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Fedders Y Chassis Quit Running

\015 I have a lightly used AEY12F7E that stopped running while in the heat mode. It restarted two days later. I turned it off and it will not turn on. Initially it would turn on, but the fan did not operate ... but the lights on the functions lit. I turned it off and it will not turn back on. The reset in electrical cord is green, so I assume it is getting current. Any suggestions?\015

Answers :

Bummer. I bought an AEY08F2G that put out no warm air and very little cool air. Fedders filed chapter 11 in August. They do not honor warranties now, and apparently offer no repair service. I was fortunate that I bought mine from Venting Direct, and the unit was still within the 60 defective return period. They told me that Fedders units are junk. They provided full credit for the unit (plus shipping costs) without requiring that the unit be returned to them.\015\012\015\012My advice is to toss it. Live and learn.

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Fedders Y Chassis Quit Running

Bummer. I bought an AEY08F2G that put out no warm air and very little cool air. Fedders filed chapter 11 in August. They do not honor warranties now, and apparently offer no repair service. I was fortunate that I bought mine from Venting Direct, ... Fedders Y Chassis AEY12F7E Air Conditioner

Fedders Q Chassis A6Q10F2A Air Conditioner unit is not cooling. Runs, but no cool ac anymore. Can this unit be recharged or is it sealed

... Fedders Q Chassis A6Q10F2A Air Conditioner

Have a Fedders A6Q10F2B-S air conditioner serial #BU158972056X that I used from May thru September, I believe it was the 4th summer or possibly the 5th. Last August 2010 it quit cooling. Keyboard funtions seem to operate as mornal and fan runs continuous like always but I never hear the compressor kick in and it doesn't cool at any temperature setting. Any ideas? I'm an electronic tech for avionics and communications and a handy guy. If it is something I can handle, I'll try to repair it

Hello Jimscs, \015\012\015\012I understand that you are having a problem with you window air conditioner. You state that the unit is not cooling any longer and can not hear the compressor kick on.\015\012\015\012I ... Fedders A6Q10F2B Q Chassis Room Air Conditioner

Fedders window ac was running control lights started going on and off ac went on and off then quit power supply is fine. reset does no good

Assuming that you have a reset button on the power cord and after pushing the button you dont hear a beeping sound, there's the possibility that your cord is defective. Check it with a volt metter at the end of the terminals. ... Fedders A6Q10F2B Q Chassis Room Air Conditioner

I have a 8 years old window ac. It's working quite ok. I just want to know which mode is safer low cool or high cool when humidity is high but temp. is about 32-34 degree celcius. Technican advised me to run in high cool mode for some time n then switch is off, but i want long hr. running in low cool mode which is quite comfortable. Kindly advise.

Its not a mater of safety. Its only a matter of witch is best for you. If you want to maintain the temp then leave it on low temp. If you want to save money then you can switch it to power saver mode on high to bring the temp down. Hope this helps. G ... Air Conditioners

MANUAL FOR FEDDERS X CHASSIS A7X06F2A - Fedders X Chassis A7X06F2A Air Conditioner

... Fedders X Chassis A7X06F2A Air Conditioner

I have a Duo-Therm, mod# 600315.321 on a motorhome. Fan motor overheats, but only after the compressor kicks on. New motor, swapped out caps w/identical working unit. Ground is good. Unit will run all day OK w/just fan, but when put on "cool", it will run and produce cold air for 15 min, the fan then quits. Compressor will run for 5 - 10 minutes more by itself, then the circuit breaker kicks.

... Dometic 57915531 Air Conditioner

The unit has been running for a while with this summer's heat, but recently it cycles on, runs on high, then when it cycles off we get quite a bit of water running out of the front onto the floor (as in 1/2-1 cup). Do I need to clean out the drain system? How can I do that?

Follow drain hose and clean the drain hole. Use vinegar and a flexible shaft. If that does not work, see here.Also check filter , it may need replacement. ... Fujitsu 24C1 Air Conditioner

I have a Goodman 3.5 ton, CKL42-1 outside unit. It was not cooling properly so I cleaned the fins because the were quite dirty. When I turn the system on it will run fine for about 20 minutes and then the fan will stop running but the consenser continues to run and it makes a horrible loud sound. Any ideas?

How did you clean the fins if you powerwashed the chances are you bent all the fins over so the fan cannot pull in air and is shutting of on overload when it cools down it will come back on then heat up and shutoff again ... Air Conditioners

Fedders 5,000 btu window room a/c; blower won't run or runs very slowly. When it does get up to full speed, it only runs for a short time (10 or 15 mins) then blower stops.

Sounds like the motor is overheating and stopping after some run time has passed.\015\012\015\012The issue with it not wanting to get going sounds like it may need oiling (if the oil type). Or it could simply be the motor is on it's way o ... Air Conditioners

Model TWEO36C140A1 blower will come on if I throw the breaker switch...but thermostat doesn't seem to be in sync. Fan will run in "on" position and once blower is running, in auto. Blower ran for quite awhile, a couple of days, until I touched thermostat as we were roasting. I knew that would be a mistake! This morning, blower won't run when I switch breaker back on even after letting the motor cool for several hours. Is there a relay switch somewhere? I don't see it. Or does thi

... Air Conditioners

Bryant air conditioner - outside unit will not run - before it quit running, air temperature in house rose from 65 degrees to 75 degrees. Inside fan continued to blow - air smelled like a car air conditioner that ran out of Freon. Bought Freon - need to know where to add it. The heat pump model # BF-163S bi directional but also coming from unit is another line that runs same direction with same type of valves. Air conditioner model # 697CN030 - B

... Air Conditioners

Fedders Model No. A7U12W2A-A, 12000btu airconditioner. The unit has been cooling satisfactorily for two to three years. Today the unit was cooling and suddenly there were a couple of reasonably loud knocks and the compressor stopped cooling. The fan continues to run. In about five minutes the cooling comes back on. The compressor runs for abut four minutes and shuts down. Earlier today we had a power dip without losing all power.

