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Sharp CVP10MX started to make strange noise periodically

\015 My Sharp CVP10MX started to make a very loud strange noise periodically after two months of running\015

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What type of noise. Fan noise or compressor noise?

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Sharp CVP10MX started to make strange noise periodically

What type of noise. Fan noise or compressor noise? ... Sharp CV-P10MX Air Conditioner

Sharp CVP10MX My Sharp CVP10MX started to make strange buzzling noise periodically after a couple months of running

Please identify in more detail where the noise is coming from, blower-compressor, so we may pin-point the problem.\015\012\015\012Thx\015\012RepairUSA ... Sharp CV-P09FX Air Conditioner

Blower is making strange noise almost deisel engine like sound

... Haier HWR18VC7 Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner

Brand new sharp portable air conditioner making loud noises as if fan is rubbing against something?

... Sharp CVP12PX Air Conditioner

The fan stops spinning periodically and it makes this noise like maybe it needs to be greased

... Amana ACD106R Wall/Window Air Conditioner

My window air condition is making strange noises when it runs and is blowing out small drops of water.....Help me.

Hi,\012In very humid weather what you are experiencing is very normal...\012\012Here is a tip about trouble shooting your ... Air Conditioners

Sharp CV-10NH portable ac makes rattling noise...any suggestions?

... Sharp Air Conditioners

My window air conditioner is making a strange noise when it runs and is blowing out small drops of water. What might be causing this problem?

... LG Electronic Window Air Conditioner

Turned on AC was running fine. 30 minutes later began to hear a strange noise. Opened AC/Furnance closet & heard a sound best described as air letting out of a tire. It seemed to be coming from copper pipe. Minute later sound stopped & air was suddenly hot. As if AC was turned on fan not cold. Went outside & neither fan nor motor was running. Turned fan manually. Ran for about a minute then stopped. Outside unit was making what could best be described as a buzzing sound.

Hi!!\015\012\015\012This means that the condenser fan motor (outside unit) failed, this caused to build hi pressure and either activated a safety valve to release the extra pressure or blew a line and R22 Refrigerant escaped from system. ... Goodman CKL42AR42 Air Conditioner

My sharp portable air conditioner, cvp10pc, makes loud noises and shuts down within 30 minutes of use. The upper drain no longer empties when pushing power button twice. Only lower drain empties.

... Sharp CV-P10LC Portable Air Conditioner

Noisy furnace Sounds like the blower might be making noise. Is there a way to lube the blower? A service manual would be a great deal of help to me. The unit is a Carrier Model 58RAV095-16 Series 161 S/n 2097A12945 At times it seems there is a humming coming from the furnace and no air from the vents, this happens after unit is on for a period of time. Thanks for any info.

Http://www.docs.hvacpartners.com/idc/groups/public/documents/techlit/om58-94.pdf ... Carrier 38CKC042 Air Conditioner

I love my Sharp CV-10MH Portable Air Conditioner but I'm afraid to use it. After a while it starts to make a noise I'd describe as a CLATTER or a RATTLE. Before I use it again I must know that this is not something dangerous.

I had the same issue of filling up after a couple\012 hours but mine started making some pretty loud noises as well just \012before shutting itself down and lighting all three lights. The top \012drain valve would no longer work and the only w ... Sharp Air Conditioners

We have an LG single split wall mount room air conditioner which was installed in 1999. Today it started making some strange noises like a bearing rattle. We turned it off and on and then it seemed alright again. We then decided to clean the filters which hadn't been done for awhile. After putting them back, the unit won't start again. I try to start it with the remote but nothing happens. It appears to be completely dead. I've checked the house power which seems to be ok. Any ideas on w

The bearing rattle you heard was the compressor going out. Because the compressor is a sealed unit, the only way to repair it is to replace it with a new compressor. It may be cheaper to buy a brand new A/C vs. buying a replacement compressor. ... LG LSC121PMA Split System Air Conditioner

My sharp comfort touch air conditioner make loud noise from fan. It is very loud. I have 2 and both are very loud. I took the unit out of the wall to inspect, and could find nothing obstructing the fan.

