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Leaking water my kenmore 75050 ac is only a month old and is leaking water fm the rear all about midway up is this normal? It's also making an odd sound. Is there a place i'm meant to empty water from a tray or something? I can't find one if so.

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The odd sound might be the fan hitting the water, its supposed to do that. The water gets thrown onto the condenser coils to help evaporate the excess water.
You AC should drip water from the rear this is normal it should be tilted to the rear. I don't know about the odd sound..what does it sound like? let me know

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Leaking water my kenmore 75050 ac is only a month old and is leaking water fm the rear all about midway up is this normal? It's also making an odd sound. Is there a place i'm meant to empty water from a tray or something? I can't find one if so.

The odd sound might be the fan hitting the water, its supposed to do that. The water gets thrown onto the condenser coils to help evaporate the excess water. ... Kenmore 75050 Wall/Window Air Conditioner

My delonghi pac-10 air conditioner is leaking water. we've obviously emptied the tray on the bottom; the water seems to be bypassing the overflow container somehow. we've looked for obvious clogs but can find nothing. please, any suggestions or schematics that might help? thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter; it is greatly appreciated! its getting hotter and hotter and we simply cant afford to buy another one right now.

Mcdevito75 here, Best Bet check with your local A/C repair shop in your area, online check location or yellow pages. ... Air Conditioners

Just purchased a 15000 btu 110 Frigidaire window unit and we love it. However, since the rear of the AC is actually on the back porch, the water from the AC runs down the wall and on to the floor. We could not find in the manual anything about a place to attach a drain tube nor did we see evidence of one on the unit itself. Our house is wooden and susceptible to termites. How do we funnel the water from the AC to the ground? Is there a separate attachment for the AC? How do we funnel the water f

... Frigidaire FAC126P1 wall/window Air Conditioner

On my LG window AC Md. LWHD1009R, I cannot find a drain hole to let the water out. The back bottom of the pan was filled water containing a rusty sludge, but the heat exchanger coils are aluminum, so it must come from another source.( I have a wooden shutter built over my windows because of hurricanes-nails? ) Is this unit supposed to drain, because I bent down one place to let the rusty sludge and water out. Its properly mounted with the back lower than the front, and I've had no problems with

Usually in the middle underside of the window units is a hole that water drains out of, you can always drill new holes in order to make it drain, Good Luck Tim ... Air Conditioners

Thank you I Just want to say thank you for the post you have up on how to stop the water back up in the collection tray on the inside part of the air conditioner. I was about to toss my A/C out and buy a new one! The water was spraying out of the vent all over the place. Actually there was a whole story involved. I live in a condo and about a year ago (after living here for about 6 years the management board of the condo suddenly come up with the bright idea that) they had to put a support bar n

Rob,\015\012This is exactly why I put up the post. Most of the answers I saw were very vague. Maybe a sentence or two. After I found the solution, I just knew there would be others with this same problem who might just give up and toss out a ... LG Electronic Window Air Conditioner

Haeir AC HWR10C6 is there a drain hole. Can't find one . No water leaking in house or outside . Help me before husband puts one in it .

... Air Conditioners

Where can I find an parts illustrations for a Bryant 90+ furnace? Model Number 398AAW036080D Product # 398AAW036080AEBA Need to know the correct name and or part number for the Black metal Condensate pan that bolts to the side of one of the burners, corodes and leaks water on the floor. I'm sure I do not have the only furnace that has or had the problem. This pan is around 4" tall and around 12'" long.

... Bryant Air Conditioners

PACR93 windchaser The unit is releasing lots of water. Can't find any place to empty unit. Use to run fine. We are running on "Cool" not "dry"

... Air Conditioners

Duo Therm 1500 AC leaking water inside RV after about one hour of cooling. Condenser drain tray is draining OK

On your cold side air coming in, does the ductwork have any insulation on it? Also The evaporator (front part, up where your filter is ) may have a plugged drain tube, depending on year make & model. Not uncommon for some to have a cracked drain ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Leaking water in floor.......... Need an exhaust hose where can i find one?

... Amcor PLM12000EH Portable Air Conditioner

Have a ge ac in window unit asto5 model leaks inside just recently . connot find any plug to pull for draining outside excess water inside ac cabnit . does it have one? been running this ac all summer and never have had a problem till just this week.

No drain plug but this model should have a SLINGER RING AROUND the end of the fan blades which picks up the water & sling it on the back coil which it is so hot & evaporates to help get rid of excess water .. So as for the water running ins ... GE Air Conditioners

We have a brivis evaporated cooling system P63. The unit was leaking water inside and when the plumber came out he couldn't find anything wrong with it then the Brivis technician came out and said there was nothing wrong but all of a sudden it stopped working after the Brivis technician fiddled with it but is saying that there was nothing wrong in the first place so it's not a warrantee problem. Do you think this could of just fixed it's self?

Is the unit still leaking?\015\012Is water coming out? \015\012If the unit is under warranty, it should be covered, shouldn't it?\015\012Is the unit working at all now?\015\012Please clarify and state the current condition. I ... Mastercool 67471 Evaporative Cooler Air Conditioner

My Westpointe AC unit's "full light" keep flashing one even though I have emptied both tanks and made sure the water tank was aligned properly. No hoses are out of place as far as I can see; the display keeps saying P1 and won't allow me to access a different mode. Help?

