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Thermastat I have dial type thermastat that sticks out from the wall 1-2 inches. It is located smack dab in the middle of a main wall in my living room, it is an eye sore. Is it alright to cover it with something as long as there is room behind what I cover it with? Or will this cause problems. Right now we are not using heat or air, and what I have hanging there is a metal art piece. Or what other options do I have? Thanks Dana

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Hello Dana.\015\012\015\012Will covering a thermostat affect its performance? Yes, almost certainly - it needs a clear flow of air to it so that it can constantly monitor the room temp. It really depends on how much it's covered by whatever you plan to place in front of it.\015\012\015\012I guess your options are: \015\012\015\012(1) move the thermostat (obvious, I know!). Cost will depend on how easy it is to re-route the cable.\015\012\015\012(2) fit a flush-fitting and more attractive unit - check out the 'Heatmiser' for an example\015\012\015\012(3) cover it and see what happens! It won't actually harm the unit (well, it shouldn't...), but will probably make the temp swings more obvious before the thermostat 'clicks in'.
Unless you damage the thermostat in someway, covering it is a non issue.\015\012\015\012Because it is an electrical device you will still want to have easy access to it, so don't do anything too permanent!\015\012\015\012OPTIONAL:\015\012I recommend that you disconnect this device at the power source (usually its own breaker/fuse) just to be safe.

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Thermastat I have dial type thermastat that sticks out from the wall 1-2 inches. It is located smack dab in the middle of a main wall in my living room, it is an eye sore. Is it alright to cover it with something as long as there is room behind what I cover it with? Or will this cause problems. Right now we are not using heat or air, and what I have hanging there is a metal art piece. Or what other options do I have? Thanks Dana

Hello Dana.\015\012\015\012Will covering a thermostat affect its performance? Yes, almost certainly - it needs a clear flow of air to it so that it can constantly monitor the room temp. It really depends on how much it's covered by whatever you plan ... Air Conditioners

I just bought a 2002 mobile home and it is centraL HEAT AND AIR...My problem is I just turned on the central air, but there is heat still coming from the top part of the wall furnace which is in the small hallway. I have a switch in the laundry room which turns the heat off, but there is still some heat coming from the wall furnace...Do I take the cover off the wall furnace, but not sure what I would be looking for...I use oil for heat.. Thank you very much..

You need to make an adjustment inside the thermostat on the wall. To make the adjustment, lift off the cover from the thermostat and locate the anticipator. If your furnace is running short cycles, the anticipator is probably set on .2 or ... Air Conditioners

I had a pthp installed in my sunroom. I use this room as a family room ....tv, family visiting,etc. The unit is too loud and I'm not sure if it is large enough to heat the 15' x 18' x 12' cathedral ceiling and 3 glass walls. I would like to put a natural gas fireplace in this 42.25" x16.25" opening in my wall. Is that possible? Any information will be appreciated. Thank you, Peggy

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Just moved in to a new place,but, the walls on both of the bedrooms, swet a lot after using the shower, wich is right in the middle of the 2 bedrooms,and mildew grows on the walls, have to clean the walls all the time and they feel wet, starts from the top of walls , any ideas what can cause this problems? Thank you.

Does the shower area have a fan to remove shower steam and if so where is it expelled to?if to the attic,then you may not have enough air movement up there as in soffits to remove moisture by air flow,another idea,do the walls in between the rooms an ... Air Conditioners

We have a Dayton Electric thermostat model # 2E215 in our master bath, controlling the under-the-floor, hot water, heating in the room. There's an adjustment under the cover re "cycle time" that goes from essentially 0 to about 1.0 - and a counter-clockwise arrow to adjust from the smaller number to the larger. Our winters here (Vail, CO) can get very cold, and I'm wondering what is the best cycle setting to use keep the temperature as close to the desired temperature in the room. Thank y

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The heater has been used for 3 years 8 months in a new house. The cieling and carpet and walls are covered in soot. the system has a flue going out through roof. There is a filter screen and it gets covered in soot. Is there anything I can doo to fix it.(in New Zealand-south Auckland) Navin

Your flue is extremely clogged and you need to have it serviced immediately. It has obviously not been serviced in a long long time for it to do this. Service it regularly. Soot is spreading all over the house due to your flu being so clogged. After ... Air Conditioners

Zibro P125 Seems Like I don't have any grounded wall sockets in this room. What are the dangers of running a air conditioner / cooler (zibro p125) on a ungrounded socket? The manual also warns not to use a extension cord, as I understood it. I suppose I could get a grounded cord to go from the bathroom(grounded socket) into this room and get grounded power from there, its around 15 meters any problems with that?

