my house. How can I fix this?

You need to find out if your drain has an out let outside and vacuum it out with a wet/dry vac. Otherwise you will have to cut the drain line inside and vacuum it out there, The ac supply houses sell a twist and turn clean-out tee that makes it easi ... Goodman Air Conditioners

What does it mean when airconditioner leaks water in the house down the wall

Make sure it is angled slightly toward the outside so the condensation which comes from the evaporator leaks outside. ... Air Conditioners

Kenmore tx5300 less than 2 years old ice on outside pipe system trying to cool down, system set at 70 house inside temp 78 led light on inside system says operating normal could it be lines plugged out if so how do you put bleach in system

The lines that are frozen are not ones you can run bleach through. The best way to troubleshoot this one is to first turn off the unit and put it fan only mode to thaw and de-ice the coils. Then check the air filter to be sure that it's clean and t ... Kenmore Air Conditioners

It leaks water at the unit inside the house. How do I fix it?

Check the drain line to make sure it is open ... LG LS-L1210CL Mini Split Air Conditioner

I just turned on my ac for the first time this year. I found leaking on my carpet. I had to change my filter and found ice on my pipes. also the area around the unit was damp. Did i fix the problem by changing the filter or is there suppost to be a filter under my filter. I have a model ar30-1 Thank you

The ice buildup comes from low refrigerant or poor airflow.\015\012Is your indoor fan runnig OK?\015\012Are your evaporator coils clean of dust and dirt?\015\012If fan is good and coils are clean, call a service tech to check your r ... Goodman CPLE24-1 Air Conditioner

Water is not draining from outdoor pipe, the water is leaking from botton of AC unit in the house. How to fix?

You can try running a small pipe snake or even a coathanger through it. If you can't reach it, and if you can seal all the open connections except the outlet, you can try using compressed air to clear it. Be careful though, A/C contractors are noto ... Carrier 38CKC060 Air Conditioner

My weathermaster airconditioner is leaking water inside the house

Either your unit is tiped inside too much or it may need to be cleaned. you need to remove it and take the shell off and spray it down with a hose to make sure the drain hole is clean. good luck!\015\012ERIC ... Carrier Air Conditioners

My Lennox (outdoor) air pump is icing up at the connecting pipe running into the house. The blower motor on the furnace is working but not when using the pump. What can I do myself to fix this.

The fan only runs when the switch on the t-stat is in the on postion then the stat is bad if the fan only runs in the heating cycle then you might have a bad board. to test this you need a volt meter that will read 24 v with the t-stat set to off and ... Air Conditioners

Hi my split airconditioner is leaking water inside the house


Sears Kenmore Amana window ac unit 13,000 btu: Sometimes the compressor will not shut off to cycle. Last night I woke up to an ice cold house and turned the digital temp up and the compressor wouldn't shut off so I turned the power off and the comp stayed running until I unplugged the unit. What does it sound like to you?

Sounds like a dirty coil or stuck thermostat ... Air Conditioners

What is wrong when my airconditioner, starts up, after a little while water starts fo come out the louvers, then after a whileI noticed that it was leaking underneath air conditioner, and water had accumulated could the machine be possibly set wrong. Please help.

Drain is plugged thumbs up ... Air Conditioners

Drainage occurs near the front of the unit, resulting in pools of water leaking onto my window sill. Unit is installed properly, there is no drain hole to direct water away from the insides of the walls in my house. Please help with a fix for this awful awful design.

The A/C unit should be tilted slightly to the rear and this will allow the water to leak to the outside of the window, you may have to drill a small hole in the case to drain if there is no pre-existing hole. ... Frigidaire FAC126P1 wall/window Air Conditioner

Leaking Mitsubishi Mr Slim: I read a response to a question from someone who had a Mr Slim that was leaking inside their house. I have the same problem. In the posted response the person was told that their drainage pipe was probably blocked and they should locate the drainage pipe and blow into it to clear it. Could anyone elaborate? I have three Mr Slim units in my house but only one is leaking. The outside condenser has six hoses or pipes leading into it, I assume three are air and three are

Hello my name is Heath it will be my pleasure to assist you. The drain line shouldn't be hooked to the condenser. It will run from the bottom of the unit either to a drain in the house or to a pump that will pump the water to a drain. If you pull the ... Air Conditioners

Sta-rite well pump. My pipes froze and now I have a leak. When I plugged in the pump to check which pipe was leaking it cuts on and off every 2-4 seconds. If fixing the leak does not fix this what should I look for?

Is the pump above ground or in the well ?If its above ground, sounds like you have air in the pump which will not let it operate properly, if you fix the leak, you will have manually fill the pump with water from the access hole on top of the p ... Air Conditioners

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