... Air Conditioners

My Fujitronic FA1050 Portable Air Conditioner says it is full of water after being in use for 1 hour (which makes it blow warm air until I empty the water). There are two drain ports on the unit, one close to the floor, one about 6 inches higher. The user manual says I should be draining water from the higher drain port, and only emptying the water from the lower drain port at the end of the season. When the unit says "Water is full", I open the upper drain port, and no water comes out. I then o

Look at this drain pan for some wires going to the side or down the top. Look for a small hole in the side of the pan or casting this will be the location of the sensor. Sometimes a sharp rap with a screwdriver handle will dislodge the sensor causing ... Fujitronic FA1050 Air Conditioner

We have RUUD AC, in second floor , that has a white pvc ope connected to condensate drain. other end of this pipe is inerted into large pipe neanr wall. looks a drain outlet. In the middle of this white pipe, there is a T-joint pipe. The joints middle pipe is open and short. Now our AC is causing leak of whater into the tray. this caused water caused leaking inot the roof of first floor. we shutoff the AC, removed water from tray then leaking in first floor sopped. Looks like ithe issue is cause

Yes this Tee is put in for you to clean pipe and pour bleach down pipe to kill algae. You need to insert a hose(small0 into pipe and use air to blow thru it. This will clean out drain Russ ... Air Conditioners

We purchased a Whirlpool portable air conditioner in 2005 from Best Buy. Near the end of last summer the air conditioner started leaking water. We started using it again this season and it is still leaking. When my husband drained the water out of it, the water came out of the upper part of the back side of the air conditioner and no water was coming out of the drain at the bottom. When it appeared to be empty, we plugged it in and used it again and it continued to leak water on our carpet.

Check to see if the drain is blocked by particles/debris of any type. Also make sure that the unit is level--as level as possible. I have my Whirlpool Portable AC in 4 inch bed risers so I can drain it really easily. I slip under a small low rise p ... Whirlpool Air Conditioners

Leaking water Leaking a lot of water. How do I access the drip pan and/or fix the problem? I have 4 mr slim in the house: I fixed one by clearing the drain hose. Does each one have their own hose? I only found 2 hoses.

Yes they do each have a drain hose. They might all tie in together somewhere. Accessing the drain pan is quite a task. Also it might have a pump in it that could not be working it just depends on the setup. I don\\'t have any links or a description b ... Air Conditioners

Leaking water The air conditioner has some sort of valve/whole thing in the back that has started to leak water. It was working fine- the water collection area would fill and we would empty it, but now it is leaking from this area in the back.

... GE APN08AA Portable Room Air Conditioner

Freon leaking my unit is only 4 yrs old. in the winter it was not working, he put 2# of freon, said that the sequensers needed replaced. Then they came back when summer hit and put in 7# of freon, did not check for leak, and now are saying that they have to come back and empty freon to find the leak, they should have done that when it was almost empty, not just add freon. which was 140.00

First, you need to complain to the owner about the tech not informing you that the freon would leak out again. It's addtional costs that were not explained to you. If he's a good guy, he may credit you something if you decide to use him to complete ... Goodman CLJ30AR32 Air Conditioner

Model#ARC-13w/s. the unit leaked profusely all over the bedroom rug. Condenser makes a surging sound,then the water tank fills too quickly,and shuts off almost every half hour. I worked hard to keep emptying pans of water and the rug smelled musty. The valve where the water empties had a slimy residue also.I got the ac in 2009. What do I do about the problem? my email is [email protected]

... Whynter SNO 13000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Our Whirpool Gas water heater is leaking from one of the top water supply lines and the pilot went out. we tried to light it back on and it does not. before we can replace the leak should we continue to try and light it or repair the leak first.

First repair the leak then remove the burner assembaly at the end of the pilot tube you will find a small orfice were the gas comes out for the pilot remove that and be sure it is free from debri and not clogged replace it when the burner assembaly i ... Whirlpool Air Conditioners

Water leaking from Delonghi Pac C100 since last weekend, had this unit nearly 2 years and it only started to leak last weekend. empty water and still leaking after an hour or two.

... DeLonghi PAC C100 Air Conditioner

Leaking water; reservoirs empty

I bought my Danby Premiere portatable A/C a few years ago and it has ALWAYS leaked from the first time I used it. I keep it in a boot mat so it doesn't ruin my wood floors and just keep sponges in the boot mat to mop up and toss out any water that l ... Danby DPAC7599 Air Conditioner

Hi my convair supercool trb is leaking water. How do I fix this please? I thought it was from the hose so I've created a better seal but it's still leaking all over my carpet and water does not seem to empty from the hose pipe. Thanks Laura

... Convair Air Conditioners

I have water leaking out the bottom of my furnace when the aprilaire 700 is working. I have tried everything to resolve. It was working fine last month. I changed the water filter, cleaned the lines etc. Cant find the source of the leak. Can you help?

How old it your Aprilaire 700?\015\012Eventually they all need maintenance, cleaning or replacing dirty or inoperative parts. The bottom Water tray has a drain tube that needs to be cleaned or replaced every fall as it will plug up with mineral ... Air Conditioners

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