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Friedrich air conditioning - inside unit ice build up

\015 I own a Friedrich air conditioning system with an external and internal unit. The system works well, but after 2 or 3 days of use, the internal fan blowing the cold air starts to make a rattling noise due to ice build up which gets in its way. After I shut off the system, the inside unit drips as the ice build up melts. I have cleaned the filters and this is not the problem. Please advise what would cause such a problem and potential solutions?\015\012Thank you.\015

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Hi,\015\012 Reduced air flow, low on freon or being continuously run during cooler weather such as at night. Some people turn their thermostat on 60 thinking that it will help get it cooler faster. They freeze up at night and don't get a chance to thaw during the day. It needs set no lower than 75 or so. The evaporator may be dirty. Don't know a lot about your particular unit but if the outside unit has the compressor and refrigerant lines running to it, The large refrigerant line should sweat all the way to the compressor if its fully charged. Please rate me if I have helped. Good luck\015\012kstfas
You may have blocked a return vent with furniture or something if so pull it away from the wall a little bit but you have to let it thaw all the way out before you turn it back on

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Friedrich air conditioning - inside unit ice build up

Hi,\015\012 Reduced air flow, low on freon or being continuously run during cooler weather such as at night. Some people turn their thermostat on 60 thinking that it will help get it cooler faster. They freeze up at night and don't get a chance to th ... Friedrich M18CF Split System Air Conditioner

Have ice build up on line leading into outside unit and ice buidup on inside units on my goodman air conditioner

Turn the system off on the thermostat and set the fan to "ON", this will thaw the ice faster if it hasn't already. When the system has completely thawed, which could take hours sometimes, depending on how bad it's frozen, then turn system back to "Co ... Goodman Air Conditioners

My air condition inside unit seems to be freezing up and the air stops blowing through the vents after I turn it off it sounds like ice melting. after a few hours I can turn it back on ,it will blow throuh the vents again there is a fan on yhe front of the inside unit it is making noise. is that a exhaust vent not the one that blows air through the vents. how can I fix this myself

When does it make the noise, when on AC or heat?? 2 things if the fan is on the ac unit itself that's not the one that blows air thorugh your vents, if its the one inside the furnace that is the one that blows air through your vents, but remember th ... Goodman CKL60AR60 Air Conditioner

There is a condensate build up in my Trane XP 100 Air handler located in my hot Florida garage. The unit sweats on the out side and inside water drips through the heating unit which now shows rust marks and onto the squirrel cage fan. Condensate water is then splahed onto the fiberglass insulated walls of th air handler. Mold is beginning to build up both on the inside walls and on the fan unit. The air handler performs fine. My home is kept cool, but I am concerned about this condensate and

This is complicated, as you know condensation can not be avoided when cold air comes in contact withhot humid air. Here is what I would try. You have to gain access to your evap coil. Which means tearing into the sheet metal cover. The updraft ... Air Conditioners

I have a Frigidaire cooling and heating unit. Last night we had freezing rain and ice. I heard a weird noise coming from the unit then smelled a burning smell. I turned the unit off. The top vent outside was covered in ice blocking air flow. I cleaned off the ice and turned the unit back on and it just makes a humming noise. No air is blowing and I looked inside and the fan is not turning.

Sounds like the motor burned up when the ice blocked the air which it was not able to cool the motor it will need to be replaced. (the motor) ... Air Conditioners

I am not getting cold air inside and I have a build of "dry ice" on the unit outside?

You have iced up your unit. Turn Tstat to off fan to on. This will thaw unit in a couple of hours. NOW The reason for the ice up condition has to be found. Low on gas,stopped up filter,stopped up evap.(inside) indoor fan inop. Start with simple first ... Goodman CKL24AR24 Air Conditioner

Hi, I have a samsung aqv18ja series split type air conditioner (cooling and heating) wall unit. the unit was install in 02/12/2009. By "one hour heating and air conditioning". In this short time service the outside compressor has been replace, the system has check and recheck,for cooling leak. the inside unit fan motor has been change. but the problem still exists. The inside unit fan continues to run when the unit is "off" and with the remote off.

Simple, check in your remote. There is an option button "Blow". Just press it. Your unit gets completely off. Please write back if helpful? ... Samsung Air Conditioners

Air Conditioning Unit is leaking badly, has mold and ice.

Soundls like the condensate drain is clogged and coil is dirty. look for a plastic pipe inlet where water would flow to.. you may be able to clear it by blowing it out with compressed air. you can also pour bleach into it to address the mold proble ... Intertherm Air Conditioners

I have a mitsubishi air conditioning unit model MUH-12v. The fan on the machine outside has stopped and of course inside the air is not cold. Could this be a problem with replacing the gas or could it be a technical problem with the outdoor unit. Also I have noticed when I switch on the unit on the inside with the remote control that instead of two green lights comimg on I only have one green light flashing. Does that mean anything?

Hi,Here is a tip about Mitsubishi Air Conditioners and how to get the manuals for all of the mitsubishi line. The manual include both troubleshooting and installation. ... Air Conditioners

Plentiun air conditioning coils are icing up after running in cooling mode. is there a timer relay circuit in the air conditioning unit that turns the cooling pump on and off to keep the moisture on the coils from turning to solid ice and stoping air flow?

Ice forming can be the results of dirty filter, dirty coil, low refrigerant charge. ... Carrier 38CKC036 Air Conditioner

The air conditioning unit outside is running but there is no cold air coming into the house. I hear the inside unit turning off and on but no cold air. I also smell a burning odor. I have turned off the unit via the thermostat.

