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Compressor for fujitsu AOT17RZ SPLIT SYSTEM outdoor unit.Price and availability??

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Compressor for fujitsu AOT17RZ SPLIT SYSTEM outdoor unit.Price and availability??

Type the name and model number on Ebay ... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

Hi ...we have a split fujitsu air con for just over 5 years. The compressor in the outdoor unit is not starting up and the indoor unit blows ambient air. The operation light is lit and the timer light is continuously flashing when in use. Have reset the breaker and the units and also the remote to no avail. Can't find any info on the net or in the manual. Any tech help most appreciated. (Also doesn't seem to be a auto/manual reset buttn as such in the indoor unit)

There is a relay that the thermostat pulls in, in the unit outside. When this happens, the compressor pulls in and the unit outside will run. The compressor has to run before the unit will cool. ... Fujitsu 24C1 Air Conditioner

The heater is not working on our fujitsu AOT24U split system. The tray under the outdoor unit(installed inside factory above office) appears to have a gold/yellow oil in it.Is it oil from the compressor or refrigerent? Either way it doesnt look promissing! Can anyone shed some light on this problem and let me know what it will take to fix or if it can be fixed! Cheers Cold

... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

I have a Maytag S3BA-024KA Split System Air Conditioner. I have power to the system indoors and outdoors. The outdoor unit is clean and the Contactor is also clean with power going into it. The compressor is not running. I can push the contactors and the compressor fan will run but it will not operate by itself? Not sure what to do now.

... Air Conditioners

I have an Intertherm S3BA-048KA Split AC system which has stopped blowing cold air. Indoor blower is working fine. Outdoor fan is not working. I have reset breakers (indoor/outdoor) without success. I can hear a hum coming from outdoor compressor even when outdoor breaker is in off position. I had a problem with a System Breaker last year at the blower due to condensation leading to internal corrosion of the breaker. I replaced with a "suitable substitute" (same rating), not OEM. Request

First thing I would look at is to make sure you have power at the disconnect 110 coming in on each leg to unit. Second, I would look at the capacitor for obvious bulging or leaking Third I would check to see if the contactor has burnt poi ... Air Conditioners

Have a WeahterKing WBEA 14J055FCIA Inside split air system. Last tenant removed the outside compressor. Looks to be a 2.5 ton unit and need to find an replacement outside compressor that will match up. Is there anything still available? Do not think I need to replace entire system.

James if you are able, go on to craigslist and try to find you a used outdoor unit. I have several rentals and craigslist has saved me several times. I bought the last unit , 3 ton, used for $100.00. ... Air Conditioners

LG split (3 indoor) LMU360CE system. The fans on the outdoor unit start and work. The compressors do not start-up. There is no error code on the indoor unit. On the outdoor unit the error code is continuous flashing of green LED #2. Any suggestions.

The LED #2 is only flashing while in disconnection or short in Thermistor (3 sec off / 0.5 sec on). If you want to change it, note: this is not an easy job to do! You will need to remove the top panel, then remove the control paneland then the front ... LG LMU360CE/LMN120CE Air Conditioner

I have the Mitsubishi split unit system with 24BTU for my bedroom, the problems starts after the compressor has started and the cold air has been blown through the indoor unit, this pleasure lasts for about 2 mins and then a strange sound from the outdoor unit , sounds like the power is getting low or some what, then it shuts itself down. A technician checked and said the compressor needs replacement..its 12 month old and works 6 hours a day!!!

Ok, it can be two things. \015\012\015\012The outside unit needs to be washed with a water hose to rinse any dirt and debris that can cause a restriction in airflow over the outdoor coils. If they are allowed ... Mitsubishi MSM18NW Air Conditioner

Compressor pulling into a deep vacuum and not cooling. Acts like major restriction, but don't see any frosting. We have very little data available on system and when pushing test button in outdoor unit pressures go up very , very high and trips out compressor. Unit is a heat pump, any help is much appreciated, Ben.

Without the frosting i would tend to believe it may be under charged, or non combustables like water in your system ... GE Quiet-Aire Ductless Mini Split System Air Conditioner

I had a goodman ARUF split system installed 8-25-09.Since then the heat exchanger blower motot replaced,cost $602.75,outdoor condenser unit fan motor to be replaced $592,00,recommend 5/8xing valve.,compressor replaced,$1064.00,3 capacitors replaced,$109.48,,182.76,,112.24 .All this after the 5 yr warranty qyit why

Hello, Usually it has to do with the quality of the install and the brand. If it was not installed properly from the beginning then the equipment will fail prematurely. As far as the heat exchanger goes I have replaced many heat exchangers on Goodman ... Goodman Air Conditioners

I have a 24000btu ramsond split system. running for a yr, had to change out fan condensor and capacitor. now the problem started when we noticed the outdoor unit was shaking like a washing machine. then it dosent blow cold anymore. i checked the capacitor for compressor, which showed no ohms. i swapped that out and it says that it has 3.8 ohms, but when i put the meter on the ohms symbol )))), it makes that constant ring, which my father in law say is straight shot to ground. so now i dont know

Hi, you can get a proper reading with a ohm meter when checking a run cap. All it will tell you is that the capacitor is not open internally inside if you have the ohm setting that sounds off. Its not ground or shorted to ground, but look on your met ... Air Conditioners

I have Fujitsu AOY36VMNB4 inverter multi split air conditioner, all the indoor unit are running normally, but no cool air come out, i found the outdoor compressor is not running, what is the problem? please help

EHello wgq66,The in side unit is running and the outside unit is not.This could be a of a few things things.1. Power - check power Check and rest beakers and fuses in the disconnect box. If good continue to next step.2. c ... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

I was looking at a 4 ton split system,goodman indoor and outdoor fans come on but no compressor think it's the relay but didn't see 1 in the furnace control board,is the relay inside the contactor on the condenser,thought i could change out the contactor but wanted to ask a tech 1st.

