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Ac unit barely runs

\015 Lightning damaged my receptacle,i replaced it and now the unit barely runs.any suggestions?\015

Answers :

Hi,\015\012 Sounds like the lightning got your unit too. You could run an extension cord from another plug temporarily just to make sure the plug isn't the problem but I think its time for another unit. Good luck. May want to contact you home owners ins company if there are more appliances blown.\015\012kstfas

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Have a coleman mach unit that never cools correctly. If you run on low with thermostat halfway down it will keep running. If you run it on high, it acts like the coil is freezing up and barely blows air. I assume it is low on charge. Is there no way to add a charge? We have had our rv only 2 years and they replaced the unit once already.

It may also be an obstruction in the ducting. When the forced air is restricted somewhere, it will freeze the coils, and compressor shuts down, until frost is gone, then starts back up and will repeat that all day. I'm thinking that the restriction d ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Our fan runs and the unit runs but barely cools at all now. Started gradually after my husband turned the whole unit off when we went away for a day. Once it was turned back on, we'd put temp to

... Goodman CKL49AR49 Air Conditioner


... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

Air Conditioning I have a ruud system with the air conditioner outside and the air handler upstairs in the attic. My systems appears to be running, and I can feel cold air at the vents, but I can barely feel it. Like there is no flow. The fan outside is running and the unit in the attic is running. I have no clue what the problem is. The large coil coming from the heat pump outside is cold and has condensation on it. It also seems to have a little ice. It has been extremely hot here in Ge

Open the access panel on the air handler in the attic and take a look at the evaporator coil. If you have no airflow, and you just changed the air filter, then you probably have a buildup of airborne crud on the coil that's blocking airflow. \015\01 ... Ruud UAKA030 Air Conditioner

I have a Comfort Aire PE121A that will not cool or heat. It is about 3 yrs old, and it just barely cooled when I got it. It is a 12000 btu unit, but I have a window mounted 6000btu unit that will run cooling circles around teh PE121A. What is wrong with the unit, and is there a repair service in or near Eugene Or that can look at it. It acts like there is no coolant in it; poddibly has a leak???? What can you tell me? My e-mail is [email protected] Thanks in advance for your assistance.

... Comfort-Aire PAC-121 Air Conditioner

My Danby AC is leaking from the bottom left had side of the unit. The leak seems to be a constant stream while running the AC and does not leak while the unit is off. My unit is barely a year old.

The drain line needs to be checked.The drain pump or the drain hose is getting blocked or they are loose.remove the pump and check for any blockages.Also check if the compressor is running properly or getting slow.\015\012If its getting slow then the ... Danby Portable Air Conditioner

I live in an apartment that has Airtemp central air. The unit blower runs but the air is barely cool. Maintenance sys there is nothing wrong with the unit. What could cause this problem?

Air temp should drop 15-20 F across the a/c coil a rule of thumb i use is air temp out of the vents 10-15 F less than room temp on thermostat if the air out of the vents isnt that cold the a/c is either leaking and undercharged or return air temps ar ... Air Conditioners

I have model HBLG1004C- runs well but doesn't cool well. air is barely cool not cold right out of unit. unit is 5yrs old.

Is the condenser coil clear of obstructions and CLEAN? Give it a look and make sure it is. Also, check the fan that blows air over the condenser too, is it running? ... Hampton Bay Air Conditioners

Ac unit barely runs

Hi,\015\012 Sounds like the lightning got your unit too. You could run an extension cord from another plug temporarily just to make sure the plug isn't the problem but I think its time for another unit. Good luck. May want to contact you home owners ... Goldstar R1203 Air Conditioner

On a brand new KUHL sl-36 n-30-a which replaced an older sl36 the unit has to be set at 60 degrees to barely keep room at 80, it runs compressor for two minutes then hourglass alert comes on and turns compressor off for three minutes, and keeps going this way, what is wrong?

... Friedrich Air Conditioners

We just bought this A/C window unit, installed as instructed and it is not blowing cool air. Can barely hear the compressor kick on. The air coming out is about the same temp as the air with just fan running. Help...it is hot in Texas.

Hi,Here I m giving link of manual which gives detail step for installation. Check that have you whether you have followed every step.... http://safemanuals.com/user-guide-instructions-owner-manual/LG/LW12000ER-_EFr ... LG LW1200ER Air Conditioner

I too have a Duo Therm p/n 59516.331 that quit cooling. The compressor seems to be running but the high pressure line is barely warm. Checked the 6 pin output connector on the conrol box using a load test lamp. Don't have a way to check the capacitors short of replacing them. Likewise, can't check the freon without installing valves. I don't see any appearent oil that might indicate a leak. what is the most common failure on these units?

If the compressor is running and you're are getting a little bit of cooling out of it, sounds like you are (1) low on refrigerant or (2) the valves are not pumping in the compressor. Hopefully it will be just refrigerant. Also make sure the condense ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have the MR36TQY3f outdoor unit with 2 MW09Y3FM units and 1 MW12Y3FM indoor units! The MW12.. works great and one of the MW9... works great! When I run the 2nd MW9 only (other MW9 & MW12 off)..... the outdoor unit compressor or fan does not come on! If I run all units then ... compressor kicks on runs great, fan runs... lines get cold on the 2 good units ... nothing on 3rd unit... then I turn 2 good units off....and it sounds like the compressor kicks off and the fan will continue to run reall

After looking at the manual for the units, I believe that the system is having trouble with the number of units that you have linked. Here is a portion of the manual about multi system operation>Also link to manual:http://www.fri ... Friedrich MR36TQY3F Split System Air Conditioner

The other day. my American standard air conditioning unit (Allegiance 10 model 7A0030A100A0) would not stop running. The furnace was not running, yet the air conditioning unit was on. I could see condensation on the line running to the furnace. The next day the unit would not even start running. I shut it down, tried it the next morning and the unit ran for about 30 sec and stopped. Could the capacitor need replacing?