Hi, you may want to check the bearings on the fan motor it self. They will wear or get dry and make very loud noises. Check the motor body at each end to see if this motor has oil caps at each end to add a few drops of oil. Some motors do and other m ... Sharp Comfort Touch AF-R120EX Air Conditioner

Sharp AF-R1108X Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner was working fine all summer. The past 2 days were extremely hot out. the unit was working around the clock. the unit was in low cool and keeping up fine. Then it started making beeping noises and going into energy saving mode and cycling the unit on and off constantly and would not allow me to turn it off by using the selector button. I had to unplug the unit to turn it off. I left it off for about ten min. hoping it would reset it self. I turned

... Sharp AF-R1108X Air Conditioner

I have new Samsung 1.5 Ton Window AC ( around one month old). Whenever AC is switched on in FAN or Cool mode the AC (probably FAn motor) make irritating Humming Noise. The noise slightly reduces after awhile. The noise level reduces when lower Fan speed is selected. This problem was not present in first few days of operation. Whether Compressor is on or off does not make any change in noise level. Noise level is same when AC is run in fan mode as well. We have contacted the manufacturer

It is possible that your AC is not getting the right voltage or frequency and hence is trying to scavenge in gettting the current. It will be good if you can check on the mains voltage or on the wiring for a good 15 amp supply line. If there is any r ... Maytag M6Q10F2A Air Conditioner

The refrigerant line in the wall of my guest bathroom running from the Lennox A/c condensor outside makes a loud buzzing noise when it is running. The supervisor of installation of the original installation company examined the unit thoroughly outside and up in the crawl space where the line runs and says the loud, irritating noise is normal. He claims that his unit makes the same noise in his house and that I am hearing the normal noise of the outside unit running inside the house. He explained

It may just be a loud condensor, otherwise, it could be a vibration from the unit housing and the noise carries. You could always replace the relay and see if it helps any. Also check unit pressure with pressure guage to make sure it is not over pump ... Air Conditioners

On 7/18/06 I purchased a 2 1/2 ton 13 seer AC and coil. The day it was installed I had to call for service as it was not working. The technician found a connection has failed to be made. Last year, when the unit was only 2 years old, it started to make an very loud noise that could be heard inside the house. When the technician came out, he said he could not hear any unusual noise. This year, now the unit is 3 years old, it started to make the same noise which keeps me awake when the air cu

If its because of the pipes that it is vibrating, as per the technicians diagnosis. So fine, even though I admit that your question is justified, but fighting over it will not solve the issue plus you getting ready to sell the place pretty soon. In s ... Air Conditioners

We have a Roof Mounted RUDD Unit. Yesteday when I went to check the thermostat to see why the house was so cold I heard it making a humming sound. I turned the thermostate to 60 degrees then it stopped making a noise ahen back up to 66 degrees and it started making the same noise again. The heat did not kick in at all. I have the fan set to auto also.

Good cks skeeter advised , if these ck out possible fan motor or capacitor ... Ruud UAMB Air Conditioner

Periodic noise on outside unit after being charged with gas

Maybe. he should check for superheat and sub cooling with digital stats and calculate those number in relation to the outside temp. if he just put the hoses with the two gauges on its really really hard to adjust properly. a couple oz. of gas really ... Hitachi Air Conditioners

Fan make a flapping noise when turning . we cleaned the unit inside the house and out. the unit started back cooling for about 1 hour, then the motor outside got hot and the fan started making a noise like a flapping sound


Hi i have a hitachi RA-3186CHA room air-conditioner heat/cool if u turn it on fan works fine but when put on HEAT OR COOL makes a loud errrrrr noise then just blows fan then 30sec or so later makes the same noise like its trying to kick into heat or cool but cant

Hi,Is the air conditioner completely dead? See \015\012section 1. Is the thermostat knob turned to the proper setting? Is the \015\012compressor motor running? The compressor is a football-sized case with \015\012no apparent moving parts. ... Hitachi Air Conditioners

I have a 2000 Ford Focus and the A/C compressor pulley is making a scraping noise when he A/C is turned off. The noise stops when the compressor is turned on. When the A/C is off the pulley makes erratic turns.

Hi,if the noise goes away when you turn on the a/c then you either have a\015\012bad a/c belt or more likely a problem with the a/c pulley. The pulley\015\012and/or clutch may be failing and need to be replaced. Is this something\015\012y ... Air Conditioners

What a piece of ****!!! it make sooo much noise when it starts the motor going and i actually woke up in the middle of the night and turned it off!! it was making sooo much noise!!continually!!! even the fan on the 2nd speed whistles. how do i get it quiet???

Hi, sounds like you have had it!! This motor is a dual shaft motor that has a prop or wheel at each end on it. For blowing air in across the evaporator coil and for removing air, hot air to the outside cooling the condenser coil and releasing heat to ... Friedrich CP06E10 Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner

Central air conditioner would start making a buzzing noise and the ac would stop, we would shut it off, wait then restart ,it would come on, then after a few minutes it would make a buzzing noise and the ac would stop

Thats a good one ... Carrier XHB123D X/Y Series Heat/Cool Air Conditioner

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