Try to put a booster cap in parallel with the compressor capacitor ,but if still the compressor won't start it has a problem and because it's hermetic it has to be replaced. ... Air Conditioners

Home airconditioner Hi i have a split system aircon in my lounge ,following a transformer blowing up in our region the aircon no longer works,unit power light comes on but the outdoor compressor does not ,wondering which component may have been damaged ? thanks kevin

Does any of the other functions work? the blower fan? (turn the thermostat to on not auto) or the a/c? If not, check the 24 volt transformer and the fuse on the board, if it has one. If you have a meter, set it to a/c and check the wires on the therm ... Air Conditioners

We have a fujitsu inverter air conditioner split system with remote model AR-JW11. the air con is flashing the timer light and operating light with no air comming out. I have reset the remote and switched the unit off and on but to no avail, lights are still flashing and no air con comming out. Please help?

Hi, try switching both the indoor unit and the outdoor unit off at the breaker. You want to kill the high voltage to both units as it is a split system. Let it set for 5 to 10 minutes and try starting it back up again. See if this takes care of you'r ... Air Conditioners

I have a Fujitsu inverter split system,outdoor(AOTZ24LBT). When I start it up, the red operation light is off and the green light flash twice every 10 seconds.The fan indoor unit is working but the co

... Air Conditioners

I have a 2 year old NEC split system air con model RIH 8067. The timer light keeps flashing no matter what I press and the outdoor compressor unit will not come on. The interior unit is all working fully. Lights and fans working.

It would appear that you charge has gone low enough for the valve to shut down flow to the evaporator and condensor. ... Air Conditioners

IS COMPRESSOR AVAILABLE FOR UCHW-H-12AF2 ? - AmcorAire UCHW-H24AF2 Split System Air Conditioner

Yes we have the compressor in stock.\015\012The Pridiom Group\015\012201-266-8234 ... AmcorAire UCHW-H24AF2 Split System Air Conditioner

Hi my name is Tony and i attended a site with a sharp wall mount split, don't have indoor details but the condenser is a AE-X099E R22 unit. the problem is that on heating the system works fine for about an hour then the indoor fan stops and the yellow light flashes on and off at the same time the compressor stops and the outdoor runs for a while before it stops. any ideas.

... Sharp Air Conditioners

Wont cool!! We have 2 LG 2ton heat pump outdoor systems, but I believe the remotes are cool only. The 01 system cools perfect, but the 02 outdoor fan runs half as fast as the 01 system and the compressor keeps cycling on and off, and they are hot enough to burn you. I am totaly stumped on what the proble could be.... We swaped just about everything between the 2 systems and still the 01 frezzes you out while the 02 will not cool at all.. Any kind of seguestions wold be much appreciated, Thanks i

U may have a heat pump thats not reversing into cooling. Any number of items can cause this. I would start with the reversing valve coil assuming its a heat pump. If your not acquainted with a reversing valve it is a 4 pipe (1 on one end and 3 on the ... LG LM-2430H2L 24000 BTU Heat and Cool Dual Zone Mini Split Air Conditioner

LG s30ahp-ud6 split system. tripping breaker. the second the breaker is reset indoor unit beeps and at same time with no delay compressor humms and trips breaker. capacitors are ok and compressor windings are fine.. why is compressor powering up straight away with no delay? only want to speak to someone who has dealt with this same problem on an lg split.

May be Compressor struck due to over charged gas. Try after purging out some gas. Please try with new capacitor also. ... LG Air Conditioners


Yes, just recover it in a clean tank and do not mix it will any other refrigerant. ... Air Conditioners

Hello im trying to trouble shoot two split systems the electrical wires were crossed for the two units I fixed it the compressors wont come on, wall unit says e7? This is on the Amcoraire ac split systems.

E7 indicates an "External Feedback Problem" which sounds like a communication problem. I believe there is a sensor cable that runs from the outdoor unit to the indoor unit also. Check that all cables are properly run to the appropriate unit and check ... AmcorAire UCHW-H12AF2 Split System Air Conditioner

Non-cooling Our 38AKS016/40RM016 split system is cooling a 24' X 60' room which has 4 open doorways to three other areas (cooled by different units). The room has ~30 PC's and 2 printers which are on continually. Sometimes when the outside temperature is below 30F, the system gets in a mode where the air mover runs, but the compressor does not. The room will equilibriate about 8 degrees above the temperature set point (71F) and the compressor will not come on until it warms up outside (or the sy

- Calibrate your electronic thermostat if it is accurate. If not then replacement is needed.- Check the location of your electronic thermostat, it may be installed in the room where its too cold. ... Carrier 36KCARMS Air Conditioner

Why isn't my Fujitsu Split system giving cold air?

... Fujitsu Halcyon ASU9RMLQ Mini Split Wall Mounted Heat Pump Indoor Unit - 9,00

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