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Furnace problem I Have a 2005 Montana3295RK with a duo-therm air conditioner,suburban sf35f furnace and a dometic thermostat with remote. The problem lies with the furnace. It will not turn on, and in the rare event it does it will not turn off unless you either pull the fuse, turn the switch to the off position on the furnace or turn the gas off at the tanks. I can force the furnace to come on by pulling the fuse and then putting it back in and the thermostat does not have to be in the on posit

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The problem is most likely in the control module of the roof air unit. Dometic uses the thermostat to activate and deactivate a relay in the control board of the roof ac unit whiich is just visible when you remove your air intake screen. The two blue with white stripe wires are the furnace control wires.
\015\012The furnace turns on and off by the opening and closing of relay. Most likely, the furnace control relay is stuck in the on position. On the thermostate, remove the fur wire and see if the furnace quits afrer it cycles down...it does not quit right away. With the termostat out of the loop, if the furnace does not shut down, the problem is in the control box. They are not hard to replace but you must be careful with the live wiire from the 110 ciucuit breaker. If you are not comfortable with the repair, take it to a dealer. The part number is on the assembly box. They need to know if you have the heat srip option or whatever othert options our Roof AC has. If the furnace still runs with the blue/white wires disconnected, the furnace wires are shorted somewhere between the furnace and the AC control unit.

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Furnace problem I Have a 2005 Montana3295RK with a duo-therm air conditioner,suburban sf35f furnace and a dometic thermostat with remote. The problem lies with the furnace. It will not turn on, and in the rare event it does it will not turn off unless you either pull the fuse, turn the switch to the off position on the furnace or turn the gas off at the tanks. I can force the furnace to come on by pulling the fuse and then putting it back in and the thermostat does not have to be in the on posit

The problem is most likely in the control module of the roof air unit. Dometic uses the thermostat to activate and deactivate a relay in the control board of the roof ac unit whiich is just visible when you remove your air intake screen. The two blu ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Nordyne E2Eb 012HA Diagnosed problem with furnace as suggested. Replaced sequencer successfully. Turned on curcuit breaker. Turned thermostst to auto and heat furnace came on. Adjusted temp on thermostat and thermostat shorted out with sparks and has not worked since. Did not replace panel doors prior to restarting. Blower switch in auto does not work either. There is a burnt spot on thermostat. Please help.

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Intertherm Electric Furnace in mobile home Model# MRAC 2317 SN - 79JE0501 Question: The blower stays running all the time. I have to turn the main breaker off to turn the blower off. The unit is heating when it is running. I have replaced the thermostat about 3 years ago in the summer when I had a AC problem. Would the fan switch on the furnace possibly be the problem? It has an auto & on position on the switch. It clicks when you switch to the on position but does not click when you put i

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Model FC24B3XN1H. Modulating Echelon 60k btu. Fan runs constantly but no heat. Was installed 9/09. When turn thermostat off, fan still runs, have to shut off at furnace. It has never been a hot heat, installer said that is normal?? Used air couple days this week, was fine. We then turned furn off at thermostat as it was not needed. Turned heat on late yesterday afternoon & problem started. Left furn power off for about 15 minutes, but would not reset. Easy solve?? Is it supposed to be a 'cool' h

Hi,The fan running constant and the unit not firing is usually an indication that the high limit reset has tripped. And yes... these furnaces will run a cooler air... that is one way they get better efficiency...Also the ... Coleman Air Conditioners

Armstrong furnace G1D91AU075D12B shuts off before thermostat setpoint ex. if thermostat is set to 70, furnace shuts off at 65 you can then turn stat off and back on and unit will start up again. since first look, problem has gotten worse, shutting off sooner than 5 degrees

If your heat anticipator in the thermostat is bad or set at the wrong amperage, it could do just as you describe. If the air filter is dirty or the ducts are restricted, the furnace could shut down on high limit. I would check the air filter and repl ... Air Conditioners

The outside compressor and fan will not shut off. I have turned the thermostat system to Off and even to heat, but it will not stop. I went on a trip, increased the room temp to 80 on the thermostat and left. When we returned 2 1/2 days later, the coils were frozen and no air was comiing through the vents, even with the blower motor working. So I turned the unit to furnace and melted the ice on the coils, but had to pull the fuses on the outside box to get the compressor to shut off. Is there a

Sounds like the contactor is stuck. That's why nothing will stop the fan and compressor except killing the power to it. You should be able to get one fairly cheap. ... Ruud UAKA037 Air Conditioner

HI, I had a gas furnace (GOODMAN GMP125-4).When i turn heat on from thermostat, the burner is not light up, the induction motor is not running. I took off the panel and I also found that the status light (red light)on Circuit board is NOT on also.Is this a circuit board problem or thermostat problem?