The problem is if you do not ground out your unit and it shorts out, it will blow every last part in your system and you will be buying a new part. Also there is a risk of electrical shock. Now to be honest with you. I do not run my window unit on a ... Air Conditioners

I have an LG wall unit in my sun room. Geicos are coming into the room through the unit. Do you have a screen I can use to keep the Geicos out??

At a hardware store ask for 1/4"bird screen to fashon a cover.It wont block air flow that the unit needs & keep the pests out. ... Air Conditioners

My frigidaire air conditioners spit dirt all over the floor. My window unit and my through the wall unit in a sleeve both do the same thing. I called Frigidaire two years ago and they told me there were no reported problems. I keep the filters clean and don't know what is causing this. My rugs and furniture are full of dirt particles when I use these units. I have had air conditioners for many, many years and have never experienced a problem like this. Please advise me if this is a problem with

1. Turn units off\0122. Remove Filter\0123. Spray a foaming cleaner on the coils (Dow Bathroom Cleaner)\0124. Use a spray bottle filled with plain water\0125. Replace Filter and Grill ... Frigidaire FAC124 wall/Window Air Conditioner

Air Conditioning My husband cleaned the air and know it does not keep the room cool at all did before reason for cleaning it was so it would not use so much "elec." He cleaned it the sameway, He did last time about a year ago and it worked perfect. So he does not understand what happen. All I know is My Dog's and Puppies are dyeing from the heat. We live in Duncan,Arizona and it is going to be over 100 degree's today It totally sucks I of cause have a few other choose words but we willnot go int

Is this a 110volt unit or a 220 volt unit? Is this a central or window unit? but the way you describe the cleanning, must be a window unit! there is suppose to be 2-sounds from this unit ,,,1--the fan blowing sound,,,,2---the compressor humming sou ... Hampton Bay Air Conditioners

The power cord on my goldstar R1203 gets super hot and kicks off the power strip. I have tried just plugging it directly into the wall socket and it actually kicks off the power to the entire room. It will run for about an hour using the power strip then we have to turn it off and let the power cord cool off. Is this fixable?

I would have the unit checked by a Service Tech and would not run it (the AC) until it was fixed.\015\012\015\012This could be a dangerous situatiion especially if the breaker doesn't trip. ... Goldstar R1203 Air Conditioner

I have a fujitsu reverse cycle air conditioner,it wasnt working(not blowing cold air only room temp air like a fan).air con tech came over,re-gassed it,tried air con that day,worked fine.didnt need to use it for a few months,re-tried it,no cool air again,i am thinking of a leak.My question is the air con is about 10 years old,if cause of problem is a leak,is it worthwhile fixing it(i would need to pay someone parts and labour,could not do this job myself),or to just bite the bullet and get a rep

Hi,\015\012\015\012The A.C is 10 years old which is a ideal shelf life for the A.C. If there are any leaks I would never ever try repairing it at home becuase if there is a leak then that means that the entire GAS which helps in the cooli ... Air Conditioners

B93-366 Indoor Unit Ours is mounted on the wall in a new room addition (3 years ago). Has worked fine. Used it with remote control a few days ago. It worked fine. Turned it off with remote control. next day would not turn on at all. Replaced batteries in remote. Didn't Help. Tried manual override on the unit itself. Still nothing. We have misplaced our manual. Any suggestions?

You will have to remove the front panel and check the fuse to make sure that it did not pop. Also check your breaker switch to make sure that your breaker did not pop. Those can be your really only two issuesPlease rate ... Air Conditioners

I have 2 Hunter State Street 27763 fans with light fixtures that has 4 - 40W light bulbs. I wanted to change the light bulbs from incadescent 40W to "energy efficient" light bulbs 13W. One of the fan does not seem to accept the "energy efficient" light bulbs. I have tried many wattage from 10W to 23W mixed or all the same and I either get blinking, humming and when using CFL bulbs that fixture is causing interference to a radio (for example) in another room when the light is turned on. Why i

... Air Conditioners

I have 4 nelco baseboard heaters that run along the wall and one stopped working. I tore off the front cover thing and found that one of the wires either split in half by corrosion or something else so if it touched the metal parts it would spark so i flipped the breaker for it off. Also the metal ground wire that is attached to the metal back part of the heater seems to not attach to anything else. Should i splice the wire and patch it or what. I am not sure of the model number cause it is all

As its a electric heater and not a gas one then i would just repair the cable ,yes it can be spliced but i would favour changing it from the connection each end of the damaged wire ,i have seen this a few times even more so on vehicles ,the reason is ... Air Conditioners

Does the hose need to be hooked up to the window to use the heater function of the unit? If not, is there a cover for the exhaust so the cold does not exhaust into the room?

