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Carrier Infinity DC motor drive problems

\015 I have a new Carrier super high effeciency furnace, AC and PLC digital thermostat. New under warrenty.\015\012\015\012The CD motor drive starts cycling the motor 150 to 300 rpm in 2 to 3 second intervals until I turn off power and reset system. It will run anywhere from 1 hors to 3 months with no problems and then start doiong this again.\015\012\015\012Help[?\015\012\015\012EVAP CD6AXCo48021ABAA\015\012Furnace 58MVP120\015\012AC cond 38TZA042331\015\012Infinity digital thermostat software version CESR131339-05\015\012\015\012Thanks.\015

Answers :

Contact the company that installed the unit. Its new, under warranty, Anything you do could void the warranty. If they do not take care of the problem without charges contact Carrier and tell them what's going on. The company who installed the unit is responsible for making it run correctly. Good luck.\015\012kstfas

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Carrier Infinity DC motor drive problems

Contact the company that installed the unit. Its new, under warranty, Anything you do could void the warranty. If they do not take care of the problem without charges contact Carrier and tell them what's going on. The company who installed the unit i ... Carrier 38CKC036 Air Conditioner

I have carrier infinity 18 central air and worked good for one year and second year summer season its out of purion gas and we had an authorized person to recharge with purion gas and worked for a few days and back to old problem and now found the condensor is leaking and condensor pan is cracked and found out service personnel says there are many carrier infinity with these problems. I have been fooled by inferior carrier product and would like to form a group with people with similar problem

Carrier carries a 5 yr parts warranty.I'm not a big Carrier guy but the are not an inferior product from what I've seen.I'd contact another company that is a Carrier dealer for a second opinion. ... Carrier Air Conditioners

My problem is in addition to moisture near some duct outlets the thermostat always go 2 degrees below the set limit .I also have a carrier infinity system installed only 1 yr, had the problem from the begining, but carrier and Sears are not able/ not interested after selling the unit.

If you have a mercury thermostat and it is not leveled properly it will turn the temperatyure on and off by a couple of degrees\015\012some thermostats have the capability of running the unit longer than the set temperature\015\012i would ... Air Conditioners

Why does my AC keep freezing (Carrier FB4ANF036). I have replaced the blower motor less than a month ago due to the same problem. Just last night we had a lightening storm and shortly after that the AC Coils were frozen both the coil in the attic and the one outside. The blower motor in the attic is still working. What else could be the problem?

Our Carrier heat pump had a recall on the coil. Until our coil was replaced, our unit would ice continuously. ... Carrier Air Conditioners

Replaced the blower motor on a Carrier a/c unit x421892 after motor seized and tripped breaker. New motor runs fine but runs continuosly when put in the auto position. The motor still runs even when thermostat is turned off. Breaker must be off to stop blower motor. Any suggestions on how to fix this problem?

Hello The new motor sounds HOT wired.It must have one leg connected to the blower relay.If it is off the relay(correctly) ,the relay is stuck/welded and should be replaced.In the blower unit. ... Carrier 38CKC036 Air Conditioner

I have a heat pump and a new condenser Payne made by Carrier was installed 7/12. My problem is I live in east coast and I notice that the condenser is on but the fan doesnt turn on in synch with condenser. Called a contractor but they said it is motor problem in the blower and it was changed. That didnt solved the problem,I notice that the condenser will turn on and the fan will turn on maybe after 10 min.Need some advice pls.. t

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My Carrier 48gx furnace abruptly stopped working. The status panel indicator light suggested that there was a problem with the draft induced motor. I replaced the motor and the associated blower fan.

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Problem with new Carrier Infinity 96 gas furnace

Carrier infinity 96 furnace went to turn down the thermostat and their was no power to it and the furnace doesnt run ... Carrier XHB123D X/Y Series Heat/Cool Air Conditioner

The LED on my carrier 48GS/GX blinks 6 times, indecating a problem with the draft motor however it seems ok. Can you help?

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Carrier 38tdb Carrier infinity 38tdb048301 9 years old stopped cooling. fan motor in outside unit replaced 1 year ago. exterior fan not spinning. last 10 fault codes: ac range error, ac high thermal cutout, ac high press switch, (4 days previous) fc 44 blower com fault, (10 months previous) ac low thermal cutout.

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I have a 15 ton carrier gas pack at work with inducer motor and spark igniter with hall senser ..showed error 6 flashes on igc board which the drawing said was inducer motor or hall senser problem..replaced both..they were old and rusty..error still there..inducer runs for 1 to 2 minutes..times out starts over again..no ignition..cannot here gas valve solonoid/coil click..checked igniter and flame senser cleaned..but they looked great ..no cracks anywhere..replaced heat exchanger 2 years ago..pr

... Carrier Air Conditioners

Our 7 year old Carrier 58CVX is experiencing an intermittent problem. Occassionally it will just 'hum' and when I go down to the unit and remove the front cover there is a very small motor with a rotor on it just above the gas tubes. All I do is turn the small rotor counterclockwise and it immediately starts and the furnace functions normally. I think there may be a flat spot in the electric motor and when it does end up stopping at that spot it will not start again without assistance. Most o

REplace capacitor, if it's with capacitor. Or replace motor itself.Thanks. ... Air Conditioners

I have the following equipment installed in my home Carrier Furnace 58MV Air Con 24APA7 Humidifier SBP Air Purifier GAPAB Carrier Control Infinity SYSTXCC To the problem: I am trying to install a LBP humidifier and the box contents has a warning sheet that states that a pn HN61KQ120 is to be installed. My question is do I leave the wiring in the furnace as is and simply add this part between the wires at the solenoid or do you have to rewire the entire job?

