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Window AC takes spells on cooling?

\015 Our 1 year old Frigidaire window ac has started taking spells of not cooling. I though it was due to our high temperatures, but I am not sure that is the case. It will cool, then by noon time it only blows out air like a fan. It will go back and fourth with fan air and then cold air. We have cleaned the filter recentally and doesn't seem to have helped. We also have a smaller room ac, which is much older, and it has been doing fine, so that is why I am confused about it just being too hot. It has the energy feature, but we keep it on constant cool. Any help would be appriciated!\015

Answers :

One thing to check is to make sure the evaporator and condenser coils are clean. Any dirt here will short ccle the compressor.

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Window AC takes spells on cooling?

One thing to check is to make sure the evaporator and condenser coils are clean. Any dirt here will short ccle the compressor. ... Frigidaire FAS156N1A Air Conditioner

Popping/clicking noise My unit is a few years old now. Maybe 5yrs old. It has been making a popping/clicking type noise at random. We take it out of the window in the fall and put it back when it starts to get warm. Last year it leaked a lot of water. But I think that was due to it slanting inwards. It was leaking water again this year (it's in a different window this year) but seems to have stopped that issue. Now it's just this clicking/popping sounds. I want to say it does it in both cool & f

For window type ac, it must be positioned on level, to avoid flexing it's case. ... Haier Air Conditioners

I've had this maytag 10000 btu slider casement air conditioner for approx 3 years. its installed in a window & has been used possibly 10 times. the fan motor comes on, however there is no cooling whatsoever coming out, I know it takes about 3 mins. for it to kick on, however after a hour or so its sitll not cooling, Any ideas what to check for? Thank You.

Check the thermostat, does it open and close (electrically)? \015\012\015\012In the past three years, has the unit been cleaned? If the coil is plugged with dust, there may have been serious damage to the comressor. \015\012 ... Maytag 10000 BTU Slider Casement Air Conditioner

We purchases a Haier portable air conditioner CPN11XCJ last year via QVC. By the time we purchased it, we really didn't need so stored it unopened. Opened it up last week due to extreme heat for this time of year. I just plugged it up near an open window and it the cool air was wonderful. However, when my husband installed the hoses and window screen, the thing rattled awfully. I mean a very loud rattling noise like the compressor was having problems. If we take the hose off, it doesn't rattle b

There are only a couple of things that could make it rattle with hose installed. One, if the hose cuff is somehow extending through the grate on the unit and making contact with the fan or there is probably some sort of a fitting, like a dryer vent, ... Air Conditioners

I have a thru-wall unit that is draining out of the back and cooling just fine. My problem is the hole in which the ac goes thru. There seems to be some condensation on the bottom of the unit that drips down onto the board below(would be the window sill if I had taken it thru the window). I have thought about taking the unit out and placing a piece of insulating foam in the bottom of the unit or closing the 1/2 inch gap between the bottom of the unit and the board with insulation or expand-a-

You are correct the gap needs to be closed, i would suggest the double taped insulation they use on pick up truck when you put a topper on, as if you ever need to remove unit it would be easier then the expansion foam. Hope this helps Tim ... LG Electronic Window Air Conditioner

My Haier air conditioner is taking forever to get cool. Model #HWR10C6. When tested before I bought from a friend it got cold. Right now the windows in my apartment is being worked on & there is plastic coverings over it so its hot & humid. Does that have anything with the unit not cooling off the room

... Air Conditioners

I have the sunpentown WA1200E and it does not cool and the pipe is in the window and the window is blocked from letting air in. The device blows out air through the pipe but it does not cool how do i get it to cool i have never gotten it to cool it is a new device

... Sunpentown WA-1200 Air Conditioner

LG 1.5 ton window ac starts cooling after 3 mins from custoff

... Air Conditioners

We have an older swamp cooler and need to have some windows in our home open to get best cooling. Does a mastercool need to have some windows open in our home to give max cooling?

The solution is to install "up ducts" These devices are easy to install and are fairly cheap. With a swamp cooler the best way to use them is to allow them to draft outside with the "up duct" you get the drafting to the outside but also get to remove ... Mastercool 67680 Evaporative Cooler Air Conditioner

(window a/c stopped cooling? any ideas!!

Check all of the electrical connections and check the electrical cord for any apparent damage. If no problems found in wiring or cords, look for a compressor run capacitor.......carefully mark the capacitor and the wires you pull off.......take the c ... Maytag M6Y12F2A Air Conditioner

Fedders Window A/C - Poor Cooling I have a fedders window A/C that is a few years old (5-6) it was working fine until a week ago.  It started to no cool the room.  I investigated and found that the evaporator is freezing. What is wrong?  How do I fix it?

Dirty coils, restricted air flow, broken fan blades, faulty thermostat, Gas leaks are a few possible causes for this to happen. ... Maytag M6Q10F2A Air Conditioner

My Amana Cool Zone stopped blowing cool air. I live on the 3rd floor in a small apartment and getting the A/C in the window and installed was a chore on its own. The unit stays in the window year round because I don't have a place to store it.