Yes, that might be the problem but in this case you need a qualified technician to test system and find real cause of problem. ... Air Conditioners

Compressor problem I have a 3ton goodman unit about a month ago my unit started blowing hot air found out compressor wasn't running turned unit off technician came out turn unit on got pressure readings found low charge added refrigerant the unit did well, then the problem started again i called a company out to look @ it and from what I can see he didn't have alot of experience he stayed on the phone with his boss to walk him through the situation (remember compressor is not running) he runs wa

Sounds to me like the capacitor is no good. ... Goodman CKL60AR60 Air Conditioner


... Goodman Air Conditioners

Brand new unit have 3 ton inside and out but unit runs all day and will not hold temp i run my ac on 76 but as the day get hot the temp inside will not hold at 76 ARS says they dont know whats wrong but they installed the unit said i would have lower light bill but unit runs all day light bill 900 can someone help please with a solution

Call them back something is wrong if it is that new it is likely under charged. how big is your house square feet and what part of the country down south 400 square feet per ton if your house is more than 1250 square feet the unit is under sized ... Weather King 10AJA3601AH Air Conditioner

Which is cheaper to run. the AC or the dehumidifier on the mitsubishi electric split-type air conditioner MSZ-A24Na unit? I live in Florida and need to keep the humidity very low. I do not want mold to grow. It's also very hot. If I run the dehumidifier (dry) setting, the room is VERY cold but no temperature settings are not available. it's just cold. My question is....since the unit is always running, Is it cheaper to run the AC or the dehumidifier on this unit?

Run the humidifier to maintain a humidity level no greater than 60%RH. \015\012Click HERE for additional information regarding information on Mold. ... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

I have a carrier Modle No. 38YXA042300. I am getting an H5 error message on my Thermistat Control. I have run the Fan only mode and the fan in the air handler unit works fine. On the unit when I ingage the manual override, the condener unit and fan motor runs and cools. The unit will not run when I put the Thermidistat on Cool mode. Can you help me. Andrew Construction Mangement Speicalthes, Inc.

On some carriers they have a lock out feature outside to reset shut down power to furnace for 90secs. and then restart ... Air Conditioners

The refrigerant line in the wall of my guest bathroom running from the Lennox A/c condensor outside makes a loud buzzing noise when it is running. The supervisor of installation of the original installation company examined the unit thoroughly outside and up in the crawl space where the line runs and says the loud, irritating noise is normal. He claims that his unit makes the same noise in his house and that I am hearing the normal noise of the outside unit running inside the house. He explained

It may just be a loud condensor, otherwise, it could be a vibration from the unit housing and the noise carries. You could always replace the relay and see if it helps any. Also check unit pressure with pressure guage to make sure it is not over pump ... Air Conditioners

I have a duo therm a/c roof top unit that is not cooling properly it has been approx 2 years since the unit has been run I have checked breakers and fuses in breaker box I removed the cover from unit the compressor is running and getting hot the lines are cool but not cold the fan is running I am thinking that the unit is low on freon can some type of self tapping ports be installed to add freon or have ports soldered in place or could there be another underlying problem that can be checked or i

You have a leak in the system that needs repair. If you have to add freon to system there is a leak. You need a service tech to do the repair. If it is out of gas you may to replace it. Leaks do not correct themselves. Russ ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

My AC unit is not blowing cold. I have two. One small and one big . I just noticed that My upstairs was not cooling off. So I turned both units on and went out sid to check them. The small one is running fine fan blowing cold freon running through. The big was not running at all. I sprayed them off and while doing that the fan on the big unit began to turn. Now it is running but every now and then it keep making a noise like a motor is trying to turn on. and the freon line is not as cold as the

The start capacitor is in question and the fan appears to be overheating, That is where the water camre into it. You may need a HVAC tech to make your repairs. Good Luck _Ned_ ... Air Conditioners

1996 Coleman Model 7333C8876. Have 2 units on our Motor Home one day it was hot so I had both units running controlled by a Electronic Climate Control system. It got cool in the evening so I turned them off. The next day when i fired them both up on high the rear was fine. But the front will only cool on Low. The fan will not run on high and you can hear a slight noise coming from the unit. But the fan will not run on high.

Check to make sure the drain tube is clear. It sounds like the blower fan is dragging in water buil-up. ... Air Conditioners

The compressor on my goodman unit runs a few hours and shuts off. The condensing fan continues to run and once in a while you will hear a buzz but compressor won't start. If you then turn up stat and wait, unit may start or sometimes you have to wait longer for compressor to run. Readings are fine and unit is clean.

There could be excessive heat developing causing internal overload protectors to open when it has reached that temperature. This could be due to bearing or winding problems with the compressor. Another possibility is the capacitor if it is not operat ... Air Conditioners

Good day! I am running my Carrier A/C Model 38EYG and it is running fine...the outside unit is running fine and the air coming out of the ceiling vents is cool. However, the inside unit (the one in the closet) is very hot. When I walked by the closet it felt like I was walking by an oven. I checked the temperature with my handy temp gauge and it was reading 120 degrees near the top of the unit...is this normal??

No its not normal. Check and make sure there is no flame inside the furnace. If not , turn the pilot light off it is a gas furnace and see if this makes a difference. good day to you too. ... Air Conditioners

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