... Haier HEATER CPN12XH9 Air Conditioner

Recently, I had an electrician install a bathroom exhaust fan, ie Fantech Model FR110 with a 167 CFM rating. After using the shower, it takes about 7-8 minutes to clear out the steam while still leaving moisture on the walls and ceiling. The fan sounds powerful and I think has a decent suction. The ceiling vent that he installed is a 6 inch circular vent with a 4 inch center piece which is adjustable. The vent cover is clamped to the fan on the other side of the ceiling. To maximize the air

Http://www.ventingdirect.com/fantech-fr110-inline-exhaust-fan-165-cfm-115-volts-4-round-duct-diame ... Air Conditioners

I have a Daikin 4mxs32 with 4 indoor 9K wall mount units. About 3 months old. All of a sudden it stopped heating or cooling in all rooms. It works in the closest room to outdoor unit. Not at all in furthest room but does work somewhat on unit directly on other side of the wall and also somewhat on unit directly on other side of wall behind closest unit. Then I also noticed that when I turn the furthest unit that somewhat works off the close unit that somewhat works goes up in discharge temp in A

... Cfm Daikin R410a Split System Air Conditioner

Hi, I have a Haier Air Conditioner, 6,000BTU (I believe) and my room is about 150 sq. feet living room with No door. Instead of a door we have a curtain (which is supposed to be cool/heat insulated type). However it has about 30"x15" on the top of the curtain that is only covered by a plastic sheeting that I purchased at a hardware store which they told me would help insulate. I also put that around the window where the AC is located to cover any cracks. The problem is the room is taking v

Hello,If the unit is working properly it should cool the home. Is your filter\015\012 clean? Look and the evaporator in the inside unit. Is it frosted up? Do\015\012 you have condensation water in the pan? Go to the outside unit and feel ... Haier Air Conditioners

Are walls suppose to have insulation? on a 2 story building,one side of building walls have a lot of moisture inside,and it's very humid, wall seems to swet, and it feels a little wet, can this be caused by not having insulation? or is it caused by a different reson? thanks.

It could be caused by no insulation if it's cold outside and warm and humid inside. If you have any electrical sockets on that wall you can cut the power and remove the socket cover and see if you can see any insulation. Make sure there is not water ... Air Conditioners

I am living in a home with a carrier furnace. The furnace is in the back part of the house in a store room. It has two- 2 1/2 inch plastic pipes. One that suppplies air to the furnace and the other is venting air out. Both picpes go though an outside wall. Also above the furnace in the ceiling of the room is an air supply vent bringing in outside air through an outside wall. Is there a purpose for having this second vent in the ceiling as it brings in so much cold air into the room & into the ho

As long as the fresh air intake pipe to the furnace is not plugged up the second vent is not needed some homes when they are new are air tight and need a fresh air circulation system ... Carrier Air Conditioners

I have a CF 14000 E amcor port. AC and we have used it about 8 times over the last 3 seasons because it is extremely loud and keeps waking us up, it also sounds like water is running in the room, any

... Amcor CF14000 Portable Air Conditioner

I need to remove the cover from a WMC18-1A unit. The unit is wall mounted and plumbed through a cement block wall. How do I get the cover off to clean it?

... Goodman Air Conditioners

Living in an apartment, 2 story building,my apartment is on thr first floor, so there is no attic, my problem is that on the wall there is a lot of moisture, but on the wall facing the side of the building,not the wall next to the shower room,this is a 2 bedroom apartment and the problem is on the same wall that runs across both of the bedrooms,and that's the only wall that has the problem, it seems like it swets,and it feels like wet,and the bedrooms smels humid, the bathroom has no window, but

Which way does the wall face, north south east west? is it a brick wall?? you should call the appt mang. and let them know about it because this could cause mold in the drywall and get you guys sick. i would also get a dehumidifier that will help get ... Air Conditioners

Dear Sir, If an AC of 1.5 ton capacity sufficient to cool room corresponding to 1.5 ton and another sapre AC of same capacity i.e 1.5 iTon s used to cool a smaller room i.e 6 feet by 6 feet by 6 feet just for sleeping. Will it conserve electricity as compare to sleeping in bigger room. I do not want to buy other AC. Since AC consumption is directly proportional to area it cools.. If it conserve electricty by how much % approximately. Considering all other parameters/ factors are same except room

... LG Electronic Window Air Conditioner

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