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Furnace problem, I have a carrie furnace. When I turn the termistate to heat it goes blank. It show the degree on the Central Air. I check all the fuses they are good. When I turn the power switch on I can hear a buzzing sound. please help its getting cold here.

You may have a short circuit in the heating circuit, call a technician. ... Carrier XHB123D X/Y Series Heat/Cool Air Conditioner

If I turn the thermostat to heat or cool, only the blower turns on. If I turn to emergency the heater does work. I removed the furnace panel and found the LED light was blinking. What could be the problem?

Inside your furnace will be a list of what the number of blinks means. These codes point to the problem that you have. ... Air Conditioners

We just installed a brand new haier 40,000 btu gas upflow furnace. Followed all the instructions to a T. With the power and gas turned on, we turn the thermostat on. The inducer motor turns on. The LED light is solid green for about 30 seconds. Then it starts blinking twice, over and over again. The manual says that this is because the pressure switch does not close within 30 seconds of inducer energized. It does not tell us how to fix this problem. Please explain how to fix the proble

This means that the pressure is not building up so that the furnace can work properly. Please check the natural gas line for switches and turn them on. When you installed the furnace, the gas had to be turned off so maybe you forgot it that way. ... Haier Air Conditioners

I have a goodman furnace and ac unit the fan and heat work but every time i turn the ac on it blows the low voltage fuse ive replaced all low voltage wires to outside unit and thermostat i also replaced the board in the furnace and transformer

Look at the contactor on the condensing unit, remove the low voltage wires to the contactor and turn on the system. If the low voltage fuse doesn't blow, replace the contactor. ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

I have an AMANA GUCA/GCCA/GULA gas fired warm air furnace. When the unit turns on the the blower turns on igniter glows but when the relay kicks to supply gas I get no gas. Is this a problem the the integrated control module. Is there a fuse associated with the module.

... Amana Air Conditioners

I have a white rogers thermostat, it wont click on automatically when it is colder in the house than i have the heat set on. furnace just pops, fan does work and does blow hot air when i turn it to on. i have a digital thermostat. i reset all the programming for it, even turned it off and turned off the furnace with 2 breakers at the bottom of the furnace but still nothing. The furnace is warm like it is trying to kick on

Did you connect the jumper wire to rc---rh on the thermostat? ... Air Conditioners

My rheem model RRNA-BD48 BKA JK10E propane furnace will no relight. The tank ran out, and now that I have gas, it will not come back on. I have pulled the breaker, waited 10 secs & reinserted it. TH eunit cycles, but will not stay on. Same if I turn thermostat off, then on. Helo!

Probably a dirty flame sensor. ... Air Conditioners

We have a Carrier Heat pump. Today the heat pump and (gas) furnace turned off completely and the thermostat is blank. We've checked the fuses and they seem to be fine and everything else is working well. It's forecast to be in the high 30's over the next few days so having the heat pump/AC working is a necessity. The installer can't get here for 2 more days ( he doesn't work weekends). I don't have any idea what to do. Help - help!

Is the thermostat battery powered or powered by the transformer. If it is powered by the transformer then the transformer may have gone out. Turn the thermostat to off. Use a multimeter to check for 24 vac between R and G on the thermostat. If you do ... Air Conditioners

Anyone have the service/installation manual for carrier ac model 38ckc042-351? I recently installed humidifier unit and in doing so disconnected the low voltage wires to the ac unit (thermostat wiring). Trouble is......I do not recall how it was wired.....Template was accidentally discarded. When connecting and attempting to turn on I blow 3amp fuse on furnace control board.


Hi there, I have a carrier 96 furnace that when the heat is turned on it runs normal for a while but then the comm light on the mother board starts to flicker and then the heat shuts off. There seems to be a fuse just under the light on the mother board, but I don't know if that is the problem.