If unit is going on then off within a few minutes needs service can be needing freon,outside dirty causing overheating,power supply if 220 not getting full power ,to compressor going bad ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

Our Goodman inside unit has an accumulation of ice on the Larger of the two lines from the outside unit. A thermometer in the grill in the ceiling indicates that the temp at the grill is 76.4 F even with the thermostat set at 73 F. The red light on the Control in the inside unit is illuminated and the outside unit is on. When placing your hand on the freon lines near the air handler, the freon seems to be pulsing. By that I mean that you can feel the pulsing thru the insulation of the large

It could be that the unit is to small and the compressor does not cycle on and off Try turning it off for a 1/2 hour then turn it on again and then check the air temp of the air coming out. If that does not work it might be low on freon. ... Air Conditioners

Daikin split cycle air conditioner FTXD50J heaps of water coming out of interior unit 1. Do I have to unblock drain hole on the interior unit or the external unit. Also dont have any compressed air 2. Also very whistley almost drowns out the TV can I lubricate the bearings? If so what do I lubricate it with and how do I get to them. 3. roller fan on inside unit is all gunked up almost solid with dust Can this be taken out and cleaned some how or how do I get it back to a new condition? many than

You will need to find where the unit is clogged and try and run something up through to snake it out. In regards to the whistling noise, this is usually caused when there is debris that has collected and the air is trying to be sucked through a prev ... Air Conditioners

Aircondition I have a air conditioner problems, the unite inside the house is working I can hear it and feels the air coming out of the vent but it's not getting cool air, the unite outside all I hear is click once and about 2 to 3 mint. click again. I have the other air condition next to and it click and then seem to locked and worked. help..

You will need an OHM meter to check the relay and compressor. Make sure all power is off. The most common types of compressor winding failures are open, grounded, or shorted. You have to know how to read a meter. If you don't find someone who can. Or ... Ruud UAKA030 Air Conditioner

My wife turned off our A/C units acouple of weeks ago while we were away on vacation. Not they are both acting up. The fan is turning and moving air through the exchangers outside, the little red pressure switches are not tripped and the fans are moving air through the ducts inside as well. However, the air is not coming out cool enough to drop the house temp from either of the units. I tried the thermostat reset buttons, checked my filters, (they're clear) and my cooling coils are not iced over

Looks like the compressor is no getting ON.Check thermostat . Bye pass the thermostat and try. Check compressor relay. Compressor capacitor. If thecompressor running and there is no cooling, check the current consumption ... Air Conditioners

Re Danby dpac1203 air conditioning unit; I need a part # - a new compressor fan. the unit is great and we've taken good care of it; last week the fan literally exploded inside the compressor and the blades shot out of the cold air duct like knives. I can't find the part & Danby seems to be suggesting I use the unit as a 'boat anchor'! I live in down-town Toronto. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks/takk Kjell

... Danby DPAC12031 Air Conditioner

Borg warner Is the old round York Borg/Warner thermostat incompatable with a Honeywell? I just replaced my old round mercy switch thermostat with a Honeywell RTHL111 thermostat. The air conditioner service man says it is hooked up right, but the fan on the unit will not run on auto (it must be in the on position on the thermostat [thus the fan runs all the time]). He also replaced a relay switch inside the unit. We are using air conditioning only on this unit. Red to R (strapped to Rc), gree

... Air Conditioners


Yes to the Styrofoam ,\015\012If there is water running out the front of the system your drain is blocked and or the system  needs to be removed to inspect the drain tray and clean out if required.(serviced).\015\012As for it not  ... Haier 5200 BTU Window Air Conditioner White

Ice up on air condition unit- temp Star Unit - Air Conditioners

Icing up is caused by low pressure in the unit. This can be caused by two things:\015\012\015\012(1) Low air flow. (dirty filters, dirty coils, blower not working)\015\012\015\012or\015\012\015\012(2) Low refrigera ... Air Conditioners

The fan is not turning on my outside air unit but it is still blowing hot air through the vents. There is also ice build up at the bottom of the unit. It is making a humming sound.

You will need to replace the outside fan,or condenser fan motor.\015\012Shut unit down,before the compressor gets damaged.\015\012\015\012Without the condensor fan the heat will not be blown to the outside air and the unit will not ... Samsung AW0603B Air Conditioner

Outside AC unit working, but inside there is no air flow and fan inside will not work unless it is turned manually. Also, a little ice on outside unit.

Depending on what type of Thermostat you have, it is usually as simple as setting a jumper for Electric heat instead of gas.\015\012If you have a digital Thermostat then turn off the power to the Air handler and remove ... Carrier Air Conditioners

The inside RUUD AC unit has ice and no cold air is blown

It is likely low on coolant or as some say "freon" that or the indoor fan motor has not run properly. let it thaw completely by shutting it off and just turning on your fan switch from auto to the on positon. if you begin to feel air flow eventually ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

Ice forming on inside of unit air not cold

Clean the filters and check the drain, to clear the drain run a jug of warm water down the pipe ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner


Yes, they mostly juust use it for air flow ... Haier 5200 BTU Window Air Conditioner White

Air Conditioning I have a ruud system with the air conditioner outside and the air handler upstairs in the attic. My systems appears to be running, and I can feel cold air at the vents, but I can barely feel it. Like there is no flow. The fan outside is running and the unit in the attic is running. I have no clue what the problem is. The large coil coming from the heat pump outside is cold and has condensation on it. It also seems to have a little ice. It has been extremely hot here in Ge

Open the access panel on the air handler in the attic and take a look at the evaporator coil. If you have no airflow, and you just changed the air filter, then you probably have a buildup of airborne crud on the coil that's blocking airflow. \015\01 ... Ruud UAKA030 Air Conditioner

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