Hi, the power dip when translated means low current actually affected the relay starter which is situated beside the compressor. Now the relay starter works and stop intermittently which is why the Compressor cools whenever it works and does not cool ... Fedders Air Conditioners

Purchased a fedders a/c 18000 unit still under warranty. called the 800# they said company had filed bankruptcy and were not responsible for repairs. 350$ mistake. Fan runs too slow for unit to kick in. Fan will pick up speed some times when you turn it on, will start to blow cold air but only runs for a couple of minutes before fan stops turning.

Check the capacitor for the fan motor. You can do that with a multimeter with the capacitor test function or if the capacitor looks swollen then it is probably bad. Also, make sure the fan rotates freely by hand. Let me know if you need more help. ... Fedders 12,000/10,200 BTU Heat/Cool Room Air Conditioner - White

My fan is not blowing but it seems the compressor is running. after about 5 minutes the compressor quit running. no air coming out!

Check the rtc over load.. ... Whirlpool ACQ158XP Wall/Window Air Conditioner


Could be a DOA!! but was it installed by a licenced contractor? is so he should be able to fix it othewise call the place you purchased it from ... Goodman CLJ48AR49 Air Conditioner

My air conditioner just quit working. how do i run my own diagnostic or just get it running again. i switched the breaker on and off to try and reset it but it didn't work this time.

First does the furnance blower work ? go outside to condensor unit .their will be a dissconnect box connected to the unit. open door to dissconnect pull out connector or fuse holder to see fuses check with ohm meter replace the bad one time delay fus ... Amana Air Conditioners

Mitsubishi MSH12TN fan runs quite fast and noisily even when no heat or cooling is being called for or delivered. I've been told this is normal, but that doesn't seem right to me. Is it? MS09TW units in other rooms run very slowly and quietly, almost at a stop, under these conditions.

If you can not control the fan speed with the control,there is fan sensior on the coil to speed up and slow down fan with the temp of the coil. You will have to call a service tech to replace. Get a free quote first Rus ... Mitsubishi MSH12TN Air Conditioner

Duo Therm dripping water in camper when shut off. My Dometic Duo Therm Ducted AC drips quite a bit of water when shut off after running for several hours on hot humid days. The condensate lines are open. The lines drip steadily while the unit runs. When shut off the lines flow a great deal of water, suggesting that the pan is full. At this point I notice water dripping from the duct work. Thank you for your help!

Remove the filter at ceiling and run the AC on cool etc, and see if you can feel cool air leaking across to return air inlet where the divider between cold and return is. Check along all edges, etc for any cool air . Careful of wiring, but you should ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner


The Trane PTAC is made by a company called Goodman as is Amanna. The chassis motor and compressor are really durable and work well, the weak link in this is the control board which not made by Trane or Goodman and some models have undergo ... Air Conditioners

I have a York Diamond 90 Unit and my A/C quit blowing cold the other day. No Blower running, No Condensor or Compressor running. I replaced the capacitor for the blower motor and it started but no condensor. I checked the capacitor for the condensor visually and it was bulged out. I bought a new one (not the exact brand but I had a AC parts house match it up with the old one.) The new one has labels on the legs the old one did not. I have 3 wire leads off the condensor 2- Brn and 1-Red (New Capa

It sounds like you may have install it backwards. break the power and try again, if the compressor is trying to start thats a good sign. at least its not dead. Try re-installing the capicator and that might fix it, it wont hurt anything to try. ... Air Conditioners

I have an quite old AC Unit with an 18.6A 230V 60c/s single phase compressor motor MODEL BY0086B112E1 (the sub-lined "8" is badly readable, could be a "3") SERIAL 355350T23 max breaker indicated as 45A (mine is 40A) I probably will need to buy a replacement motor I do not know, as I have no catalogue, if the motor has a Run Capacitor, but I assume this is a 3 HP without RUN, only START capacitor. You surly can get the data. I must choose between buy such new motor or a modern new

It does not look like they still make the motor for this unit, you will want to call GE directly to confirm though. 1-800-626-2005 They are still open yet this evening However you will be better served by calling these folks tomorrow, t ... GE AGQ10AC Central Air Conditioner


Check the capacitor. If it looks swollen then it is most likely bad. You can check it with a multimeter with the capacitor check function. Try that and let me know what you have. ... Ruud Matching Split Air Conditioner

I have a Kenmore window air conditioner unit. It turns on, the motor runs, but the fan does not turn on, and the front gets cold to the touch. I have taken it out a couple times and cleaned it and that has no affect. It was jolted and then ran for a day and a half, then quit. Is there anything I can do to get it back running? Thanks for your input!

99% of the time when a motor just hums on a window A/C is the motor itself thats bad. Jump to test if work fine, if not, here, for your model you can order parts replacement: ... Kenmore Air Conditioners

My condenser fan wont stay running runs at first then quits

Bearings in fan going out. Or bad capacitor. Both causes motor to overheat. Rus ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

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