Hi,\012 \012Here is a tip about troubleshooting your air conditioner...\012There are many things that can cause your air conditioner not to cool… ... Amana Air Conditioners

Ge window a/c blows cool air for a few seconds then stops cooling

Is it LEVEL. Must be somewhat level to work effeciently. Probably had a seal in the pump dry up, worst thing for an ac is to let it set too long. Also, if you tipped it on end while moving you MUST let it set for a few hours (24 is best) before us ... Air Conditioners

My heat pump is pumping out warm are instead of cool. I have our thermostat set to 69, on cool, and it got up to 80 degrees before I finally turned if off and opened the windows. This is my first time using the Heat Pump this spring for cooling. Not sure why I'm not cooling down.

Its wired wrong the thermostst has wires running to the indor unit and the indor to the outdor wiring these units can be a bit complicated even for pros so use your judgement if you dont think you can handle it leave it to a pro be couse you can caus ... Coleman Air Conditioners

Cools for few minutes then stop cooling....Hi my unit GE (APH10AA) Air Conditioner, only cools for 10 minutes and then stops then is the fan that runs forever , with out getting to cool again,plus the back of the unit ,the vent takes out lots of VERY HOT AIR, my room will get so hot ,what I can do to fix it? please help

... GE APH10AA Air Conditioner

I have a 8 years old window ac. It's working quite ok. I just want to know which mode is safer low cool or high cool when humidity is high but temp. is about 32-34 degree celcius. Technican advised me to run in high cool mode for some time n then switch is off, but i want long hr. running in low cool mode which is quite comfortable. Kindly advise.

Its not a mater of safety. Its only a matter of witch is best for you. If you want to maintain the temp then leave it on low temp. If you want to save money then you can switch it to power saver mode on high to bring the temp down. Hope this helps. G ... Air Conditioners

I have a Goldstar GWHD5000 window air conditioner with adjustable thermostat. I bought it three years ago until month ago. it worked very well. but now fan is running however wont cool any more.

... Goldstar GWHD5000 5,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner with Adjustable Thermostat - Refurbished

Heating and cooling window units with 18,000 BTU cooling and 15,000 BTU Heating

... Whirlpool Air Conditioners

I have panasonic 1.5 window AC model no. CW-XC-184BY. When the problem started, the cooling started only after about 20 minutes delay and cooling was good. Now the cooling starts and stops within 1 or 2 minutes. The remote is working. What is the solution

Check the coolant. It must be depleted. Requires a refill. ... GE Zoneline AZ55H15D Air Conditioner

Hot Upstairs I bought a new house 4 yrs ago and during the first summer I noticed that I could never get the upstairs cool. The best I get is 80oF My master bedroom is downstairs and very cool so being hot upstairs wasn't a big issue until now. Now my kids are ready to move into their rooms upstairs and I am wondering what I can do to cool these 3 rooms and a gameroom. No window unit AC is permitted in my subdivision. Every room has a vent but these vents are not big enough to produce enough coo

A good heating guy should be able to balance your dampers to increase the airflow upstairs. Keep in mind heat rises. 2nd floors are the hardest to cool. You may need to add more returns to pull the heat down the the evaporator so it can be cooled. I ... DeLonghi Pinguino PACL90 Portable Air Conditioner

Hi My Danby 6000 BTU window air condition is not cooling. I set thermostat to maximum cooler level as 8 but still not cooling room. I clean all the dust with wire brush. Fan is working fine and I can feel lots of air comming through the air condition but no cool air.

... Danby DAC6003D Air Conditioner

Older ruud achiever 10 air conditioner unit runs several hours just to cool a couple degrees. also makes loud humming noise where it comes into the house. had unit cleaned and added 1 lb. freon. still no change. can feel cool air from vents, just takes forever to cool. weather not that hot out. suggestions?

... Air Conditioners

Samsung window unit. Stopped cooling. Found icing on the cooling coils in the upper rightfront and on two smaller lines in the back that appear to go into the coils. Turned it off to defrost. After defrosting, set the tepm to 72 on cool and the fan speed to 2. Icing started again in the same locations within 5 minutes.

There are only two things that will cause freezing on an ac, lack of air flow or lack of refrigerant. verify the cleanliness of the coils, the blower squirrel cage, and the filter, if all are clean the charge need to be checked, the leak reapried and ... Air Conditioners

What is the error code EP on a GE window air conditioner? This air conditioner stops cooling and displays the error code EP......we have moved controls, checked breakers, checked plug, checked trip and reset on plug.......then sometimes it will display digital temp and start cooling again only to cut off cooling in a few minutes, few hours or it may run all day before displaying EP again....

Hi\015\012\015\012Unplug the machine and plugin after that push the reset button…Hope the machine will work.\015\012\015\012Let us know if you have something more to know else please accept the suggestion.\015\012 ... GE AGW18DH Electronic Room Air Conditioner

My Maytag M6Q08F2A window AC started to make a loud noise when the cooling kicked in after starting it. I tried it several times, even left it running a while to see if it went away. It also stopped cooling properly - I couldn't tell if it was cooling a little or not at all. Please help! I don't know if the problem is refrigerant needed, condenser, or if it's just dirty inside. I don't have a manual. Thank you

HI. this is the actual compressor that is making the noise. the internal seals have ruptured. these compressor will run you just about $209.00. Normally, these units will hold a charge for quite awhile so, the refrigerant level should be sufficient. ... Air Conditioners

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