It may be tripping the high temperature limit sensor. Check the flashing light error code to see whether it may be related to the limit switch. If so, have a technician use a thermocouple to measure the air temperature rise from the air intake to t ... Carrier XHB123D X/Y Series Heat/Cool Air Conditioner

I have a Rheem furnace rglh-10nbrjr that motor runs but flame does not light. If I turn up thermostat, the fan comes on and I hear a click after 10 or 15 seconds. I see no spark or anything from electronic ignition. Actually, do smell gas after running fan for a few minutes. Any idea what the problem could be?

Hi, you shouldn't smell any gas until the pilot flame is etablished. The sequence of operation is the small inducer motor will start on a call for heat, Then on the motor you should have a poly type tube, clear, that runs over to a pressure switch. I ... Air Conditioners

I have a dayton gas furnace aand bought the kit to change it to lp gas. Ater installing the parts it does not work. The pilot is to big and i have adjusted the control all the way down. And thge valve wont open and let the lp gas to the burners. I replaced the valve and the thermostat and the thermocouple. Also am trying to use a propane bottle off my grill. is this the problem? I didnt want to spend the money for a large tank until I knew it worked.

Hi, Let me get this straight, you converted the original valve to l.p by replacing the spring and other small parts in the valve orfice ect. Then you had the problems. So, you replaced the valve, thermostat and thermocouple after that? If I am corre ... Air Conditioners

My air conditioner won't turn on. I have flipped the breaker, I have changed the thermostat batteries, have checked the filter and it is clean, have tested the furnace but still can't find the problem

Turn your fan from auto to on, your fan should run. If it does not turn on you have a 24volt problem.\015\012Go down to furnace and remove thermostat wires at control board. Install a jumper between R and G. Put door back on and turn furnace on ... Air Conditioners

My base-board hot water heat system has 3 Taco zone valves in it. One of the valves seems to be not shutting off completly when the thermostat shuts it off, and allows the zone to heat when the furnace is calling for it to heat the hot water tank (for house hot water) My question is the problem most likely in the power head of the zone valve or will I need to change the whole valve?----Thanke you--------------- Lacy Smith

No you can replace just the head no need to drain the system. Push the head in with a slight twist and it will pop off. At this point check to see if the problem has gone away. If it has replace the head, if you still have the same problem drain the ... Air Conditioners

I have an electric furnace...there is no air at all coming from most of the vents located on the out walls and very little air coming out of the vents situated in the center of the house. It is cold in the house, but the thermostat says it is 72 degrees and comes one and turns off. What could cause this problem?

Dirty filters, dirty coils, collapsed duct work, or a fan motor with the blades covered in dirt, dust, mold etc reducingthe airflow.\015\012\015\012All of the above could cause your symptoms, clean/have cleaned and check those issues. ... Air Conditioners

I have an intertherm electric furnace FEH-A020, with multispeed blower installed when A/C added. My problem is blower operation. at the end of the cooling season with fan set to auto operation the fan ran continuously. Now that I've turned the unit back on for heat the blower will only function with the switch in the on position (continuous operation), in auto mode the heating elements come on with the signal from the thermostat (Honeywell CT3400), but the fan does not. I checked the fan relay p

The model of T-stat you gave comes up as a discontinued model on Honeywell's web site, but it looks to be a manual stat that type of stat would have to be wired with a summer winter switch with electric heat, allowing it to turn on the fan with a cal ... Intertherm P3RA-048K Air Conditioner

Carrie Furnance will not power up. When I turn my thermostate to heat or off it goes blank. It works on central air. I checked the breaker and it is on. I made sure the switch is on at the furnace. There is a twist in fuse next to the switch I will replace this today. Not sure how to tell if there bad. What other problems could this be a cause from? Any help will be grateful! This furnance is only a few years old. MIght be still under warrenty.

I had a problem like this and I don't know about you but the furnace would turn on ocassionally maybe every 3 or 4 hours. We changed the thermostat and it still did it so we called out the place that installed the furnace in 96 and he found the furna ... Carrier XHB123D X/Y Series Heat/Cool Air Conditioner

Goodman gmp0753 wont turn on condenser. The thermostat yellow wire is not connected to the unit. Does this play a part in my problem and where does this wire connect inside the furnace.

The yellow wire is used to run your air cond. inside the air handler at the transfomer should be a row of wires that have r, c , w, G, Y hook the yellow wire to the y terminal. ... Air Conditioners

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