I recommend you to completely DE-INSTALL the SBP Air Purifier GAPA (now own by Carrier) and Carrier Control SYSTXCC -B (Did you leave out the suffix "-B"?)\015\012\015\012Install ... Air Conditioners

I have a 2006 13i (rocam motor) Ford Bantam and i have changed everything (head gasget,thermostat,water pump,fan switch) and it keeps on overheating when i drive slow and when i drive faster it cools down.What can the problem be?

... Air Conditioners

I am working on a m/n 58SS080-bc carrier the .When a call for heat the inducer motor didn't come on replace the control board for the inducer motor and it still didn't come on .Icheck for the low voltage to the inducer control board and it did have 26 volts to the board . what could be the problem?

Are you sure if the  inducer motor is working?\015\012\015\012How did you test it?\015\012I believe the problem is with the inducer motor since it didnt turn on even after fixing the control board and also the voltage is fine.\015\012 ... Carrier Air Conditioners

Hal carrier infinty furnace, installed carrier infinity thermostat and now seems that blower motor only runs at 1 speed despite being on hi or low heat

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I have a Carrier Weathermaker Infinity furnace model 58MVP100-F-1-20 with 3 zones and Carrier Comfort Zone II programable thermostat. I recently installed ageothermal heat pump system which includes a hot water coil in the furnace plennum. The heat pump is sized to meet loads except for the coldest days of winter - (below 0 F) - when the gas furnace is expected to kick in. My problem appears to be the Weathermaker's characteristics don't accommodate the low heat /slow response provided by

Http://www.hvac-talk.com/vbb/archive/index.php?t-85094.html here is a site i found very useful ... Carrier Air Conditioners

I have a carrier infinity series fan coil FE4ANBOO6 with an infinity GAPABABXXCC1620. The fan coil is sitting on top of a fabricated metal duct to gain height. The problem I see is that it is half the height of the air purified next to it. Will this hinder my performance of the system?

... Carrier Air Conditioners

I have a carrier outside unit 38YKB036310 unit It comes on & cools but after around a half hour it shuts down. The fan motor feels hot I replaced it (the fan motor) & still have the same problem.

Does just the fan motor shut down and you can hear the compressor still running when this happens?\015\012did you replace the running capacitor for the new motor? is the motor a compatable replacement? how many amps is the motor drawing?amps sh ... Air Conditioners

Carrier 38YRA 042 Fan Motor Problem?

Plz check if there is anything obstructing the fan movement.if not then the motor is the culprit.It will be better if you leave it for professional ... Carrier 38CKC042 Air Conditioner

Carrier 58mvp furnace ecm motor is making viberating noises

Ecms are pretty reliable and electronic failure is much more common than bearing or bushing wearout. i suspect the fins on the blower may be coming loose from their pressed on spline and that will start a vibration or shimmy or you could have thrown ... Carrier 38CKC036 Air Conditioner

AC Condenser motor will stop at 1pm but inside unit is still running but no AC. If I turn the AC unit breaker unit off and then an hour later turn it back on. The unit runs fine all day until 1pm. Had a tech out and he checked the system and it's fine. He said I may have a thermostat problem and he would need to see the manual. My theromastat is programable (Carrier, 4 zone, Comfort II) with 3 remote temp sensors. How do I troubleshoot this?

I am having the same problem. The unit out side is off and I can have the thermostat off and it keeps blowing in the house. The weird thing is it turns it self on and off inside every 15 sec or so.. How can I stop this or why is it doing it? ... Carrier 38CKC060 Air Conditioner

Hi: I have a Carrier 38CMC42300 AC unit which will not turn on and the air handler is blowing hot air. The 40 amp breaker for the AC unit trips right away when reset. Could this be a condenser or motor problem? Note: an assessment by a service tech has recommended the whole unit be replaced (it's 8 years old). Any suggestions are welcome.

Hi,Your compressor or the start components are bad...\012\012Here is a tip about troubleshooting your air conditioner...There are many things that can cause your air conditioner not to cool... ... Carrier 38CKC036 Air Conditioner

Carrier Infinity control went completely blank. Noticed it earlier. No matter what I push there is nothing there. Have tried manual with no luck. Any ideas how to reactivate the system? Had no noticeable problems before this. Just went blank.

Circuit breaker tripped control fuse in furnace blown cause would be short circuit. lastly bad control ... Air Conditioners

I have a 15 year old HVAC system that uses a Carrier Weather Maker 8000 furnace. When we returned from vacation last week, we noticed that the furnace blower motor would not turn on. The A/C compressor and condenser fan would turn on, but not the evaperator/furnace blower fan. I started a component test, but the LED just continuously blinked rapidly. The code associated with this is "Line voltage (115V) polarity reversed or twinning problem. How do I fix this?

The control board seems to be detecting reverse polarity, and my first thought is that the relay contactors are oxidized, but you could also have a bad startup capacitor, and/or control board.\015\012The only reason I say control board is becau ... Air Conditioners

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